A Brother’s Revenge

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“Oh no Mum, surely you aren’t telling me that this little jerk is going to stay here with me,” Julie pointed her thumb derisively at Jimmy, her twin brother. “Tell me it isn’t true,” moaned the 18 year old beauty.

“Julie, that’s the deal.” Her mother’s voice was firm.

“But Mum, you said you’d be taking him with you. I’ve invited my friends around.”

“Come on Julie. I’ve told you already. There’s been a mix up in the bookings at your father’s conference and there’s no room for Jimmy. That’s what’s happening. You can still have your friends around. Jimmy, you’ll be happy in your room playing on your computer won’t you?”

Jimmy nodded reluctantly. He knew he had no choice. The last thing he wanted was to be with his bullying show-off sister and her up-themselves friends. He hated them almost as much as he hated his sister.

Their mother studied her twin children and asked herself the same question she had asked almost everyday for 13 years.

“How could twins possibly be so different?

Julie stood in front of her, the epitome of healthy teenage beauty. Tall, long legs being shown off by her short mini skirt, slim around the waist with big breasts also being shown off by her tight boob-tube. And unruly long brown hair which made her look a bit wild and untamed. Outgoing and popular at school although these days she hung out with college football jocks.

Jimmy was two inches shorter than his twin, spindly, thin and underdeveloped with a goofy looking face. People who didn’t know his age guessed around 14 – 15 and under-developed even for that. Jimmy was shy and and his only friends were other nerds like himself.

Their mother was in a hurry to get away to the weekend conference and gave them final instructions.

“Now Julie, you know the rules for your party: no booze and everyone goes home by midnight. And you two, be nice to each other. I don’t want to hear about any more of your fights.” She wagged a finger and went to join her husband in the car.

Julie sighed. She was really ashamed of her gormless immature brother and the last thing she wanted was his ghoul-like presence around her friends.

Jimmy also sighed. Julie was physically stronger than him and used to beat him up for no reason but now her bone brained jocks delighted in doing the job for her. And Julie’s girlfriends always put him down.

“Aren’t you a cute wee boy,” Mandy used to say. “God, you’re so skinny. I bet you can’t even get it up. I bet you haven’t even got anything to get up.”


Julie pulled a half warm pizza from the microwave and gave Jimmy a bottle of Coke.

“Here you are creep. Take this to your room and if I even see any sign of you, Bob and Joe will give you something you won’t forget.”

Jimmy looked at his sister. “Fuck, how I hate her! Fuck she’s a stunner! “

Studying porn on the internet was as close as he ever got to sex and he reckoned Julie was the match of anything he had seen there. When he jacked off in front of his computer screen it was fantasies of fucking his sister which filled his mind.

Before he could go to his room there was a knock on the front door and in came Mandy and Joe.

“Julie,” exclaimed Mandy. “You didn’t say that your little creep brother was going to be here. Fuck off brat and come back when you’re grown up. In 20 years maybe.”

She put on a show of laughing with that fuckwit Joe. Even though he hated Mandy Jimmy still couldn’t take his eyes off her. A bit shorter than Julie and a bit slimmer and with a mane of blond hair. If anything her skirt was shorter than Julie’s and her top was more low cut showing more of her larger than life tits.

Jimmy saw that Joe was carrying two cases of beer and Mandy was carrying a couple of bottles of whiskey.

“Hey, Mum said no booze.”

Joe put down the beer and walked across to Jimmy. He was over a foot taller.

“What did you say you little nerd?”

“M . my parents said Julie wasn’t allowed booze here.”

“And how are they going to find out if you don’t tell them? And you’re not going to, are you?” He grabbed Jimmy’s ear and twisted hard, bending him over.

“Because if you do you’ll get this,” Joe grinned at Julie.

“You little creep.” Julie shouted and kicked Jimmy’s ass hard.

“You little creep.” Mandy shouted and kicked Jimmy’s ass harder.

Humiliated and sore, Jimmy retreated to his room knowing that if he breathed a word about the drink, his punishment would be 10 times worse. His hatred of his sister and her friends intensified.

Jimmy heard the sound of other people arriving and the laughter and the music got louder. He recognized the voice of Suzie, the pastor’s cute daughter.

Why was cute Suzie here? She always wore her hair in braids and her clothes always covered her from her neck to her wrists and ankles. She was quiet and reserved and sang in the choir at her father’s chapel.

Images of Suzie and Mandy and his sister came into his mind. Fuck, what a group of lookers and he knew that most of Julie’s bakırköy escort other friends were in fantasy class. He sighed and turned on his computer and clicked to a porn site.

