A Hero’s Welcome Ch. 03

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I was on tenterhooks. Lorna and I were going to double-team Charlie, my brother, make a fantasy come true for him, and the anticipation had been drilling away at me all day. My tummy was fluttering, I was distracted, nervous, excited. Charlie was no better off. He’d blithely agreed to be completely hands-off, no touching, no kissing, groping, goodie-grabbing, nothing, to make the experience all that more rewarding. And that included touching ourselves as well; so no self-stimulation. At all. Uh, Uh, no way, hands off, verboten. So we’d spent the day talking, pretending to watch TV, always at opposite ends of the couch, not even in touching distance. I wanted him keyed-up, champing at the bit, his balls full of what I craved the most; his potent baby-seed. Over the last two days, he’d sprayed enough of it into me to impregnate a tribe of amazons, and I wanted to give him time to distil some more, top up his reserves of what he filled me with so freely and copiously.

Now Charlie was pacing around like a caged panther, with an expression on his face that said it all. He’d agreed to my conditions knowing it was going to make the showdown that much more enjoyable, but he was clearly regretting it now that he’d had time to stew a little. Perversely, I was loving watching him sweat, knowing he was in such discomfort because he wanted only me, that he wanted nothing but to fuck the living daylights out of me, pump me full of spunk, and then turn round and do it all over again. He was pacing around, and I was watching him, a little smile on my lip, there for no other reason than to torment him, keep him keyed-up, concentrate his mind on what was coming, no pun intended! At last, he flopped down next to me. I immediately pushed him away.

“Charlie, we agreed! Now you go and sit over there, away from me. Just think, it’ll all be worth it, I promise you, but you have to have patience; now go!”

He was inclined to be obstinate, try a little wheedling. “Just one hug, Lu-Lu, please, I’m going berserk here, just one kiss, what do you say, come on…!”

I leaned over him, lips almost touching his, looking into his eyes, hand hovering over his crotch…and gave him a hard ‘ginger-flick’ across the tip of his erection outlined clearly through his jeans, making him jump up and cradle himself.

“OWW, Lu that really hurt, Lu, what the f…!” I cut him short, smiling sweetly. “Charlie, we agreed. If you want to fuck my best friend and me, you wait for it, you know it’ll be worth it! Now go and read a book, ‘cos it looks like little Charlie over there just lost interest! And keep your hands out of your pants!” He stalked out of the room, trying to look injured, when he knew full well that when he was fully on the colin he could chop logs with it.

I was in no better a state, but at least I didn’t have an unruly erection to deal with, so I could afford to wait it out, outwardly calm, at least. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait too much longer; the phone rang, it was Lorna.

“Lu, just on the High Street now, picking up a few things, be with you 2-3 minutes. Forgot to ask, could you get Charlie to move all the mattresses off the beds and lay them side by side in one of the bedrooms – we’re going to need a nicely padded playroom! That’s all, see ya shortly, got a surprise as well, plus we’ll slope off, have that little chat you mentioned earlier. Nice talking, go to go now, Kiss-Kiss!” She rang off.

I hadn’t actually said a word, but that was Lorna, talking ten to the dozen. I went and found Charlie, sprawled on my bed, idly flicking through the satellite channels. His eyes lit up when I stepped in the room, more so when I told him Lorna would be arriving soon, and relayed her instructions. With the prospect of unloading at last finally looming large, he was more than happy to lug mattresses around and prepare our playroom, so I left him to it and went down to wait for Lorna.

Soon enough, the doorbell rang, and I opened it to see Lorna and a tall, well-built, handsome boy with glasses, grey eyes and softly golden hair. I hustled them in, and Lorna made the introductions. “Lu, this is my baby brother, Gerry. Gerry, meet Lucy, and that’s Charlie over there. Both boys looked each other up and down, and grinned widely, breaking the ice nicely.

“Now that’s everybody nice and friendly, let me explain” started Lorna. “Gerry’s not going to be joining in, but he’s dying to see what happens, so he’s going to be leading the cheering section; don’t let his boyish looks fool you, he’s over 21, I’m not a complete pervert, you know!

“Charlie, this is all for you, so appropriate appreciation is expected, got it?” Charlie nodded, smiling as Gerry nodded as well, a big happy grin on his face.

“Good, now you boys be good, have a beer or something, big sisters have to talk a while. See you shortly.” That said, Lorna pulled me upstairs, lugging a small suitcase into the spare bedroom, where she sat down on the bed frame, and motioned pendik escort me to sit next to her.

