Operation Minnow

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I arrived at the three-way intersection at 2302, taking up a position not where I was supposed to be, but where I could best control what was to come.

The next two hours passed quickly; waiting in a place where mortal peril looms is active waiting. I’m scanning. I’m listening. I’m smelling the air. I’m like an ambush predator.

I reviewed my next actions—the words I had to say to Colonel Kwan, the words he needed to say to me, the emblem I had to reveal, and the emblem Kwan would show to me.

Once verified, I would need to evaluate his condition for movement. What if he’s injured? What if he’s pursued? What if his English sucks? What if he’s ignorant of stealth movement techniques?

I reviewed it all. When 0100—our appointed meeting time—hit, I was not surprised by the sudden passage of time.

I went to high alert. Listening now with fierce concentration. Willing my eyes to be like an eagle’s. Forcing my body to be attentive to any changes to the environment around me.

When he didn’t show, I went through my contingencies again.

Finishing, I re-checked my watch at 0157.

There was still plenty of time.

Back at Anacostia-Bolling, Deacon told me that Kwan needed to be almost exactly on time for this to work. I wondered if he might have been right.

I had built in two hours of leeway—time I could burn and still make it out with Colonel Kwan. But after 0300, it was going to be tight. I needed to get to the South Korean side of the Korean Demilitarized Zone before 0618, sunrise. Once there, I could camouflage us and rest or sleep in relatively safely through the day. When nightfall came again, I could get us out.

By myself, I could get to the South Korean side in two hours and fifteen minutes—not due to the distance, but due to the time consumed by the two mandatory fence line breaches. With Kwan along, I wanted every bit of that three-plus hours.

I wondered about my drop-dead time. Should it change? I asked myself. Do I dare push it later?


What if, I wondered, I roll at 0300 and later find out he showed up at 0305? What will Deacon say? What about the fucking mission?

I can’t push the time, I decided. I can’t. There’d be no way to get out of North Korea. I can’t travel almost five kilometers over uneven terrain that included two fucking breaches, minefields, and DPRK patrols. I can’t do it babysitting a North Korean colonel. Impossible.

And I can’t wait out another day.

If Kwan has been caught, I acknowledged, then in all likelihood, I’m compromised. DPRK interrogators will coerce the meeting location out of him, and their elite troops will come down upon me in force.

I punch out at 0300, I told myself. That’s it.

At 0232, twenty-eight minutes from drop-dead time, I heard the sound of a person. Footfalls on gravel. Distance 200 meters, give or take. My heart surged. Every sense, dulled somewhat from the overlong wait, sprang back into high readiness.

That cannot, I thought, be him. He would not be so stupid as to make that much noise.

I powered up my NVGs and lowered them over my eyes, scanning west down the road.


I switched them to infrared.


I raised them from my eyes and listened.

Yes, footfalls.

Closer. 180 meters. Just around the bend. A single person.

It has to be a civilian, right? I asked myself. But at 0230?

I didn’t know what to think. I lowered the NVGs and saw him.

Short, skinny. My first thought was this was a civilian woman, but I quickly dispelled that, remembering the briefing on malnutrition. But, do DPRK Colonels—Colonels!—not get enough food to eat, too?

Maybe, I decided, he’s just a little colonel.

But his gait struck me as odd.

His attire was definitely not that of a member of the military. He wore a loose black shirt on top of loose black pants that didn’t quite reach his ankles. His shoes looked almost like slippers—black, sleek, and not at all rugged. On his head, he wore one of those wide conical bamboo coolie hats, and it also was black, pulled low to hide his face.

I scanned the east-west road and the other road north. Nothing. Powering down the NVGs, I worked to restore my own night vision while listening intently for any other sound besides those damned footsteps.

At about 120 meters, my eyes darted up at a change.

“Fuckin’-a,” I mouthed.

The colonel was jogging. Crunch-crunch-crunch-crunch.

Was someone else coming? A vehicle behind him?

I drew up my CQB rifle, looked, and listened. Nothing else out there but him.

What in the fuck kind of colonel is this? I asked myself.

Deacon hadn’t known. There was no record of a Colonel Kwan. No photograph, either, but the DPRK contact had told our people that the information Kwan had would be invaluable. Deacon warned me about a trap—for me, for the Colonel, or for the source that arranged the defection with our people.

Kwan was about 80 meters from the T intersection when I went stock-still. Didn’t move a muscle. Didn’t breathe. Didn’t blink.

I illegal bahis could see him now. Not clearly, but well enough. He was jogging towards the intersection, and this was no man’s running form.

This was a woman. I hadn’t a doubt.

At 50 meters, it was all confirmed—breasts. They rocked up and down with each stride. Largish ones, too, for such a tiny frame.

Fuck me, I thought. Fuck me, a fucking civilian? Here? At two fucking thirty in the morning?

I remained still, and a new idea occurred to me: the reason Colonel Kwan hasn’t shown up yet is because of this civilian woman. He’s waiting for her to pass before coming to meet me.

It made perfect sense. All the noise from the gravel? Kwan heard it and tucked himself away.

Just some shitty luck, I decided.

I blew a silent sigh and waited for her to pass, watching closely.

At 20 meters from the intersection, she slowed to a walk and passed me.

Young, I realized. She’s young. Her gait—a kind of springiness in it—clued me in. Late teens or early twenties was my guess. But what the hell was she doing coming to my fucking intersection?

Looking primarily along the roads east, west, and north, she scanned a complete circle. Then she crossed toward the northeast corner of the T and stopped there.

I checked my watch. 0239. Shit.

She turned her back to me, looking into the thick tree line that began about eight meters from the road.

By my estimate, this girl was standing on exactly the proper grid coordinates for my meet with Kwan. She was looking directly into the copse where, quite naturally, I might have hidden—perhaps exactly where Kwan was expecting me to be waiting for him.

This is not possible, I thought.

Could Kwan be wearing a disguise? Disguised as a woman?

No, I said to myself. That’s no disguise. I know how girls run. I know how tits shake.

A further train of ideas began leaping into my mind.

She couldn’t be an assassin sent to kill Kwan and me. No fucking way they send someone that incompetent. Plus, I couldn’t see any weapons on her.

I considered the idea that this was a lookout for Kwan—someone he trusted but was willing to sacrifice in the event it was a trap. Kind of a shitty move, if true.

Then, I wondered if it might be a relative. His daughter? His wife? I could see an old colonel being “gifted” with a large-breasted young wife by the fucked up DPRK regime. Did Kwan expect me to exfiltrate her, too? A last-minute change of plans? I hoped the fuck not.

After that, it occurred to me that this might just be the coincidence it appeared. Scanning the intersection, I realized it was a fairly obvious meeting place. The trees close to the street on two of the three sides provided good cover, and there weren’t a hell of a lot of decent roads around.

Maybe, I thought, she was here to meet a boyfriend. A sneak out hook-up. I could see that happening. Her old man didn’t like the kid; it was a bad match. “I forbid you to see that boy!” But they found a way. Made sense, though it didn’t help matters. She needed to get the fuck out of here and ASAP. Be just my fucking luck if the meet-up time was set for 0300.

I watched her.

All black, I reminded myself. She’s wearing all black. It definitely suggested covert action. It didn’t seem to be normal work or leisure attire. So, she was being sneaky, but she was making all kinds of noise and walking on the road. Didn’t make any sense.

My watch read 0244.