Somehow Jimmy went to sleep despite the noise.


A few hours later Jimmy was woken up when the door to his bedroom was thrown wide open.

“Here we are Mandy. Just the place for a fuck.” Jimmy could tell it was Joe.

“Hurry Joe, I so much need to suck your dick.’

“Fuck doll, it’s going right down your throat. . . . . . . What the fuck? Who the fuck is this?”

“Oh no, it’s Julie’s creep brother.”

Jimmy pulled the bedclothes up. He was only wearing a pair of boxers.

Joe glared hard for a moment then his face broke into a forced smile.

“Hey, Jimmy my old mate. Mandy and I need your bedroom for some fun time.” He pulled out a $20 note from his pocket. “How about this for an hour’s rent?”

Jimmy looked at them. Joe had his shirt off and Mandy’s top was no-where to be seen. Her large pink tipped breasts were open to his gaze and she was flaunting herself at him.

“Please Jimmy,” she smiled.

“Fuck, I wish I had my camera,” thought Jimmy, then an idea came to his mind.

“$40 and it’s a deal.”

Joe grimaced but pulled another note from his wallet.

“And I need a couple of minutes to get dressed.”

“Sure thing buddy,” smiled Joe insincerely and he and Mandy left the room.

It only took Jimmy a moment to throw on some jeans and a T shirt. Then he found his movie camera and studied light settings for a moment before setting it up where it couldn’t be seen and where he hoped the angle would be right. Then he picked up his mobile phone with its camera.

“Have fun guys,” he said as he went out of his room and Joe and Mandy rushed in.

Jimmy looked around carefully. He didn’t want to get caught out of his bedroom by Julie or any of her friends and get another ass kicking. But the music was quieter now, there was no talking and the lights were low when he edged his way towards the living room.

At first he thought the darkened room was empty until he noticed some groans coming from the couch. As quietly as he could Jimmy made his way to the other side of the room where the firelight cast its glow but he was careful to stay in the darkest shadows. Slowly his eyes adjusted to the gloom.

“Bridget Dickinson!” Her father was the mayor and one of the richest men in town. Bridget was a stunner and she was a snob, never even noticing Jimmy. But here she was, lying on her back on the sofa. Lying on her back stark naked. Lying naked on her back with some jock between her legs, fucking her like crazy and groaning.

“Fuck I love it. Fuck I love your cock fucking me. Fuck my cunt harder.”

Jimmy got over his surprise and started taking pictures. Fuck this was making him so horny. Then he got a little bit frustrated as he only had a view of Bridget’s upper body. Sure her tits were great, but her legs were wrapped around this jock’s hairy ass.

Unwittingly Bridget helped him out. “I want it this way now.”

The two disentangled and Bridget revealed her body to her jock and at the same time, unintentionally to Jimmy and his camera. Her breasts with their big brown aureoles, her hairless cunt. Fuck: hairless! Nothing was left to Jimmy’s imagination as he could see every fold as they glistened in the firelight from her cum juice.

“This way,” Bridget groaned and knelt down with her arms on the sofa.

Fuck, there was Bridget Dickinson with her ass in the air, her pink cunt wide open and pushing back. The jock wasted no time and was soon humping Bridget from behind. He grunted while Bridget groaned and Jimmy heard his body slapping against hers as his camera worked overtime.

“I want your cum in my mouth,” groaned Bridget and turned and knelt on the floor. Jimmy and his camera had the perfect view as the jock shoved his cock into Bridget’s open and willing mouth. After a minute Bridget pulled back and started to rub the jock’s cock with her hand.

Jimmy could tell he was getting more and more excited and then he saw the jock’s cock’s load squirt in torrents. Some into Bridget’s gaping mouth, some onto her extended tongue and a lot over her face.

The couple collapsed onto the sofa and Jimmy made his way quietly upstairs. There were only two bedrooms: his parents and Julie’s. He really liked the idea of seeing what his bitch but beautiful sister got up to.

It wasn’t hard. Her door was slightly open and the lights were on and Jimmy carefully peered around the door, then his jaw dropped in amazement. There was his bitch sister kneeling on her bed with two jocks. One jock in front her fucking her mouth and the other jock fucking her cunt from behind.

Jimmy couldn’t hear much from his sister, only what he imagined were groans of delight as her mouth was effectively gagged by the front jock’s cock. However the two jocks were far from silent.

“Fuck I love fucking your tight beşiktaş escort cunt, whore,” groaned one.

