A Changed Relationship Ch. 02

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This story is part 2 of a three part series, all of which have been posted. It describes one week in our life that would eventually have a big impact on our marriage and our lovemaking. For those who might not remember, the story begins on a Saturday as my husband begins a week of chastity and foot and body worship which he has agreed to in order to earn a footjob. This story begins picks up on Wednesday.

The story has three parts, each of which has plenty of excitement of its own. I decided to break it up rather than write one really long story since I tend to find shorter installments easier to read. That said, all three parts could be read at once. Since I hate multipart stories that never seem to get finished — I’ve posted all three at once and there will be only three. There’s no unfinished business at the end. I hope you enjoy it and feedback is greatly appreciated.


Wednesday morning dawned and found me with a high level of energy as though I had slept twice as long as I actually had even though I was awake a full half hour before the alarm normally went off. I was sure that four days of being treated like a queen had more than a little to do with my great mood so rather than waste the moment I decided to share it with my husband by kissing him awake early and getting him to give me a little wake-up sex.

Pulling off my top I raised one of my breasts to his mouth and dragged my nipple across his closed lips. Taking the hint he drew in my nipple and rolled it around on his tongue quickly bringing it to an aching hardness and flooding me with wetness down below. As he moved to provide the same service to the other nipple I stuffed my hand down into my panties and started vigorously rubbing my bud with my two middle fingers.

As my other nipple reached full hardness from his lips, he noticed what I was doing and repositioned himself to put his own hand over top of mine. Gently gripping my fingers he continued to move my hand back and forth across my clit, but now he was controlling the pace and my own fingers were providing the contact and pressure. We sped up and slowed down several times each iteration bringing me nearer release, but not quite there. This was new for us and there was something exciting about him helping me masturbate.

He slowed me down for a minute and our mouths met in a deep moist tongue tangling kiss. As we did so, he deftly slid my hand out of the way and slipped his long middle finger deeply into me and began curling it back and forth deep inside me while his other fingers danced across my clit. Breaking our kiss I moaned and thrust against his hand moving my hips wantonly to increase the speed and pressure. Finally, yes, yes, I reached that special spot and squealed my delight as I exhaled a huge gasp of breath and flooded his hand with my juices.

He waited a minute or two for me to regain my wind and then he grabbed my still moist hand together with his and brought both of them up to our mouths. Together we made a game of slurping the juices off of our hands while sharing gentle kisses and tasting my wetness on one another’s lips. It was very erotic and very sexy and though my huge wake-up orgasm should have cooled my passions, I remained very tightly strung and ready for more.

Unfortunately, our mood was broken by the damned alarm that blasted its insistent chirps right on schedule. Its hard enough to get out of bed on a Wednesday morning and for the first time in ages we found a whole new reason not to want to do so. We answered duty’s call but realizing that we were probably going to be running a little late anyway took the opportunity to continue our playful and flirty behavior while we got ready for our day. This wasn’t bad for me, but it had to be agony for him once I locked his device back onto him after his shower.

Over breakfast I asked him how he was enjoying our little game and gave him the opportunity to end it early if he wanted to. The fact was, what I really wanted to do was call-in late and take him upstairs and fuck like teenagers. To his credit though, he stuck by the deal and said he’d see it to the end. I wouldn’t be surprised if he caught on to my mood and figured out that prolonging the game was heightening the passions for both of us.

Anyway, once we established that we would continue on till Friday, we had a nice discussion about how much fun we’ve had together this week. He said he’d been thinking about his sexy wife all week and loved having the opportunity to show his feelings. He said he’s never felt closer to me than he has this week and added that if waiting a few days meant more mornings like this one, he was all for it.

He went on an on, feeding my ego about how great I looked and how beautiful I looked when I was really aroused. I smiled so hard as he was saying these things I almost started to cry. I couldn’t believe how well this was working out and I was learning a lot about my own sexuality and needs besides.