She left the road, stepping into the low brush and making her way into the trees. Stopping just short of the darkness inside, she bent forward as if peering into the shadows. Left and right she scanned.

She whispered something. I couldn’t hear the distinct syllables.

Boyfriend’s name, maybe?

She carefully walked along the tree line north a few steps, her eyes directed into the foliage. She went further up the hill. At about 10 meters, she turned back. Back at the intersection, she turned east, repeating her scan into the trees.

Then she came back. At the corner, she backed into the shadows and sat.

No, I mouthed. No. No. No.


I turned on my NVGs and drew them over my eyes.

She was sitting just inside the shadows of the foliage, her arms wrapped around her knees.

I knew what I needed to do. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

Sighing noiselessly, I powered down my NVGs and lifted them from my eyes. Then, as quietly as possible, I unslung my CQBR.

Checking the silencer first, I switched it from safe to semi-auto and gently urged the forward assist, fully seating the 5.56mm round. I powered up the night scope and settled into a perfect seated firing position.

This was a 30 meter shot with a 10.5 inch barreled rifle—a walk in the park against an unmoving target in any conditions—day, night, rain, snow, fucking tornado. I would not miss a head shot.

I raised the rifle to my eyes and checked my sight. I had her. Just a slow, steady squeeze when my breathing was right.

A knife of guilt illegal bahis siteleri sliced at my heart before I could fire. This was not the kind of work I wanted—killing some innocent North Korean girl?

But that’s probably what I’m expected to do here, I thought. That’s probably what Colonel Kwan is waiting for. Kill her, he’s somewhere urging me. Shoot her!

I wondered what Deacon would tell me to do. He wouldn’t tell me to go talk to her, that’s for damn sure. I didn’t speak Korean. She was just some country girl, didn’t speak any fucking English.

The minute I walk out of these trees, she fucking screams, I thought. Fucking screams.

And even if she didn’t, even if she let the giant foreign warrior approach, hiss a bunch of gibberish, and shoo her off—even then, she would race home and tell someone.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!

There was no time to maneuver east out of sight, cross the damned road, and come in behind her where I could cover her mouth before she cried out.

I roll at 0300. That’s it. That’s my fucking time. 0300.

Shoot her now, I said to myself, and I give Kwan five minutes to get his ass over here.

I raised the rifle and sighted into her head.

My index finger alighted on the trigger.

My breathing relaxed.

She looked up, and with each of my breaths, I watched the crosshairs gently rise and fall—from her forehead down to her nose.

Forehead—nose. Forehead—nose.

Now. Now. NOW.

I drew my finger out and pointed it straight forward.

I can’t do this, I thought. I can’t kill this girl.

Movement arrested my attention; she rose to her feet.

She walked toward the intersection, scanning along each of the roads.

“Go,” I mouthed in silence. “Go home.”

She began crossing the street.


Crossing south, to my side.

She stepped off the road maybe 30 feet east of me.

I lowered the rifle and checked the time—0256.

Stepping gingerly through the low brush, she made it to the tree line and began a slow walk west, toward me.

I carefully set my rifle down and drew my knife.

I pushed myself from a seated to a crouched position, ready to explode upon her.

She leaned into the darkness—peering, searching. Then, she stepped closer.

Closer. Five meters.

Cover her mouth, I thought. Get the knife in her eye so she can see it. Then, I’ll muzzle her, tie her up, and put her somewhere safe. Come daylight, she’ll be seen and I’ll be long gone, Kwan or no Kwan.

Less than 2 meters.

One more step, girl, and you’re mine.

Her eyes went right over me, across and back. She squinted and scanned. Her right foot rose and planted.

Close enough, I decided. Without a sound, I sprang at her.

At the same moment, I heard her whisper, “Olion i-boibnida.”

My hand covered her next utterance, a scream.

Her body froze against me. I felt her every muscle tense, but I never raised the knife.

She had spoken the recognition passphrase.

Astonished, I whispered, “Nano bodna.”

Her body relaxed, and I uncovered her mouth and drew her into the shadows and down to the ground. Gripping her by the shoulders gently, but firmly, I asked, “Where is Colonel Kwan?”

She looked confused. She said, “Daelyeong Kwan?”

I knew that Daelyeong meant Colonel in Korean. “Yes. Daelyeong Kwan—Colonel Kwan, where is he?”

“Ye. Kwan. Cow-no Kwan,” she said.

“Yes. Where is he?” I pointed left, right, forward, and back. I shrugged my shoulders. “Where is Colonel Kwan?”

She said, “Cow-no Kwan I.” She pointed at herself.

I blinked, staring at her. Shaking my head, I asked, “You? You are Kwan?”

“I Cow-no Kwan. Cow-no Kwan Min-Ji,” she responded, nodding and removing her hat to display her face as if that would help.

I let go of her shoulders and sat back on my heels.

A moment later, I raised my index finger. Unbuttoning my shirt pocket, I drew out a 100 won South Korean coin and showed it to her.

She took off her shoe, reached into it, and pulled out a coin, handing it to me.

I took it and examined it. One won. North Korean.


This girl was Colonel Kwan.


No time to fuck around. I needed to get away from the road and somewhere Kwan and I could stop and make the adjustments and preparations for the big move.

I said, “Follow me. Quiet.” I held my finger to my lips.

She nodded and reached for my hand.

I gave it to her and led her south into the trees and up the hill.

She stepped where I stepped. She was careful, but the hand-holding was slowing us down.

As we moved, I considered her situation. A fucking colonel? A kid probably ten years younger than me? Maybe more. Incredible to me, but in North Korea? I could believe it.

Having seen videos of the regime’s enormous parades through downtown Pyongyang, having seen company after company of female units doing that silly goose-step, I supposed it was possible.

She canlı bahis siteleri was connected. Maybe her father was some kind of Field Marshal or General. A big politician, maybe.

Having seen those women goose-stepping, I also knew that, strange as it seemed, those women all seemed to have big tits—at least, the visible ones in the outer ranks did. Colonel Kwan Min-Ji fit the type.

Then I wondered if she was one of those—what do you call them?—comfort women.

Even in the darkness, I could tell she was attractive.

Maybe she was some general’s personal babe. That, also, would explain an insanely high rank for an eighteen or twenty-year-old.

I stopped us halfway up the hill and we knelt. I spent a minute listening intently. Kwan kept quiet.

Satisfied, I pointed to myself and whispered, “Skipper.”

“Ski-pell,” she responded.

“Skipper,” I tried again.


“Good enough.”

She pointed to herself, saying, “Min-Ji”

I nodded. Then, I bowed slightly and extended my right hand, supporting my right forearm, as I was taught, with my left hand.

She bowed and did the same.

We shook hands. Hers was tiny but strong. She smiled nervously.

“Can you speak English?”

“Spee Ying-wish? Ye, spee sung Ying-wish.”

Her words were heavily accented and barely intelligible.

“Were you being followed?” I asked. The answer was more than likely “no.” She had, after all, been waiting at the intersection for almost 30 minutes, but I needed to ask, just in case.

“Fwo-lo?” she responded, shaking her head slightly.

I nodded. “Followed. Is anyone following you?”

She was utterly confused.

I cursed to myself, remembering how Deacon told me the source said Kwan could “get by in English.” Bullshit.

I slung the rifle behind my back. Using my fingers, I tried to show her what I meant. One person walking, I pointed to her. Another person behind her, following.

She seemed to understand.

“Anyone follow you?”

“No fwo-lo.”

