A Girl and Her Trainer

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Courtney arrived at the campus fitness center ready for a workout. Soccer practice was set to resume with strict guidelines from the NCAA and the University. Naturally, the Coach thought each player should have a private session with the strength trainer to avoid overcrowding.

It was a necessary plan. Although she missed the comradery and sisterhood of a sports team, the fact was, the statewide lockdown had surely taken its toll on everyone’s athleticism to some degree. With the level of competition they faced, everybody needed to be at their peak.

She greeted the trainer, a fit black woman in her mid-30’s who kept her curly hair in a tight bun, wore a small sports bra that showed off some serious abs, and wore leggings which revealed firm thighs.

After spending a few moments catching up on everything, it was straight to work.

“There’s good news for you,” Sasha said, with her trademark upbeat attitude and high energy. “You’re the last player for the morning session and you get to use the sauna for as long as you want. Now come on, I need to gauge your current fitness level.”

For the next 20 minutes, Courtney was put through an extensive warm-up routine of dynamic stretching and light cardio. For the following 20 minutes, she did higher intensity cardio on the treadmill and later the stair machine.

In between, Sasha would measure her heart rate and write down the results. When it was all done, her entire body was glazed with sweat.

“Not bad,” Sasha noted, jotting a few more things on a clipboard. “Better than the other girls, actually.”

“That’s not totally surprising,” Courtney smiled.

The trainer smiled back and raised an eyebrow. “Anything I should know about?”

“Just the usual. A lot of players were nearly homeless when the dorms closed down. Plus with all the classes being finished online, it was crazy. No one knew what was going on.”

“I can imagine. It sounded like a real shit-show from everything I’ve been hearing.”

“Exactly,” Courtney nodded. “Soccer and hardcore workouts were the last things on our minds, even though we love this.”

“For sure, but I hope you’re ready for more.”

“I always am.”

Sasha prepared to write on her clipboard again. “Since we’ll be working on a 1-on-1 basis for a while, I figured we might as well do personalized training. So, Courtney, what kind of specialized training do you want?”

The answer was a no-brainer for Courtney. It had immediately dawned on her that during the quarantine, the majority of her outdoor running had been hour-long jogs, which were intended to maintain a baseline fitness.

For an attacking midfielder, that wasn’t going to cut it. Her position was strenuous and required her to be in the best shape possible.

“Speed and strength,” Courtney replied without hesitation.

“You looked pretty quick today, but alright. I’ll see what we can come up with.”

When Sasha wrote down a couple notes, Courtney felt a compulsive urge to take full advantage of the situation, since she never had personalized training before.

“Can I add something else?” Courtney asked.

“Anything. I’m here for you.”

Courtney outstretched her bare arms. “The guns could use some work.”

“Is that so?” Sasha laughed. “It’s a vanity thing, I’m assuming.”

“Well… not exactly vanity, but I’m tired of having scrawny arms and thick calves. It just looks weird.”

“For the record, you look great. It’s normal for women to want to look sexy on the field. Hey, style is important, right?”

“Perfectly stated, if I may say so.”

The trainer wrote it down. “Uh huh… note to self…. take Courtney to the gun show.”

“Ha! You know what I mean though. A routine for my arms would be great. Oh, and I don’t want to neglect my speed, either. My position is speed based and I really love those agility drills we did on the track last season. I felt a noticeable improvement after a while.”

“Ask, and you shall receive.” Sasha jotted down more notes. “Since you’re the last girl in the morning session, we can use the indoor track for as long as you want.”

Courtney beamed, “I’ll have to take full advantage of that.”

“You better.”

When their session ended, the trainer sprayed the area with disinfectants and wiped everything down, while Courtney took a second to admire the beauty that was in front of her.

She watched Sasha’s muscles ripple while bending over to wipe the mat. She had always thought the trainer was attractive, having an enticing blend of strength, fierce features, and an infectious personality. Taking a moment to appraise the trainer was an indulgence.


The session on Thursday was grueling as expected. Sweat dripped down Courtney’s forehead as she endured a rigorous routine that was a mixture of slow and explosive reps. It felt like every part of her upper body had been targeted in ways she had never felt before. Many of the exercises were new to her and she loved that.

“Told ya,” Sasha gloated with an evil grin. “You want arms, I’m giving them to you.”

