A Blue-Collar Story Ch. 4

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Public Sex

Scott turned to the bed, walking with his treasure still caught in his arms. They kissed and shared breath, their hearts beating together. Desi wrapped her legs around his waist, and he felt the dampness of her panties against his flesh. His cock was rigid in his straining shorts, his desire making a wet area on the fabric.

Tonight was a night for lovers, and Scott and Desi wanted it all.

Scott lowered her to the bed, following carefully, trying to keep his weight off her tiny frame. They continued kissing, touching, reveling in the night and their passion. They rolled together, this way and that, trying to find new places to touch and caress. They spoke words of desire and longing, as they tried to enter each other’s skin. Sometimes, they would move apart and look at each other, smiling at the feelings each posessed, amazed at the intensity of their need.

Their legs were wrapped together, his cock was pressed against the damp panties, rubbing against the satin, feeling the swollen slit that was open for him. His hands were in her hair, pulling her face to him, his mouth hungrily pulling hers open, sucking her tongue into his heat. He nursed on her tongue, with the same rhythm he would use later on her nipples and clit. Her body picked up the beat, the music of lovers totally in tune with each other, totally aware of the other.

Having one item of clothing between them seemed to ignite them, as if those tiny pieces of cloth were separating all of them. Kisses that seemed invented tonight were shared, touches with the most sensual responses caused moans from both of them. Occasionally, they would separate just a breath, to say lover’s words of joy and rapture, then they would collide together as if starving.

Desi had never felt this before. Scott seemed so right here with her, touching her, making her his own. She wanted him to stay with her forever, in her arms, in her bed, in her life.

Scott was amazed too. When he had been a Corporate King, the women had come easily to him. If it were possible to be blase with this activity, he had been. He never had to work very hard or be very creative, just being in his bed made women swoon with joy! Now, he found himself wanting to please this woman, he wanted to see her writhing with passion and screaming with ecstasy. It was suddenly important to him that Desi was fulfilled and content. He did not care for himself, his only thought was to please her.

Together, they enjoyed the feelings of being complete, one person complementing the other. Scott moved his mouth down her velvety skin, the sensation of unbelievable softness against his lips. He slid down her body, finding her nipple, aching and hard, and pulled it deep into his mouth, making her cry out with joy. He nursed the nipple as he had her tongue, setting illegal bahis the rhythm for all their lovemaking, making her hips wriggle against his. Her fingers combed his hair, pulling his face closer and closer to her chest, calling his name, wanting the seemingly unattainable. His mouth moved back and forth, licking each nipple before returning to the other. She held her breasts together, making the nipples very accessible to his worshipping mouth and tongue. He whipped his head right and left, finally settling on the left nipple, resting his head on her arm, just nursing like a hungry baby. The sensations were fantastic. He pulled the entire nipple deep, the nerves electrified and Desi floated into that gauzy sensual place that enveloped her completely. She just knew the need she felt, the need that had to be quenched. She thrust against his hard body, her hands gripping his head as he suckled her nubbin with passion. Desi felt her body stiffen, she felt her legs tighten and the heat moving through her. In her delirious state, she wasn’t able to see what was happening, she couldn’t comprehend the levels Scott was taking her. Suddenly, the spasms started, deep in her pinkness. She could feel her pussy throbbing to life, clamping on nothing, needing to be filled. Somehow, she was able to convey to Scott what she needed. She could feel him slipping his hand into her panties, sliding through her curlies and along her wet, slippery slit. “Please,” she screamed in her mind, “please find me, enter me, fill me!” Then, blessedly, his fingers pushed inside her. She felt the fullness as he used four fingers to fuck her needy pussy. Again and again, he slid in and out, using his fingers to satisfy her desires. As her orgasm subsided, she wrapped her arms around his head, kissing his face and thanking him for this gift. His fingers were still deep inside her, moving slowly now, just barely thrusting against her pulsing pink. He had his head on her chest and listened as her heartbeat returned to normal, no longer threatening to escape her chest. She murmured words, she sighed. He was against her skin and able to hear the words. He moved up and held her, his hands caressing the naked flesh above her waist, making it his own.

As she wrapped herself in Scott, she smiled at him. “So, what else do you like, Little One?”, he asked.

Desi blushed. Silly, she just shared an earth-shattering orgasm with this man, but felt embarassed to tell him what she enjoyed in bed. His finger slipped under her chin and lifted her face to his. “No shyness, no embarassment, no judgment, remember? You can tell me anything, and I can tell you. We are lovers who share, and that is how I want it.”

It took Desi a moment to get started, to say the words, but she grew bolder as she felt his loving hands on her. “I like to illegal bahis siteleri talk dirty,” she said. “I like to use words I don’t usually use, say things that will excite you, because they excite me too.”

