A Holiday to Remember Ch. 02

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The next couple of days went over pretty much the same with the old Dave back on form whilst out with the guys, then dominating me when we got back to the privacy of our room. It was great to see him so relaxed and having fun again, even Paul and Eddie noticed the difference. It felt great inside knowing that it was me that got my best friend out of his funk. A few days later we were going at it as usual after a night out. I was on all fours with him behind. We were that into what we were doing that we didn’t hear the door open and Eddie walk in. Without stopping his pounding of me Dave turned and smiled at Eddie and said

“Struck out with your girl did you? Do you want to join me and enjoy my slut, I am sure he can handle another cock.”

I guess I was his to share and he knew I would do anything he said whilst his cock was in me. Having been Dave’s personal slut for the past couple of days I wasn’t really in a position to object. This had almost become the normal for us on this holiday. But I hadn’t given thought to the other two lads and what would happen if they knew what we were doing.

“What’s it going to be?” Dave asked. Eddie still stunned at the scene unfolding in front of him. He took a step towards the door and I thought he was leaving. Dave having lost none of his hardness continued his deep thrusts into me. Not caring that Eddie has walked in on us. I was mortified at the situation. I pulled away from him suddenly feeling very naked and vulnerable. This could alter the dynamic of our whole lives.

“What are we going to do now?” I turned round looking for something to cover myself with. It is amazing how quickly my mood had changed. This now was pure fear. Our clothes were all over the floor. Standing up and reaching for the bed sheet I didn’t know why covering up now Eddie had gone would help. Dave looked almost angry at me that I had pulled away from him. His impressively hard cock just bobbing in front of him. His self-confidence was just unreal.

“You are going to turn back around and get back on this cock.” He was so calm, I didn’t get it. I guess he felt different because he had been caught fucking where as I was the one getting fucked. He pulled the sheet from me and exposed me again. I had no intention of getting back in position. I was freaking out.

There was movement behind him and I saw Eddie walking back in. He had already lost his pants and just had on a tight pair of white boxers. As he lifted his shirt over his head he looked like an underwear model. His muscles where just bursting in all the right places. All the hours in the gym where well spent. He stood there just looking at me.

“Alex, are you ok with this?” now I was pausing for breath again. The fear that he would tell people what Dave and I did in our spare time was replaced with the shock that he wanted to join in. I didn’t answer straight away, just sat down on the bed trying to process things. Here I was getting fucked by my best friend and my other friend wants to fuck me as well or at least get off.

At first I did this to get my best friend back that’s how I justified it to myself. Now I had to do this so Eddie doesn’t go telling everyone else our business. I rationalised things in my head as quick as I could. Who was I trying to fool? After the first time I was hooked on these feelings of being used for Dave’s pleasure. He wanted to share me. If this was going to add to Dave’s experience then I was here to be used.

“Get over here Eddie. He likes it. Trust me” I didn’t even get a chance to answer. Dave was in charge of our relationship now and he knew it. They both stood in front of me, I leant forward and hooked my thumbs into his waistband. Once past his hips they dropped to the floor. Dave looked him up and down then stepped back and sat on the bed next to us. Just watching over us, this was totally turning him on.

“Back to work SLUT.” Eddie laughed at the comment from Dave. Here I am naked in front of another one of my friends about to suck his dick. What a strange couple of days it had been. As I reached out for his soft cock. It wasn’t as long as Dave’s but was just as thick. His stomach looked amazing and without realising what I was doing I was kissing down his stomach. I guess I had got pretty good at this because there was a moan of approval.

It didn’t take long once I had his cock in my mouth for him to get hard. I really did enjoy the feeling of a cock hardening in my mouth. He was more passive that Dave was. Just let me do my own thing and enjoyed the experience. As his hands went to his head his torso just stretched out more. I was in awe of this body. I had seen him in the pool and it looked good but something güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri about it tonight just had my attention. Shows how comfortable I had become with having a mouthful of cock that I wasn’t even concentrating on it and enjoying the view instead.

There was movement behind Eddie which I couldn’t see. Dave had obviously had enough of just watching.

“Eddie get over here.” He pulled away from me and my mouth followed trying to keep him in. Was Dave going to use Eddie as well or instead of me? He was ordering him round like he did me although it was in a different tone. Eddie climbed onto Dave’s bed. I have to be honest it kind of felt like he was cheating on me. I watched as Dave whispered in Eddie’s ear. Then he moved next to Dave rather than on top or down on him.

I felt relieved that they didn’t do anything with each other. Instead they both just lay there looking at me. Waiting for me to move over to them. Two tanned naked men lying next to each other with rock hard cocks waiting to be pleased. That was my job now and I was ready and willing to please. I got between their legs and grabbed them both and started working away. Turns out being ambidextrous was another thing that made me good at my new job.

A week ago this would have been the furthest thing from my mind. Wanking two of my mates at the same time and actually enjoying. I moved to put Dave in my mouth but he didn’t want a blowjob I guess and moved out away from me.