“Okay,” I whispered.

Now for a harder question. I pointed to my watch. “When,” I said, “will they know you’re gone?” I pointed randomly out, out there, saying “They. Others.” Then, I mimicked searching and looking. “Look for you,” I said, pointing at her. Finally, I pointed to my watch. “When? They look for you when?”

She didn’t get it.

I knelt and used twigs and pine needles. One for her. One for me. A bunch for the searchers. I pretended to be looking and searching with the sticks. I pointed at my watch. “When are they coming? When will they follow?”

Her eyes widened in recognition. She spoke utter gibberish to me for a few seconds. I was about to stop her, but suddenly she pointed to my watch and began counting—very poorly—in English. Her little finger touched each number. “Won-Doo-Nee-Fie-Fow-Sees-Seppen-Yay-Nie?” She glanced up at me.

I nodded. “Yes. Numbers,” I said, even though it sounded like she mixed up four and five. “But what time?” I asked, poking my watch.

She pointed at the seven, saying, “Seppen?”

“Seven. That’s seven.”


“Bad guys come looking at seven?” I asked, re-enacting the pine-needle troop search on the ground.

She nodded. “Fwo-lo seffen.”

“Okay,” I muttered, considering how that time would impact my plan.

She said, “Ho-kay.”

I glanced at her nervous smile and decided I needed to start by getting her ready to move out. I pulled out my pack and drew out a canteen for her.

She took it and watched me drink. She followed. Handing it back to me, I set it on the ground beside her.

I took out three energy bars, handing them to her. I mimicked eating.

She shook her head, handing them back.

I placed them beside the canteen, and then I drew out a small utility belt with two pouches on the front and an empty canteen pouch in the back. I stuffed the bars in one pouch and her canteen in its slot.

Gently holding out my hand toward her as if to say, “It’s okay. Don’t worry,” I shuffled on my knees towards her and wrapped the utility belt around her waist.

It was way too loose around her. I had set it for the Colonel I imagined—small, but a male. For her waist, it would need further adjustment.

She whispered, “Ah!” and took the belt from me. Her fingers worked the little clasps, and she began adjusting it herself.

So, not totally incompetent, I thought. That helps.

While she worked on the belt I drew out a light neoprene outfit.

Her black clothes would be great camouflage if we only moved in the shadows at night. Black was perfect for that. But, under moonlight or in the open-air day or night, there were much better colors than black.

This neoprene stuff was perfect. Deep camouflage—dark and medium browns mixed in with dark and medium greens with a few light tan accents here and there. It also was very stretchy—it would almost, but not quite, be loose on her little frame.

Plus, this stuff had the added benefits of being a good warming layer, defeating infrared, reversing into a civilian exercise-type outfit, and it had little buttoning loops built-in all over it to add elements that would break up her silhouette. For that purpose, I had brought several bits of camouflage netting which I then pulled out of the bag.

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Insatiable Rob , Eric Ch. 18

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Something was changing with Tina, or at least I thought so…oddly, I couldn’t read her. For the past few years, she shied from the threesome thing, whenever it was offered. Even though she enjoyed watching, she wouldn’t commit to anything more. After she watched us (Eric and myself) fuck on the patio, I remember she told me she wouldn’t mind seeing more…some time. She got super turned-on, but it never happened.

Four, maybe five years earlier, she did explore things with Racheal and Justin. We had a couple threesome experiences with Racheal…and swapping evenings with all four of us…but that was it. She seemed to embrace things at the time, but it just stopped when they moved away.


Our Trip

I was sipping a beer, “Sorry about things being up in the air, but I need to talk with her tonight. It’s all in her court. It’s one of those awkward conversations, where you don’t want to push too hard…you know”

“Rob, it’s all good…one bedroom or two. It doesn’t matter. A week at a Mexican beach house with my boyfriend and his wife…a wife that supports our relationship. Honestly, I’m good, dude.”

“It’s not a week…its ten days.”

“Shit! I think I only requested a week off. I’ll talk to my boss tomorrow…she won’t have a problem with it.” He smiles, “But you’ll be worn out…jumping from one bed to another.”

“That sounds fun.”

“I knew you’d say that…horny bastard. But I’m right there with ya…thinking about it, makes me horny as fuck, too.”

He was right. Three horny people in an exotic, secluded beach house and add some partying…it was going to be a great time. He was along for the ride and clearly open to everything…even with his sexual identity, being gay. Look out Puerto Vallarta!


I walked in as she was uncorking a Malbec. “Sweetie, we need to talk about the Mexico trip…Eric…and sleeping arrangements.”

She smiles, “I knew this was coming. I’m sorry if I’ve made this awkward, honey, but I have been thinking about things…a lot.”

“You have? Then, talk to me…I need to know these things. If something’s bothering you, I need to know.”

“Yeah…I know…but you know it’s always been hard for me to be with other people…in the bedroom. It comes so easy with you. I mean you have such a long history. Remember when we started dating…you told me you were bi…and you wanted to continue being with men.”

“I do…I was so fucking nervous. I thought I might lose you, but I wanted to start our relationship with honesty…you know.”

“I’m totally cool with all of that and I have tried to join in a few times. We had fun with Racheal and Justin. It was hot…sexy, when I saw you take him in your mouth. And when he rolled over and spread his legs for you, I think I almost crushed Racheal.” She giggled, “Remember she was between my legs and I watched you two fuck…it was so fucking hot. I guess I was just getting into it and they had to up and move…I know it wasn’t their fault, but I still miss them.”

“I know…and we haven’t been able to hook up since…we all get so busy. We really needed to go visit, but with Eric in the picture, that’s not likely to happen…I’ve moved on and don’t want to hurt him.”

“I understand that. Anyway, we’re off topic…lets go back to the trip.”

“Well, Tina…you’re supportive and I don’t wanna pressure you. I want you to have an amazing vacation, but it’s important for Eric to come with us.”

“Rob, you know that’s’ not an issue…I love Eric and he’s always welcome in our home…and I’m excited to have him traveling with us.

The thought of two sexy men in bed with me is hot. I’ve been running it through my head…and I think we should go for it, as long as everybody’s comfortable. If you’re okay with sex between your wife and your boyfriend, I’m in…and a little excited. I even checked things out…the master bedroom has a king. The other two bedrooms have either a queen bed or two twins.”

“You think Eric will be okay with things?”

“Oh yeah…he’s all excited. We had a talk yesterday…we’ll have fun.” I laugh, “We can’t forget lube!”


Even though it was determined, when we got there, Eric pondered the three bedrooms, but Tina had it totally under control. As I put some bags down inside the master, Tina said, “Sweetie, just put all your stuff in the big bedroom. We can all share…this’s exciting.” We both grinned, while she continued, “We’re gonna have some serious fun, together…on this trip. I’m really excited!”

She recognizes the awkward grins, “Look…you two are twins. It’s like there are two Rob’s or two Eric’s.” Very matter-of-fact, she says, “Either way, I get two, hot guys and I’m a happy…very satisfied woman,” and she takes her makeup bag into the bathroom.

Once unpacked, we all got our suits on. Tina was on the chaise, bahis firmaları enjoying a beer and the view of the ocean; she was sporting her hot, white bikini. Eric and I took a dip in the pool and immediately started messing around…we couldn’t hold back.