Scott listened quietly, nodding his head. He looked down at her, a grin on his face. “I thought I heard some dirty talking going on, someone asking me to finger fuck her….but I wasn’t sure.”

Desi blushed again. She hadn’t thought she had spoken her wishes aloud, now she wished she hadn’t. Scott kissed her softly, assuring her that she could say anything when they were together and it would delight him.

She looked at him in wonder. How had she gotten so lucky? This man was everything she had ever wanted. He was charming, intelligent, gentle, and kind. They had so much fun together. Sexually, they were electric. Now she felt that wonderful afterglow of a great orgasm. She just wanted to snuggle up to Scott and hold him tightly in her arms. But she also wanted more. She wanted to hear him moan and cry out with excitement. She wanted to please him.

As if reading her mind, Scott leaned down to kiss her again. It was as if a switch had been flipped. Desi went from pleasantly drowsy to fully awake and hungry. She was hungry for Scott, for her lover who had made her so happy already today. She pushed him onto his back, climbing on top of his large body, feeling like a doll. She leaned down to kiss him, her curly hair tickling his nose as she moved her mouth over his. Her tongue traced his lips, slipping into the corners, moving restlessly over the tender skin, making him moan softly. His hands were in her hair, combing it with his fingertips, holding her face in place, not wanting to lose her questing lips.

She slid her body down his, her wet panties making a damp trail on his chest and tummy. As she moved over his legs, she spread her legs and captured his thighs between her own. She leaned forward and placed her hot mouth over his nipple, reveling in his reaction to this simple gesture. She sucked and licked, her mouth constantly moving over the tiny hard tit, circling the bumply flesh with her tongue. His hips danced against her, his hard cock pressing into her slit, filling it, pushing her wet panties deep into her. Desi lifted off his thighs long enough to pull his briefs down and out of the way. His cock was a thing of beauty. The head was fat and red, a drop of precome already glistening there. His shaft was stiff, the veins distended and full. She stopped to admire it. “Her cock”, she thought. She wanted to be good to her cock and moved back onto his muscular thighs, so she could get her mouth closer. As she leaned close, she just breathed his musky scent. She could feel her pinkness throb as she inhaled him. Her tongue slipped out, just the tip, and licked canlı bahis siteleri away the precome. She daintily circled his head, feeling the sleekness of it. Finally, she took the tip of her pointed tongue and slid it into the tiny eye at the tip of his cock, searching for more precome. Scott had moved up the bed, a pillow doubled beneath his head, watching her. She glanced up and saw the glazed look in his eyes, the smile of contentment on his face. Now she flattened her tongue and began licking up the hot shaft. She slurped and licked and nipped, murmuring as she did, telling him how good he was, how wonderful he tasted. Her mouth encircled the head now, sucking it into her wet. Not deeply, just barely inside, and then she began to apply suction. Slowly at first, she pulled him into her repeatedly, a little deeper each time. Her lips closed around the head, making a small enclosed area and just using his rhythm to pleasure him. At the same time, she slipped further down his thighs, her legs straddling his knees now. He could feel her wetness on his skin, his knee almost slipping inside her swollen slit. Without conscious thought, she pushed down on him, riding him, using him to pleasure herself. As she rubbed against him, she moved her mouth further down his dick, taking all the shaft into her mouth now, the head hitting the back of her throat. She seemed possessed. He watched her, as she moved her hips against him, her mouth frantically sucking his cock. At one point, she stopped and looked up at him, the passion in her eyes almost palpable. He looked at her sweet face, her angelic face, and listened to the words coming from her innocent mouth. “I want you to fuck my mouth, Scott, I want you to fuck my face!” All the while, her hips continued moving on his knee, grinding her wetness onto him. He could feel her legs tightening and knew now what that meant. She sat upright, her hips the only movement, then even they stopped. He could hear the growl starting deep in her throat and growing louder as it moved from her. He felt her legs quiver against his, felt her clamp herself to his knees and ride them desperately. Her nipples hardened even more, her fingers gripping and twisting them almost mindlessly. He watched in amazement as she came against his hard knees, as the flush colored her chest and her breath became ragged. Almost as soon as he knew the orgasm had ended, she fell forward, her mouth returning to his throbbing cock, needily pulling it into her sweetness, begging to be fucked, begging to be filled with come. His hands were in her hair, twisting the curls and holding her tightly against him. He felt his balls pulling into his body, felt the pleasurable agony of his climax as he released his come into her waiting mouth. She happily drank it all, her mouth massaging him and emptying him of all his essence. She licked him clean. Softly now. Slowly now.

He felt her collapse against him, her head on his chest, her feet barely reaching his calves. He held her tightly, his little rag doll, his lover.


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