A One-Man Woman Ch. 01

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I first met Jill when I was 40 and divorced for three years. She was 29 at the time, and had been through an early marriage at 19, divorcing her husband four years later. The next six years she spent on her career and really hadn’t dated much. She certainly hadn’t been intimate with anyone since her divorce, and she assured me that her first husband was the only man she’d ever slept with. We married a year later and learned that she could not have children after trying for about a year.

I would describe Jill as an 8 on a scale of 1-10 in the looks department but she had one of those bodies that were just made for fucking. She worked hard to keep in shape and had those long legs at 5’9” and a butt just big enough that it gave you something to grab onto when she rode you. But her best feature had to have been her tits. They were natural 36D’s and with her flat stomach, really stood out in the somewhat tight sweaters she loved to wear. I’d describe them as those tear-drop shaped breasts, but they had so sag at all. She also had beautiful, natural color brownish-blonde hair that flowed halfway down her back. We had what I’d call a normal sex life during the first two years, making love about twice a week.

Jill is a very sensuous lady, very in touch with her body. I was always able to get her off with my finger or tongue, and although I’m on the small side at just under five inches erect, she said she loved having me inside her, not so much for the stimulation of fucking but for the intimacy. You small guys will understand that when I’m flaccid, there’s not much there, my penis hanging only about halfway down my balls. I usually came pretty quickly once inside her but that didn’t seem to bother her. She had told me her first husband was only a shade over six inches and he didn’t have much stamina either. It occurred to me that she’d probably never been thoroughly fucked by a man. Swinging, wife-sharing, whatever you’d call it, were ideas we’d never even thought about, let alone talked about.

When I was 43 and she was 32, Jill’s mother passed away, leaving her stepfather, Mike a widower at the ripe old age of 55. Jill and Mike had always been close since her mother had divorced when Jill was only 4. Her real father was never in her life after that so Mike kind of became the only father she really had. He walked her down the aisle and he and I got along really well. Just a really nice guy.

Mike and Jill’s mom had moved away from our area a few years before Jill and I met and they didn’t know a lot of people in their new city. Mike was on a temporary assignment there and after his wife’s death he put in a transfer back to our area. I remember the night Jill had a talk with me and asked if it would be all right for her stepdad to move in with us for awhile. She explained that he wasn’t good at being alone and her mom’s death had him pretty depressed. Since we live in a big four bedroom house, probably too big for just the two of us, I saw no problem with having him there temporarily. Plus, he was very handy and could do some projects around the house that I didn’t want to tackle.

After Mike moved in, I noticed that Jill seemed more vibrant, more alive than I’d seen her since we learned she couldn’t have children. There was a spring in her step and when I mentioned it once, she explained that she just liked having two men around the house. I should probably describe Mike at this point. Although he is 55, he looks more like he’s in his mid-40’s. He works out every day, unlike me, so whereas I had developed a bit of a spare tire, Mike had an athlete’s physique. He is 6’5” with black hair and is just beginning to gray at the temples. Even I had to admit that he was a very handsome man. I knew that Jill adored him, and I often wondered if it was not just as a stepfather, but as a man.

One thing that I found interesting is that Jill didn’t change how she went around the house after Mike moved in. Before he moved in, she often wore lounging pajamas that had some peekaboo gaps between her buttons and didn’t wear a bra in the evening. That didn’t change after his arrival. I often wondered as the three of us sat watching tv, if he noticed that he could see a good portion of her tit between those buttons. If he did, he didn’t let on. On warm nights, it was not unusual for her to wear very short pajama bottoms with a skimpy top that only enhanced the size of her large breasts. I did mention once to her that she should be careful around the house because of Mike, but she brushed it off, saying that he was her stepfather after all and had seen plenty of her growing up.

One night after Mike had been there for about three months, Jill and I returned from a romantic night out where we consumed a little too much wine. We had told Mike we were going to a movie after dinner, but we were both feeling amorous so decided to go home early. We heard the shower running when we came in and never realized that Mike hadn’t heard us so didn’t know anadolu yakası escort we were home. Mike’s room is down the hall from ours and we have to pass the guest bathroom to get to our bedroom. The shower had stopped when we climbed the stairs and at the top landing, Jill, who was a step ahead of me froze in her tracks. Mike had just come out of the bathroom and taken about four steps into the hallway. He was completely nude and not even carrying a towel. Obviously thinking no one was home, he was heading for his bedroom.