After about ten minutes, I pulled myself out to sit on the edge, leaning back on my arms. My body glistened in the warm sun as water streamed down my chest. I watched their eyes wash over my lean frame…my trunks were riding low and you could see a tan line and, just below, the white skin that rarely sees sun. When Eric stripped off his trunks and threw them over the edge, Tina applauded, “That’s the spirit, honey…we’re on vacation. Get rid of that suit and let me see that hot, little ass.”

We all laughed, after he mooned us and took a bow. He sat on the edge and spread his legs; I was all over his dick, stroking…licking over the head…worshipping all that handsome flesh. Caressing over his meaty balls, I cupped them with my hand to feel the weight. I love the velvety, smooth skin that holds them; the sac was taut from the weight, when I let go. Already rock-hard and at full girth, I stroked, up and down, enclosed the shaft with my fingers and guided it to my mouth. I love feeling his veiny girth, pulsing and throbbing between my lips.

We looked at Tina and she didn’t need to say much; her gaze said it all, as she watched me work his dick. The sight of a nice cock was always a turn-on for Tina, but this one was pumping through her husband’s lips. That was more than she could handle; she slipped her top off and pushed the bikini bottoms aside, with her fingers. There was no doubt in those eyes…I knew from her intensity…she was on fire.

“Fuck yeah! You two are so fucking sexy, together. Don’t mind me, while I touch myself…you two do yer thing and let me watch. Mmmmm…but whenever you’re ready, I’m horny as fuck and ready…ready for men!”

It wasn’t long before we were standing off to either side, stroking over her face. “You boys can take me…fuck me…do anything you want. I’m all yours’ for ten days!”

We fuck through her lips, first me, then Eric…she went back and forth, till we were, both, almost cumming. “Fuck…lick the head…lick the pre,” I moaned. She rolled her tongue over the tip, while I ran my hand over the shaft, pushing out precum. “That’s sweet, Tina…lick up that juice…man juice for yer tongue.”

I stroked a few more times, “You’re hungry, aren’t you?”

Not responding beyond a soft moan, she licked and pushed it deeper into her mouth. With two big cocks in her face and pumping through her lips, her needs exploded. She got noticeably more serious with her fingers; she was dripping wet and ready…ready for fucking.

I straddled her body and the chair, first, helping with Eric. His beautiful, hard flesh, slid between her lips…then mine…then both. With a husband and wife working his dick, he moaned uncontrollably, “Uhhhh…mmmmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…that’s what I need…two…hungry mouths…on my dick…fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh. Fuck! Yer gonna make me cum!”

“Pull off, dude…pull off…make it last.”

I planted my lips over hers, while he pushed things back. Her gaze fixed between my legs…my dick stood straight and swayed heavy over my belly. After a heated make-out, I spread her and pushed through the tiny crack. She moans, “Ahhhhhhhhh…ahhhhh…you know what I want, sweetie…give me that big, beautiful dick…give it to me, deep!”

“Mmmmm…that’s right…just like that, sweetie…fuck me…fuck me. Yessss…mmmm…yessssss…sink it deep…sink that big dick deep…deep inside…fuck me…fuck me hard. Do it hard…fuck me hard…fuck me!”

I took her hips in my hands and started fucking. With my cock pumping her, she surrendered to the pleasure; her eyes rolled back and she moaned, “Ahhhhh…gawd yesssssss…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it sweetie. Fuck me…fuck me!”

I felt the caress of her tight pussy, as it gripped the shaft…then that intoxicating heat. She wiggled her hips, feeling the dick…and the fullness she craved; it filled her body and poked at her cervix. I moaned, “Babe! Fuck…that’s perfect…mmmmmmmm…right there! I love that…fuck me…fuck meeee…mmmmmmm…that’s it!”

Eric, back in the game, nudged at her face with his dick.

“You guys…fuck! I’ve been thinking about this for weeks. These beautiful dicks! I need’m both…so fucking bad. Make it last…make it last…ya need to fuck me all afternoon…don’t fucking stop…uhhhh…uhhhh…just fuck me!”

She goes back to sucking him and I watch them go at it. As he rolls his hips forward, putting his dick deeper in her mouth, I want to take her place and slide my lips over that rock-hard shaft. That afternoon, we were all fresh; we edged and gave her the workout, she begged for.

After his third or fourth close call, Eric couldn’t hold it, “Fuck! I gotta cum…fuck…Tina…uhhhh…uhhhh…gonna drown those kaçak iddaa titties…fuck…cumming…cumming…cummin’ on those tits!” When he pulled out, he stroked furiously and shot seed over her tits, while she begged, “Give it to me baby…mmmmm…gimme that load…gimme that load!”

She looked my way, “That’s it, sweetie…fuck it hard…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard…fill me with it!” “Yes! Like that. I want you to fuck me like that!”

I fucked wildly, thrusting into her like an animal…a raging male, looking to breed. “Babe, take it…take this dick…spread wide for me…fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…squeeze that dick…work it…work that dick…squeeze that dick!”

“Cum in me…fill me, babe!” She moaned, “Mmmmmmm…fill my pussy…fill me…fill me with cum…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…shoot it in me, baby!”

Eric grabbed his dick and stroked back into her mouth. That was all I needed and plunged, deep into her pussy. With her pussy stretched tight around my dick, I punched that rock-hard shaft, deep into her body. Over and over, I felt it slamming her cervix. More aggressive with need, I held her tight while I pounded with more force. Eric pulled out, she caught her breath and gripped tighter at the chair. My hips slammed forward, planting the whole length into her pussy. I had to pause to catch my breath, too, “Oh, Tina…Tina…fuck…mmmmm…uhhhh…uhhhh! That’s good…feel so damn good!”

“Keep going…fuck me…fuck me!” Her skin, soft and glistening with a sheen, she rubbed frantically over her clit; it was all swollen and pink. “Don’t stop…honey, fuck me…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me!”

I slammed deep and felt heat rising through the shaft. With one more thrust it exploded and sprayed her insides…then another…and then another.

Between her fingers, the cum and my pulsing cock, orgasm coursed through her body and she shuddered with screams, “Rob…Rob…Rob…oh fuck…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck…me…fuck…me

We both caught our breath, I collapsed over top, in his seed, and Tina relaxed her legs, spreading them wide, and resting them on the patio. “You guys…that’s what I needed…I’m on vacation…we’re on vacation!”

She looked at us and smiled, “You know you two are twins…so hot. In the pool I was comparing things…well, I was comparing dicks. Its subtle, their almost twins, too, but Eric’s a little longer and my hubby’s a little wider…I like’m both…they’re perfect! And this’s gonna be a fun vacation.”


We were hanging in the living room and Tina flashes that sexy smile, that never gets old, “I’m feeling a little buzzed and super horny…and I wanna take advantage of you. Eric…honey…don’t you think it’s our turn to jump his bones.”

“Well…yeah. Oh yeah!”

“Well, put down that wine and let’s get to it, sweetie.”

He runs off to the bedroom, “Let me get lube…don’t start without me.”

She held my chin and pulled me closer, pressing her supple lips to mine in a slow, passionate kiss.

My rock-hard dick throbbed with readiness, and she moaned as her milky breasts overflowed my hands; my fingers were buried in the firm, fleshy pleasure. I got a nipple between my lips and then brought the other one up, nipping with my teeth and flicking with my tongue.

She grins, “I’m so fucking horny…I wanna wrap my whole body around that big dick…but baby I really need that tongue. I wanna feel it inside…fucking my pussy…licking my clit. I love when you flick it, over me.”

Eric was running back into the room, as she moaned, “Fuck! I need you to suck my clit!”