Courtney canlı bahis şirketleri almost wanted to laugh at the trainer’s glee. At this point, her arms were like jello and she knew she was going to be stiff later.

It was also the first time she had seen Sasha so happy. The trainer was a machine when it came to fitness, taking that responsibility with the utmost seriousness. Surprise, surprise, Sasha had a soft side to her, Courtney thought.

“Admit it, you did this on purpose,” Courtney replied, shaking her arms. “You liked torturing me.”

“What gave that away? The dumbbells or the reps?”


“What’s your next poison?” Sasha asked. “Or are you ready for the cooldown and stretches so you can leave?”

Courtney checked the clock on the wall. “We haven’t gotten to my legs yet.”

“We can save that for next time. I don’t want you depleted.”

“I know my body. I still have fuel in the tank.”

Sasha thought for a moment. “Alright, how about a circuit of sprints, box jumps, and lunges? Pretty soon those legs are gonna feel like your arms.”

“You’re going to try and break me,” Courtney said, as if accepting a dare.

“It’ll be reasonable. I’ll give you the routine I used when I played sports in my younger days.”

“Prove it.”

“Is that a challenge?” Sasha asked with a smile.

“No, well, wanna workout together? I like having a partner. It pushes me. And I miss having a team to work with.”

It was a longshot, but Courtney had nothing to lose.

Sasha winked. “You’re on. I want to see if I can still compete against youngsters like you. Give me a second to warm up.”

They made small talk while Sasha did dynamic stretches and various warm-ups. It almost seemed like an excuse to gawk at Sasha’s dark skin and rippled muscles. Everyone once in a while, the trainer’s tiny breasts threatened to pop out of that small sports bra. Too bad they didn’t, Courtney thought.

When ready, they both got into position in the indoor track area of the facility.

“Here’s the plan: sprint, 10 box jumps, 10 jumping jacks, 10 jumping lunges, followed by a 60 second rest. We do that until someone quits.”

Courtney’s competitive nature sprang to life. “Loser has to clean all the sweat.”

“Technically I’m in charge of disinfecting everything – but hey – if you want to lose and clean up, then be my guest.”

Their workout started and Courtney was able to match power with the trainer, even after enduring a grueling upper body workout earlier. Her heart and competitive nature drove her to the limit.

At first, it was even. After the jumping lunges, they took a break and breathed deep breaths. Neither of them said anything to each other. What was there to say when their lungs were in desperate need of air?

When they went again, Courtney started strong but soon slowed down. Fatigue had settled in and she was unable to match the athletic prowess of the trainer.

They did 4 circuits total and Sasha won the race. They rested on the mat to recover, with Courtney on her back, laying in a pool of her own sweat.

“You win, I guess,” Courtney said begrudgingly, with a hint of playfulness to let the trainer know that there were no hard feelings.

Sasha laughed, “Alright, alright, let’s compromise on the victory. We’re tied because I put you through the first workout. I love how competitive you girls are.”

“It’s in our blood. Hey, thanks for this. You’ve really kicked my ass and it’s gotten me fired up for when practice starts with the whole team.”

Sasha winked. “Anytime. And speaking of the team, I have a meeting with the Coach soon. Time to wrap this up.”

“Looks like I’m doing the cleaning today.”

“You don’t have to. It’s my job to sanitize everything.”

“I lost a bet,” Courtney said adamantly while sitting upright. “I’ll clean it. Besides, I’d be a real cunt if I made you clean my disaster zone.”

They both looked down at the spot where she had just laid, where a liquid silhouette of her body in sweat was imprinted on the mat.

“We can do it together since we tied for first place.”

They spent a few moments spraying the mat and gym equipment with the sanitation spray. It was fast and easy work, and keeping each other company for longer was a joy.

When they both got on their hands and knees to wipe the mat with towels, Courtney got yet another look at the trainer’s body. This time, she was able to see Sasha’s body up close, in all its sweaty glory. She watched Sasha’s glistening muscles flex with each heavy stroke of the towel.

When the trainer glanced in her direction, Courtney darted her eyes away and kept on wiping. She had been caught, but luckily the trainer didn’t make a fuss about it. They finished and tossed the towels into a bin.

“Interested in a massage? I know a couple techniques that squeeze lactic acid out of the muscles. It makes for faster recovery.”

There was a faint hesitation in Sasha’s voice, like the trainer knew a forbidden line was being crossed somehow. It was probably the only time Courtney canlı kaçak iddaa saw a tiny glimmer of weakness in Sasha’s armor of confidence.