Just as I arrived on the scene, he froze in his tracks too. Rather than run past us or back to the bathroom, or try to cover himself, he stood there and just looked embarrassed. Jill caught her breath, and I caught her looking at the most magnificent penis and set of balls I’d seen close up since the locker room in high school. His cock hung well down below his balls and was as thick as a Polish sausage. I knew my wife was staring at it and couldn’t take her eyes off of it. I knew she had never seen one that big up close. What seemed like five minutes, but was probably only five or ten seconds, passed and Mike just walked past us to his room, apologizing. That night she was the most aroused in bed I had ever seen her, cumming more quickly than ever after my finger began working on her clit.

The next morning at breakfast, nobody mentioned the events of the previous evening. However, I did notice that Jill’s eyes looked more sensual than usual and she was clearly blushing as she poured him a cup of coffee.

Some very subtle differences in Jill emerged over the next few weeks. One was that she started wearing more revealing nightgowns around in the evening. Some of them, although not see-through, clearly showed her nipples and since they get very stiff when they’re excited, I could tell when she felt Mike’s eyes on her breasts. I also caught him looking over more at her while we watched tv. He’d engage her in conversations just so he could have an excuse to be looking. Was my wife trying to seduce her stepfather? I probably should have had a talk with her again about how she dressed, but for some reason, I found myself getting turned on by the very slow seduction which seemed to be happening.

One night, shortly before bedtime, Mike announced that he was going to take a shower. Halfway through his shower, Jill told me she was heading up to bed, knowing I had a few things to do downstairs before going up myself. I waited a few minutes, then quietly crept to the top of the stairs. I peeked around the corner and to my astonishment, and excitement, saw Jill peeking in the slightly ajar bathroom door. Her hand was inside her panties and she was clearly playing with her aroused clitoris. The water had stopped running so I assumed she was watching him dry himself in the large bathroom.

She then quickly moved on to our bedroom. Again, she was randy that night and came quickly at the touch of my fingers. I somehow knew she was thinking about Mike’s magnificent cock, not the penis she was about to get from her husband. The thought occurred tome that it was only a matter of time before Jill would find a way to let her stepfather see her naked.

Since our master bathroom does not have a tub, if Jill wants a bath she has to take it in the guest bathroom. Sure enough, two nights later, she announced to Mike and me that she was going to take a bath. After I heard the water running a sufficient amount of time to fill the tub, I went upstairs to get something from our bedroom. I had to walk past the bathroom and could see that she had left the door just slightly ajar, enough to allow anyone to peek in and see her in all her naked glory.

I went downstairs, my heart beating faster with arousal. I settled back into my chair and pretended to be engrossed in the show on tv. A few seconds later, Mike rose from his chair and quietly made his way up the stairs. I again waited a few minutes, then crept slowly up the steps, one step at a time. My heart was pounding. Although I knew what I would see at the top, I wasn’t certain that Mike wouldn’t catch me watching him watch her. How would I ever explain that?

When I slowly peeked around the corner, I never quite expected to see what I did. Mike was most certainly spying on Jill as she took her bath, but he also had his incredible cock sticking out of his pants and was slowly jacking it off. I was mesmerized by the sheer sight of that monster. I now estimated it to be in the range of nine inches and twice the thickness of mine. Afraid of being caught, I beat a hasty retreat to the family room, and was joined about five minutes later by Mike. Jill soon joined us in her nightgown and brought a glass of wine with her. As she sipped the wine she mentioned how relaxing her bath had been. Out of the corner of my eye I saw her looking into Mike’s eyes and he into hers. “Glad you could enjoy it,” Mike said soothingly. I saw ataşehir escort him rubbing the crotch of his pants and realized he still had his hard on. I knew that Jill noticed it too.