“Right Lu, I know what this is about, and I’ve come up with a couple of scenarios that might work, and a couple that definitely won’t, just so you know what the possible downsides are going to be, and give you food for thought.” She ticked off of her fingers.

“One. You change your name, and marry Charlie under your new name. Won’t work though, the registrar of marriages will need to see the change of name deed poll document to confirm you are who you say you are; outcome? Plan collapses, you go directly to jail do not pass go, do not collect £200, Charlie gets court-martialled, disaster all round.

“Two. You and I swap identities, I give you all my papers, you give me all yours, then I become you and marry Gerry, have babies, ditto you and Charlie, all happy ever after. Won’t work. Unless you follow the 400 mile rule, too many people round here, in the district, not just the villages, know you as you, your business is in your name, your clients know who you are, and I doubt you want to restart your life in some god-forsaken hamlet in the Scottish Highlands, plan collapses, go to jail etcetera.”

“Three. I marry Charlie, you marry Gerry, we sell-up our respective properties and buy one large house together, you can arrange that, it’s your business after all, split it down the middle, suitably modified, of course. Charlie lives with you in your half, Gerry lives with me in mine, no-one’s suspicions are raised, as I’ll be Mrs. Manville, you’ll be Mrs. Boscombe when visitors come calling, and, with just a tiny bit of luck, we both get to live with the man of our dreams, with no-one knowing what’s really going on.

Your business is local to here, but it doesn’t mean you have to live above the shop, as it were, so if you relocate your home 40-50 miles from here, no-one is ever going to be any the wiser.”

“Getting married, now, that’s problematic; probably not possible, but not a serious problem; if and when we have babies, we just register them under our existing surnames, their father will have the same surname as their mother on the their birth certificates, just no marriage certificates anywhere to raise awkward questions; after all, there’s no requirement to notify the registrar when you register the baby’s birth whether or not you’re married to the baby’s father, and with the surname of the father being the same as yours, the registrar’s free to assume you are, you just don’t tell him any different. All the registrar will need is some evidence you are who you say you are, passport and driver’s license are sufficient. So you and I, we just let people in the new village we live in assume we’re married to our boys, without ever confirming or denying anything; to add a little distance, we have our babies in a different county, when the babies are born, we each register them under the boys’ names in that county, safer to use one of their middle names, they are still their legal names, after all, and with a bit of verbal sleight of hand, a little bit of Find the Lady, we should be able to pull this off!”

I sat for a few moments, thinking about what she’d said, trying to find any flaws in her logic. It was going to be tricky, need some fancy footwork, but it was possible. Maybe we could make this work! Then, a thought struck me; Charlie. How were we going to get him out of Afghanistan and harm’s way? Lorna seemed quite chipper about it.

“Don’t worry Lu, plans are afoot; my ‘uncle’ at the Joint Chiefs is taking me to dinner tomorrow, at a secluded country hotel, where I’ve led him to think he’s going to play around in my pants; what’s actually going to happen is illegal, immoral, twisted, and just plain wrong, but I think it will yank poor Charlie out of that place in jig-time, believe me. I’ll say no more, the less you know, the less MI6 can get out of you if it goes tits-up!” she finished with a sly grin.

I listened to this wide-eyed, suddenly awash with love for Lorna for the risks she was prepared to take for my Charlie, and grabbed and kissed her full-on, tongues and all. Lorna responded no less eagerly, holding me close as we kissed and tasted each other, hands roaming over each other’s bodies, touching, squeezing, rubbing, cupping.