“Do you do that for other players?” Courtney asked, surprised by the offer.

“Other players don’t need it. I pretty much destroyed your muscles and you’ll need to be ready for another workout in a few days.”

“That’s true.”

Sasha remained professional. “So do you need it? Or do you think you can recover on your own?”

“I can only imagine how killer your hands would feel right now.”

“There’s a portable massage chair in the locker room. Technically no one is supposed to be using it, but I can always wash it in the shower right after. It’s super light.”

Courtney nodded. “Nice. Sure. I could use a massage if it won’t take up your time. I don’t want you to be late for anything.”

“It’ll be a quickie,” Sasha replied, checking the time.


Sasha brought the massage chair from the office closet to the tile floors of the shower area. The massage chair was thin, foldable, and had a spot for someone to rest their face and upper body against it.

The trainer reached down. “Let’s take off our shoes and socks. We wouldn’t want to slip on the wet surface.”

She watched Sasha get barefoot on the shower tile. It gave her a better look at those deliciously toned dark legs of the trainer. When those bare feet hit the tile, Courtney averted her eyes so she wouldn’t get caught looking.

Courtney took her shoes off, too. Then she placed her socks on the bench, next to her gym bag, and stepped barefoot onto the shower tile.

The trainer gave the seat a pat. “You know how this works. Sit down. Put your face in here and relax.”

It was exactly what Courtney needed, pressing her face on the chair and leaning her chest against it.

Not a second was wasted as she felt strong fingers digging into her flesh, with the trainer being unphased about all the sweat that was involved. Courtney had plenty of professional massages and spa treatments in her life. But this was the first time she ever had a massage post-workout when her muscles needed it most.

“This is euphoria.” She could barely form the words. “I’m glad to be the lucky player who gets a massage from you.”

Sasha gave the triceps a hard squeeze. “I broke you. Now I have to fix you.”

“Mmmm….” she moaned.

The massage continued all throughout Courtney’s arms, upper and lower back, and finally the neck, which nearly made her cry to heaven. It was a fast and intense massage with time being kept in consideration.

“There ya go,” Sasha said, finishing things off with hand choppings around the neck area. “All done.”

“I. Feel. Amazing.”

“Of course you do, babe.”

Courtney stood up and did light stretches while her body recalibrated. She looked at the trainer and they smiled at each other.

“Thanks so much,” she said. “Can I return the favor?”

Sasha shook her head. “Maybe another time if you want. I appreciate you asking, but I need to clean things up before the Coach arrives.”

As a parting gift, Courtney received a hard slap on the ass which made her firm butt jiggle. It was a shock that a member of the coaching staff would touch her like that, especially with all the stringent rules these days.

“That stung,” Courtney blushed with a stinging bottom.

“Sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.”

“I’m not complaining.”

Sasha raised an eyebrow. “Good, because if you’re not squeamish, would you mind if we showered at the same time? I don’t want to be a mess when the Coach gets here. It’s unprofessional.”

For a second, Courtney was at a loss for words. “Would that be weird?”

“Why would it be weird? Do you feel weird showering with your teammates, too? Or is it because I’m part of the staff?”

It was a legitimate question. Looking at the sexy training, it spurred different emotions. Yes, she was accustomed to showering with other college girls in her age range. But this was different. She knew it would feel unusual to shower with a member of staff. The power dynamic is simply awkward.

On the other hand, she was practically friends with Sasha at this point and had already gotten a killer massage.

“I’m totally fine with that,” Courtney said, as if giving up on any excuse she could give.

“Good. We’re both adults.”

Casually, the trainer turned aside and pulled off her sweaty sports bra, revealing a muscular and dark mocha colored backside. It seemed the trainer had no qualms getting undressed in front of a player, which had never happened before as far as Courtney knew.

Equally as casual, Sasha bent down to pull her bottom off, getting totally naked and revealing an ass tight enough to bend steel. Her body was lean, sculpted, and had the most glistening, dark skin tone.

When the trainer turned around to pick up the massage chair, her black nipples were showing on her small breasts. Courtney gulped and gawked at the sight, watching the trainer’s upper body muscles ripple when lifting the massage chair.

“Are canlı kaçak bahis you always this shy?” Sasha asked, holding up the massage chair, then carrying it over to the shower.

