A Moment Like This Ch. 01

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It was just past noon on one of those sticky summer days where the sun is so hot that it melts the tar in the roads and the temperature topped 90 even in the shade. The inhabitants of the Chicago town had retreated to the only two places that were tolerable: the pool and the chill of the movie theater. Most of them anyway.

20-year-old Cassie lay on her bed under the whipping blades of her ceiling fan. Sweat beaded on her forehead but it wasn’t because of the heat. One hand was busy toying with her painfully erect nipple; the other was doing something far more sinister between her legs. The full-length mirror across from the bed offered a delicious view of her dripping pussy and the growing wet spot underneath it on the duvet. Cassie bent her knees and drove the buzzing vibrator into herself with renewed vigor. She had the house to herself today and she wanted to take full advantage of it. As her thumb and index finger wrapped around her nipple, she pressed the rabbit ears of the vibe to her hugely swollen clit and waited, but not for long. In a few seconds an enormous orgasm was ripping through her body, making her shudder as her sopping wet snatch sucked at the vibe and her clit fluttered.

After a time, Cass pulled the toy out of her pussy and lay there, enjoying istanbul escort the breeze from the fan on her naked body. It was the third time that day she had brought herself to orgasm and she was finally sated. Sort of. There was something that still itched inside of her, something she couldn’t put her finger on.

Dazed by her post-orgasmic bliss, Cassie failed to hear the front door open as her mother got home from work. Tall and elegant, Cassie’s mother Taylor looked much like Christie Brinkley and she knew it.

Taylor climbed the stairs to the second floor and was about to call out as she passed Cassie’s room but paused. The door was open a crack and Taylor couldn’t believe her eyes. There, spread out on her Laura Ashley duvet was Cassie, her legs wide open, her nipples erect and a vibrator next to her. The smell of sex—her daughter’s!—was heavy in the air. Taylor’s eyes widened as she spotted the enormous wet spot between Cassie’s legs. Fortunately for her, Cassie had inherited her mother’s good looks. Long legs, a lean torso and long blonde hair were all part of the package. Breasts were not. Taylor chided herself for noticing that her daughter’s sex was totally smooth, and tore herself from the scene.

Back avcılar escort in the master suite, Taylor sat on the bed and began to undress from the workday. She knew she should push what she had seen out of her mind, but the image was burned into her brain. She didn’t care that Cass was masturbating; the girl was 20 for god’s sake. So what was it that bothered her so badly about the sight? As she walked into the bathroom to take off her jewelry, Taylor suddenly realized what it was: she was turned on. By the sight of her 20-year-old daughter, post masturbation. Dear god.

Taylor sat down hard on the closed toilet seat and shut her eyes tightly. She had never felt more wretched in her entire life, or more turned on. The more she squeezed her eyes shut, the more details popped out at her: the rosy pink color of Cassie’s erect nipples, the hugeness of her swollen clit, the sweet and musky smell of her juice. Taylor shook her head and opened her eyes. She would never act on her arousal, she knew. God forbid she scar Cassie for life with something like that. But there was no harm in easing her discomfort…right?

Swiftly, Taylor closed and locked the bathroom door and stripped. She reached under the sink and pulled out a şirinevler escort tiny clit vibe and got in the bathtub. She knew this was going to be a good one and she didn’t want to wait.

Taylor turned on the vibe and stuck it directly on her clit which rose to the occasion. Her juices started flowing immediately and Taylor stuck two fingers inside herself, her long nails brushing her g-spot as she beckoned them backwards and forwards. She couldn’t stop thinking about Cassie’s pussy, how inviting and delicious it looked.

As she moved her fingers inside of her own sopping wet snatch, she wondered how Cassie might taste, how sensitive that tasty-looking clit was, how she liked to be fingered. Then she wondered if her daughter had ever been with another girl before. This mental image proved to be too much and Taylor came and squirted hard, gushing streams of her own juice past her fingers and towards the bathtub drain.

Her hands soaked but partially relieved, Taylor lay back in the bathtub, shivering as the cool marble touched her skin.

There was a quick knock on the bathroom door.

“Mom, are you in there?” Cassie called.

Taylor’s breath caught in her throat.

“Uh, yeah honey. Hold on,” Taylor choked out. “Why don’t you go grab us a couple Coronas and I’ll meet you in the kitchen in five.”

“Works for me,” Cassie said, already turning away. What Taylor didn’t know is that Cassie had been there the whole time and had heard her mother’s urgent masturbation.

Taylor relaxed with false relief as Cassie headed down the stairs, a huge Cheshire-cat smile on her face.

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