A Mother’s Help Ch. 07

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Please read the first chapters of this story.

Angie and her mother, Betty, sat in her kitchen talking all about her daughter’s affair and what had happened to her. Angie was made to tell her mom all the sexual details of the day she and Bud had spent together. And, Angie did just that. So by the time she was finished, she and her mom were very overwhelmed and had a strong need to be filled by their lovers again. Betty made a call to her lover of many years to set up a time to meet at their beach house. In fact, Angie had her mother so worked up from the play by play description of their love making that Betty almost forgot about the real problem and why Angie was there in the first place.

Angie said: “So mom I am beginning to have real feelings for Bud now. I might even be in love with him.”

Betty said: “So why now Angie? Why do you feel you have fallen in love with Bud now? Is it because of the sex? God girl that’s no reason! Hell you’re lonely. And you know that as soon as your husband comes home he’ll be going to wild on you. So what’s different now? Why all of a sudden do you feel so much more involved with Bud, that you love him? I told you not to let your emotions get mixed up in this didn’t I?”

Angie said: “Yes mom! But I can’t seem to help it. He’s all I think about. He’s all I want. He’s so much more into me than Frank ever was and he pleases me a great deal than Frank ever did.”

Betty said: “Frank was your first man right? You were a virgin when you met him and married him right?”

Angie said: “Yes. That’s right.”

Betty said: “Then you met Bud and slept with him. He’s better than Frank in the sex department. But how is he in other ways?”

Angie said: “Well we only dated a few times and you know how the first few dates are mom, both people try and act as charming as they can towards the other one. I’m not really sure yet how he really is in other ways.”

Betty said: “Then what I think you need is to see if it’s just the sex.”

Angie said: “I don’t understand what you mean. How do I do that?”

Betty told her: “I don’t know for sure Angie. But I have an idea that we could talk about. It may or may not work but it might be worth a try.”

Angie said: “Sure mom. What is it?”

Betty was a little hesitant about it. Angie asked again: “Mom? What’s your idea?”

Betty said: “I’m not sure how to say it and I’m not sure I should say it. I don’t want my baby girl to get the wrong idea about this, it just an idea.”

Angie said: “Oh shit mom just say it. It’s me your daughter!”

Betty said: “OK! If you’re sure you won’t get upset. Then here’s what I think.”

Angie looked at her mom as she began to tell Angie the following idea about what she was thinking. Betty told her daughter that she believed Angie felt she was in love because of the sex and only because of it. If she lived with Bud every day for a long time she would know that Frank was her rock. That Frank was whom she should spend her life with and who should be the father of any children. Not Bud, Bud should stay her lover and only her lover. She should use Bud like her mom used Jack when she needed some hard thrilling sex. She told Angie: “But that’s what I think Angie. We have to find out for sure if it’s the sex.”

Angie said: “Well so far you have made 100% sense mom. But again how do I find out if it’s just the sex?”

Betty took a deep breath and said: “Well there’s one way I think, that might tell you Angie. But it involves another man. One you haven’t met yet. I think you should have sex with someone else other than Bud.”

Angie said: “Oh shit mom! I can’t handle two guys. How the hell would I handle three of them?”

Betty smiled and aid: “That’s your problem Angie. You are going to have to figure that one out.”

Angie said: “Well I don’t know if I can do it again mom. You know meet a new guy, a stranger, and then sleep with him. I just don’t know.”

Betty sat there and didn’t say anything. She let her daughter talk. Angie was saying she didn’t know if she could handle two men fucking her until Frank came home in less than 10 days. She would stay with Bud and work it out inside her own mine. When Frank came home she would use him to gage how she felt about Bud.

Betty said: “Angie you better find out how you feel before Frank comes home or you’ll be a mess.”

The two women sat there for a long time talking about the problem. Finally Betty said: “Hey! I have an idea Angie. How about we ask Jack about this to get his idea on the problem. He’s good at working out these things believe me. And, after all these years we have been lovers we have had a great many problems to deal with.”

Angie said: ” You know that might be a good idea mom. Can we do it this weekend, maybe before I meet up with Bud at the beach?”

Betty told her daughter: “I’ll call him and ask. If we have to go down the night before we’ll do it. But I think he can help you out with this Angie I really do.”

