A Brighton Weekend Pt. 01

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Finally, a chance for a few days away from work, home, responsibilities, but sadly Linda could not join me, “Sorry honey, I have that regional management meeting and I can’t get out of it!” So here I was staying in a Hotel overlooking Brighton’s Marine Palace and Pleasure Pier. When one is surrounded by nice people and good food; what else could a nice lesbian girl need for a short break away from home!

My itinerary was open, a morning of looking around the town centre, perhaps a little shopping; lunch somewhere either on or just off the prom, followed by an afternoon walk along the esplanade people watching, and there might even be something going on at the Bandstand, who knows. This evening, a nice dinner at the hotel and maybe a night club; glorious!

All had gone according to plan apart from the Bandstand where the afternoon events were for young children, Continuing my walk back I was about fifteen minutes away from the pier when it began to spit with rain, another five minutes and it was beginning to come down! Quickening my pace, getting close to the hotel it finally settled into a steady pour. I hurried across the King’s Road and the doorman greeted me with an umbrella up the stairs and into the hotel lobby. Passing the Front Desk the clerk on duty told me that, “as there had been so many rooms vacated today, my room was net yet serviced:”

“No problem, nothing we can’t work around when Housekeeping arrives.”

Arriving at the door to my room the Housekeeping cart was in front of it, the latch of the dead bolt had been set to hold it very slightly ajar, nothing unusual about that when the Housekeepers were servicing the room, I thought nothing of it.

For a moment I thought about coming back later but then decided that, at the very least, I should towel down and perhaps fix my hair a little before going down for afternoon tea. I was about to take hold of the door knob when, from the bathroom immediately adjacent to the door, I heard the sound of a woman expressively murmuring in a tone that could only be called a mewling of passion.

Very carefully, very quietly, I eased the door open. The Bathroom door was slightly ajar, sufficient that through the hinged side of the door jamb I could see the tall, slender figure of the girl who did the housekeeping on this floor sitting on the edge of the sink, her head thrown back, skirt high around her waist and her fingers entwined in the hair of the Supervisor who’s head was moving lasciviously up and down within the confines of her thighs. I knew it was a Supervisor as they all wear a sky blue jacket denoting their position in the hierarchy of the hotel and I could just see enough of her shoulders to pick this out.

“Oh yes Margaret, right there, oh baby, yes, again, again”

From my singularly selfish advantage point, I watched for as long as I dare. The vision of this gloriously lesbian interaction was exciting not only to observe but also exciting in the manifest of sensations that it was engendering at points very close to home… Yes, damn it, I was wet and I loved this opportunity of chance voyeurism. I have said it before and no doubt I shall unashamedly repeat myself again in the future: “I love to watch and I love to be watched!”

For now, I was obliged to withdraw from the wonderful events on which I had stumbled, events that were now coming to an end. As these two women kissed I quietly withdrew from my vantage point. I had no desire to cause embarrassed concern, but I most assuredly did hold a very specific desire to experience this stunning piece of housekeeping ass for myself. Although I was reasonably certain that the Supervisor was the short but really cute, dark headed beauty I had seen earlier today in the lift, I never got to really get a good look, but if it was she I have to admit, I also had some pretty good hot’s for her also.

Now back in the corridor I hurried to the foyer of the lift and waited for a few minutes before casually returning to the room. The Supervisor was coming out as I approached the door and ‘YES, it was her!’

Greeting her with a smile I inquired:

“Is it OK for me to get back in, the Desk Clerk told me there had been some delay”

“Oh yes Madam, Cassie is nearly done, just finishing up a few points, sorry for the inconvenience.”

“Inconvenience, no; hey things take time, think nothing of it, it all comes right in the end”

I smiled at my purposeful inference, full in the knowledge that she was unaware of all that I had seen.

“Thank you again, your patience it is so appreciated,” and she hurried off down the corridor. I sensed a little nervousness in her departure but put it down to the fact that she had just had a muff-dive in my bathroom; lucky girl!

Entering my room Cassie was hurriedly rearranging the pillows of the bed.

“Hello. Is it Cassie?”

“Yes Madam, good afternoon, I’ll be gone in a flash, sorry for the delay!”

“Not a problem, is it OK if I use the bathroom, are you finished there?”

“Oh yes, you go right ahead.”

