A Daughter’s Fantasy

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(The following story is a compilation of e-mails between Lindy and her cyber daddy.)

Standing naked before the full length mirror Lindy sees a sensual, petite woman of twenty.. with black curly hair and blue eyes. Her tanned skin stands in contrast to her alabaster 32 B boobs which frame her pinkish-brown nipples. They are hard and pointy as she strokes her full black pussy pelt thinking about her dominate daddy fantasy…

Sitting down she spreads lotion over the soft skin of her legs and feet. Placing several toe rings on her sexy bare feet. Pulling on a thong and a braless tight fitting black scoop neck dress, she slips into a pair of open toe heels. Giving one last look in the mirror, the beautiful Eurasian woman of Italian and Filipino parents is now ready to go to dinner with her father who is going out of town the next day.

“There’s been a change in plans.” her father, Antonio says in an angry voice. “Your mother has to go to her sisters tonight for some damn reason.” He went on.

Antonio pulled out his cock and grabbed his daughters ass saying, “I’ll slap my slut-daughter’s tight little ass with my hard cock till it’s pink..”

He kisses her rosy butt cheeks making them feel better. His little girl takes his thick cock in her mouth deep throating it till she makes him cum. He sprays his jizz over her face and tits. While she cleans him up with her mouth he fingers her tight little asshole. Antonio parts her fur covered cunt lips with his tongue and flicks her clit till she cums.

Her dick licking gets him hard again and he rams his rigid rod up her rectum giving Lindy the butt-fuck of her life. She screams as he fills her asshole to overflowing…

“Now what’s for supper, Daddy’s little whore?”

“Are you ready Lindy?… you seem to be in a daydream…. Come on. We’ll be late for our reservations….. your dad’s waiting in the car.” Lindy’s mom, Layla said.

They went to Antonio’s favorite Italian restaurant. He ordered a bottle of wine and poured his wife and Lindy a glass.

“I must say you look very hot tonight, Lindy.” Her father said.

“She looks like a slut if you ask me.” Her mother replied. “No bra.. Your nipples showing…”

Grabbing a carrot from the table her daddy shoves it up his little whore’s pussy.. gets it all juicy then eats it. Almost deliriously at her father… sublimely happy in her submission. She says,

“I’ve had my supper daddy… may I make you your favorite steak and potatoes please? I love serving you daddy… Can I give you a blowjob while you eat…daddy?”

“Yes… you can suck daddy’s cock as he eats his stake. ”He says.

Antonio pours hot sauce on his cock to give his cum-slut a little kick as she deep throats him.

For dessert little Lindy peels a banana and sticks it up her cunt, sitting on the table spread in front of daddy. He leans forward and eats it out of her snatch, licking the remainder from her sopping cunt. Then he cores an apple and slides it over his thick, hard cock. His pussy-princess kneels before him and chomps away at the apple licking the juice from his throbbing dick.

Lindy looks up at her father, covered in pieces of fruit with cum dripping from his semi-hard cock. Her tight little girl pussy absolutely pulsing with desire to be filled.

She stands and goes to do the dishes… But bends over as she cleans… sticking her tight little ass and cunt out to be used and abused, the way all little girls should for their daddy. She sways her ass back and forth… she wants it bad… she wants it to hurt…

“Pumpkin are you alright?… you haven’t eaten a thing…. Your daddy’s worried about you.”

Lindy nodded and poured hot sauce on her stake before taking a bite. Not much was said on the way home. She hurried to her room and undressed. Slipping on a short robe over her naked body she enters the kitchen for a glass of water.

As Lindy stands doing the dishes. Antonio stands behind little Lindy and slaps her firm ass cheeks. Right…then left until they becomes crimson. He kneels…running his tongue up and down her butt crack.. rimming her tight little asshole then nestling his nose in her anus as he tongues her juicy cunt.

Lindy moans as her daddy stands and slaps is rigid rod on her ass. He reaches back to the table and dips his fingers into a soft tub of butter. Sliding one…two then three fingers into her anal ally he stretches the little rosebud until he has all four fingers fucking her butt.

Antonio pulls his hand out and fills the void with the purple head of his dick. The thickness makes her squirm as she presses back against his insertion.

“Oh fuck me daddy… fuck your baby’s ass good.”

He reaches forward and pinches her hard nipples as he slams his prick deeper… his cum filled balls bouncing off her swollen pussy. He shoves her to the black and white tiled bakırköy escort floor. Grabbing a dildo, he rams it in fucking her cunt as he continues to butt fuck his little girl.

