A Lifetime Kink Ch. 10

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‘So it’s all out there now,’ she said with a heavy sigh. It wasn’t that the truth had become a burden. If anything the truth had set her free – the both of them in fact.

The heaviness came from a feeling of heartache she had begun to experience that next day in work, in his absence, where they couldn’t sit and talk about it. That heartache came like a love-sickness, the same kind as when one confessed their love and waited in suspense to see if it would be requited or rejected.

But Lee hadn’t rejected her. The very words, ‘You can fantasise about us anytime,’ told her that. She had replied very simply. ‘Same.’ And there was something else along the lines of kissing.

Good god, that kiss!

‘I love you too, mum, and I’m lost for words right now,’ he had later replied. She had seen that on her lunch break and it seemed that she couldn’t break away from the world soon enough, to go back to him and to just be there with him.

The rest of that day she had existed in a suspended state, waiting for the penny to drop. And it was such an excruciatingly long time to wait with her heart in her throat. But, ‘it’s all out there now,’ she said, finally back home and in his company.

They were sat adjacent from one another, quietly having dinner at the dining table, in a surprisingly relaxed and humoured state. Lee noted the heaviness in her voice, scanning her face for any sign that she was struggling. There was none, gratefully.

‘You really have a way with words, mum,’ he offered, almost lamented, as he considered how shockingly frank and heartfelt, yet graphic she had been. ‘I can really tell those Kindle stories have rubbed off.’

Those kinky Kindle stories, which she had invited him to read…

Awkwardly the both of them began to laugh. Then a sigh of relief exited Stevie’s parted lips. Still, the elephant in the room was still no less an elephant, and a large one it was at that. What else could be said right now? Nothing it seemed.

She would wait, unless he would ask questions first. And she hoped that even if he didn’t, that he would have questions. ‘Are we still good?’ she asked.

‘Yes mum,’ he answered without hesitation, his voice deep and soothing. ‘We’re very good!’

For the rest of that evening they carried on as they would on any other night, like any other unassuming family would. A bomb had dropped and the shellshock was seemingly yet to pass, the dust yet to settle.

Watching TV for an hour downstairs, Lee noticed that his mother wasn’t reading her Kindle this time. He used the opportunity to cuddle her close for a little while, and then announced that he was going to bed earlier.

He hadn’t slept much the night before, and Stevie blushed when she easily made the connection as to why that might have been. And, you know what, that didn’t seem such a bad idea, she reckoned. She too would turn in early and try to get a few extra hours rest.


“You can fantasise about me any time!”

In the dark she read that text over and over, and her reply, and his in kind. It wasn’t even 11pm, she noted, and wondered if he would be asleep yet.

‘Asleep yet?’ she asked and waited.

‘Not yet. Everything okay?’ he responded quickly.

Stevie hesitated. ‘Everything is weird. I bet you don’t know how to feel.’

Again Lee was quick to respond. ‘You really want me to tell you how I feel?’

She braced herself…

‘Say it.’

‘I put my hand around it and I vigorously stroke it back and forth until it shoots…’

Next door, lying in the dark, Lee heard the familiar snorting of his mother’s sudden laughter.

‘I needed that, thank you!’

‘The little fantasy you added at the end completely killed me, by the way,’ Lee added, trying to reel her in. And it would work all too easily. ‘I couldn’t sleep very well after that…’

‘Sorry. Too much?’ Stevie replied.

‘Too turned on.’

‘Welcome to my world,’ read his mother’s text. ‘Hopefully you’ll sleep tonight.’

‘When I’m finished re-reading your letter,’ Lee replied, and let the power of suggestion work for itself. And that too worked. Stevie was now up one elbow, her body responding – dry mouth, faster heartbeat, tangling knots in her abdomen.

‘Which part?’ she typed with shaky fingers.

‘All of it, but mostly that end part.’

Thoughts came back – pornographic words chained together to create the most luridly detailed sexual act between Stevie and her son – and reminded her just how hot and heavy they left her when she had written them.

Now those words were his, her gift, and she was breathing rapidly, shallowly, knowing that right now he was fantasising about them both as a result. Her mind otherwise was a blank.

‘Speaking of which, what did you think?’ she asked. A little time went by. She waited, with baited breath, then exhaling harshly because she couldn’t even do that properly.