“Not the hole I want Alex.” In a flash I was back on all fours sideways across the bed. Eddie in front of me and Dave behind. This was going to be my first experience of two cocks at once I has was hard as rock with excitement. Dave’s hands went on to my hips and once again I felt that amazing sensation I had become accustomed to of him entering me. Eddie just stood and watched as he went balls deep in one slow stroke. I let out an involuntary moan as it stroked my prostate.

That feeling is so strong it almost brought me to orgasm every time he hit it.

“You did lock the door when you came in didn’t you?” I asked just as Eddie was about to fill my mouth. I not sure why it came to me at that point. I guess being spit roasted by two of my friends wasn’t a position I fancied getting caught in.

“Shut him up Eddie.” Dave obviously wasn’t bothered if anyone else walked in on us. Eddie did as he was told and slammed him cock down my throat. Sensation overload was an understatement. At this point I had experienced both sensations individually but having both ends pummelled at same time was intense. They only took a couple of strokes to get in rhythm so they would both push in and pull out simultaneously.

The heat in the room was intense, the sweat making everyone shine in the dim lamp lights. Music from the clubs in the background. Our bodies just smashing together. It was just raw fucking. No gentle movements, the two of them trying to match the power and speed of each stroke. They were pulverising both my holes. I couldn’t take this for too much longer or it may do serious damage. After all I had only had anal a couple of times over the past couple of days.

There was no dialogue at all just moans and groans from the three of us.

It felt like an eternity of them doing this to me, it must have only been a couple of minutes when Eddie pulled out of my mouth panting saying he would cum to quick if they kept that up.

That’s when Dave suggested they should swap ends.

He pulled out as well and there was that feeling of emptiness again. As they caught their breath I turned over to rest my knees a bit and recover myself. I felt drained already. So much for a quick orgasm for Dave and then off to sleep. I collapsed back with my head over the side of the bed and closed my eyes. How did get myself in this position. Not that I wasn’t enjoying. My cock showed I loved it. It was just so surreal.

Lost in my thoughts I nearly forgot there where two cocks waiting to be serviced.

“Open wide” I opened my eyes to Dave stood over me with his cock in his hand ready to push his balls into my mouth. I did as I was told and sucked both his balls into my mouth rolling them round with my tongue. As I was doing it I felt the warmth of Eddies body move between my legs. I was about to take the second cock of the night in my ass. Pushing my legs wider with his body he got himself comfortable and impaled me with his thick cock. I knew he was going to enter me but not like that.

“You almost lost your balls there Dave” I joked but the force of Eddie’s entrance did cause me to bite down a little on Dave. Eddie laughed a bit but Dave wasn’t too impressed güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and just shut me up by forcing his cock into my mouth. Proceeding to fuck my face like he was doing to my ass just moments ago.

In this position they started the rhythm again. My head still over the edge of the bed my view was just of Dave moving in and out of my mouth. The musky sent of sweat and sex between his legs. Eddie took it easy on my ass with just long slow plunges. It felt great. We moved round a little so Dave was at my side so my neck didn’t ache so much. This position seemed to suit everyone and we stayed like that till Dave announced he was ready to finish. I was just a rag doll with two holes for two horny lads to have their way with.

“You ready to see how much of a cum slut our Alex is Eddie?” Eddie pulled out and came round to my head so they were either side of me. They wanked themselves so my hands where free to bring myself to orgasm. We pretty much all came at the same time with them covering my face and mouth. I swallowed what I could but they had aimed mostly to cover my face. They sat back on the bed and I went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. I was sore all over but totally satisfied. Looking in the mirror was a sight I will never forget. My face was just dripping with their seed. If I had my camera with me I would have took a picture to keep as a memory.

When I came out of the bathroom Dave still naked with his cock just flopped on his stomach. He had fallen asleep and Eddie had gone back to his room I guess. I really was just a slut for them to use till they were done. They didn’t even wait for me to come back. I didn’t sleep to well that night. I had a horrible feeling that Eddie may regret what we had done once he has sobered up. Would it ruin the holiday and our friendship once we get home.

At breakfast the next morning Paul turned up from his triumphant night with his girl. I was so nervous about last night that I stayed quiet, but the other two just carried on as normal. Then Eddie piped up and told Paul he had a great night and would never forget it. He didn’t say who it was with and Paul just took it as he had found some girl at the club after he left. With that one comment I knew we would be ok and it wasn’t going to ruin things.

Sitting by the pool topping up those tans, last night was all I could think about. Dave and Paul went for something to eat so I had a chance to see where Eddie was really at with the scenes of the night before. He said he meant what he had told Paul at breakfast but he didn’t think it will happen again but also didn’t regret anything. Our secret was safe and that was a great feeling. Although a little disheartening that he didn’t like it enough to want to do it again. I did enjoy having his cock as well. It was a different sensation from Dave. But thought better of pushing the situation any further.

We all went out as a group again that night and things where back to normal. Towards the end of the night I was stood at the end of a crowded dark bar waiting to be served and Dave came up behind me. There was only a wall behind us and everyone else had their back to us really. All involved in their own night. As he squeezed in between me and the wall he move my hand down to his crotch. He was hard. This was the boldest he had ever been.