Closing the bathroom door behind me, I was about to pull my skirt up when I noticed a small item in the corner of the vanity canlı bahis just behind where they put those lovely small bottles of shampoo etc., but this was something quite different. Picking it up I found myself holding a thong. Thoughts rushed through my mind, picturing Cassie sitting here, reliving the image of her held in the throes of clandestine orgasm. Oh Cassie, you sexy woman! Flushing the loo, I washed my hands and stepped out.

“Thank you Mam, all done for today.”

Conversationally I inquired: “What time do you get off?” Again I had to smile at my own joke.

“You’re my last room today, so all I have to do is restock and store my stuff, and then I’m off. I’ll try to be earlier tomorrow Mam. Again, sorry for the delay.”

“Please, honey, think nothing of it!”

As the door closed behind her I found myself in a whirl of thoughts… How do I meet her again? How do I contact her? How do I approach her? No, I can’t just take advantage of my knowledge and blackmail her into my bed, tempting maybe, but no that was not going to happen!

I moved to reach for the bottle of wine I had on the dresser, and realised again that I was holding her thong in my hand. It was like a magnet, I succumbed to the sensation of placing it to my lips, kissing it and breathing in the soft residual odour of her upon it before placing it on the dresser. Oh wow Aimie, what are you going to do? I poured a glass of wine, sipping it thoughtfully as I contemplated the possibilities; there was a quiet knock at the door.

Peering through the security lens, it was her, it was Cassie! I had to stand back and take a deep breath. Cassie knocked again, this time a little louder. I opened the door: “Oh, hello again.”

Somewhat nervously Cassie apologized for disturbing me: “Please excuse me Mam, but I think I may have left something in the bathroom.”

Entering my room, the door automatically closed behind her and as she reached for the bathroom door handle I found myself unable to not let her know of my find.

Taking her hand, I gently guided her toward the dresser. “Is this what you forgot Cassie?” I reached out to pick up the thong, holding it in my open palm to return it to her.

Cassie collapsed into tears, as she now moved to sit on the foot of the bed. Red with embarrassment “Oh Mam, I am so sorry… I know it’s against procedure but I used your bathroom while you were out, I took them off and completely forgot them, I am so sorry!”

Drawing a Kleenex from the box on the bedside table, giving it to her, I sat on the bed beside her. My arm moving around her shoulder to comfort her… Comfort her? No I wasn’t, I was seducing her, I wanted her and this was my prime opportunity!

Once again she whimpered an apology: “Mam, I…”

I placed a finger to her lips, quieting her as I continued:

“Cassie, my darling girl you have nothing to apologise for, and sweetheart please, my name is Aimie, call me Aimie”

Laughing as I smiled at her, “Besides, I’m 33 and ‘Mam’ makes me feel so damned old!”

As I wiped away the trailing remnants of her tears, I found myself being drawn toward her, Cassie came closer and I felt her kiss my cheek. Again she moved to me and I felt a tingle as she kissed my neck; releasing a small whimper of pleasure I let her do it again… The thought rushed through my mind: ‘Aimie, you’re being seduced! Oh fuck, do I tell her I’m a proud lesbian? Or do I remain quiet and allow her to seduce me, to give her the impression I have never done this before? Oh fuck, roll with the moment Aimie, roll with it, enjoy, and see where the ride takes you!

Turning my face toward her I tried to present an expression of uncertainty. Cassie smiled as she took my face in her hands; leaning my head to one side her lips brushed across my own, settling into a soft kiss! I momentarily leaned away but then allowed her to draw me back in, allowing her lips to mold against my own, slowly accepting and responding to her kiss. I felt a surge of almost nervous tension as I now proceeded on my chosen course, and as Cassie kissed my neck, I lied as I whispered:

“Cassie, I: I have never kissed a woman like this before, I…”

I trailed away from my sentence and as I looked into her eyes, accepting her continued move toward me, I again murmured a nervous whisper:

“Show me Cassie, teach me!”

With the recognisable, lusting smile of a lesbian sensing the conquest of seducing a femme virgin Cassie pulled me to her, laying my back to the bed, her kiss became so evidently more ardent with passion. Her kisses were glorious, and with each administration to my face, eyes, neck and mouth I slowly displayed my accepting need and wanting passion for more. Her kisses ascended into the mouth opening engorging of the wanting passions of delving tongues, each greeting the other in the natural desire for the Sapphic needs of another woman.