“Get my cock right down your fucking throat, slut,” grunted the other.

Jimmy watched fascinated but then realized he had a problem. How to get into the fully lit room and get into a position to take pictures? But as he looked around from his safe position he saw there was no problem at all. There was Julie’s movie camera set up and filming everything for him.

“My fucking bitch sister likes filming it while she takes on two jocks at the same time,” he laughed to himself in disbelief.

Jimmy stayed watching for a while and almost creamed his jeans. His slut sister rolled onto her back with her legs wide apart and her knees up high. Jimmy had the perfect view of Julie’s wide open cunt with cum oozing from it before a jock put his fat ass in the way.

Jimmy watched wide eyed and incredulously as the other jock knelt beside his sister’s head and shoved his cock, balls deep, into her open and inviting mouth.

One more bedroom: his parents’. This was easier as there were no lights on and a bright shaft of moonlight illuminated the bed. Illuminated the sight of Suzie, the pastor’s cute daughter sitting on some jock’s waist and writhing and groaning as she bounced up and down on his cock.

For a moment Jimmy was worried that he would be seen but soon worked out that Suzie’s eyes were closed and in her excitement she was only concerned about one thing: getting that jock’s cock deeper inside her.

Jimmy watched in fascination as her Suzie’s cute face had an expression of agony and ecstasy at the same time. He took some time to take in the rest of her cute body. Suzie’s cute tits rotated as she bounced and her cute legs spread wide apart to take in this cock she seemed liked so much.

He saw the solution to capturing Suzie’s cuteness on record. There on his father’s desk was his father’s movie camera and he confidently moved through the shadows as Suzie gyrated and her jock thrust ever deeper. In a moment the camera was on, directed and focused on the pastor’s daughter’s cute and uninhibited display.

Jimmy walked to his bedroom just in time to meet Joe and Mandy leaving.

“Hey thanks buddy,” said Joe with his insincere smile. “You’re a real pal. Sorry about what happened downstairs before.”

Mandy even gave him a little kiss on the top of his head which Jimmy quite liked until he realized that she had spat large globules of Joe’s cum from her mouth onto his hair.

Jimmy went into his bedroom and was relieved to see that his camera was untouched. He quickly downloaded it to his computer and was pleased to see that the video was far better than he expected. Soon he heard cars starting up and he was able to retrieve his father’s camera and download that as well. More great shots, this time of the pastor’s cute daughter with this jock’s cock in her mouth and cum oozing from her cunt.

“Who would imagine cute Suzie, the pastor’s daughter, doing that?”

He heard Julie’s door close and spent a lot of time editing and shuffling files on his computer. After an hour he figured Julie would be asleep and went into her bedroom and picked up her camera. He looked at her sleeping body seeing the shape of her tits under a sheet and smiled to himself as he took her camera.

More computer work and then he returned Julie’s camera into her room.

It was late. Jimmy thought about all those gorgeous girls’ bodies in all those wild exposed positions. All those jocks’ cocks in all those mouths and cunts. He got a hard and started to have a wank and until he realized that that he needed all his ammunition for tomorrow.


Jimmy slept in late and Julie was very friendly when he came down to breakfast.

“Hey Jimmy, you slept in. I hope the party didn’t keep you awake. And Joe and Mandy said thanks for being so understanding. Can I cook you an some bacon and eggs?”

Jimmy was a bit surprised, but the food was great. However he knew that when Julie tried to be nice it was always because she wanted something.

“Jimmy, Mum phoned and said they’d like to stay another night. When I said that we had got on fine she said thanks and that she and Dad would be coming home tomorrow. But she said no more parties.” Julie pouted a bit

“Jimmy, my friends want to come around for a party again tonight. You won’t mind will you? You won’t tell? Pleeeeease.”

Jimmy looked at his beautiful bitch sister, looked at her glowing face, her big tits bulging under her T shirt and her pussy which was bulging under her tight shorts. He remembered her with those two jocks pumping her both ends, her hairless cunt wide open and waiting for the next jock’s cock.

“No, I won’t mind”

“Is there anything I can do for you?”

“Mmmm probably, but hey, let’s watch this movie for a bit.”

Julie was a bit surprised at his request but anything to keep her brother happy. She sat down on the sofa as Jimmy put a DVD in the player. It was beylikdüzü escort a porno video.

“Jimmy, I didn’t know you watched these,” she giggled. “I’m not sure a brother and sister should watch these together.”

“Just watch.”

