A Fantasy Continued

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This is the second in the story line of “A Fantasy” where, after several years of marriage, our male lead’s fantasies begin to come true. He wished that his wife would take a more dominant role in their lovemaking. Little does he know where that unspoken fantasy will take him.


As more of the morning haze is cleared from my head, I feel the intensity and forcefulness of your stroking my cock increase. You have moved from stroking and fondling to pulling, squeezing, and twisting.

“Your performance was pitiful last night,” you say more directed to my cock than towards me. “I am tired of you failing to give me what I need.” I see that determination return to your face as you look at me.

“You should be ashamed,” you hiss at me yanking my cock even harder than before. “When did your fuse get so short?”

I don’t dare answer as I know you do not want me to answer. I lay back and take your verbal assault; my expression changing from pleasure to embarrassment.

“They must be right; if you want something done right you must to do it yourself.” You get up from the bed, somewhat dismissively tossing my manhood aside and go to your nightstand. I see you get what looks like a large dildo. You sit back down on the bed and my view of what you have is mostly blocked. “Ahh, yesss,” you sigh as you push your toy into your needing pussy. You lean back a bit and I can see that you have a long two-headed dong in your hands. “That is what I am supposed to feel.”

I did not know that you had this toy, I wonder how long you have had this and what you have done with it before. Inside I am crushed. I watch you move that thick monster in and out of your sex, your pussy answering each of your thrusts with a squishy approval, and pleasure returning to your face. From what I can tell you have either forgotten that I am lying next to you — or worse, you don’t care. I start to curse my pathetic cock. I have never been considered small, but due to age and life I guess my stamina has dropped off too much to please you.

Your increased moans of pleasure snap me out illegal bahis of my pity party. “This. Feels. So. Good,” you say punctuating each word with another thrust into you; feeding your shaved pussy with that monster dong. Your pussy lips are stretching to take more and more of that fake cock in. Inside I hope that you are talking to me as that means I am not totally meaningless in your pleasure.

I reach between your legs to try to be a part of the amazingly hot and sexy scene playing out in my bed. I stroke your inner thigh feeling the nylon and work my way up to your sex. Your big dildo continues to work in and out of your pussy. I can tell you are soaking wet from the squishing sounds it makes each time it moves in you. I try to make contact with your clit, but your other hand is already there, rubbing and playing with your most sensitive spot.

“Feel it as it enters me,” you say moving my hand lower to where the dong is penetrating you. “Take it. Fuck me. Fuck me hard!”

I grab the dong and take over working it in and out of your pussy. My cock is throbbing, wishing that it was inside you rather than that plastic toy. My hurt starts to turn to fire as I move faster and faster, ramming as much of the toy cock in you as I can. Extending from my hand is at least seven inches of plastic cock. I ram that extension into you with my hand contacting your pussy lips. I increase the force and you react to my actions with great pleasure. “Yes, pound me like a real man would.”

Your last sting hit me direct. Tears begin to well in my eyes while I continue thrusting your dildo into you. I know better than to stop now. If I do there will be even more hell to pay. Your grunts match my thrusts and your hand speeds up working over your clit. I feel your body begin to tense as I watch you begin to succumb to your orgasm.

I watch wave after wave rock your incredibly sexy body. Your nipples look so hard that they could cut glass. Your face and your body are flush with sexual pleasure. You are breathing in short, quick gasps. I can tell that I have at least brought illegal bahis siteleri some sort of pleasure to you.

After I see that your orgasm has finished, you move your hand to mine, indicating for me to stop. I do and pull the fake cock from you. It is glistening from your juices.

You look at me and see the tears on my face. “Oh, do you want to know what it feels like to be filled like that?”

Instantly I am shocked at what you say. I try to say something but it comes out more as blubbering.

“That must be it,” you say. “You need to know what it is really like to be fucked.”

You sit up on the bed and take the double headed dong from my hands. You push me back on the bed and start rubbing your toy against my still hard cock.

I don’t dare protest as you spread my legs and work the head of the dong against my asshole.

“This is what my sweetie needs,” you say as the tone of your voice has changed from hurtful to loving. “How could I have been so selfish?” In my mind I want to scream, I want to run, I want to stop you, but my body does not allow the words or actions to come.

You spit, partially on the dong and partially on my puckered asshole. Then I feel the head start to penetrate me.

My mind flashes back to that snow and ice storm when I was in college. Everything was closed for a week — classes, roads, and we could hardly get anywhere. There was always some sexually teasing with my roommate, but after the first couple days the teasing went to actions. We practically lived naked in our room; hardly going out except to get food. We would watch porn together, stroke each other’s cock and I even let him penetrate my ass. After the school and town thawed, our sex play stopped as if it never happened.

My sphincter relaxes to allow you to enter me. I feel a sharp pain as I have never had anything so big inside me. Slowly you slide more than just the head in my ass and my muscles relax to take more in. Your penetration stops and you begin to slowly pull the fake cock out of me, stopping with just the head in me. Again canlı bahis siteleri you push that monster cock into me — that dildo that just a few moments ago was buried deep into your pussy was now your cock fucking me, and I am liking it.

“Feels good doesn’t it?”

I open my eyes to find you; I smile a satisfied smile and nod. Still words are useless from me. You then move closer to me, wrapping your pantyhose encased legs around me and position the other end of the two headed monster at the opening of your pussy. You slide the dong in you and move even closer to me. We are connected by the fake cock; one end in my ass the other end in your pussy. My head is spinning! I need to cum so bad and my cock has not been touched in what seems like forever. You resume your piston actions pushing the dong in and out of you causing it to go deep out and inyou. Your pace quickens, your breathing becomes deeper, and I am riding the wave with you.

You push me back on the bed and lay on top of me. We are still connected by the dong; our muscles alternate clenching and releasing pushing it into each other. You start grinding your pubic bone against my throbbing cock as it is sandwiched between us. I moan, I feel an eruption building deep inside me. Your pace becomes jerky as I sense you are on the verge of yet another climax.

“Make me cum,” you cry again in a wanton manner. “Give it to me.”

My hands find their way to your nylon covered ass, pulling you closer to me, pushing the dong deeper into you and squeezing my cock tighter between us. I feel your body stiffen and hear you moan as your pleasure wave starts to crash through your body. This is too much for me to handle so my cock starts to unload.

“Yes, yes, yes, ungh yes!” You cry then collapse on top of me.

You start kissing me all over my face then deeply as our tongues connect and wrestle in my mouth. You grab my head pulling me close to you. I can tell you are deeply satisfied.

After holding and caressing each other for a little while you roll off of me, onto your side looking at me. Our toy slips out of us and onto the bed. I sigh at the feeling of emptiness. I can tell you are thinking about something but deeply you are pleased. Seeing your pleasure starts to reassure me that we will continue to share out intimate pleasures.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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