“Take it all you little cum slut!” He says as he forces his dick deeper.

The door opens and Lindy’s mother Layla walks in…

“What the fuck is going on here?”

Lindy screams and screams as she’s forced to take both her father’s cock and his dildo in both her holes… stretching her out easily twice as wide as she’s ever been fucked before.

She screams like the slut she is, grinding and fucking her father as hard as he fucks her. She’s his toy, she always will be, and nothing gives her more pleasure than being at the mercy of his cock. Its only after her first (of many) orgasms that she even notices her mother.

“H…hi mommy… I’m helping daddy…” she murmurs… unable to even really think straight anymore.

“You little bitch.. I’ll help you!..” Mom says as she pulls up her skirt, thrust aside her thong and sits on Lindy’s face.

“You like to eat pussy?… here suck my cunt.”

Layla rubs and pinches her little girl’s tits turning them red as daddy keeps fucking away… He cries out..

“I’m gona cum.” when mom pulls his cock from Lindy’s ass and sticks it in her mouth swilling all his cum.

“Oh mommy I wanted that,” Lindy shouts. Her mother responds with a slap on her butt.

Lindy moans in lewd delight as she eats her mother’s pussy, driving her tongue in deep as she pinches her clit. The degradation begins to build in the little fuck-slut… her pussy twitching as it begs to cum again, her tits and ass burning read after so many slaps….

Lindy was the luckiest girl in the whole world…

The next morning Lindy wakes early enough to say goodbye to her father. Greeting him in her short dressing gown she gives him a hug and parting kiss. Lindy feels his hardness against her stomach through the thin material of her robe. He looks down at her and smiles.

Lindy grabbed a cup of coffee on the way to work. It was a shity day and she couldn’t wait for five o’clock. As she entered the house the phone was ringing.

“Hi daddy! Hope your trip is going well!

Today I came home from work feeling really tired and sick of the stupid politics of the office and crap like that. Luckily I thought ahead.

Mommy was probably really surprised when I hopped into bed naked last night, wasting no time pushing my fingers and tongue into her… I wanted to make my mommy nice and horny right away! Isn’t it funny the way she tries to resist sometimes daddy?”

“Oh Lindy no… we need to stop this… we never should… sh… ohhhh… oh god Lindy please….. sto…. oh godddd… d… don’t stop…”

“I love that don’t you daddy? I told her she was gonna be my wife and bitch while you were away, and that she’ll do whatever I say cuz she knows she can’t get enough of my pussy or tongue. Mommy really is a huge slut daddy. Is it any wonder I turned out this way?

I spent all night fucking my horny mother daddy…. I ate her pussy, she ate mine, as I shoved ten anal beads up her ass… I couldn’t believe she took it all daddy! Of course after that I was so turned on that I grabbed my double dildo and I swear daddy… I must’ve fucked her for twenty minutes straight. I came three times and she came five… it was very intense…

So today when I got home I went up to ‘our’ room… mommy was there just where I left her, handcuffed to the bed, spread eagle… my first vibrator still strapped to her soaked cunt, set on its lowest setting… mommy was on the plateau of orgasm for eight hours daddy .

You remember that vibe daddy? The one you bought for my eighteenth birthday daddy? I still have it… I use it every night I can’t be with you…

I miss you…. Hurry back soon daddy..”

“Who was that on the phone?….. Was it your dad?” Layla asked.

Lindy told her he just wanted to let them know he made it okay and things were going well so he was coming home sooner than expected.

Antonio arrives home and gives Lindy a present.

Lindy hurriedly unwraps the package. It’s a pair of panties with the phrase, “It won’t lick it’s self” embroidered on the front.

“Oh daddy I love them… let me model ‘em for you..”

Lindy goes to her room and Antonio follows. She quickly undresses and pulls on her new panties.. Her pert nipples pointing to the sky. Her father enters the room pulling on his prick. She kneels down with a grin… taking his cock and stroking it eagerly… licking up along the shaft…. wearing the new panties he bought for her.

“Daddy thank you for my new panties.. I hope you’ll be pulling them off soon.”

“Oh my sweet Lindy… I missed you so much…daddy will take those panties off with his teeth and follow the instructions beşiktaş escort licking your precious pussy till you cum and cum..”

He does precisely that…. Then Antonio kneels above Lindy’s mouth and his baby-girl licks the head of his swollen cock. Continuing down the shaft.. inch by inch lovely Lindy takes her father’s dick down in her mouth and deep throat daddy’s dong.