The photograph filled the screen of her phone suddenly, causing her mouth to gape wide open. She had seen him halkalı escort up close, hard and masturbating in his bed, but not this close. Lee’s cock barely fitted into the frame at full hardness.

Gasping, Stevie didn’t know how to respond – not yet!

All she could do was stare hard at her son’s super-stiff glory, every muscle and vein, and the intimidating but irresistible shape and size. ‘Fucking hell,’ she said out loud.

‘I think I like that idea,’ he added and waited a while. As the moments passed, Lee heard a light switch flip on. A minute later, it flipped off again. A moment after that, he too was greeted by a sight he never imagined he would see.

His mother’s thighs spread wide – she was lying in her bed, the duvet thrown off – her pink pussy bared in all its own special glory. She was shaven bald and completely smooth from top to bottom. And never in his life had he wanted to dive right in and lick the glistening nectar from a woman’s pussy. His cock now so desperately ached.


In the dark again, Stevie worked one-handed, breathing hard as she studied his words. In no time the waves of pleasure began to flatten her.

‘So… you’re hard and I’m wet,’ she replied…

😉 😉 😉



Until the next weekend finally came around, they lived in the shadow of that invisible but unavoidable thing – the elephant in the room!

It was in every room and it was in every conversation, even though it couldn’t be heard. The only talking they’d done about any of this was in the fantasies they’d started to indulge in at night, by text.

It was official. Stevie and her son had started sexting, and there was something delectably wrong about it that pushed the envelope before the intended message had been discussed. Then one night, it was Friday finally, they did sit down to talk it all over, and because their sexting had gone from talking of their imaginings to flirting with talk of “the real thing.”

Again, it had been a beautiful warm day, warmer than the last few. Summer was on its way in. But for now the evening was cooling. Stevie treated them to a little barbecue, on the condition that he – the man with the mystical knowledge of fire and flesh – did the cooking.

Pork loin and chicken fillets were not the only thing that Lee knew how to smoke. By the time they were ready to eat, they were both buzzed and too spaced out to worry about the talk to come. In the conservatory they later sat digesting and drinking fruity cocktails to top off the mood.

‘I’m stuffed,’ Lee remarked, holding his stomach like an invisible baby sat there.

‘Hmm, it’s been a while,’ his mother commented distantly.

‘Has it really, though?’ Lee hinted sarcastically. Imagine waking up one morning to find that your mother had sent a selfie, or more specifically a photo of a six inch vibrator sat deep in her pussy.

‘Oh shut up,’ she scolded, blushing and grinning ear to ear. Lee laughed louder, just to rub it in. ‘I never would have imagined you had such a dirty mind,’ Stevie said moments later, after the laughter had subsided, and she let it hang there a while.

There were then quieter chuckles abound, dry and reserved. Yes, Stevie, because who’d have thought that your son, who always found a way to upstage you, could ramp up the fantasy stakes?

Messaging your mother while she was in work, stating, “I’m so hard wishing you were here sucking my cock right now,” was a bit more daring than either of them were used to. And yet it had planted the seed of further curiosity in her mind.

Long and hard she thought about maybe crossing that particular boundary…

‘Well I wonder who I take after,’ he offered.

Stevie shrugged, nibbling at the knuckle of one index finger, the way she did when she was feeling shy, or naughty, or one as the result of the other. ‘Hmmm,’ she hummed a sigh.

‘That’s another thing,’ she felt the need to add now. ‘You’d probably best not text me like that when I’m at work. I was on my break. Anyone could have read it if I’d have turned my head the other way for a few seconds.’

Lee knew exactly what she meant. He gritted his teeth, cringing. ‘Oops…’

‘Do you delete your messages?’ she pushed. He nodded, earning him a quick smile. ‘That was something,’ she thought and then uttered another brief sigh.

‘Wow,’ she spoke across to him. ‘How’s this for surreal, hey?’

Of all the mother-son conversations she could imagine.


Saturday evening came and Stevie was out back again in her flimsy bikini, the ruffly little black Brazilian number that she knew Lee loved so much. Lee had been gone the whole afternoon, meeting friends and doing a little shopping.

She was watering the garden – best done at the end of the day when the setting sun couldn’t damage the wet leaves of the plants – when Lee came home and snuck up to his room. A few minutes later he was outside taksim escort with her, appreciating that sweet air the moisture caused after a hot day.