At last we broke, Lorna grinning broadly at me. “I always knew you were a closet bi, Lu! Later, I promise you! Now, I know we were planning on playing a little dress-up, so here’s something I think will fit you, make Charlie’s eyes pop a little!” So saying, , she flipped open the case to reveal a mass of frilly, shiny and silky things, pulling out a red satin and fishnet stretch teddy, and a matching lace garter belt. Lorna picked out a black silk bustiere and matching black micro panties. Lorna helped me hook and button myself in, finding me a pair of sheer red stockings to top off the outfit, together with my red stilettos. Lorna looked kartal escort fabulous in her shiny black ensemble, with sheer hold-up black stockings and black platform stilettos, the black contrasting wonderfully with her pale skin and bright golden hair, while my red outfit matched my strawberry blonde colouration. Once we were satisfied with the look, we went into the designated playroom to check all was ready. Once in there, we put some fresh sheets on the mattresses, dug out all the towels, pillows and cushions we could find, dimmed the lights and we were set. Next, we brushed out our hair, and decided on our next move. Lorna made it. I was still feeling a little odd, being effectively naked with another girl, somewhere I hadn’t been since the gym showers in school, but Lorna moved behind me, sliding her hands over my breasts to play with my nipples through the material of the teddy, delicious friction on them. It felt so good, and as I turned my head she darted her head down to kiss me, squeezing my breasts even more, pulling on my nipples, making me gasp. Lorna moved her hand down to my tummy, her finger circling my navel, gently scratching at my tummy, making Goosebumps pop up all over me, making me shiver deliciously. Her hand progressed lower, brushing my pussy, then moving over it more firmly, pressing with all her fingertips as she kissed and nibbled my neck and shoulders, one finger finally sliding inside the teddy and parting my lips to gently rub and caress my clitoris, alternating with dipping into my cunt and back out again. The sensation was delicious, so different to when Charlie did it, Lorna doing to me what she obviously loved having doing to herself, knowing exactly where to rub, where to caress. I turned to face her, dropping down to my knees, Lorna following me down, and now it was my turn to slide my hand inside the sexy little panties, to rub and tease her pussy as we kissed gently, erotically, tongue-tips fencing as we tasted each other. Lorna’s hand slipped round to cup and squeeze my buttock, her hand working away between my thighs, me returning the favour, feeling and pinching lightly at her taut buttock as I rubbed and frigged her. She pulled away, pulling me down to lie next to her, her head dipping to suck and gently bite my nipples through the material of the teddy as she smoothed her hands over me, popping the press-stud at my crotch to expose my pussy, rubbing and caressing, the pressure light enough to send a shiver through me, firm enough to set my nerve-endings tingling.

Lorna moved down from my breasts, kissing her way down my abdomen, her tongue-tip just teasing at the very front of my slit, above the hood of my engorged clitoris. She now moved between my thighs, slowly and gently kissing along my thigh, moving ever closer to my slit, until, at last, her tongue lapped at my labia, dipped into my pussy, licked and rubbed at my clitoris, lapping at my crotch, teasing my perineum, stabbing lightly at my anus, making me jump and quiver at the feather-light touches. I was moaning and gasping every time she touched my clitoris, and she must have realised I was near to climaxing, because she lapped me with her tongue in long strokes, from my anus to my clitoris, lightly rubbing at it while she slowly worked a finger into my anus, and then pumping it and out in time to the little stabbing licks at my clitoris. The barrage of sensation was finally too much for me, overloading me, and I climaxed in a series of sobbing gasps, shocks and tremors running through my body as she continued to stab at my clitoris with her tongue, finally surrendering to a bow-wave of sensation as she rammed her tongue into my arse as hard as she could, causing one last final tremor to roll through me, before collapsing, twitching and shuddering as my orgasm burned itself through me and died away.

“We have company, sweetie” murmured Lorna, lying next to me, nuzzling my neck, my ears, licking my lips, smoothing my hair away before kissing me long and deeply. I glanced up, and there were Charlie and Gerry leaning in the door way, smiling as they watched Lorna caress and kiss me.

“Charlie!” she smiled. “We were just warming up, come and join us!”

Charlie already had his shirt off; he dropped his jeans and pulled down his boxers to stand there, his excitement evident. Lorna’s eyes sparkled. “Oh yes, I remember this bit!” she breathed, reaching up and taking his hand to pull him down to join us. He pulled Lorna up to her knees, holding her to him, kissing her long and hard, his hands roaming over her, renewing his sense-memory of her, sliding his hands into her panties, pushing them down over her thighs, squeezing and moulding her buttocks, running his hands up and along her flanks, cupping and squeezing her breasts protruding over the half-cups of the bustiere, and holding her away so he could dip down to lick and nibble her nipples. Lorna closed her eyes, her neck and cheeks flushing as the attention maltepe escort notched-up her arousal, Charlie returning to kiss her as he rubbed her pussy, then sliding a hand down her back to circle her anus with a finger, slowly sliding it in, her eyes opening wide as he pushed his finger in all the way, and pumped it as she groped and squeezed his cock.

