A New Neighbour

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I have written before about my first gay experiences when I was in the US on a gap year, and there are lots more things to tell about that year when I discovered my true self and the excitement sexual encounters can bring. But that is for another time.

I returned home to the UK in the late summer and had a few weeks to get my act together before I went to university. My biggest dilemma was whether to tell my family that I was gay. It may seem strange these days but then it was still an enormous step to take and I concluded that I needed to wait till I had been away at college for a while before I took it. So I enjoyed catching up with everyone again, telling them about my trip (well, some of it!) and starting to think about studying again. My parents mentioned that a new guy had moved in next door. They said he was a university lecturer and seemed very pleasant. He was apparently divorced and lived alone but his children visited him quite often.

I didn’t think a lot more about it until one morning I was looking out of the bedroom window and glanced into the neighbour’s garden. There was this gorgeous guy — probably in his thirties, I thought — doing some gardening jobs. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was dark, tanned, slim and wearing a close fitting polo shirt tucked into jeans. At one point he was bending over and I was convinced I saw a glimpse of white waistband showing above his jeans.

I’ve explained before that I have quite a fetish for guys in underwear and, even more weirdly, for guys who tuck their shirts in briefs or boxer briefs. This started back at school, but since then, apart from one encounter in New York, I had never found anyone else with the same kind of feelings. I’d certainly seen the odd waistband showing but had no idea whether other people who dress like that are turned on by it or just wear it for comfort. I knew immediately that I had to meet this guy and find out more about him. Was this just an odd occasion that he had stuffed his shirt in by mistake? It didn’t look like it; I thought it looked intentional. Was there any possibility that he had got divorced because he was gay? It was too much to hope, but I needed to find out.

I casually mentioned to my mother that I had seen the guy next door through the window and asked if she knew what subject he taught. She didn’t know but said we could ask him round for a drink one night to get to know him better. That sounded good to me, though I wondered if I could keep control of myself in front of my parents if he turned out to be as ‘interesting’ as I hoped.

My mother was true to her word and arranged for James (found out his name) to come round at the end of the week on Friday evening. I spent the week on a variety of activities but kept looking out the window hoping for another glimpse. Sadly I never saw him in the garden but I did catch sight of him getting out of his car one evening — still gorgeous! Finally Friday evening came and I thought carefully about what to wear. I decided on a polo shirt and cut-offs, tucked in of course. I made sure the waistband of my ck briefs wasn’t showing, though it was only just below the waistline in case I needed to reveal it.

James arrived right on time and looked even hotter in close up. He was wearing a cream buttoned shirt tucked in pale trousers. I looked hard for any underwear sighting but the only pleasure was a visible line of his briefs through the trousers as he sat down. We had an enjoyable evening chatting about all kinds of things and it turned out that he lectured in English Literature which illegal bahis was the main part of my forthcoming degree course.

At one point in the evening when I went out of the room I tried to look over and see if I could see his briefs waistband inside his trousers as he leant forward, but he moved back before I had chance. I hoped he had notice the attention I was giving him but I still had to keep telling myself it was all in my fantasy world.

By the end of the evening, though, we were getting on really well and he asked if I would like to go round to his place one evening and talk about the course, what books to buy etc. Of course I jumped at the chance and we arranged it for the following Monday. He said that he had his two sons staying at the weekend. I spent the weekend fantasising about what might happen and eventually decided I had overdone the wanking and need to save myself in case we really did make out. I looked out of the window a few times and saw him kicking a football around with his sons who looked to be in their early teens. James again had his shirt tucked in but the boys didn’t. No waistband sighting from James, but one of the boys’ tee shirt kept lifting up and revealing a nice wide waistband, probably from boxer briefs.

On Monday evening I decided to wear a check shirt, buttoned through, with the same cut-offs but this time, as I stood on James’s doorstep and rang the bell I made sure a small amount of white waistband was showing at the back. James opened the door and gave me a big smile as he ushered me in. His house was the same as ours he took me into his back room which had two two-seater sofas at right angles to each other. He had some books on the coffee table in front of him and suggested we sit on the same sofa so we could look at them together. That suited me fine and I got comfortable as he went off to get a couple of lagers from the fridge.

He was wearing the same clothes as Friday evening, but I still couldn’t see any waistband showing. I began to wonder if it was all a fantasy. He seemed keen to talk about studying and I told him about the work I was expecting in the first term and he made some useful suggestions about books I could read. Then we chatted about literature ranging from Shakespeare to 20th Century novelists. He was very knowledgeable but not in a boring, academic way, and I hoped that my tutors and lecturers would be as interesting as he was.

After a while he offered me another drink and that was when things changed. When he brought the drinks back from the kitchen I noticed immediately that the top of his underwear waistband was showing, by about a quarter of an inch above his trousers. Immediately my cock started to harden and knew that he could see me staring at his waist. He smiled and said how much we seemed to have in common, even down to tucking our shirts in our underwear. I think I probably went very red at this point and mumbled something in agreement but he carried on quite naturally asking me if I always tucked, and what started me doing it.

I explained that I had a couple of friends from school who had done it so I copied them but that it wasn’t till I was in New York that I met someone else who was a tucking enthusiast that I began to do it regularly. I pulled myself together and asked him the same questions. His story was that he had only tucked very occasionally until more recently when he had begun the affair which was to end his marriage. I was rather surprised about how candid he was being but even more so when he answered my next question. I asked illegal bahis siteleri if the woman he had the affair with had encouraged him to tuck his shirt in, but he said that it wasn’t a woman — it was a man!