“Sounds like a good plan…for Rob…right?”

Eric yanked down my shorts and stroked lube over my dick; bobbing rigidly, it arced up to my navel. Entranced by the prep, she watched him hold it upright and lower himself. “Fuccccck! Fuckkkkk…that’s good! Robbie, your wife and I are gonna fuck you into the next county…um…country…in this case, the next country!”

She straddled my face; my tongue, nestled in the tight embrace of pussy, worked deeper into the wetness. She enjoyed every second, gasping and moaning, as she rolled her hips over my face and rode my tongue.

I caught a glimpse of Eric, when he turned around and threw his leg over me; the tight curve of his butt stuck out from his frame and it flexed, when he lifted his leg…I felt my cock twitch. My cock throbbed at the thought of pushing through that tight muscled hole, sinking deep into his ass. When he eased it back in, the plump head slipped through easier; his ass was hot and tight as he worked me, deeper and deeper. When he got it all, he was quick to start a slow, savoring fuck. He rode me with long, deep, deliberate strokes, each time pushing my dick, deep into his body. I could reach down to caress his smooth, rounded ass, as he fucked himself on my dick. My fingers sinking deep into the thick, muscle, he bobbed and bounced his body over mine, kaçak bahis groaning, “Ahhhh…ahhhh…fuck me…Rob…Rob…uhhhh…uhhhh…wanna ride that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…ride it good…fuck! Fuck…that dick…that dick…mmmm, it feels…amazing!”

After a good long stretch, Tina moans, “Well this is all wrong! Let me turn around…I wanna watch my boys fuck.”

When she got up, I totally understood where she headed. When I gazed at his lean build…especially that cute trail of hair at his navel, I thought he was so fucking hot. When she lowered herself over my face, all I could see were my wife’s dainty holes. Blinded by girl, I guess…but it was incredibly sexy to only hear their pleasured moans, as they, both, rode me to orgasm.

Tina was crazy horny and pressed her clit back between my lips. But it wasn’t but a half minute, before Eric lost it and I felt him shoot over my abs…since I couldn’t see, I pictured him flailing and spraying seed everywhere. When some hit Tina, she squealed, “Mmmmm…that’s what a girl needs.

She was grinding her clit over my lips with more urgency and I licked her through orgasm. I held her tighter, to keep it between my lips. With a big scream, orgasm rolled through her body, “Baby…uhhhh…uhhhh…yer makin’ me cum…don’t stop…don’t stop…yessssss…cummmming…yessssssssssssssssssssss…yesssssssssssssss!”

Once relaxed, she rolled off, with her cheeks all flushed, and kissed me. She smiled, and I pulled her close to kiss deeper…her tongue flicked at mine. Then Eric bent down to do the same, his tongue hungrily tracing my lips and pushing deeper. He moaned, “You ready? Let me fuck you…fuck that hot ass!”

“Eric, fuck me. You need to fuck me…I want it inside!”

Cupping my ass with his hands, he gently squeezed the taut, flesh, sensuously following the muscled curves with his fingers. I got comfortable on all fours, while he lubed and wedged himself between my cheeks. Feeling that rock-hard meat probing and poking at my butt, ramped up my desire…ramped up my need…ramped up my hunger.

I reached back to stroke him, and he anxiously spread my cheeks to expose the puckered muscle, hiding within. He pushed a couple fingers in, to spread it wider. Slowly pushing forward, he planted the head inside, to feel the muscle snap tight around his shaft. I moaned, pushing back into him, “Mmmmmmm…deeper…I want it deeper…put it deeper!”

He teased and humped forward a couple of times, gradually sinking it all, deep in my ass. Pulling back and thrusting forward, with one big, long stroke, his balls slapped over mine. I squeezed tight on his beautiful dick and smiled at Tina, “Now, fuck me…fuck me with that big dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…that’s it, buddy, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me hard!”

As the fading sun cast longer shadows across the patio, my eyes closed in pleasure…this’s a sweet end to a perfect day. “Uhhhh…uhhhh…Eric…fuckin’…uhhhh…gimme that dick…fuck me! Gimme all that dick…uhhhh…uhhhh…work that ass…work it for Tina…yessssss, work it for Tina…fuckkkkk…fuck me…fuck yeah…fuck yeah…fuck me…fuck me!” Getting fucked by my boyfriend, while my wife watched and masturbated, created incredible euphoria. I was begging for every inch, he could pump into me, “Gooood…fuckkkkk…Eric, that dick’s sweet…uhhhh…uhhhh…fuck me…fuck me…that’s good…deep…it goes deep…yessss.”

Sounds of pleasure fell over the living room and spilled outside, over the patio, as we satisfied needs. It was a beautiful evening and our groans mixed with the sounds of crickets. Finally, I broke the momentary silence, “So deep…so deep…fuck me with that dick…fill me up and fuck me…fuck…fuck me…take my ass…it’s yours.”

When he groaned, “That’s it…gonna cum…oh fuck, Rob,” I knew he was close and flexed around his cock.

“I’m gonna cum…uhhhh…uhhhh…in that ass! Fuck, yer making me cummmmm…squeeze it…so fuckin’ tight…fuck…cummmmmmming…uhhhh…uhhhh…uhhhh…cummmmming!” He thrust with everything he had, slamming his hips forward; I could feel his dick pulse and jerk inside, as the warmth spread through me. When he stopped, he laid on me with his cock inside and I felt sweat between our bodies.

Once he pulled out, I felt a trickle over my balls. I smiled at my wife, as boyfriend dripped from my ass…that never gets old. Standing-up, but just a little unsteady, he stroked over his dick, like a trainer might rubdown an athlete after competition. His dick was still hard, deep red and glistening with sex.

Watching me being fucked was too much for Tina. She was frantically, rubbing one out, “Fuck! You two are hot…so hot…watching you fuck…mmmm…I’m close, too…gonna…uhhhh…uhhhh…cum…cummmmming…yessssss…cummmmmmming…oh fuck…fuckkkkkk!”

That was it for me; I grabbed my dick and jerked a load over my belly.

As she turned to go toward the kitchen, she said, “Boys, you go wash up and I’ll pour wine. We can do dinner later tonight…we’re on vacation…and already had dessert. Will that work?” I watched her little butt jiggle, as she went inside. I replied, “Sweetie, you read my mind.”

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Indian Sex Club Ch. 04

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The head of my cock was already against Ruth’s cunt, seeking entry. I hammered it in, driving it deep into her slit, driving the swollen purple head into her. Ruth gasped and moaned loudly as I fucked her relentlessly, my cock pistoning inside her tight soaking wet hole. Her cunt cream coated the shaft of my cock and leaked out to cover my balls. Her fingernails raked my back, then my arse as she lost control.

“Greg,” she moaned, “Faster! Oh, fuck, More. Yes, more, fuck me, yessss fuck me. Ohhhhh.”

With the new clubrooms for the Indian sex club being renovated I could devote some time to Ruth.

She was a petite 50 year light-skinned Anglo Indian who had been educated at St.Michael Anglo Indian School in Jharkhand, and I was using that difference with the other 13 Indian women to create an insatiable sex monster. I had her sole aim to be better and prove she was better than those other northern and southern traditional Indian women.