Angie said: “OK! I’ll be home call illegal bahis me and let me know what time you want to get together.” She left and drove home feeling a little better.

Betty called Jack and said: “It’s working good so far Jack. Angie has agreed to meet with you and me and talk about her problem. You still might get your chance with her baby! I know how disappointed you were when she found a lover rather than have you take care of her sexual needs until her husband got home. But now you have a second chance. And, I’ll get a chance to be with her man Bud. God Jack my pussy is dripping. You should have heard Angie talk about the sex those two had these last few weeks. It reminded me of us the first year that we were together. You know sex everywhere whenever and as often as we could. And Jack we were so young we fucked like rabbits.”

Jack told her she should come down to the beach and he would help her out. Betty told him she would be there tomorrow and that they would all get together around lunchtime at the beach house. Then it would be up to him how he wanted to proposition Angie. Betty than called Angie and told her they would be meeting at the beach house around lunchtime. Jack would be happy to talk to her about her problem. She told her daughter he had an idea he would work on to help her.

Angie hung up and was feeling better. She called her lover and told Bud she would be at his house before 6 PM tomorrow. She couldn’t get there any earlier. Bud told her that would be great. It would let him finish his work without leaving the job site early. He told her he couldn’t wait to see her again.

When Angie arrived at her mom’s beach house she was wearing her bikini with a small tee shirt over it. The tee shirt was fairly tight showing off her ample breasts, which were pushing against it. Her bikini bottoms were very small but not like a thong. She looked good enough to eat. Her dark hair was pulled into a ponytail and she had sandals on. Her mom told her she looked 16 again when she had her hair like that.

She wrapped and then opened the front door where Jack and Betty greeted her with hugs and kisses. Jack held her a little tighter and kissed her a second longer than usual but Angie didn’t really notice it. Betty did. They sat on the big open porch that faced the ocean and Betty got everyone a drink. She made Angie’s a lot stronger than the other two. Jack told Angie how good she looked and that she looked so young with her hair in a ponytail. It made Angie blush a little from his look. She always felt Jack was looking at her, but today he looked more and longer than usual. Maybe it was the bikini but he was always looking at her breasts and pussy. And in that bikini he was getting an eye full of her body. She had worn it for Bud but Jack noticed her wonderful body from a much mature viewpoint. Older men appreciate beautiful young women much more than younger men.

Jack said: “So Angie Betty tells me you have a problem with your feelings for Bud. She is afraid you may make a big mistake and leave your husband. That would be a bad idea. I would like to talk to you about it and try to make you see why.”

Angie said: “Well I need all the input I can get Jack. Mom trusts you completely so I guess I can too. What idea do you have that might help?”

They sat there and talked for 2 hours. Angie told him and her mom all the things that Bud and she did together. She told them everything and was blushing like crazy when she finished. Betty told Angie about her own time when her husband was gone for so long and how she felt when she met Jack. She held Jack’s hand as she talked. Angie could see she loved him as much as she loved her husband. And Jack told Angie about his life and how he had met her mom and the time they had been together. He also told Angie he was married for a long time but that his wife had died. Now he only has Betty in his life and met her whenever he could. He was very happy.

Angie said: “Well you two certainly have a lot of time and experience under your belt. So I’m sure I’ll get good advice.”

Jack smiled and said: “Well I don’t know about that but we have some suggestions and reasons why you should NOT leave your husband. First Bud is only your second man. You have nothing to compare Bud to except Frank who is away a great deal. When you were by yourself and very lonely Angie you were so happy when you finally meet someone. When that meeting turns into a sexual relationship you’re brain and body can play tricks on you. They can make you feel like the new man is the only one you’ll need. It may and it may not be what is true. If you had had a few men in your life as you matured than I think we would be talking about something other than what we are now. But you have only have two and both Betty and I agree that’s not nearly enough for you to make such a decision like you are considering. Do you understand?”

Angie said: “Yes, I think so. You’re saying that having sex with Bud after doing without it for long has made Bud the center of illegal bahis siteleri my life now. But I shouldn’t leave Frank for Bud. That when I live with someone it requires more than sex in the long run.”

Jack said: “Yes and I think I have a way to prove that to you.”

Angie said: “Yea, mom told me. I should have sex with someone else besides Bud or Frank to see how I feel about it. I’m just can’t bring myself to do that again.”