There it was. My fantasy was starting to be lived out as he asked if I was OK with all this. I assured him it was fine and he explained that he had been bisexual since schooldays but that when he got married he tried to focus on his wife and hadn’t had any male encounters for several years. By this time they had the children and that kept them busy. Then one day he had been away doing some research for the book he was writing and he had met a guy called Bill who was also an academic. They we both away from home for a few days and had become friendly. After a couple of days they went out for the evening and drank quite a lot. By 10.00 they were in bed together in Bill’s hotel room.

This was not the affair he had mentioned earlier but it brought back all those early feelings and he knew he couldn’t carry on as he had been doing. Incredibly opportunity presented it quite quickly when he got home. They had an electrician into the house to change some wiring and sockets and they had agreed that James would stay home rather than his wife as it was by now the university vacation. He didn’t dwell too much on the details other than the electrician was showing off the waistband of his underpants as he worked and James found himself getting very horny. He went and tucked his own shirt in his briefs and pulled them up so that they showed — something he had never done before.

Amazingly this seemed to do the trick with electrician and a passionate affair began between two married guys. They fell for each other big time and indulged in what became their mutual fetish for underwear and tucking in shirts. He didn’t go into any graphic details about what they got up to but just the thought of it all was making me so hard. I tried all kinds of things to disguise the bulge that was tenting my cut-offs but I was pretty sure he must have seen it. He went on to explain that in the end he told his wife that he was gay. He had hoped that his lover would do the same so that they could be together but in the end he felt he couldn’t do it and decided to stay with his wife.

James said that his wife was surprisingly reasonable and that she had had some suspicions about his sexuality for a while. They talked at length and in the end they agreed it would be best for everyone if they separated so that James would no longer have to pretend.

Having related all this James suddenly stopped and apologised for unburdening himself in that way. He said that I seemed such a sympathetic listener and felt I might understand some of the problems he had faced. Once again I blushed but this time I knew I was going to follow his lead and tell him my own story. So out it all came, school, America and the fact that I could not bring myself to tell my parents. I also elaborated on my week in New York with my tucking friend and confessed to being aroused by the sight of his waistband in the garden the previous week.

When I stopped talking he looked at me for a moment and then, very slowly and tenderly, leant over and kissed me on the lips. Despite all my hopes and fantasies I was still shocked and I guess I pulled back a little. He immediately said he was sorry but I could not let the opportunity pass again so I moved over and kissed him and at the same time rested my hand on his thigh. Now we were kissing wildly and our hands started to explore each other’s canlı bahis siteleri clothes, mine reaching behind him and finding the waistband of his briefs. I stroked it as we drew even closer to each other and my cock was now wet with precum as I felt his hand reaching for my briefs too.

In no time we had removed our trousers and feasted our eyes on each other’s briefs and the shirts that were tucked in them — the damps spot from my precum seemed to get him even more excited and he was kneeling in front of me and kissing it and finding the shape of my hard prick pushing against the fabric. He then took it all in his mouth and sucked so passionately that I had to stop him in case I shot my load. I didn’t want it to end so quickly. So we changed places and I knelt and worshipped his bulging briefs and gave my lips and tongue to them. After a few moments he reached down and pulled his cock out of the leg of the briefs. I gazed at it marvelling at the size — it must have been at least 7″ — with its glistening head oozing precum and crying out to be kissed and sucked.

Now I could draw on all my American experience and take him and pleasure him. I licked and sucked the juices and ran my tongue up and down his shaft and under his balls as he moaned and cried out for more. Then, suddenly I felt his cock throb and he shouted out that he was fucking cumming. I just kept sucking and took shot after shot of creamy spunk in my mouth, desperately trying to swallow it all. Some of it escaped on to my lips and face and as he withdrew his cock he bent down and kissed me and licked it off.

Then he pulled me up and said it was time for him to return the favour and he pulled my cock out of my briefs and started to suck it, gently at first but then faster and fuller taking it right down inside his throat. This was too much for me and I shouted out that I was about to cum. To my surprise he pulled away a little so that my cock was pointing at his face. He rubbed it quickly with his hands and I exploded, shooting my cum on to his lips and face. He kept working me until there was nothing more to come then he gently leaned over and licked me dry. It was such a fantastic feeling and I leant over and kissed him and licked his face so that we shared the cream together.

We finally sat back on the sofa in each other’s arms. I confessed that I had fantasised that something like this might have happened, but told him it had way exceeded all my dreams. He replied that he too had wondered when we met last week — he felt sure I was eyeing him up but didn’t like to hope. He was also a bit anxious about the age gap and whether I would interested in an older guy. I assured him that age was no problem but I was glad he was not a lecturer at my own university — that might have been a bit tricky. He asked if that meant I wanted to see him again and I assured him I did and wanted to get to know him much better!

He started asking me more about the things I had done in America, whether I had fucked or been fucked etc. I told him that I had tried most things and I would love him to fuck me some time — ideally with our briefs on! He said that he and his electrician friend had done a lot of that and they had usually kept their shirts tucked in too. Now I was starting to get hard again but realised that it was getting late. He asked if I could come over again tomorrow and I agreed immediately. I felt sure my parents would be impressed with my interest in studying!!

And so it began — three weeks of crazy sex in which we explored all the parts of each others bodies and shared and even exchanged briefs after we had cum in them. When it was time to go to away we had a final tearful fucking and sucking session but I knew that I would be back at Christmas and would be desperate to take up where we had left off.

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