A Dream Comes True

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Saturday morning, Todd awakes from a good night’s rest from a rather stimulating dream. How stimulating is very evident, as he lies in bed with a raging hard-on. His wife lying next to him, still asleep. Todd has never had this dream before; an act he’s wished for 3 years that his wife would perform; his First Blowjob.

Todd was your typical shy, reserved guy we all know. In high school, he had very few girlfriends; in college, he always stayed behind when everyone went to party. Needless to say, his wife Janet, whom he met through a friend, was his first real relationship. Janet gave him his firsts of most things from 2nd base on home. However, Janet’s somewhat reserved upbringing led her to stray from some of those sexual things some view as “dirty”.

Bringing us back to today; Todd and Janet have been married for 3 years. While they have a great sex life, Janet had yet to take Todd’s cock into her mouth. He yearned for is, had heard stories of just how good it felt. His friends would tell him that for some it’s better than sex. Three years of longing for his tuzla escort cock to feel the warmth of her mouth had built up in his mind. His surreal dream was only a matter of time. When his wife awakes, she finds Todd already awake, rather very awake.

“I had quite an exciting dream last night.” Says Todd.

“Oh? What was your dream about?”

“I dreamt you kissed me, where you’ve never kissed me before.” Todd described his dream nervously, as he knew Janet preferred to not discuss such matters. Surprisingly, Janet was very intrigued by his story.

“Did it feel good?” Janet asked in her most sultry voice.

“Oh, it felt amazing. I wish it wasn’t so intense that it woke me.”

Janet smiled; the thought of her husband having sexual dreams about her was a big turn-on. While she’d always been reserved about the idea of giving a blowjob, suddenly the idea of pleasuring her husband in a way he’s never experienced made her want him. The next day, both awoke as if it were any other day. A cup of coffee and a muffin started the day for Todd. Janet walked into tuzla escort bayan the kitchen shortly after, joined Todd for a nice & quiet breakfast. As Todd left for the shower, an idea developed in Janet’s mind. She’d never given a blowjob before, so if she went through with it, it would be the first for her as well. Todd would be totaling caught off guard, and fresh out of the shower.

As Todd’s shower finished and he stepped out, suddenly he was grabbed by Janet and pushed into the bedroom. Before Todd even had a chance to realize what was about to happen next, Janet ripped the towel from his body and forced Todd onto the bed. As Janet lay over his naked body she whispered into his ear:

“Your dream is about to come true…”

Janet lowered her head to Todd’s limp cock which was quickly hardening as he now knew what she’d meant. While still limp, Janet knew there was no going back and took all of Todd’s cock into her mouth. She was turned on by the idea of feeling him grow inside her mouth. It took no time for Todd to grow to his full, hard 7″ inches. Janet removed escort tuzla his cock from his mouth and stroked him a few times as she kisses the head. Licking down the shaft, Janet was now quite horny knowing what feeling she was giving her husband. She took him in her mouth once again, massaging and tickling his balls and she swirled her tongue around the most sensitive areas. Janet began bobbing up and down on his shaft, being careful as to not take him too deep. Todd knew this would not last longer; he could already feel the cum bubbling in his balls after only a few minutes. After all, he’d never experienced such intense sensations.

When Janet continued to tickle her tongue on his undershaft and sucked on the head, it was more than Todd could take. Janet could feel his balls tighten and his cock growing with the pending cum. At the last moment, Janet popped his cock out of her mouth and stroked his cock to orgasm. With the strongest orgasm he’d ever had, stream after stream of cum shot in the air, landing back on Janet’s hand as she continued to pump every drop of cum out of his cock. Todd laid in amazement for what he’d just experienced and a grin from ear to ear. Janet gave Todd a hug and a kiss, cuddled close to his warmth and told Todd:

“Dreams really do come true…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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