My cock pumped her tight, wet cunt. She came loudly, screaming my name and then moaning loudly for over a minute. She hugged me tightly, her hands caressing my back and head. I rolled over so she was on top. I looked at her small firm tits, her fleshy cunt lips fanning out across my hard cock meat and watched as she lowered her pussy down on my shaft and smiled. The long hard nipples on her small tits stood out like lamp posts on a desert road.

Just like Angeline Jollie’s and Kendall Jenner’s, her nipples were enhanced with an injection of hyaluronic acid filler. We had injected 4 ml of it and together with regular suction cup treatment the size of each nipple had grown from an already long erect .75 inch to 1.2 inches and, according to my research, should stay that way for 18 months to 2 years.

She continued to ride me hard as my hands groped her small hard tits fingering and stretching her monstrous nipples, praising her continuously.

“Cum in me Greg, cum in my cunt. It belongs to you. Fuck me, fuck me and fill my cunt with your cum. I’m going to fuck your cock raw and drain every drop of cum from you.”

I had heard enough, Ruth’s talk caused a stream of thick gooey sperm to hose against her cervix. My cock jerked and spurted, filling her slit with my spunk. I flooded her hole with my cum and then collapsed on top of her, drained to the limit.

She kissed me, and despite my exhaustion, I returned it. Ruth wrapped her legs around me, holding my cock inside of her. Using her inner muscles she milked me. Somehow, slowly but surely, over the next 15 minutes, I felt my cock getting hard again.

It had not gone completely limp since I had first squirted on her face 95 minutes before I had started fucking her just now. Ruth kept me inside her, using her cunt muscles and encouraged by the slowly returning hardness, she started fucking me again. I felt her hips rocking and pushing against me. I started to push back and minutes later we were fucking fully again. We fucked for another twenty minutes before we both came again.

When my cock slipped free after depositing this time a much smaller load of seed into her, she kissed her way down my chest to my groin and then took my cock in her mouth and licked it clean. She then lay beside me again. She grabbed my hand and pushed it down between her legs. My fingers slipped over her smooth mound and into her silky slit.

She pushed my fingers into her dripping wet fuck hole. l felt up inside her, the mixture of my sperm and her cunt juices coating my fingers. Ruth then pulled my hand away from her pussy and brought my cum covered fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. I finished feeding her the last of the cum I had blasted into her and reflected.

I had selected Ruth from the other 14 women who made up the Subcontinent Railway Station Sex Club on a whim and it was paying off big time. She was constantly horny, apparently willing to do anything sexually, was, being Anglo Indian fired by a competitive hatred of the other 13 Hindu women that made up the club, and completely trusted me and my plan to have her CEO of the club. Not the best looking, she was the second oldest but completely sexually motivated and driven.

But I wanted more.

“Now that the filler has done its work and turned fantastic into perfection, we have to establish your clothing and I think we will go fishing this afternoon and dogging tonight. Then we have to arrange some sexfight lessons and matches so that you are better prepared than the other Indians.”

“Do you mean fucking with animals?”

I had to explain fishing and dogging. It took some convincing about dogging and not just watched but being fucked in a public gang bang. By other men, not me. I played my cards right using all the aces.

I wanted her to be the best. Better than the other Indians. She would pull the biggest train and I would be proud. And because she had no emotional contact with other men it would be just sex. It would be her doing something that the others were illegal bahis sexually incapable of doing. It would not affect me. Hell, if she had some feelings for anyone even if they didn’t have sex that would kill me. Taking multiple men without attachment made me proud because she was the best. She swallowed it hook line and sinker saying how that would even make us closer.

Getting the clothing was easy. A semi see-through red blouse, no bra, a tight almost transparent cream mini skirt that finished two inches lower than her pussy, crotchless red butterfly thong and five-inch heels.

The harder part was the garter belt, but a Vietnamese lingerie factory I part-owned had provided the solution: a black garter belt whose straps reached about halfway down the pussy length so the stocking tops did not show when Ruth stood or walked even with that micro mini.

We fished at the local shopping mall. Ruth walked around; she dropped her bag and slowly bent to pick it up. She went up and down the escalators. She sat with legs apart. And she got lots of looks as her tiny butterfly thong was revealed. I noticed some men loitering and following her as she went from shop to shop.

We increased the fishing bait. She stopped to ask a man where was the lingerie shop. His eyes couldn’t stray from those 1.25-inch nipples, visible and straining against the confines of a too-small 28-inch blouse.

She sat with her legs parted opposite another one who had been following her for around the mall as he drank a coffee and asked him the same question. She bumped into another and bent to pick up his dropped parcels. I followed up by approaching them after telling where she would be dogging that night. Our fishing netted over 40 nibbles.

How many would be completely hooked?

There were several cars there when we arrived at Melbourne’s most notorious dogging site: West Gate Park near the West Gate bridge, and there was a lot of traffic in and out. We parked and from our car, we watched a few cars near to us and saw one voyeur get into the back seat of a car with a woman, while the male driver stayed in the drivers seat. I flashed my headlights to the other cars to let them know we were ready.

I reached over and undressed her to normal dogging attire: stockings, suspender belt, thong and bra. Ruth’s bra was quarter cut, which both pushed up her small tits and fully exposing her filler enhanced nipples. Ruth had lowered her seat into a semi-lie down position.

The show started. I slipped my fingers into her thong and fingered her starting on her clit which quickly became wet. Soon a man appeared just behind Ruth’s door where she couldn’t see him. I told her she was being watched and I felt her push against my fingers. He was about 40, was well dressed but not one from our fishing excursion.

Then he moved up closer to Ruth to get a better view. I spread Ruth’s legs wider and let him watch me continue to play with her clit. She was heavily aroused and helped by stroking her exposed long hard nipples. The next thing I knew he had pulled his hard cock out and had started wanking. When Ruth saw this she groaned and pushed her cunt harder against my hand. Suddenly he ducked and hid behind the car. Another car had entered and its lights made mine visible. When the car found a spot and its lights went out he appeared back at Ruth’s window, and continued wanking, with his face pressed against the window.

I told Ruth to open it, and was not surprised when he pushed his head in for a closer watch of me fingering her. I pointed at Ruth’s cunt.

“Do you want to join in?” I asked.

He nodded and put his hand on Ruth’s thigh, and slowly rubbed it up and down moving toward her slit. As it came close to it, he looked at me questioningly, and when I nodded he started to go to town on her wet cunt. Almost as soon as he had started another car entered the park and its lights sent him off like a scared rabbit.

After the car settled and switched off its lights he reappeared and pointed out a spot in a quiet corner of the park. I drove to and parked where he had suggested. While we waited for him Ruth turned, knelt on the seat with her arse against the window and went down on my cock.

The man reappeared and said “Oh, yeah I like it,” and put the fingers of one hand into her slit from behind while he gave himself a handjob with the other. We did this for a few minutes before I said to her, “Jerk him off.”

She turned back into her seat and reached out to his cock, and she slowly wanked it while rubbing his nuts. By now he had dropped his trousers to his ankles. Suddenly Ruth stuck her head out the window and sucked his cock and he let out a long low groan. She was kneeling on the seat and her arse was facing me so I put my hand up her slit and she was oozing love juice.

She turned round in her seat and said to me, “Kiss me.”

I did, and the bloke put his hand in and put his fingers straight up her cunt, making her stick illegal bahis siteleri her tongue down my windpipe. The next thing I knew, the door was open and she’d swung her legs out the door. She slid down the seat so her arse was out the door, and reached down, held her cunt open and grabbed and guided his cock into herself.