Wanting to feel his cock in her hot tight cunt, Antonio pulls out and bends you over the desk, sliding his shaft into her sopping pussy. He fondles her terrific tits and strokes her hard nipples…

Pounding Lindy’s pink pussy , his cum filled balls slap against her butt.. until.. until…Lindy cries out.


Daddy explodes filing her cunny with all the love juice he has stored up from not fucking his little slut in such a long time..

“mmmmm oh daddy that makes me so happy….”

Lindy’s mother said, “Lindy… did you hear me?…. I said Your uncle Bill will be spending a night with us.”

“Umm yea mom.. I heard you.”

“I swear girl you seem to be in a daydream most of the time… now call your father for dinner.. He must be hungry after that terrible airline food.”

“Daddy it’s ready..”

“Hello my sexy little Lindy: Glad you kept mommy busy and your sweet tight pussy juicy for daddy.

Daddy wants his little slut to pull down his pants and take my swollen cock in your mouth… no hands… just licking and sucking.”

While she give her daddy the blow job of his life she slides her fingers between his legs and up his asshole pumping his prostrate keeping time with her sucking strokes….

“Faster…faster… OH SHIT… your made me cum…. swallow it baby… that’s it…. now it’s daddy’s turn to eat his little one’s juicy pussy…while mommy watches.”

“Mmmm…: Daddy’s baby girl pulls up her thighs as her mommy sits on her cum covered face, making her daughter eat her out as Lindy’s daddy dines on her pussy.

“Oh god daddy… you’re making me scream into mommy’s cunt. I can’t believe how good your tongue is daddy. You’re the only one who makes me feel like this, like I’m gonna explode with every touch…

Daddy its been a week… I really need you to fuck me daddy… I’ve gone a week without your sperm in my cunt… I want it so fucking bad daddy.…”

Layla holds back Lindy’s ankles as she bites her mother’s slutty clit…

“I’m wide open… my cunt and asshole… both need to get fucked really hard dad… hurry daddy… make your baby girl scream…”

After dinner Antonio watched Olympics on TV… Layla cleaned up in the kitchen and to her amazement Lindy helped.

“My… what has gotten into you young lady… not that I don’t appreciate the help.”

“Oh mom I know I can be moody and distant sometimes and I just want to be a little nicer to you.”

Her mother gave her a hug and thanked her for being thoughtful adding, “Maybe we should do more things together.”

Lindy lies on her parents bed… Waiting for her father… her wrists and ankles bound to the bed by her mother. She is wearing nothing but a smile… ready to be used in any way her daddy wants….

Antonio enters the bedroom stroking his thick cock. Lindy’s full furry pussy beckons her daddy as he kneels between her legs spread and tied to the bedpost.

Daddy nestles his nose in her slit and licks her juices that come pouring out of her quivering cunt. She cries out as daddy nibbles on her clit making her cum on his face.

Layla kneels behind her husband and pulls his cock back between his legs, mouthing his man meat and fingers his butt crack. Standing she watches her husband and daughter.

With her hands tied Lindy’s daddy moves up to her face and slaps his hard cock on her lips.. she tries to lick his dick but her teases her pulling it away.. she begs to taste his manhood.. He raises up so his cum filled balls are hanging just above her mouth.

She flicks her tongue and he lowers them for her to take one then both balls in her… rolling them around in her warm moist mouth. “Enough,” he shouts as he takes his cock and rams it in her tight pink pussy. Like a battering ram he slams his cock into her sopping cunt.. his balls hitting against her ass…

Antonio bends forward sucking and biting her rigid nipples causing her to cry out. Again and again he rams his rod into her. She feels like his cock is so big it is hitting her backbone.

“You’re daddy’s slut… fuck daddy good baby-girl…. Take daddy’s cock… cum on daddy’s dick… fuck me… fuck me little whore…”

Lindy cries out and begins to spasm all over her father’s cock, her limbs fighting the bindings but to no avail.

Her mother straddles her face and lowers her dripping pussy onto her daughter’s mouth.

The next evening their beylikdüzü escort house guest arrived. Bill is her mother’s brother. Lindy is not too comfortable around him as he is always trying to touch her or stare at her tits. They all sat on the patio talking when Lindy excused herself and went to her room. Later that night Lindy hears a noise and tiptoes down the hall to the dinning room.

The light goes on behind her. It is her father.