And not a moment too soon he was admiring his mother’s curves, and also because this time she was wearing the bikini bottoms to match, and they left a lot to feast the eyes on.

He approached her stealthily on the grass, unheard above the sprinkle and hiss of the water spraying its heavy mist from the tightened nozzle of the hose. Surprising her with his hands planted firmly against her hips, he said hello and planted a kiss at the vulnerable spot on her neck.

Stevie nearly shrieked at first, leaping and spinning to face him with a look of shock on her face. ‘Fucking hell I nearly shit myself,’ she laughed, scolding him for sneaking up on her. All the while Lee stood there enchanted by the familiar scent of sun screen lotion; the memories it brought back still vivid in his mind.

‘You missed a spot,’ he said, pointing over her shoulder at the corner of the back garden. Stevie twirled around again, asking where.

‘There, and there, and over there,’ he teased, for every direction he pointed her in. ‘No, not there, over there. Are you blind?’

‘Oh I see it now,’ Stevie said slyly, and turned the hose on her son to blast him from head to toe with freezing cold water. Now he was the one shrieking, prancing across the lawn like a mad grasshopper.

Running around her in circles was the only way he could avoid taking another soaking. Dizzily, Stevie laughed before the wind was knocked out of her sails. Coming in low, Lee tackled her at the waist and muscled her down into the wet grass beneath them.

It wasn’t long before the both of them were soaked. As they wrestled, Lee managed to squirm out of his cold wet t-shirt, pinning his mother down from on top. Laughing and screeching, they fought to stop from being tickled to death by the other, unaware that history was repeating once again.

Stevie’s strong thighs were wrapped around her son’s waist, her feet locked together at his back. Between her legs he rubbed up against her, becoming more aware of the effect that it was having, and especially as they were both half naked.

Breathless, wet, and still fooling around, Stevie was also aware that her bikini top had slipped down, exposing both breasts to the air, and to her son’s direct line of vision, and he grew harder between her legs.

‘Oh,’ she panted, half-smiling, as she felt him rubbing directly up against the heated cleft beneath the gusset of her wet and clingy bikini bottoms. Again, ‘oh,’ as he tried to pull away, only to be squeezed tighter into her.

‘Oh you filthy sod,’ she finally whispered when his rhythms began to feel more suggestive than accidental.

‘Do you need to get up?’ she asked.


She released her vise-like grip, her thighs opening up to let him go. Both of them looked down at the same time, instinctually if anything. Seeing her own wet heaving breasts exposed to him, Stevie didn’t even bother to cover up.

What she was trying to see was her son’s concealed erection, which now absurdly tented his shorts. What Lee saw, other than that glaringly obvious detail, was the deep crease he had caused in the fabric of his mother’s bikini bottoms.

There she was, lying breathless in the grass with her tits bared to him, and the outline of her pussy was undeniable where he had inadvertently “dry-humped” her. For a fleeting moment their eyes met again.

‘Well, well,’ she joked suggestively, and winked deliberately, ‘now you’re hard and we’re both wet…’

Stevie held her breath as she saw the sudden calculating look in his eyes, and then rather than pull away, he pressed his hips back down against her and began to grind against the warm little spot the tip of his cock had found.

‘Fuck,’ Stevie gasped, not knowing whether to laugh or to moan. Both happened at the same time before she could bite her own lips shut.

Undeniably now she felt the hard head of his cock rubbing up against her pussy, and with only the clothing between them stopping this from being something else undeniably.

‘You dirty fucking sod,’ she whispered in his ear, gritting her teeth to stop from moaning out loud. ‘You dirty…’

She was coming…


‘Oh my god, I’m coming,’ her mind cried out. Intense heat suddenly coursed through her body, her neck and chest now blushing red while her pussy suddenly grew intensely hot – so hot that Lee could feel it enough to wonder momentarily if he had somehow wound up inside her.

‘Dirty little bastard,’ she finally managed to say, and peeled the bikini straps from both shoulders to bare both breasts completely to her son as he gently pumped against her hot spot.

‘Something for the both of us to think about,’ Lee whispered mischievously, his lips now close to her ear as he pressed his cool, wet flesh on top of her.

