A Night of Endless Passion Ch. 2

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When we first started seeing each other, he told me that he would like me to take the initiative in bed occasionally. “Dominating?” I asked. I was a bit apprehensive about this. I had been brought up to believe that women were supposed to follow on…not take the lead in sex. And I was not sure how I would do in taking the lead. He insisted, that it was only a little bit of domination, it was more like starting the lovemaking on my own. I was definitely, but was willing to give it a try.

It was one of those cold, dreary days when something came over me. We were lying together, snuggled close to each other, when I was suddenly overcome with a strange, tender feeling for him. I propped myself on an elbow pulled his head towards me and kissed him rather forcefully. He was taken by surprise; I could sense that from the way he moaned.

Something happened to me then; I eased the pressure on his mouth as I let my tongue gently explore his mouth and felt him responding to my kiss. I moved my hand over his body, lightly teasing his nipples, trailing my fingers over his stomach, down the inside of his thighs and then behind him to cup and squeeze his buttocks. He arched against me slightly. I knew I was doing the right thing. I moved my lips against his body, trailing soft kisses down his neck, across his shoulders, reaching his nipples. I caught his left nipple lightly between my teeth, closed my lips and sucked. He moaned out, “Harder.” I bit harder and sucked and he gasped, “Yeah, baby.” I was thrilled illegal bahis with his response and I could feel myself getting wet. My nipples were erect and I longed for him to suck them. But no! I wanted to be his night.

I trailed kisses down his body, stopping to swirl my tongue against his stomach, which made him groan with pleasure. I moved down gradually, all the while caressing his buttocks, his legs, pushing my hands under him to reach his back. I ran my tongue down the inside of his thighs, sometimes kissing them, sometimes running my fingers over them as I looked up at him, and sometimes biting them lightly. His hand came up to fondle his shaft; I pushed it away as I continued to tongue him; he groaned and spread his legs. I moved upwards from his thighs and ran my tongue on his groin, around his testicles, his penis, flicking them but never actually touching them.

“Suck me, baby,” he moaned. “Oh, eat me.”

I stopped. His penis was erect now, the balls tight, as I took them in my hand and lightly traced my fingers over them. I moved down between his legs; my tongue found his perineum. I ran my tongue firmly across that most sensitive spot and his reaction was explosive. I bore down with my tongue and sucked him hard there. He was now in a frenzy of desire. I ran my hands lightly over his penis, his balls. They were rock hard now.

His eyes were closed, his head arched backwards, as I continued teasing him, sucking his balls, eliciting his groans of pleasure, flicking my tongue illegal bahis siteleri across the head of his penis, but not taking him in. I could see his frustration building up, as he bucked on the bed, raising his hips whenever I ran my tongue across his penis, as though trying to push it into my mouth.

I stopped my oral caresses and continued running my hands over his legs, his thighs and over his balls while continuing to plant small kisses over his stomach. I let my fingers distract him, straying over his buttocks, running through the crack, lightly at first and then deeper. His erection had slacked slightly now, so I ran my tongue across his balls, and right up the shaft to the head.

His attention focused back on the throbbing pleasure point of his penis again, while I took some lube and this time pushed a finger into his crack. My fingers found his butt-hole and I rubbed the lube against it and started massaging him there, while he groaned loudly. Slowly, gently at first and then gradually increasing the pressure. He was erect and I licked him from the base of his penis up to head, while continuing to massage his ass-hole.

I stopped to admire his swollen penis and then softly, with my tongue I pushed aside the foreskin and ran my tongue on the swollen head inside, encircling the head with my lips as I continued to push aside the foreskin and probe inside. Ohmigaawd! He was hot there, hot and throbbing. I sucked hard and ran my tongue firmly over the glans, while at the same canlı bahis siteleri time I pushed my finger into his now relaxed anus. The reaction was electrifying as he almost screamed in pleasure and bucked off the bed. I hooked my finger slightly and moved it in and out inside his butt, while sucking his penis with the same rhythm. The wet sucking sounds aroused him further.

I turned my face slightly to see him. his body was arched off against the bed, his hands clutching the bed rails, his eyes closed and his mouth uttering sounds of ecstasy, “Yeah, eat me, suck me dry, ahhhh.”

I was so aroused myself, my wetness creating a patch on the bed. Without breaking the rhythm, I turned myself round so that my ass was facing him. He had a clear view of my wet pussy now. Suddenly I felt his fingers rubbing at my swollen clit. I almost exploded and increased sucking him while fingering his butthole. Ohhhh! the feeling was so exquisite. “Ohhh! Don’t stop, I am going to cum now,” he groaned. He inserted his a finger into my cunt and started finger fucking me as I sucked him hard, pushing the foreskin aside and running my tongue into the swollen, pink head; and then licking against the glans. “I am cumming, I am cumming,” he gasped, as I felt a sudden rush of warm, sweet cum into my mouth. We climaxed together. Slowly, he relaxed, as I continued to caress his shaft slowly and tenderly with my mouth, touching his now-sensitive glans and head very softly with my tongue. Slowly I stopped my fondles and caresses. I moved up and lay beside him, holding him against me, as he rested his head against my breast.

A smile, contented and satiated played on his lips, as he wrapped his arms round me and kissed my breasts, my nipples…but that is another story.

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