A First Time – I Become a Man’s Man Pt. 04

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I got home from picking up my car from the shop and needed a nap. I didn’t get much sleep last night at Jimmy’s, but who’s complaining. I can’t wait to be with him again. After my power nap, I took a shower and shaved my body smooth, as I think he likes me that way. I dressed and hurried over to see him with anticipation. Was last night a one off? Or will I enjoy being with him, a Man, as much as I did last night? Could I really be gay? As I drove over I decided I would go with it and let what happens, happen.

I knock on the door and Jimmy opens it and we immediately, naturally, fall into each other’s arms, embracing, kissing, like we haven’t seen each other for weeks, but it’s only been 8 hours. He’s a great kisser and I can’t get enough. He breaks off the kiss and says “I’m going to buy you the best steak in town. I’m going to show you how much I want you. I’m going to take care of you, treat you like the Prince that you are. Let’s go.”

We arrive at the best steak house in town and get seated at a semi-private corner table. The waiter comes over. He’s handsome, mid-twenties, slim with long dark hair to his shoulders, a tan that he must work a lot on, and wearing tight black slacks and a white dress shirt. With a somewhat feminine voice he says “Jimmy, where have you been? It’s been at least 2 years since you’ve been in? and who’s your cute young friend? You robbing the cradle?

I blush and look down. My eyes are drawn to his crotch, and the big bulge. I think to myself he must have a huge cock.

Jimmy responds “Bruce, this is my new friend Joe. Be nice, please. and bring us a bottle of red wine.”

He goes to get the wine and Jimmy says “don’t let him bother you. He’s been trying to get me to take him home for years, but he’s not my type. I like masculine men like you.”

We talked through dinner about my newfound love of man on man sex and my struggle with accepting being gay. The steak was delicious, the wine flowed, and I opened up about my fear of being labeled gay, being outed. We were playing footsie under the table and I felt like a hypocrite, wanting to deny being gay as I was lusting after Jimmy.

“Joe, this is all new to you. As time passes you will become more comfortable with the new you. Also, as you have experiences with more men you will realize it’s not just me, but what you really want, are most desirous of, is a meaningful relationship with a man. I don’t want to share you with anyone, but I think you need to be with another man to realize who you really are and how being with men is the real you.”

Bruce came up to the table to see if we wanted desert. “Jimmy, do you two want some desert? or is your new friend Joe your desert?

Again I blushed and found myself eyeing his big bulge in his tight black slacks. It looked larger and was stretching his slacks, and I thought I saw it move!

Jimmy spoke up, “Bruce, Joe’s a newbie. I just initiated him last night, and it’s all new to him. I think he needs to experience another man to convince him of his true desires. Would you show him to the Men’s room and allow him the experience of sucking his second cock? From the looks of your bulge, I think you would like that.”

I looked internet casino at Jimmy, confused. He said “I’ve noticed that you can’t take your eyes off his crotch. I know you wonder how big his cock is, want to see it, and I bet you will eagerly suck it when you see it. And you will realize you crave cock more than pussy.” I knew he was right as I again eyed Bruce’s package.

Bruce said “follow me.” I got up and followed him through the restaurant, admiring his nice tight ass, thinking I would probably enjoy fucking him. We entered the Men’s room and he went straight to the last stall and I followed him in and locked the door behind us. I stood there looking at him. I noticed his great eyes and was unsure what to do with this stranger. Noticing my hesitation, he took charge and kissed me, pushing his tongue aggressively into my mouth. I heard him unzipping his pants. He broke off the kiss and pulled them down below his knees. He was wearing baby blue bikini underwear that showed off his dark bronze tan. His cock was straining to get out. I could tell by the outline that it was definitely bigger than Jimmy’s seven inches. I grabbed it and squeezed it and pulled it out. I started stroking it, and felt Bruce put his hands on my shoulders, pushing me down to my knees. I kissed the head and licked the length. It was magnificent and I wanted to take my time. I took the head in my mouth, enjoying the velvety smoothness. I started taking more into my mouth, bobbing up and down, using my tongue, loving how it felt in my mouth. I realized that I was loving sucking his cock, that I am a cock sucker, not just Jimmy’s cock sucker, but a cock sucker.

Bruce said “I don’t have all night. We’ll have to get together another time when we can take it slow. He grabbed my head with both hands and pushed his cock deep in my throat and started fucking my face. I couldn’t believe I could take his whole cock as he forced it down my throat. He made a quiet “ugh” with each thrust. I was slobbering uncontrollably. I heard the door open and heard a man start to urinate. I wanted to be quiet, but couldn’t slow Bruce down and knew the man could hear what was going on, my slobbering on his cock and Bruce’s “ugh” with each stroke. I knew he was close, breathing rapidly, past being able to slow down. The excitement of knowing someone could hear us, and the feeling of being totally dominated, used by Bruce was too much for me. I always assumed feminine acting men were submissive, but he was definitely in control. I took my cock out and came as soon as I started stroking it. He pulled his cock halfway out, leaving the head in my mouth. I grabbed the shaft and started vigorously pumping it as I continued to suck on the head, and was rewarded with a big, delicious load. It tasted similar but different than Jimmy’s. I continued to gently suck, making sure I got every drop, not wanting him to take his cock out of my mouth.

He pulled his cock out and pulled his slacks up, leaving me on my knees, licking my lips, looking up at him. He leaned over, kissed me on the top of my head, and said “that was a fabulous blowjob. You are quite the cocker. We’ll have to get together some time so I can fuck that nice ass of yours.” canlı poker oyna And he was gone.