The trainer turned the water on and gave the chair a thorough rinse.

“Me? Shy? No way.”

As if she felt a need to prove herself, Courtney began to undress. Instead of getting naked in front of her locker, like she normally did, she got undressed in the open area of the shower. She tried to act natural. But no matter how hard she tried, getting naked in front of staff is a lot different than doing so in front of teammates.

Surprisingly, naked Sasha seemed too preoccupied with cleaning the massage chair to even look in her direction. Courtney had to wonder; was Sasha really this disinterested? Maybe Sasha was as straight as a woman could be with no interest in seeing her nudity?

This was unusual in Courtney’s experience in gyms and locker rooms. At the very least, every woman peeks a little. Sometimes for curiosity. Sometimes for pleasure.

Courtney grabbed the shampoo and shower gel from her bag, and tried to act natural as she walked towards a nearby shower stall, wondering when the trainer would look. Sure enough, she caught Sasha stealing a peek before looking away. It was unlike the trainer to be so coy. Usually, the trainer was bold and upfront about everything.

Running the water and stepping under it felt perfect for what Courtney needed after a morning like that. She didn’t want to be rude and stare at Sasha’s naked body. In truth, it was all she could think about.

Through the corner of her eye, she saw the naked trainer take a quick rinse in the other stall and turn the water off, carrying the chair away. Was the trainer done already?

She tried not to be upset that she might not see Sasha naked again. Instead, she focused on shampooing her hair and applying the gel to her body. Her body was covered in fresh-scented foam.

Before Courtney could rinse herself, Sasha returned to the shower area, still naked as can be. Walking boldly and confidently. Sasha’s hair bun was undone, letting that naturally frizzy hair free. This time, Sasha made no attempt to hide the fact that she was staring openly at Courtney’s naked body.

The feeling made Courtney melt inside.

“I didn’t bring shampoo or soap,” Sasha said, standing before her. “Again, I didn’t plan on working out. Let’s share.”

“Yeah, of course.”

Not knowing how else to react, Courtney stepped aside while Sasha brazenly claimed her space in that same stall, as if two women sharing the same running water was normal.

She tried minding her own business while Sasha minded hers, but it was too difficult. The trainer was facing the wall and let the stream of water run down her athletic body, before stepping away to use shampoo and gel.

It was Courtney’s turn to use the shower, even though neither of them had ever discussed anything about sharing the same shower to begin with. But it gave her an excuse to watch Sasha rubbing those tits and dark nipples, before seeing Sasha’s hands dip lower to rub that fantastic ass, those legs, and eventually down to her calves and feet.

Courtney closed her eyes and stood underneath the shower head to wash the foam from her body. With a shower like this, it only took a few moments for the stream to get the job done.

When she finished, she stepped aside and wiped the water from her eyes.

The first thing Courtney saw was Sasha’s naked body slathered in soap and her frizzy hair pulled back with shampoo. The trainer’s dark nipples were poking through the foam on her chest.

“You’re staring at my tits,” Sasha noted while still rubbing her body. “Is this your first time showering with a black woman?”

As they both knew, there were two black players on the team, so the answer was clearly no. But the trainer had a special emphasis on the word ‘woman’ as if to show her seniority in this situation.

“Sorry, we’re standing really close to each other.”

Sasha smiled, “Don’t be sorry. I never said it bothered me.”

The trainer stepped towards the shower, but only to spray her chest, and she put her hands on her small breasts to pinch and pull her nipples for whatever reason. After putting on that show, the trainer stepped under the shower to wash her hair.

When finished, Sasha turned the water off and the area was silent except for the sound of water dripping onto the tile.

“You’re beautiful,” Courtney blurted out.

“I can say the same about you and your cute, pink nipples.”


Courtney stood still as the trainer approached her so closely that the tips of their nipples almost touched. They both looked down at their nakedness. Their bodies had a similar shape and size, with Sasha being leaner. And it was a stark contrast seeing Courtney’s pink nipples next to Sasha’s black ones.

“You should probably go now.” There was a sparkle in Sasha’s eyes. “The Coach will be here soon. God forbid we get caught like this.”

As a young person whose life revolves around academics, college sports, and school activities, Courtney knew mischief when she saw it. And she saw it in the trainer’s expression. It was flagrant too. She knew the trainer was baiting her, but Courtney being Courtney, she just had to ask.

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