That day at work was a long one made all the more so bahis firmaları by the fact that we both had meetings and functions to attend after work which meant I didn’t get home until about 8:30 and he was only home a few minutes before me. As I set down my things I shot him a smoldering glance then bid him to follow me into the family room. I walked directly to the big easy chair and with no shyness at all hiked up my skirt, plopped down into the chair and tossed my feet up onto the ottoman kicking off my low heeled business shoes in the process.

“I take it you need some T.L.C.?” he asked with a grin.

“You better believe it, I’ve been hot and bothered all day after this morning. Will you do for me like you did on Saturday night?”

“I’d love to. I’ve been thinking about you all day too. Do you want something to eat or drink before I begin.”

At my request he brought back a bottle of wine, some glasses, some grapes and some snack crackers. He sat on the ottoman with my legs resting on his lap and we each had some wine and conversation while he lazily began massaging my feet. After a few minutes of that he set down his glass and got to work more earnestly on my hose encased toes.

At first his efforts had a calming effect and my mind wandered. Gradually however, I began to feel reenergized and I knew I was going to need some more heart racing attention soon. Perhaps sensing my mood shift, he looked up at me and asked if I wanted him to remove my hose or if I would do it. I obliged by starting it out and then with a smile he gently and slowly pulled the thin material down my thighs and then calves planting kisses on the revealed flesh as he went. It was both romantic and a little corny and we both smiled and grinned and I giggled a little as he finally removed the last bit with a flourish and began rapidly planting kisses on the tips of my toes.

He paused then for some more wine and some grapes once again idly massaging my now well tended feet.

“So what next my queen” I remember him asking. I loved that he called me his queen and I could tell he had totally bought into our game.

“What do you think?” I coyly asked.

“Well, if I remember Saturday correctly you sat back in your royal chair while I payed lip service to your most sensitive parts.”

“Make it so” I said, trying to sound regal, but of course moving us both to laughter.

Unlike on Saturday when he went down on me so urgently, this time he positioned himself between my legs and made slow and lazy circles with his tongue, occasionally lightly sucking on my outer folds. Bit by bit he had his effect, and I opened for him.

My labia moistened gradually both from the inside and from his mouth and soon my slick pink clit revealed itself. Although my arousal was growing by the second, his pace hardly changed a bit but where before his tongue was painting itself across my outer folds, now each swipe caused my clit to engorge further.

My breathing began to accelerate and I could feel my pulse begin to rise. I was building toward another orgasm and I knew it was going to be huge after all my pent up excitement from the day. Hoping to accelerate the process I reached down and gently pulled my husbands face tighter into me. His pace didn’t seem to increase, but my clit felt the additional pressure from the bridge of his nose and that added to my lust.

My juices were flowing freely now and the rich scent of my arousal began to waft around us. The slow build up was driving me crazy and felt amazing. Somewhere along the way I started softly moaning. Then I began bucking my hips to get more contact. I closed my eyes to try to focus on the sensations and in my mind I could still see his face pasted against me, loving me, worshiping me, making me feel so beautiful and adored.

All at once I started to convulse in rapid bursts of pleasure. I let out a huge breath and a loud squeal and tossed my head back is ecstasy. I continued to sigh and moan as additional waves of pleasure washed across me and my vulva continued to twitch and pulse.

When I finally regained awareness of my surroundings I saw my husband looking up at me with a proud, contented look on a face covered with my juices. Awkwardly I pulled him up to me in the chair and we shared a slow searching kiss which seemed endless. After a day of longing, I felt perfectly and completely satisfied. After a few minutes more we headed upstairs and snuggled into bed for some quiet kissing and caressing before I finally drifted into a blissful sleep.

Thursday morning as I stood in the shower I had an idea. I knew I wanted to end the week with a wonderful night of passion on Friday and I already had some ideas about that how I wanted that to go. For Thursday I thought why not heighten the pleasure for both of us with lots of flirting and teasing, but no actual sex. I remembered how my passion built up all day Wednesday before culminating in an incredibly satisfying release last night. I hoped that maybe with an even longer kaçak iddaa build-up that might happen again on Friday night.

In the hustle of getting ready for work I didn’t have much time to think about the specifics, but by lunch I had some ideas. I called my husband at about four o’clock and after establishing that he planned to be home on time I said,

“Listen carefully. I need you to do three things before you come home. First, I want you to stop off somewhere and buy me a sexy pair of panties. Just panties, nothing else. You know my size right?”