Cradling my head in one arm, Cassie’s kisses continued to excite. Her free hand stroking my face and my neck, insidiously descending to my chest, gliding softly over my shoulder and down my side, her palm always moving closer to, but never actually touching my breast, carefully bahis siteleri responsive to my every reaction to her touch. Obviously emboldened by my continued enjoyment of her kiss and touch she very deftly slid her fingers across the line of my breasts. I murmured into her kiss but as her hand passed more firmly over my breast I feigned nervousness. My arms dropping to my side, I tensed, opened my eyes and gasped a deep breath inward. Cassie sensed my tension immediately, her hand returning to my face, lightly stroking my cheek as she delivered a light kiss of knowing, and as she looked into my eyes I told her:

“I’m sorry, its all so new, please, take no notice, don’t stop!”

“Shush honey, its all OK, its all good.”

Cassie reassured me as she moved her breasts against the side of my chest. Her lips once again upon my own, once again expressive of her passion as once more she lowered her hand over my top, only to lightly pass down traversing through my cleavage to my abdomen, stroking me before returning upward to gently caress my breasts. Inside, I experienced a fleeting pang of guilt for not expressing my true self to her. My reality is to be the dominant partner, to take the lead; thing is, with Linda my partner in life, I have learnt that sometimes I have to be submissive, as, when I am with her she is also a dominant and we have experienced some very interesting trysts as to whom was going to be the leader on any one occasion! So for now, so be it, my pang was to be short lived and I settled back into the roll of the mystified submissive, and besides, I was loving the entire experience of being so carefully, so thoughtfully seduced.

Responding to her continued kisses, I rolled to my side toward her and placing my hand on hers I encouraged her touch of my still clothed breasts. It was as though I had passed a barrier, that I had given her permission and with this encouragement I was delighted as she now caressed with more verve, her fingers squeezing into the substance of my breasts. With my continued murmurings of pleasure Cassie moved her hand beneath my top, reached behind my back to the strap of my bra, stroking her hand beneath it as she sensitively asked “May I?”

“Oh yes baby, and my top!”

I sat up and her fingers expertly released the two hooks. Raising my arms she pulled my bra and my top up and away. It felt good to feel my tits free and out in the open, now cooled by the rooms air conditioning after being cloistered for so long beneath my clothes and the heat of my seducers body. As I lay back I delighted in her facial expression of approval of my 32D breasts. Releasing a silent ‘phew’ of pleasure her hand reached to me; in support of my continued acquiescence I released a sigh of pleasure at her touch, and for the first time I raised my hand to her right breast, tentatively squeezing, even through her bra I could feel her excited nipples. As we mutually enjoyed the moment Cassie suggested that we undress. Closing my eyes, looking down, I ‘nervously!’ Quietly agreed.

We both moved to sit on the side of the bed, I looked at her, in reality I wanted to take her there and then but I controlled myself, the seduction had been so lovingly wonderful. Cassie again leaned toward me, and as she kissed me I recognised the look of lesbian conquest in her demeanour and I relished in my accomplishment.


“Yes baby?”

“Can I undress you?”

As I took her hands in mine, we stood up,

Cassie absolutely blooming at my virginal request!

For a moment we held each other close, reviving a gloriously mouth watering kiss of moist lips and encouraging tongues.

My hands moved to the buttons of her housekeeping tunic and I fumbled with them until reaching number three before becoming more familiar with their release. Slowly her body came into my view exposing the upper hemispheres of her beautiful pair of 36B tits and a figure that just cried out to be touched and loved, she was stunning! Slipping the tunic off her shoulders she moved into me, my mouth was dry as she kissed me. I thought to myself: ‘nice touch the dry mouth’ but it was dry from a sense of increasing lustful desire for this beautiful woman, not the nervousness of a femme initiate… No matter; the neophyte image had been preserved and my dry mouth was soon moist again from the delving tongue of my lover.

As we held each other I naively reached for the back hooks of her bra, fully knowing it was clipped in the front:

“Its front fastening baby”

“Phew, sorry, I hadn’t noticed.”

Smiling, I stepped back just a little, sufficient to release from their bonds those amazing tits… I had to control my breathing, damn I wanted to devour them!

We kissed again as the bra slipped down her arms, arms which now free reached around me, her fingers nimbly unzipping my skirt and then releasing the waistband. Stepping back it dropped to the floor; again we moved to each other, our bodies blending at the breasts… Loudly I murmured my delight at the feeling of breasts on breasts; a feeling of which I have always delighted:

“Oh Cassie, I never knew what an amazing feeling another woman’s breasts bahis şirketleri could hold!”