Charlie turned Lorna to face me, and I shuffled up to her on my knees, kissing her hard, clamping my lips on her mouth, sliding my hands around her waist and down to her bottom, fondling and weighing the firm globes, and pulling them apart as he reared up behind her, his hands moving round to clasp her breasts, the nipples between his fingers. I felt his cock slide up into her bum cleft. Lorna’s eyes widened and she hissed into my mouth as Charlie pushed his massive cock into her bum hole, one long, slow thrust. I dropped my hands from her bum, concentrating on playing with her pussy, rubbing and frigging her as we kissed, my free hand twirling and lightly rubbing the tips of her nipples, fencing my tongue with hers, tasting and probing her mouth as I probed her slit, gently rubbing and teasing her clitoris. Charlie began a slow pumping motion, sliding his cock in and out of her bum, me thrusting my hand against her, rubbing her cunt as Charlie pumped into her arse. Lorna pulled me in to kiss me back, hard, lips and tongue fluttering against mine as she slid one finger, then two, into my wet pussy, pumping me as I pumped her. Her other hand slid round to rub and tease my anus, making me gasp into her mouth, eyes opening wide as she slid her finger into my arse, both her hands now working at me as I pumped her cunt and squeezed her nipples. Neither of us could take this for long, Lorna and I began to whimper in time to our three-way thrusting, her moans and gasps becoming more pronounced, her breathing getting faster, synchronised with mine, until, with a series of louder and louder groans, culminating in a shattering scream, Lorna climaxed, her pussy fluttering against my hand, her hands pistoning into me, setting off my own orgasm, screaming in release as Lorna shuddered against me, her hands still buried in my arse and pussy. Eventually she slumped against me, kissing me as we both climbed down, both rocking in time to Charlie pistoning his cock into her backside, until “Oooh Fuck….OOHHH Fuck, OOOHHH YEESS, YES, YES, OH GOD, YESS….!” he came, Lorna gasping as he shot his spunk inside her arse, making her orgasm again, sobbing with the intensity of it.

We all collapsed in a heap, Charlie still embedded in Lorna, still rock hard, still twitching, making her murmur in the aftershock of such a volcanic orgasm, almost comatose with adrenaline reaction. I was no less dazed by what we’d done, tails of orgasm still chasing and thrilling though me. Eventually I thought to look around, and Gerry, moving from his perch on the bed frame, handed me a towel with a big, sweet grin, and sat back down, obviously waiting for act two, although I did notice a sizeable bulge in the front of his jeans.

At last Lorna moved, making to disengage from Charlie, and I handed her the towel, she placing it as Charlie’s cock popped out of her, sperm absolutely gushing out of her to puddle on the towel. I helped her wipe off and clean up, then she leaned over and kissed Charlie soundly, whispering “Thank you, Charlie-my-darling; you’re still my baby-boy, too!”

At my quizzical look she explained; Charlie had been a virgin when she got to him, she’d popped his cherry, the first virgin boy she’d ever had, which was why she still had such an enduring soft spot for him. I was just glad she loved my brother so much, she’d certainly taken care and paid attention to detail when it came to softening him up for me!

“Looks like keeping him caged up today did the trick eh?” I grinned at Lorna, indicating the spunk-soaked towel, and she grinned back. “Absolutely, sweetie, I’ve never felt him come so hard before, it felt like a grenade going off inside me, he must really be into this! Oh, Gerry, darling, you don’t mind that we…you know, do you, really?” she added anxiously, looking at her brother up on his vantage point, and getting a big cheeky grin and a double thumbs-up, making her visibly relax.

“Lor, looks like you’ve got it bad for him, you were actually seeking his approval!” I murmured, and she flashed back her old, sly grin. “Lu, I think you’re right; he’s the strong, silent type, I could do worse for the father of my children, you know!”

By this time, Charlie was showing signs of recovery, grinning like a Cheshire cat, one of his adolescent fantasises ticked off the list. I leaned over him, kissed him softly, lovingly, and whispered “My turn!”His eyes flickered like a cat’s, his cock stirring as his need for me asserted itself. He pulled me down to him, kissing me, his hands roaming over my body, pulling me close by my buttocks, pulling them apart and sliding his finger into my arse and wriggling it, making me gasp and giggle. He pulled me up and looked into my eyes, his eyes like two green coals, smouldering and sexy, and licked the tip of my nose, something he knows I find irresistibly sexy when he does it, one of the gestures by which he communicates his love for me.

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