“Yes, I know it.”

“How about you say, yes my queen, I know it?”

“Ok. Yes my queen, I know it.”

“Good. Now second, I want you to go to Victoria Secret and I want you to ask a sales lady for a pair of Little Vixen stay up stockings. Did you get that? I don’t want you to look around for them. I want you to ask for help and ask for them by name Ok.”

“Yes my queen.”

“And you can’t get the panties there. You need to get those from somewhere else. Are you clear so far? Panties first and then stockings from V.S.”

“Yes my queen.”

“Ok. Now the third thing. Between now and when you leave work, I want you to go into the bathroom, find a stall and rub yourself till you are as hard as you can get in your little device. Then I want you to let it die down and then make it hard again two more times. Got that?. I want you to make yourself hard for me three times. Make sure you are thinking about how sexy I look when you bring me off ok? Three times and then I want you to go buy me panties and then go buy me stockings. Can you do that for me?”

He again said, “Yes my queen” although this time a little more nervously.

“Good. And pick-up some Chinese for dinner.”

“Yes my queen.”

“Oh, and one more thing. Try not to get hard while you’re buying my panties and stockings. I’m sure the sales ladies will notice.”

Having planted that little time bomb, which I knew almost without a doubt would absolutely cause him to pitch a tent while he did his shopping, I hurried home to get ready for his arrival. The whole way home I was just tingling. I was excited enough by what I had planned, but I was all the more excited by the way he bought into my little power trip even agreeing to call me his queen.

He arrived home to a note which instructed him to leave his purchases outside our bedroom door and then get our dinner plated up to eat and pour some wine. The house was completely dark except for candles that I had lit in the kitchen, family room and bedroom. Little did he know as he dropped off his packages that I stood naked on the other side of the door.

As soon as I heard him depart I reached outside and found that he had done exactly as ordered. I quickly rolled the sheer black stockings up my legs and attached them to a lacy black garter belt. The panties he had chosen were black in a bikini cut style with lots of lace around the waist and leg openings. As it happened, they looked quite nice with the stockings and garter.

Next I put on my sexiest shoes, a pair of four inch black pumps with a very slender heel. Leaving my breasts bare I pulled on a completely sheer black negligee that I had barely worn since he gave it to me on our first anniversary. Before he arrived I had made up my face in a dramatic fashion with a very intense dark red lipstick and a vivid violet eye shadow that complimented my blue eyes, pale skin and brown hair. In short, I looked about as sexy as I could possibly look.

When I walked downstairs he had just begun to put the plates on the table. When he saw me his jaw immediately dropped and he couldn’t seem to decide whether to look at my open breasts, my sheer stocking clad legs or my sexy made up face. I could tell he had hardened immediately as his hand quickly reached down to try relieve the pain that the chastity device was inflicting upon him (a move I had witnessed many times in the last few days).

“You look amazing” he stuttered.

“All the better to tease you with my dear. But you seem to have forgotten to address me as your queen. Perhaps you should try again.”

“You look amazing, my queen. It will be an honor to serve you tonight.”

“Oh, there won’t be much serving tonight dear. We’ll save that for tomorrow. Tonight all you will need to do is follow my instructions carefully and I’m sure by the end of the night we will both be as aroused as you appear to be right now. Will you do that for me?”

“Yes my queen.”

“That’s a good answer. Now lets eat and maybe you can tell me a little about your shopping trip.” As soon as he blushed I knew what he was going to say.

“Well buying the panties wasn’t too difficult. I was still kinda aroused from the thing in the bathroom and all, but I stopped at a department store for them and it took me a few minutes to get my bearings which gave me a little time to calm dawn. I knew I wanted to buy black ones for you, so I focused on a display that seemed to have several kaçak bahis types and honed in on these ones pretty quickly. The sales lady was a little older and didn’t show any expression when I walked up with my purchase and handed over the money.