Over the next few weeks, the shower and bath routine became almost a nightly occurrence, and as I knew each of them was watching the other, I even stopped spying on them. It had become pretty clear that they wanted each other but didn’t know how to take that step. I had even found myself jacking off in the downstairs bathroom when I knew Mike was spying on Jill. Clearly I wanted something to happen between them as well. I couldn’t understand why it turned me one so much, but I knew I wanted them to fuck. I thought about just coming out and telling Jill that, or maybe Mike, but somehow I knew things might take care of themselves.

Then came the night that Mike went out with some old friends. Jill and I had settled in and were watching a movie we’d rented and were getting pleasantly high on some good wine. Mike came in around 11:00 and was feeling no pain. I was in my chair and Jill was curled up on the couch in a revealing nightgown. Her stepfather just settled down on the couch next to her and when I looked over, he had his arm around her. “This is just like when you were a little girl and we’d watch TV together,” he laughed.

Jill smiled and said, “Not exactly like that, Mike. I’m not a little girl anymore, or hadn’t you noticed?” She was openly flirting with him now.

“Oh, baby, I noticed all right,” he said, slightly slurring his words.

Jill looked over at me and took a big drink from her wine glass. I looked into her eyes and they were absolutely on fire. She took ahold of her breasts through her nightie and held them up to her stepdad. “Are these what you’re talking about, Mike?”

He looked at me, then confidently reached for them. She didn’t stop him. “Yes, Jill, you’ve got incredible tits.” He squeezed them gently through her gown.

She looked at me again, then took another big drink of wine and in one motion, pulled the gown over her head. Now totally naked, she looked into his eyes and said, “Now feel them.” Instead of grabbing her twin globes, he lowered his lips to her right tit and began sucking and biting on the nipple. Jill looked over at me with a smile and closed her eyes to enjoy the attention he was giving her breasts. I watched as his right hand moved down between her legs and made contact with her slightly parted thighs. His finger found her moist slit and he inserted his middle finger between her pussy lips.

I knew that Mike’s boldness was due to his inebriated state. “Is Bruce o.k. with this?” he whispered, not wanting to look over at me, for fear he’d break the spell perhaps.

She looked over and must have seen the look of lust in my eyes. “I think he’s more than o.k., Mike, he looks like he’s really enjoying it.” She was right. I had a very stiff erection and was slowly rubbing my cock through my pants. As Mike finger fucked my wife, she began getting wetter and I could see the moistness on his finger. Then Jill surprised me by reaching up to unbutton his shirt and he let her slip it off. His washboard abs and bulging muscles just aroused her even more as she ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. Then she was reaching to unbuckle his belt. He stopped her by taking her hand gently.

“No,” he said. “Your husband needs to do this part. That’s how we’ll know he’s o.k. with all this.” Jill looked over at me and had a questioning smile on her face. It was one thing for me to sit quietly and not stop what was happening. It was quite another thing to help undress the man who would soon be fucking my heretofore faithful wife.

“Come on, Bruce, don’t be shy now,” Mike was grinning. “You saw how turned on Jill was the first time she saw my cock. We know she’s never had anything that big, has she? I think you want her to have it as much as she wants it, don’t you?”

I didn’t realize just how dominant Mike was, but I found it was turning me on. I obediently went over to him and unbuckled his pants, pulling them to the floor. He stepped out of them, standing only in his underwear. He already had a big bulge in front, being nearly fully erect. “Now the briefs,” he said. I slowly pulled them over his enormous erection and as Jill’s eyes feasted on Mike’s cock, it began to stiffen even more. He stepped out of the briefs and stood naked before her, so proud of his manhood.

Jill moved forward and for the first time took it in her hands. She cupped his big hairy balls with her left hand and began to gently fondle Mike’s dick with her right. She looked up at me and said, “This is incredible, Bruce. What an amazing cock. I’ve got to taste him, hon,” and she dropped to her knees, taking the head of his nine-inch prick between her lips. She gently licked and sucked him, coating his dickhead with her saliva.

Mike looked at me and said, “Wow, ümraniye escort Bruce, she can really suck cock. That feels like a million bucks. Does she do this for you a lot?”

Jill looked into his eyes and shook her head ‘no’. “She, uh, hardly ever sucks mine, Mike.” I confessed.

He laughed and nodded. “I understand.” Jill stood up again and pressed her naked body against Mike’s, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him. He leaned down to help her and I watched as they tongue-kissed for several minutes.

