A Girl Can Daydream, Can’t She?

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I sent you a text late last night to let you know I made it to the hotel and I know you’ll be here as soon as you get a chance in the morning. The drive was long but every mile closer to you awoke another sense within my body as I longed to be touched, used and needed by you. I was exhausted but couldn’t sleep; thinking of you and the first time your eyes look me over, the first time we touch and how our bodies might become intertwined given our first opportunity. It’s early morning now so I hop into the shower, the hot water is invigorating as it cascades over my neck, shoulders and breasts.

I let my hand rub over my nipples with the soap and water creating an amazing sensation and I can feel my pussy responding. The warmth between my legs begins to spread throughout my body as I’m imagining you there in the shower with me. I rub my clit and feel the effects throughout my body. I can feel the orgasm build and then I shudder with intense pleasure. Now breathing heavily, I take a moment in the steamy shower to regain my composure. I step out of the shower and begin to dry off when I hear a knock at the door. I make sure it’s you before I open the door. I open it and welcome you in as I’m standing there in only a very small hotel towel, for your benefit, not leaving much to the imagination.

There are no words shared between us for the first couple of seconds. Just as I’m about to extend my hand and offer you a formal greeting, you approach me, pick me up and carry me a few feet until I’m pressed up against the wall. I güvenilir bahis respond in kind by wrapping by arms and legs around you. We begin to kiss and the passion within our embrace is heavy. I can feel you smiling as we kiss and I’m no longer aware of the towel around my body. I’m pinned between you and the wall but I feel like I’m in heaven. You and I are finally having our chance to be together. All of those nights of talking about it, and all of those days fantasizing about it have finally collided with reality. You carry me to the desk and set me down. I quickly begin to undress you. I begin to stroke your already hard cock as you tease my nipples and kiss my neck. My legs are wrapped around you as you stand in front of me naked. I know you want your dick in my wet warm pussy but as you look me in the eyes I ask you to let me suck your cock, within an instant I’m down on my knees in front of you.

I wrap my lips around your cock and begin to move back and forth letting my tongue lick the shaft and the ridges of your previously neglected cock. I begin to moan around your dick as I feel your breathing increase. I look up at you and as our eyes meet I tell you I want to worship your cock. Your hands move from my shoulders to the back of my neck and I can tell you want to control my speed and depth as I take your cock in my mouth. I welcome any direction you give and can feel the head of your dick hitting the back of my throat. You thrust your hips several more times and I can now taste the precum in my mouth. I continue to lick, türkçe bahis suck and moan around your cock as you tell me you’re about to cum, I feel all of you shooting in my mouth and down my throat. I love how you taste, sweet with just a hint of salty flavor. I keep you in my mouth until you’ve completely finished and I’ve swallowed all of your cum. I slowly withdraw my mouth making sure to clean your cock as I pull away. Still on my knees, you extend your hand to help me up on my feet. My hand is now in yours and you look me in the eyes and say, “It is lovely to finally meet you.”

I return the pleasantries and walk over to the bed, lay down on my back and motion for you to come over and join me. As you climb on top of me our eyes meet and I’m remembering all of the ways you’ve told me you’ve wanted to use my body over the last several months. Before I can say anything you are at the apex of my legs and you feel my wetness with your fingers, you like how wet I am for you and I can tell you are becoming aroused again. You lower your head and gaze at my wet open pussy and as you lick your lips, I know what’s on your mind. Your tongue begins exploring the folds of my pussy. I begin moaning as you lick and suck my most sensitive parts. I start to squirm and can feel the warm sensation from my pussy begin to spread throughout my body. You say my name and I’ve never heard it sound more erotic than in this moment. As I cum for you, you look me in the eyes and I tell you that I need your cock in my pussy now.

As you guide your hard cock güvenilir bahis siteleri inside of me for the first time, I feel completely fulfilled by you. As you thrust back and forth inside my wet, warm, tight pussy you whisper my name and lean in to kiss me. I ask you if I can get on top of you as I want to ride you and I have the most intense orgasms when I’m on top. You quickly switch with me and as I slide down on to your cock I arch my back and ask you to pinch my nipples. Your hands begin caressing my tits and tease my hard and sensitive nipples. Your hands on my body feel even better than I had always imagined. I’m still so wet for you now as I slide up and down over your cock. I scream your name and know that I’m getting close to orgasm as we can hear the sounds of my wet pussy sliding back and forth on your throbbing dick. You let your thumb massage my clit while I grind your cock, I reach behind me and massage your balls while I’m still riding you. I tell you I’m close to cumming on your cock as a moan escapes from your smiling face. I begin to feel the ripples of an earth shattering orgasm. You feel my wetness drenching your cock and it’s enough to send you over the edge. You unload squirt after squirt into my pussy and I continue to ride you until you finish. I stay on top of you for a few moments longer, as we both cool down from our simultaneous orgasms.

I’m hot, wet and spent as I lay next to you. You are feeling completely relaxed albeit a bit lightheaded. I replay each moment our bodies connected in my head trying to commit every second to memory because I know we will both be returning to our normal lives soon. I’m next to you trying to cool off and as the irony catches up with me I ask you if you would like to join me in the shower.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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