“Get it out!” I looked at him in total shock. In public with all these people round. Not a chance. I just shook my head and looked back to the bar. He wasn’t taking that as an answer and unzipped himself and got it out. The bar was about chest high so he was down below where anybody could see. He grabbed my hand and wrapped it round him and held on to me as he wanked with my hand. I gave in and just played along. No one could see what we I was up to so I left my hand there. The amount of alcohol we had drank made us this bold.

That’s when the bar maid came over to serve us. As she spoke Dave release his hands and put them on top of the bar and ordered our round of drinks. I surprised myself by not letting go and continuing to stroke him. As she turned round to get our drinks Dave just smiled and left his hands up on the bar. I carried on stroking him till our drinks turned up and he had paid. Then he took my hand off him, tucked his cock away and told me I was a good slut then walked away with the drinks. I was so turned on by the risk of it all but knew it couldn’t go any further. But I was wrapped round his little finger. I really was cock hungry.

Everything was kept to the privacy of our room after that night until the bus ride to the airport to go home. We were about 2 hours out from the airport. It was the middle of güvenilir bahis şirketleri the night and the coach was pretty empty. We were the first pickup so naturally we headed to the back of the bus. The rep said the coach should be quiet so Dave and I got on the back seat. Paul and Eddie sat on their own a couple of seats in front. Once we had picked people up we had only been on for half an hour so there was still a long journey ahead.

10 minutes in and most people had fallen asleep. There were only our two lads within ten seats of us. That’s how quiet it was and they both had headphones in and where nodding off. I was leaning against the window going over the past week. We came away to relax and hopefully help Dave out. That’s when I felt him move over next to me. He took no time at all to unzip his pants. I had created a monster. All he thinks about is sex.

We were hidden by the seats and feeling it would be the last hurrah of the holiday, I played along. I shifted over and went to grab his soft cock. But before I wrapped my fingers round it he knocked me away. He shook his head and said

“That will make a mess.” It took me a few seconds to realise what he meant. But I wasn’t sure I wanted to go that far in public, even if we were hidden. It just seemed too risky.

“I will keep a look out. It will be fine.” Next thing I know his hand is on the back of my head pushing me down into his lap. No doubt now that he was planning on cumming in my mouth so there is no mess. He had dominated me for the better part of a week, what harm is one more mouthful to complete the holiday. I looked up at him and he just put his head phones in and sat back with one hand still on the back of my head.

I took his cock in my mouth and got him hard very quickly. I was getting turned on by the risk of it all and he knew he had me where he wanted me. A quick look up and he just drank the last of his drink from his cup and put it down next to him. I thought we had plenty of time so I would tease him a bit. I went to move away and leave him there on the edge a couple of times. But he had no intention of letting me stop. He grabbed me with both hands and just forced my head up and down.

I felt that now familiar feeling of his balls tightening as he erupted in my mouth. I clamped my lips around his cock. I didn’t want to make a mess after all. Fortunately the amount of sex we had had over the last couple of days meant it wasn’t a massive load but still a good amount. I drained him before my mouth left his softening cock. He could tell I was really turned on. So once I sat back up he freed my cock and started giving me a wank. I wasn’t going to last long.

“You looked worried” he said.

“I’m about to cum, what about the mess.” I knew by now he wasn’t going to do what I had just done for him. He just smiled and said he had me covered. He reached behind him and took the lid of his cup. He put it at the end of my dick and continued stroking me with his free hand. I had to cover my mouth when I came the orgasm was that intense. I felt like I hadn’t had and orgasm for weeks it was that strong.

He moved the cup away and lifted his hand of my cock. A bit of cum had gone on his hand, so he lifted it to my mouth for me to clean off. I did without a second thought.

“What a way to end the holiday.” I said quietly to him.

“You are not done yet slut.” I didn’t know what he meant and he wouldn’t tell me. A couple of minutes later the rep walked down the coach just to check on everyone. As most people were sleeping she headed back to us and sat in front just to have a chat. As I went to answer her I forgot I had just had a cock down my throat and coughed a bit. That’s when the monster next to me reared his dominating head again.

“Here Alex have the end of my drink to help with that cough.” Looking at his smug smile as he handed me the cup he and just made me cum in a few minutes earlier.

What a true friend the rep said having no idea what the drink was that my best friend had just handed me. So this is what he meant when he said I hadn’t finished yet. As I took the cup it felt like I had cum loads. Dave’s eyes were glued on me to see what I was going to do with the situation.

I just looked at the rep and said that’s what makes us best mates. We will do whatever it takes to help each other out and then downed the contents of the cup. She just chuckled at the comment oblivious that I had just swallowed a second load of cum on the coach journey and it was mine.

Once she went back to front of the coach Dave looked over and said his plan was to give me the cup to drink at the end of the journey before we went into the airport but that was too good an opportunity to pass up. Again I was left shaking my head not quite believing what I had just done on the coach and the previous week.

“That’s how to end our holiday my little cum slut!” He said before moving over to the other side of the back seat and putting his headphones back in.

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