I had forgotten about the man that had come in to piss. Was he still out there? If he was, I’m sure he heard everything, including Bruce’s parting comments. I listened and didn’t hear anything. I stood and walked out of the stall and suddenly found myself face to face with my football coach. I stopped cold in my tracks. He looked me in the eyes and said, “well, well. Joe, I never figured you for a cock sucking faggot. If you want me to keep this a secret, come by my office after school on Monday.”

“Please don’t tell anyone, Coach,” I pleaded.

He responded, “see you Monday after school” and turned and walked out.

I looked at myself in the mirror and saw fear in my eyes. Things were happening so fast. I don’t look any different, or do I? Will people look at me now and think, “he’s obviously a cock sucker.”

As I walked back to our table I saw the Coach, sitting with his beautiful wife. He was a star running back at State ten years earlier and was still in great shape. He smiled a knowing smile as I walked by. I sat down next to Jimmy and told him I wanted to leave.

“OK, as soon as I pay the check. Are you alright? You look like something is wrong. Did you suck Bruce’s cock? Didn’t you like it?”

“Yes, I did, or actually it was more of a case of him fucking my face, but I enjoyed it. That makes two cocks for me. But you see that man over there. He’s my football coach, and he came in and heard everything. I’ve been caught, and he summoned me to come by his office Monday after school.” Is he going to out me? I told him all the details and how loud Bruce was, almost like he wanted us to be heard.

Bruce returned with the check and also handed me a note. Here’s my number and address. “Call me, if Jimmy will let you. You are a great cock sucker, for a beginner. And I know you would love to have me fuck that cute, young ass of yours.”

He had me blushing again as I wondered what it would be like to get fucked, dominated, as I knew he would, by a feminine man with a huge cock. That would be such a contrast, as Jimmy is all Man, muscular, hairy, masculine. I took the note and put it in my pocket and said “Jimmy, can we leave now?”

I talked non stop on the drive to Jimmy’s, rambling about how the Coach could ruin me if he told anyone about what he heard me doing. Jimmy kept bringing me back to my sucking Bruce’s cock. He wanted to know every detail, how it tasted, how big it was, on and on. It hit me that he had a purpose to his questions. He wanted me to repeat everything, to reinforce that I willingly sucked a cock, and a big cock at that. And that I loved it. He knew the more I talked about it, the more I would accept it, that I’m a cocksucker by choice, by desire. That I am a gay cock sucker was being implanted in my mind. He asked me to repeat how Bruce shot his load in my mouth and how I loved the taste, the texture on my tongue, the feeling of excitement and joy I felt by giving him pleasure. I moved over on the bench seat, close to him and put my hand on his leg, squeezing it and said “I can’t wait to get naked in bed with you so I can poker oyna please you. I want you to fuck me so badly.”

Riding up the elevator we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, kissing, groping, hugging, and didn’t notice the elevator had stopped and the opened. I heard a loud “ahem” and looked to see a middle aged couple start to get on. Caught again. We behaved the rest of the ride.

Entering Jimmy’s condo we head straight to the bedroom, stripping as we went. We jumped on the bed and started rolling around. Jimmy wrestled me over and grabbed my wrists and held my arms down as we started grinding our cocks together. I loved the feel of his hairy chest on mine and lifted my mouth to him, licking my lips, begging him to kiss me. He plunged his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on it. He lifted up, holding me down firmly and said “The whole time you were sucking Bruce’s cock I thought about how bad I wanted to get you back here to fuck your gay ass. Your ass belongs to me. It’s ok if you suck another cock occasionally, but nobody fucks you but me, understand?”

I looked deep into his eyes and knew I wanted him to fuck me now. I wanted to be one with him, his powerful cock deep in my ass. “Jimmy, my ass is yours and only yours, as long as you promise to keep fucking me every chance we get and letting me suck your fabulous cock. I want you in me now. I’ve been looking forward to you fucking me all day.”

I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling us together. He grabbed some lube and massaged some into my ass and on his cock and positioned his cock at my asshole. I hugged him with my legs and he pushed his large mushroom head in and continued to slowly slide it in. There was only slight pain which quickly was replaced with pleasure as his fat cock hit my magic spot sending shivers through my body. I raised my ass to meet each thrust as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me. We were acting as one, coordinated thrusts, his cock deep in me, a part of me. I hugged him with my arms and legs, moaning with pleasure. I didn’t want it to ever end but knew I couldn’t maintain the growing pleasure for long. my body started to shake as I was overtaken by an enormous orgasm, shooting my load onto our chests and stomachs. Jimmy continued thrusting deeply in me and I focused on his cock in a new, post orgasm way. I looked beyond my pleasure to focusing on giving Jimmy pleasure, squeezing my ass on his cock with each thrust. I whispered in his ear how fabulous his cock felt and to fuck me good and shoot his seed deep in me. As I was fucking his cock with my ass I was again feeling an orgasm welling up in me and I started moaning, not sure if I could handle another, but knowing it was coming as Jimmy started moaning with me, fucking me harder and faster. He was hitting my magic spot with each thrust, driving me wild. It was without question the most intense, wild fucking of my life. I started shivering, shuddering, unable to move, locking my ass on his cock as he frantically fucked me. Then he pushed his cock in to the hilt and held it there as I could feel it jerking deep in my ass, cumming in me. I kissed him passionately, hugging him tightly.

“Jimmy, that was amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.”

“Joe, you are the best fuck I’ve ever had.”

He slid off to my side and laid his head on my chest. I ran my fingers through his hair and I heard him slipping off to sleep.

To be continued…

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