He started fucking her slowly and then went into a frenzy. He fucked her so hard the car was moving 8 to 12 inches every time he rammed into her. Ruth was moaning and groaning.

“Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me hard – DO IT.”

She started to cum, and so did he. It took them about 2 to 3 minutes to slow down and stop, and he pulled his cock out.

She flopped her head back and said “Oh God, that was gooood’, and started playing with her clit.

As she played with herself I could see her body starting to shake and soon the car was surrounded by guys watching Ruth. A lot of them I recognised from the shopping centre. A lot of them were pushing to get a better view of her and there was a continual flash from their phones as they took photos.

I could hear their comments. “Yeah, its the one from the shopping centre…Christ, she did come here…Look at her nipples… Fuck, that 3 fingers of hers in herself… Shit, a waist chain.”

“Let them all see your wet, shaven pussy,” I said.

The thought caused Ruth to cum loudly and now I knew that we were on a roll. Ruth had all the guys wanking as she stroked her cunt lips and our fishing trip had been worthwhile. I opened my car door and got out. I placed my arms on top of the car and looked at the wanking men.

“Listen up. Ruth will get out of the car and bend over the bonnet and one by one you can have a feel of her pussy. Form an orderly queue. You will all have a number according to your line in the queue. The first guy is number one, second guy number two, and so on. Then when you have all finished my wife will shout out the numbers of the guys she wants to fuck.

They all nodded agreement and I have never seen grown men move into an orderly queue so fast. I walked around to the passenger seat and opened the door. Ruth stepped outside wearing just heels, stockings, suspenders, and that quarter bra. Slowly she walked to the front of the car and bent over the bonnet.

The first guy was one we had seen at Highpoint Shopping Centre; tall, dark hair and with broad shoulders. He looked like he worked out in the gym and from the way he dressed he looked like he had money. He ran his hands up Ruth’s legs before moving his fingers to her still wet pussy. I heard Ruth moan and saw her body writhe and realised that whatever this guy is doing she was enjoying it.

However, there was a queue of waiting men.

“Right next.”

One by one they played with and fingered Ruth’s cunt. After they finished I walked over to Ruth and asked her to tell me the numbers of the guys she wanted to fuck her. There had been eleven altogether and she gave me the numbers.

“Right,” I shouted. “The lucky guys are numbers one, three, eight, seven, ten. The others can watch.”

One after another pushed themselves inside Ruth as she lent on the car bonnet. Some banged her hard and fast, some just fast. Soon I could see some of the cum that was being pumped inside her oozing down her legs. However, I did notice that the first man didn’t come. He just fucked for a bit then stopped. I figured maybe he had more to offer. As the last guy pulled on Ruth’s hair and released his spunk in her, I made a decision. Opening the door I got out of the car and looked at Ruth’s face that was now aroused, excited and covered in a film of sweat.

I pointed at Number One guy, “You, which is your car?”

He nodded in the direction of a four-wheel drive, “That one behind you.”

“Great, well you get to fuck Ruth in the back of it and you fuck her till you cum.”

He nodded his agreement with a smile, walked to the Toyota and opened the rear hatch door. Ruth climbed in and this time and this time instead of doggy style lay on her back. Number One got in and she lifted her legs over his shoulders so she could see his cock working her slit. He started and soon was fucking her deep and hard. Eventually, he came; a hot, hard shuddering climax that caused him to shout out in ecstasy. Getting off her, he pushed his fingers inside her one more time, before licking his fingers.

Suddenly, as we were walking back to my car, there was a roar of engines, lights turned on and the parked cars were gone. Headlights and a strong flashlight caught us, displaying the braless, stocking and garter clad Ruth and then the flashing lights on top of the vehicle started. The cops had arrived. The senior constable was a short Filipina and her partner was a tall well built 19 or 20-year-old Sudanese.

Having read us our rights the Filipina turned to me. “Well, it’s your lucky night, pervert. Mabior Deng here is in his first week at the Footscray Police Station and needs to be initiated canlı bahis siteleri and bonded into my group.

You can go to the cells overnight and court tomorrow or help Mabior here.”

“I’m all for police cooperation,” I said.

Reading her badge I said, “What do we do, Senior constable Dalisay Ocampo?”

“You watch. She gets judged on a warning or lock up,” the solid 32-year-old, 5ft 2, 120 pound 32A 30 34 Filipina said. “Lock up if she quits.”

Ten Minutes later 3 cars and one divisional van had arrived.

Two of the empty cars with flashing lights blocked the entrance and exit from the park and 9 police were now grouped around while Dalisay Ocampo arranged Ruth in the back of the van. The Van doors were open and Ruth was bent over the back entrance with her face buried in the Filipina’s pussy and her arms and legs handcuffed to the Van.

Dalisay Ocampo explained the rules. Ruth was to take all 9 policemen and continue eating her the entire time. Failure to do either would result in charges being laid.

The first cop spat on the head of his cock and drove the wet cock up Ruth’s arse. His thrust was so hard any resistance disappeared, and with just one push he was into Ruth balls deep., She screamed out loud, then returned to eating Dalisay Ocampo. The cop was so surprised was he that he had fully penetrated her had to rest and wait or he would of cum straight away. When that feeling had subsided he pulled his cock out to the head and started to fuck the tiny Anglo Indian’s arse. Each thrust brought a moan from her lips but they were getting loader as her arousal increased.

He started to pound her arse like a jackhammer, long deep strokes making sure she felt every inch of his prick as he buried it deep in her bowels. Above Ruth’s moans of pleasure were the Filipina’s cries, “More. Use that tongue. Taste pure Filipina cunt juice.”

“Harder whore. Take some Aussie cock,” he ordered, and thrust again.

I could see as he pulled back Ruth moved forward slightly, then as he drove his cock into her arse she pushed herself back onto his cock. Soon Ruth was forcing herself back onto his cock, screaming and cumming. He continued to fuck her arse like this for about five minutes, and at one point she was doing all the work, fucking her arse on his cock while Dalisay enthusiastically rode her face. Feeling his balls tighten he grabbed her hips and forced his cock as deep into her bowels as he could, pulling her back to bury himself deeper.

He yelled as he felt his cum shoot up the length of his cock and empty into her arse. Two more thrusts and he was done: his balls were empty. He pulled out and stood back admiring the view. There was spunk dribbling from Ruth’s worked over arsehole, and he slapped her arse and stepped aside.

“I brought the A-Team “Dalisay Ocampo gloated.

“She won’t last.”

Seven cops later Ruth was dishevelled, cum-coated and groaning. The Filipina Senior constable still was accepting and cumming noisily on Ruth’s juice covered face, and it was the Sudanese new boy Mabior’s turn. He dropped his trousers and I thought he had a baseball bat hanging between his legs.

“My cock’s gonna hurt some but don’t worry bitch, you’ll get used to it.”

Ruth heard his remarks and tried to wiggle free, but her legs and upper body were held tight and her mouth was still stuffed full of Filipina cunt.

Hands reached out on either side of her, pulling her arse cheeks apart. He slapped her buttocks a few times as she squirmed on the bench, then told her, “Time for the Big Show. Now you are going to learn what it feels to be arse fucked by a BBC”?

He spat on his hand, wiped it in her arse crack, and then eased the big cock head into the entrance of Ruth’s tiny anal opening, and pushed. Ruth moaned into the wet pussy covering her face. The pressure on her arsehole increased as he pushed, trying to insert his immense tool into something it wasn’t meant for.