“Mmmm daddy my hot wet baby girl mouth is waiting for your cock…”

She fishes it out of his shorts and pops it in her mouth.

“It tastes so good dadd—mmpph! MMM I love it when you fuck my mouth hard like that daddy… mmmmmmm taking it deep into my throat….

Daddy please give me your hot sperm… I haven’t tasted it in soooooooooo long…”

“Your daddy is sooo horny… he needs his little slut to suck his throbbing cock while he licks your sweet cunny… but we have to be quiet cause the company is here.”

Her daddy teases his baby-girl by kneeling down and licking her sopping pussy..

“OH daddy fuck me… Pleeese fuck me… I must have your big cock in my dripping cunt…. fuck me daddy fuck your little slut..”

Raising up, he wipes his daughters pussy juice from his lips. Holding his rigid rod he slams it against Lindy’s labial lips… she muffles a scream as he shoves the massive head between her swollen lips and deep into her hot hole…

“Daddy’s gona fuck his little whore good…. Move your ass.. work your cunt…. fuck your daddy’s cock… you little cum slut..”

“Ohh daddy fuck me… pinch my nipples…. make me cum daddy.. make me cum.. fill my cunt with your hot cum… Oh please… pleeese daddy…”

Lindy sits up on the dinning room table and spreads her legs seductively. The company could wake up at any minute but she needs her daddy right now.

“Hurry daddy” she cries… her cunt having missed his sweet cock for so very long… “Fuck your baby girl daddy…fuck me hard…”

Lindy slams her slutty cunt hard into her father’s unbelievably huge cock. It always hurts just a little but that only makes her want more. She loves the deprivation, she loves how entirely slutty it is to fuck her dad.

Antonio rams his rod faster …faster into Lindy’s tight cunt….

“Yes…Yes… fuck me daddy.. fuck me hard…fuck me fast..” she screams.

“AAAIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE DADDY YES! I’M FUCKING YOU DADDY I LOVE IT SO MUCH!” she cries, not caring if anyone else wakes up… her body is there to be fucked anyway…

The light in the hall goes on just as Lindy clamps her legs around her father’s torso as she cums once more. In the same instant daddy shoots his hot spunk filling her love hole… the overflow cum drips on the table as the two scramble to hide.

Lindy sees her uncle Bill in the hall.

Bill walks in the dinning room with his sister, Lindy‘s mother… they are kissing and groping each other when they spot Lindy and her father. The foursome drop to the floor…

“Mmmm daddy… I love it when Uncle Bill joins us. He’s making mommy push her juicy twat harder down on my lips… she tastes sooooooo good when she’s this wet daddy…”

Antonio rams his rod up Lindy’s rectum while she licks her mommy’s pussy and her uncle butt-fucks her mother.

“Oh fuck… daddy your cock… it so big… my tight lil ass feels like its gonna rip! Oh no please don’t stop… fill my asshole with your cum daddy… I wanna drown in cum tonight….”

The next morning Bill says goodbye, thanking Antonio and Layla for their hospitality… He giver Lindy a kiss and a quick pat on her firm butt before she can resist.

The phone rings and Layla answers. After a brief conversation she advises that it was her sister and she is having some problems so Layla is going to visit her for a few days.

That evening Lindy fixes dinner for her dad… stake and potatoes. After she washes the dishes Lindy gives her dad a goodnight kiss as he watches the Olympics on TV. About an hour later Antonio knocks on his daughters bedroom door.

“Are you awake pumpkin?… I guess I haven’t been very friendly tonight. How can I make it up to you?”

“Please daddy… I want to be fucked… hard… even raped… I want to be your slut so bad…”

Antonio pulls his pants and shirt off and climbs into bed with his daughter. They kiss as he caresses her tits licking each in turn. Lindy strokes his stiff shaft and pulls it to her waiting cunt. She guides the swollen knob between her tight lips. He thrusts his cock deep into her petite pussy.

“OH CHRIST!” she screams as her father fucks her with abandon, his thick meat stretching her open as if it were her first time.

She thrusts her hips up as hard as she can, fucking daddy, giving him what he wants, what she was trained to give. All the while her pussy gripping tighter, a violent orgasm taking hold in her tiny body.

Lindy screams and screams, unable to hold it back any longer. She cums hard for her father, crying out in absolute submission to him…

“Daddy… please… make me a mommy…” she whimpers…

Antonio kisses his daughter on the forehead and leaves the room closing the door behind him.

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