Jack asked: “Why because it would be with a stranger? Right?”

Angie said: “Exactly Jack! That’s exactly why. I’d feel funny looking for another man just so I could have him . . . you know. . make love to me.”

Betty said: “No Angie not make love to you, fucking you! You weren’t looking for Bud to make love to you. You wanted him to fuck you. To fill your pussy and your needs while your husband was gone. Right? Am I right Angie? You wanted your sexual needs taken care of while Frank was gone, you wanted someone to fuck you.”

Angie was blushing bright red from her mom language!

Jack asked: “Was that it Angie? Was it just sex or were you looking for a love relationship?”

Angie sat there a few seconds and then said: “NO I didn’t want love I wanted to have sex. Pure and simple I wanted to have sex. I wanted the need inside me that was driving me crazy taken care of. You are both right!”

Her mother smiled and Jack said: “Well maybe we (he waved back and forth between Betty and himself) have a way you won’t have to go looking for another man.”

Angie lifted her head. She looked at her mom who was smiling and shaking her head up and down. She looked at Jack and asked: “How? How can I do that?”

Jack looked at her and held both her hands as he moved closer to her face. He said: “Your mom and I want you to stay a night with me, with us. We can do all of what you want Angie. It will give you some idea of what another man can do without you searching for him. We have only met a few times and only a few weeks ago, I know. But your mom and I have been together for a long, long time. She or I can tell you anything you want to know about me. “

Jack waited for her reaction. She was sitting up now and looking from Jack to her mother and back again. Finally she said: “But you’re my mom’s man and you’re much older than me! I. I . . . I don’t think so Jack, mom, I don’t think so. It won’t help.”

Betty asked: “Why just because he’s older than you?”

Angie said: “Well, yes! He could be my father! Sorry Jack I didn’t mean to offend you,”

Betty said: “Look Angie we talked about this for a long time. Jack was against it. I talked him into it. I think Jack is the greatest lover anywhere. Even if he is old..er!” She smiled at Jack and he smiled back at her.

Jack said: “You have only been with 2 men in your life Angie. We have both been with a lot more people, well me anyway. We are much more experienced and much more open and giving to your needs. You should at least consider it. Try it once if you don’t like it we can stop. But both of us think it would help to resolve your problem.”

Angie stood up and now her bikini bottoms were even with Jack face. She saw him look at her crouch and then slowly lift his face up to hers and she said: “I have to be going. I told Bud I would be there before 6 PM. Look I thank you but it’s my problem I’ll work it out.”

Betty was standing behind Angie and she held her shoulders from the back when she whispered in her ear: “You don’t know what you’re missing! He’s huge! I mean he’s really fucking big!”

Angie looked at her mom in shock as her mom smiled at Jack and Angie’s eyes dropped to his crotch. She held them there for a second or two and then turned it leave. She said: “Mom! No! I’m not interested!”

She took two steps when she heard her mother said: “Show her Jack! Show her your cock!”

Angie didn’t want to turn around but she had no choice. You know when someone tells you it’s wet paint. You have to see if it’s wet. Well that’s how Angie’s brain reacted when she heard her mom tell Jack, “Show her your cock Jack.” Angie’s head turned and looked right at Jack ‘s cock. It was soft, well maybe semi-hard and it was 6 or 7 inches long! It was hard to tell for sure. But she knew Jack was almost as big when he was soft as Bud and Frank were when they were hard! Betty took it in her hand and began to rub it. Jack began to grow almost immediately. Betty said: “Why not stay and watch us do it Angie?”

Angie blushed and said: “MOM! Are you crazy? No I won’t stay and watch my mother do it with her lover!”

Betty’s hand was stroking Jack’s cock fast and deliberate and it was paying off, his cock had grow to maybe 8 inches and it was much thicker now. As Betty stroked it Angie could see it was still moving up getting harder and bigger. As Angie continued to look at it, she said to herself: “Oh my God the fucking thing is huge. It was the biggest cock she had ever seen. It looked like a porno star’s cock”

She stood there watching her mother work canlı bahis siteleri on it and as Angie was about to leave Betty said: “Come on Angie what have you got to loose. Stay and watch us please!”