Moving now one against the other in a delightful waltz of breasts against breasts, Cassie’s thumbs hooked into the waistband on my panties. I smiled a smile of permission for her to remove them, and standing back she pulled them down and her mouth lightly encompassed the nipple of my left tit. It was only a moment of touch but the sensation was magical. Now she was on her knees, my hands on her shoulders as she drew the flimsy article of clothing down my legs and as she held my thighs I stepped out, flicking it away with my toes. I felt her hot breath in my groin as she lightly kissed first one side and then the other. I threw my head back breathing deeply to maintain my self-control, difficult as she now kissed her way back up my torso, through my cleavage to my welcoming mouth and lips now mingled in the increasing fervour of mutual wanton desire.

Responding to the magnetic draw of the bed we lay side by side immersing ourselves again into delving of deep and wet kisses; our hands researching the nakedness of the other. Again I had to hold back, I had to let Cassie take the lead to, as I had earlier said to her: “Show me Cassie, teach me!” It was a teaching plan that she was now taking to heart… Kissing as we were, and believe me – I love to kiss; she now had one thigh lying across my legs, the moist heat of her pussy against my thigh… As her mouth now kissed and licked its way to my tits my hand responsively moved to the the back of her head, my fingers lightly combing though her hair and as her tongue licked across my very aroused nipple I could not resist the need to push her onto me, as I exclaimed:

“Oh yes lover, suck my nipple, oh yessss, bite me, I adore that!”

Cassie responded immediately! Her hand at one breast teasing the nipple as her mouth gorged on the other; licking, sucking nibbling on the flesh, the areolar and nipple of my tit then moving to other to delightfully pleasure both herself and I. This was bliss and as she nipped onto my nipple again, my thighs reflexively opened, her leg moved between them and I squealed in lustful pleasure as she almost rammed her thigh against the hot, oozing wetness of my crotch!

“Oh fuck Cassie, if only I had known!”

Cassie giggled but I wanted needed, and lusted for my fill of her amazing tits…

“Cassie I need, oh lover I need your breasts, I need to experience you”

In one swift and experienced rolling move I had her on her back… I stared at her tits open mouthed, swearing to myself not to blow my cover, but damn I wanted the feel, the opportunity to savour those large engorged nipples to the delights of my mouth. Softly now, I caressed her globes of love, my tongue licking teasingly over the light brown circles of her areolar before softly puckering my lips, encircling them over a nipple and suckling it into my mouth. One and then the other received my tentative attentions; tentative now but gradually increasing in wanton need almost exposing my experience but managing always to stop, more prematurely than I desired, but my goals had to be achieved; my seducer must know of her success!

“Oh Baby, I love your breasts, I wish mine were this size”

Cassie smiled, flattered by my attentions to her. Holding my head to her breast she directed me to suck and lick, to suckle hard: “You won’t hurt me Aimie, suck me harder my sweet lover.” I am a quick learner and I took my pleasure, obviously much to her liking, her passion for the love of a woman at her tits was displayed both verbally and by the movements of her body to my mouth.

I was loving every moment of touching and kissing her breasts and felt a little disappointed when I felt her drawing me up, but the kiss that ensued held me in absolute rapture and loving attention to her mouth.

“Lay back baby, I want your tits also”

I murmured a deep “Mmmm,” as once again her lips suckled to each of my nipples, but now as she mouthed each, her hand was circling over and around my abdomen. Soft fingers and a warm palm encroached upon my mound. My pussy lips are completely shaved but my Mons displays a small area of pubic hair shaved into the shape of a small heart… It is one of Linda’s delights to regularly shave my pussy and coiffure my heart, I have to say it makes for amazing foreplay. But at this moment, Cassie had kissed her way down and was admiringly stroking it… Looking down at her, our eyes met and she whispered, “Open your legs baby.”

Once again I took a deep sighing breath; once again my thighs parted allowing my alluring lover to move between them as she kissed once more the angles of my groins, her hands now pushing my knees up and out, my pussy open to her every touch and kiss… For now Cassie was happy to stroke my inner thighs, her fingers gradually coming closer, teasingly so toward my labial lips; it was now that I felt her breath upon me, purposefully breathing over me, blowing across me… Once again I mewled a deep sigh of wanting pleasure, sighing once again to totally display my acceptance to whatever she wished of me… I admit to a degree of frustration, I wanted her to tongue and finger fuck right then. Phew, by all that is holy forgive me, I was so totally engrossed in the selfish taking of my pleasure from this stunningly beautiful lesbian… Never-the-less, I needed her mouth now!

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