Julie watched. The lighting wasn’t great; all she could see at the start was a tangle of bodies until she worked out there was a girl kneeling with one guy’s cock in her mouth and another guy’s cock in her cunt.

Then a terrible sinking feeling hit Julie and made her shiver. She recognized her bedroom and then recognized herself as two jocks jerked off over her face.

“You little bastard,” She snarled running over to the DVD player, pulling out the disc and breaking it.

“That won’t do you any good. It’s on my computer.”

Julie rushed upstairs and ran to his computer. She was about to throw it on the floor when she saw Jimmy’s calm expression.

“That won’t do you any good either. It’s all stored on the internet cloud. In fact if I don’t send a code to my site in one hour a whole lot of emails with attachments will go out automatically. To porn sites, to our school site, to the pastor, to all of your friend’s addresses and to a lot of people who aren’t your friends.

Julie put down the computer and sat on Jimmy’s bed, her head in her hands. “What do you want?”

“I want a reward for putting up with you all these years. All the times you’ve yelled at me, all the times you’ve dobbed me in to mum, all the times you and your friends have made fun of me and all the times those jocks have beaten me up.”

“What reward?”

“You’re going to be my sex slave. Starting now.”

“You fucking little bastard. No way. Just wait till I get Joe and Bob to deal to you.”

Jimmy looked at his watch. “Suck my dick.”

Julie had never heard her brother sound so assertive but couldn’t bring her self to do anything.

“Fifty minutes and counting.” Jimmy looked ostentatiously at his watch and Julie, realizing she had no alternative knelt down and undid his zip.

She laughed to herself. Her skinny brother would have a cock like a three inch pencil.

But then she let out a gasp of amazement as Jimmy’s mammoth manhood greeted her eyes.

Her brother was built like a stallion. Julie fancied herself as a good judge of cocks and this was the biggest she had seen. By a country mile.

“God Jimmy, you’re built like King Kong.”

“Just suck it.”

“I’ll try, but it’s so huge,” she giggled.

Julie did try and warmed to her task. She loved sucking dick, the bigger the better as far as she was concerned. And, as Jimmy’s cock was the biggest she’d ever throated, it was the best ever. And it gave her a thrill to know that she was the first to suck her virgin brother’s cock.

Julie used all her skills and enthusiasm. She desperately wanted to taste her brother’s cum and started to move her hands up and down his outsized organ.

“Cum all over me Jimmy. I want your cum in my mouth and everywhere,” was her urgent plea.

But Jimmy was stern and commanding.

“Take off your clothes slave and lie on the bed.”

Julie, excited by the prospect of Jimmy’s commanding cock in her cunt willingly obliged and Jimmy feasted his eyes on her big brown capped breasts, her cunt which was open for him to see with her Brazilian.

Julie lay back pulling her knees as far back and as wide as she could. She felt good seeing her brother’s face as he gazed at her most private parts. Then she started to worry; how on earth could she take this enormous erection into her cunt without being split apart?

It was difficult as Jimmy thrust in. Julie’s cunt was stretched in ways it had never been stretched before but instead of hurting it was ecstasy. Jimmy’s pounding penis excited parts of Julie she didn’t know she had and she thrust up to take him deeper.

“Oh Jimmy shove that cock into me as hard as you can. Fuck your slut sister’s cunt.”

Julie couldn’t keep herself under control as she was impaled on her brother’s monster sized instrument. She writhed and thrust her hips to take him even deeper and soon came in a loud shriek.

Julie lay shuddering and smiling on the bed and Jimmy left the room briefly.

She saw his hard cock and realized he hadn’t come. “Here Jimmy, I’ll finish you off.” She tried to pull his cock into her mouth.

“Not yet, you’d better some use this.” Jimmy pointed to an olive oil bottle. Although he had been a virgin until recently, his hours of internet porn were worth Julie’s while.

Julie looked at him not knowing what he was talking about. Then it dawned on her.

“No way. I’ve never done anal and never will.”

Jimmy looked at his watch. “Thirty minutes and counting.”

“You wouldn’t really would you?”

Jimmy nodded without smiling.

Julie dipped her finger in olive oil and gently eased it into her ass. After some initial discomfort she started to enjoy it just a bit. Then she looked at the size of Jimmy’s howitzer barrel and with a gasp of dismay realized that she needed at least two more fingers to get herself ready.

She looked at Jimmy and somehow felt excited seeing his stern face watching her. She eased in a third finger. That hurt a lot but after she massaged some more she started to feel a nice sensation from her anal ring.

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