V.S. was a little more embarrassing. As soon as I walked in I saw a pretty young girl straightening a display so I went up to her and asked her for the stockings like you told me too. She gave me sort of a funny smirk and then she kinda gave me a once over and right about then is when I started to get hard which I expect she noticed. She then started asking me a bunch of questions like if I wanted a matching garter and did I know the size and told me there were pretty bra and panty sets to go with it and on and on.

The whole time I kept trying not to get hard and this stupid device was killing me and I was forced to just smile and tell her no, that I only wanted the stockings. She kept giving me sly little smiles and kinda checking me out. I think she probably thought the stockings were for me. When I finished paying she said ‘Have a good night. Come see me again soon.’ I was so mortified, I just hurried out of there and back to the car so I could adjust myself and relieve the pressure down there.”

“Well sweetie. You did a good job. You know she had a good idea, maybe you should have gotten a pair for yourself. Anyway, how do you feel now?”

“I’m fine now, but your incredible outfit is giving me a lot of discomfort.”

“Do you want me to take off your device while we eat? I’ll do that for you. I don’t really want you to hurt. What I want is you thinking about me and getting hard for me. But whatever you do, be sure not to cum o.k? Why don’t you step around here and I’ll take off the lock and unbuckle you. ”

Which is exactly what he did and he immediately shot out to full hardness, no doubt helped a little by the sly caresses I gave the bottom of his shaft as I did the unbuckling. We hurried through the rest of the meal with idle chatter. I regularly rubbed up and down his leg with the tip of my shoe and several times I caught him ogling my exposed chest, just as I had hoped. I left him to clean up and had him meet me in the family room where I had perched myself on my favorite chair.

“Since I’m nearly naked already, why don’t you strip off your clothes and then stand in front of me.”

Once he had completed that task, I continued, “Tonight my love, we are simply going to tease one another. We’re each going to get a chance and I’m going to start. So what I want you to do is lie down on the floor in front of me.” As he did so, I slipped off my shoes, but left them nearby.

“Now then, I’m going to start by rubbing my pretty stocking covered foot all over your face. I don’t want you to kiss it or lick it, I just want you to lay back and feel how good my soft pretty feet feel on your face. Maybe you should take a deep breath and inhale my scent. Even my feet are warm with desire. Can you feel it my love? Do you like me rubbing your face with my toes?”

With that I started sliding my toes up and down his checks occasionally crossing his lips with my big toe or pressing my arch across his nose or cheeks. His cock was already standing straight up and was as stiff as I had ever seen it. I kept that up for awhile and then without any comment I got my other foot into the act. Leaving one foot planted across his eyes, I started by brushing my other foot lightly across his balls and shaft and then brought my toe up to his nipples and began brushing it back and forth across them making them engorge.

He shuddered slightly when I first began to do it, but then he relaxed and began carefully controlling his breathing trying to keep himself from becoming over stimulated. I was becoming a little bit aroused myself, so I decided to up the ante a bit. Slipping a finger down inside myself I scooped up a little wetness and then applied that to the tip of my toe.

“There sweetie. Feel that wetness. That’s my sweet honey that I’m rubbing all around your hard nipples. Do you feel that. I’m spreading my wetness on you with my toes. Mmmmm I’m getting so wet. Can you smell how aroused I am. Can you feel the wetness on your nipples. The wetness my toes are spreading on you?”

“Yes my queen. I can feel it. It feels sooo good.”

“I’m gonna keep rubbing your chest and nipples and cock with that foot, but I’m going to put my shoe back on and I want you to suck the heel of my shoe while I keep teasing you with my other foot.”

My heel was a classic four inch stiletto and slid easily between his lips.

“Suck that heel now. Suck it like you would want me to suck your cock. Show me how bad you want it sweetie.” As he did this I remoistened the tip of my stocking with my juices and started working on his nipples again. I kept it up for several more minutes and until I noticed precum had welled up on his tip and had begun slightly running down the helmet of his cock.

I abruptly pulled both feet away from him. His eyes looked up at me and followed my actions as I leaned down and carefully collected a dab of his fluid on and my finger and then brought that finger up to my lips. Snaking my tongue out I licked it up and said,

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