‘I think you’d best go have a think about that right now under şişli escort a cool shower,’ Stevie suggested, containing the urge to grab hold of him and to take matters further. Her fingers clutching tightly at the waistband of his shorts suggested otherwise that she wanted him to stay right where he was and to keep doing what he was doing.

‘You’re right,’ Lee agreed, showing sudden and unusual restraint. And before she could stop him he was hoisting himself up on his strong arms, bearing over her.

‘Kiss first,’ Stevie panted, her eyes hungry and intense. A second later their lips were mashed together and their tongues were snaking in and out of each other’s mouths. For the first time ever, although so briefly that she had to wonder if it had happened at all, he licked and sucked at the stiff, cold nipple of one damp breast, and then he was gone.

Stevie lied there in the wet grass a long time, trying to recuperate from what had just happened. Eyes wide open as she gazed into the deepening blue dusk, she swallowed hard and wondered when…

Not if it would happen, but when!


Stevie patiently waited her turn in the shower, as patiently as one could when all they wanted was to get royally fucked. What had happened out there just moments ago, she couldn’t keep her hands off her body, wanting her hands to be his, and especially as she finger-fucked the silky rut of the camel toe caused by her tight bikini bottoms.

Stripping easily out of her bikini, this only left her shivering evermore in her skin. When she could have been selecting something to wear for the evening, instead she stood there by the bedroom door, listening attentively for her son.

Hot rain splashed hard against the bottom of the bathtub, and not much else was happening, until the water stopped and the cord snapped, signalling that he had turned off the hot water. Lee dabbed himself down with a warm towel, wrapped it around his waist and exited the bathroom, waltzing quickly to his room.

And on the way past he had caught a glimpse of her completely naked, just standing there waiting beyond the threshold of her own room. As if he wasn’t straining enough to control his urges, Lee tried his best to think nothing of it, and put on a pair of shorts, but nothing else.

He was warm enough, and not only from the weather.

His mother clearly also felt warm enough, later sporting her favourite black satin camisole and a pair of frilly French shorts, which left only about two inches of thigh hidden. She went straight to his room after changing.

They had to talk!


Lee was lying propped up against the bed’s head rail, a pile of pillows at his back. Stevie made no fuss, perching herself further in from the edge than she normally would, one leg folder under herself as she studied his disposition. At least he seemed in control of himself…


‘That was unexpected,’ she said and couldn’t think of anything else to say. She could barely stand his guilty puppy eyes, though they seemed a little forced. What was he supposed to say?

‘You can say that again,’ was his response, and most unexpected.

‘Cheeky sod,’ she secretly humoured herself. ‘Someone could have seen us, Lee,’ she implored. As mutually worked up as they had gotten, that scared her more.

Lee, who had begun reading a book, or a novella to be precise – on his mother’s Kindle – put the device to one side and interlaced his fingers over his stomach. ‘Yeah, you’re right,’ he admitted. ‘I’m sorry.’

‘I got carried away too,’ Stevie dismissed the best she could. She offered him a thin smile, for what little assurance she could give.

But there was no denying that elephant in the room. They had come so close in the moment, both of them helplessly possessed. Had that happened here, on his bed, or on hers, who was to say that they wouldn’t have committed the act in full?

And even now, when she tried to be a mother, a responsible adult, so much skin still on display affected her racing thoughts. She battled not to touch him. She blew off a long breath, looked him directly in the eyes, and ultimately said nothing.

‘Well,’ she started, and then paused. She patted him on the shin, just the once, and stood up to leave. ‘You read whatever you’re reading. I’ll be in my room…’



By Julianne Lecher La Chatte

That was honestly the title of this one story. He wasn’t so sure that Julianne was being completely honest about her surname. Not that Lee could read much French, and not like it mattered.

From the writer’s perspective, here was a story about a mother and her adult son embarking on a weekend to Amsterdam. Worshipped by her son, Julianne – who had written erotica for decades to raise her son alone – was an open-minded woman, much like Lee’s mother.

Julianne, whose surname could very likely have been Moore judging by the descriptions of her appearance, was not only bisexual but was an advocate for consanguinamory. Google had its work cut out for much of her story.

Julianne, for some reason or another, had written largely of incest between mothers and sons over the years. For much of the day, the pair soaked in the sights, went shopping, fooled around like teenagers, and then retired to the hotel after having partook in a little legal cannabis at a cafe.

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