And with that, Betty dropped to her knees and as Angie watched, her mother started to suck on Jack’s big cock head. She let her hands continue to pump the shaft as she sucked. Angie was frozen! She stood there watching her mom sucking the biggest cock she had ever seen. Then she sat down across from them. Jack tapped Betty on the shoulder. Betty turned with the cock still in her mouth and smiled. She patted the sofa next to where Jack was sitting. Angie didn’t move she just watched that big cock grow and grow and grow as her mother sucked on it.

Angie sat there watching her mom work on that cock doing things with her mouth she had never even had any idea a person did with another person’s sex in their mouth. Jack had his head back against the sofa and was smiling at Angie as her mom sucked and licked and sucked and licked his cock making it harder, longer and throbbing with a desire to cum. Then he looked back at Betty and caught her eyes. They looking back at her then to each other than back to Betty’s daughter. As Angie watched she could see Jack’s eyes burned with both love and lust for the woman between his legs. She smiles at him just a little and then heard him say: “Why not join us Angie? Why not see if what I told you will help you with your problem? It might help you make up your mind? It will help you reach some decision. Come close and kiss me too. Kiss and touch my cock. Feel it, just feel it.

Angie didn’t move but now she was watching her mom’s mouth, and only her mouth suck Jack’s cock. She moaned to herself as she measured the length in her mind. It must be 10 maybe 11- inches long! The palms of her hands were wet and she rubbed them on her legs. Her mouth was dry and her bikini was becoming damp between her legs. In fact there was a small stain showing up on the material along with the image of the slit of her pussy. She sat there watching. He said, “Come sit over here and watch Angie.”

She moved closer to the action and then she felt Jack’s hand on her arm and he pulled gently as he said: “Come on Angie join us. Here sit right here next to me and touch me. He pulled and she let her body be moved as she slid over right next to him. She felt his warm leg next to hers. With only the bikini bottom on, her legs were uncovered and she could feel Jack’s leg next to hers. She saw Jack take her hand and again gently pull it over to his body. She didn’t stop him. He then took her hand and in a whisper said: “Touch it! You know you want to Angie. Touch my cock and feel it! Have you ever seen one this big before? Do you like what you see? Your mom sure does! She loves it to grow because it pleases her so much. Touch it Angie.”

Jack bent his head and kissed the side of Angie’s mouth. His tongue licked around her ear and neck as she let him move her small hand over the thick shaft. She didn’t move her hand except for her fingers, which automatically wrapped around the shaft as far as they could reach and she squeezed it. He moaned softly as her hand held his shaft tight and pumped it as Angie’s mom sucked the big cock head. Betty smiled up at him and she saw him smile back.

Jack said softly: “Stroke it Angie. You know, move your hands back and forth. Move your hands back and forth. Yes!! That’s it baby! Back and forth back and forth. Yes, just like that! Mumm that feels nice Angie.”

Angie watched her hands as if they belonged to someone else moving along the hard shaft of Jack’s cock! God the thing was long. She watched her mom sucking the big cock head as she stroked his shaft. Jack moaned again and said: “Faster Angie. Stroke it faster baby!”

Angie did what he told her. She could feel the blood pulsing in Jack’s cock as it throbbed harder with each stroke, with each suck with each lick. The two women worked on him for a long time and there were no signs of him being ready to cum. He lay there slowly rubbing Angie’s back and neck as she moved her hand under his balls now cupping them. She was holding them like she was weighting them; his nuts were big too! But she never stopped stroking his long shaft. Betty had stopped sucking now and sat back and watched her daughter beating off the man she had lover for so long. She was wet between her legs but and could see her daughter was soaked. Her bikini bottom had at least a 3-inch wet spot on it now and the outline of her pussy was very clear.

Jack took a chance and moved his hands to Angie’s bikini and untied the left string to her bottom. As it opened a little, Angie never stopped she continued to stroke Jack’s hard cock feeling it jump. Betty moved around and untied the other side of Angie’s suit. The front of Angie’s bikini bottoms fell away. It opened like a baby’s diaper. Betty lifted Angie’s leg and placed it over Jack’s legs. Angie’s pussy became open and very shinny. Angie was very wet and both Jack and Betty knew Angie was in need bad. She pushed open her daughter’s other legs. She slowly applied pressure and Angie opened her thighs exposing even more her wet shaved pussy. Betty smiled and said to Jack, “She’s shaved Jack. My baby shaves her pussy! Look!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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