Jill looked at me and said, “You’re overdressed, dear husband.”

“Yeah,” Mike agreed. “Take ‘em off, man. Show me what you’ve been fucking this lady with.” I blushed but again obeyed his dominant tone. I stripped down to nothing and stood there with my 4 1/2-inch, thin erection pointing straight at the naked couple.

Jill laughed. “Oh my, did you like watching me kiss him that much?” I nodded, blushing again.

“Wonder what happens if he watches me fuck you,” Mike said confidently.

Jill laughed. She looked several times from penis to penis and said, “Wow, I just can’t believe the difference in your two cocks, guys. I mean, Mike’s has got to be twice as long and twice as thick. How can two men have cocks that are so different?” she giggled. She was again fondling his big cock as he took both her tits in his hands and began squeezing them. I had to admit they looked sensational standing there naked together.

Mike then answered her question. “Jill, this is what separates the men from the boys. It’s all about the size of our dicks. I’m sorry Bruce has to hear this, but you women try to soothe the feelings of guys like your husband, but when it comes down to it, a cock this size is so much more satisfying to a woman like you.”

“But I love Bruce’s penis, Mike. I love feeling it inside me,” she protested.

“Has it ever made you cum?”

“Well….no,” she admitted.

“And I’ll bet as small as his penis is, he has that premature ejaculation thing going?” he laughed.

“Well….yes,” she giggled again, watching me blush.

“Well, dear Jill, I am going to show you tonight what a real cock feels like in your cunt, and you’ll really know the difference then.” Again I found his confidence, arrogance or whatever it was to be a real turn-on. I had to admit, looking at Mike’s strong erection, that he was undoubtedly right. And after tonight, I might be lucky to get Jill to let my penis fuck her again.

“Are you about ready to go upstairs?” he asked my wife. Jill’s clit was swollen already and her wisp of cunt hair quite moist. She looked at me, then at him and smiled.

“Yes, Mike. I’m ready to be fucked by your beautiful dick. Is that all right, darling?” she asked me. Both of them saw my little erect dick twitch when she asked and they laughed.

“I think that’s a ‘yes’,” Mike said. Then he spoke to me: “Bruce, bring us some fresh drinks. We’ll be in my room.”

I watched them walk away together, naked, arm in arm. His big hand covered a good portion of her sexy butt, which she gave an extra wiggle to as they walked up the stairs. I went to the kitchen and filled their glasses with wine, as well as one for myself. I took theirs up first and noticed the door was slightly ajar. I took the drinks in and put them on the nightstand.

Mike and Jill were lying naked in each other’s arms kissing passionately. Her hands were busy on his cock and his were alternating between her tits and cunt. He alternately played with her enlarged clit and finger-fucked her with his big middle finger. I stood there not quite knowing whether to join in, sit and watch, or what. I decided to go get my drink and brought it back upstairs. Jill was sucking on his cock and he was reclined against the pillow when I entered the room. She stopped to look up at me drinking my wine. She scooted up and whispered something to Mike. He nodded, then they both looked at me.

Mike said, “Bruce, both Jill and I would like to be alone tonight. We’re going to spend the next several hours, maybe all night, fucking each other. This is our first time and we’d like it to be just us. I know that Jill would love to have you watch us, and so would I, but not tonight. This is a special night for us, so please go and sleep in your room. Jill will join you either later on or in the morning.” I looked at Jill who was smiling at me and nodding.

I nodded, again enjoying Mike’s commanding tone of voice. As I reached the door, Mike said, “Wait.” Jill whispered to him again, then he whispered back, then she said something else. He looked at me and said, “Jill would like you to sleep naked tonight, but she wants you to know that my cock is the only one that will be in her cunt tonight. She’d really enjoy knowing that you were in the other room masturbating while I’m giving her the fucking of her life. Would you do that for us, please?”

“Yes….of course,” I said, my erection again twitching and leaking pre-cum.

“No, Bruce, Jill wants to hear you tell her what you are going to do.”

I took a deep breath and said, “Uh…Jill…I am going into my room to masturbate while the two of you are fucking each other all night long.”

“What are you going to think about while you’re jacking off?” Mike asked.

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