“This must feel good, huh baby?” Mabior hissed at her, battering his huge cock into her arse. “This is what you wanted isn’t it, slut? All eleven inches of Sudanese prime meat stuffed up your arse.”

He continued his assault on Ruth’s arse. It was something else compared to the previous cop’s efforts. Then, just as the pain neared unbearable, she felt her arsehole give way and the huge cockhead penetrated her, slipping through her anal opening. Some gurgling sounds and whining came from her throat. That’s all she could manage while having her mouth fucked by Dalisay Ocampo’s juice flowing cunt.

She couldn’t tell yet, but the fat prick hadn’t fully penetrated her yet. And Mabior was determined to get every inch inside Ruth’s tight butt.

He pushed in deeper, forcing her arsehole to expand beyond normal limits to accommodate his girth. Her insides felt like they were being ripped apart as he grunted, trying to force his cock deep up inside her used arse. She was shaking, feeling the massive piece of meat penetrating deep into her. Then just when she thought she couldn’t handle any more, she felt his balls on her arse; he was all the way in.

“What a tight arsehole.” He exclaimed. “Okay, here we go, baby. “Time for course 101: Arse fucking.”

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Jamie – The Journey Begins Ch. 09

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Come Fly with Me

With a grimace I couldn’t help thinking about how pained I must look wandering through departures on autopilot. The Boarder Force Officers that check our passports outbound looked at me like I was something from the walking dead – I don’t even remember our conversations. I’m guessing that I answered their questions correctly, else why would I be walking down the airbridge at ‘International Terminal Two – Gate Nine?’

Jesus. My head was pounding and eyes stinging from saying goodbye to the family, Sam… shit, everyone. In the short distance between me and the cabin crew greeting and directing passengers to their various ends of the aircraft, my mind kept wandering off and playing back my goodbye with Sam. I couldn’t help but think about him. What the fuck was I doing leaving Sam behind? I mean, really!

I was now only a few yards away from the doorway of the aircraft. The cabin crew looked up at me for a second. From the looks on their faces, that ‘really’ wasn’t just in my mind obviously. I continued to shuffle along, totally lost in my own thoughts. The whole boarding process was starting to feel like an out-of-body experience.

By the time I was seated, one of the cabin staff assigned to this area had checked with me a few times to see if I was ok. I don’t even remember stepping into the aircraft or being directed to my seat, it all seemed so surreal. I was finally going. I’d said goodbye to Sam and I was sitting in business class. Was this a dream? I only hoped it wasn’t one especially if it was directed by Quentin Tarantino, else there would be a fuck-ton of bloodshed at any moment or John Travolta and Samuel L Jackson would just stroll past me arguing about a ‘Royale with Cheese’. My god, I must be stoned or something!

What seemed to be only a few moments later, the cabin manager came down and asked me if I was okay. “Mr Spence, how are you doing today?” Michael, the cabin manager, offered.

I think he was concerned about my ability to fly. “Oh, sorry Michael. I’ve just said goodbye to someone that meant a lot to me, and I’m feeling a bit…”

Michael, gave me a reassuring smile. “Mr. Spence, if there is anything that my crew or I can do to make your journey more comfortable please let me know.”

“The person you left behind–” I Interrupted for some reason.

“Sam-Sam Lowe is his name,” I offered. “The person I left behind.” Then muttering to myself “I’m an idiot.”

“Then Mr. Lowe must be a special person, Mr Spence.”

I interrupted Michael again. “Jamie, not Mr Spence. Mr Spence is my Dad…I’m Jamie.” I must have been rapidly becoming one of those pain-in-the-ass passengers, but it wasn’t my intention.

“Jamie, in the fifteen years I’ve been lucky to fly with people, I’ve seen a lot of happy and sad faces. In time, it will all come together. You just need to give yourself and Mr Lowe some time to work out what the world wants from you, and you from it. Until then, let Stephen and the rest of our crew look after you, okay?”

Michael was smiling at me with either well-rehearsed emotion or genuine compassion. I’d like to think it was genuine compassion. Managing to force a half-smile back at Michael and Stephen, one of the other crew that was standing in the aisle next to my seat, I replied, “Thanks guys. I appreciate it. Maybe a JD and coke would be nice?”

“Sure, Mr. Spence…Jamie…but not too many, okay?” Michael smiled.

Retreating into the almost pod-like seat where I think I could successfully hide for many hours. I rubbed my face with cupped hands, slowly exhaling trying to snap myself out of this emotional turmoil I was in and being totally irritational too. I didn’t want to look out of the window of the aircraft in case I could see Sam in the terminal building – I didn’t know what the hell I’d do if I could see him, which, by the way, was impossible due to the distance from the public area to the boarding gates.

I was snapped out of my own little world when my cell beeped. Shit, I had forgotten to turn it off. Fishing it out of my jeans pocket I quickly looked that the screen. There were three messages, two from the guys, and one from Raine Wilmer.

Clicking on the first two messages, Dave-Ty and Dad, all asking if I was okay. They’d seen Sam after I left and he was pretty upset according to all. ‘No shit guys,’ I thought to myself. Damn those tears were about to spill again. Oh come on Michael – where’s that JD?

Reading on past all the ribbing about kissing and running, or that the guys had both booked my truck out as a hire-a-truck for the next 12 weeks, just to get at me I’m sure. Grrr… like hell guys the old man will put stop to that, I hope?

Must remember to text dad about my truck. I know he said he’d take care of it on the way into the airport today, but it doesn’t hurt to be sure, right?

Both Dave and Ty were going to drive Sam home via Checkpoint Charlies, so I’m guessing a big afternoon was on the cards for Sam and the boys. Apparently illegal bahis my Dad was going with them to make sure they didn’t get into trouble. That’s so Dad, trying to look after everyone.

The other message was from Raine Wilmer, asking if I’d checked my emails.

Crap… I could feel my face flush red. I’d clean forgotten about it. With all the emotions flying about when I was leaving, it had just slipped my mind to check any messages. I was kind of thinking Mom would be bombarding me with messages or calls, but Dad had obviously calmed her. I think she was busy mothering everyone at the airport too.

Like a school kid that was playing with their cell or Nintendo in class. I peered around to see what the cabin crew were up to. They were down the end of the section about twenty or so yards, busily getting things stowed away. Most of the passengers around me were engrossed in the onboard safety video that had started, I was kind of following along too.

It was pretty-cool too, using iconic Australian images and places and turning them into a safety promo – good marketing someone. The loud ‘G’day! I’m here to show you blah, blah…’ from the safety video snapped me out of the trance I was in and I quickly opened up my emails on my cell.

There was the normal spam stuff, wanting to sell me all manner of Canadian medications. Trust me guys, I don’t have an issue with getting it up. I laughed, its keeping it in its holster I think might be my issue.

Then I saw it! Promotions Course 186 Operational Officer/Station Officer.

Mr. Spence,

I am pleased to inform you that your nomination for promotion to Operations Officer/Station Officer has been successful. As part of your preparation for this course, we ask that you read and complete the required pre-reading and questionnaire prior to the commencement of the course. This exercise will form part of your course assessment. Please ensure that this is uploaded prior to the commencement date listed below, you will be billeted at the state training complex for the four-week duration.

Yours sincerely

Quickly I looked at the dates, shit it starts in thirteen weeks. I’ll have about six days from when I get back to drop bags and go.

I turned my cell off and slipped in into a storage shelf just as Stephen arrived with my JD and coke, including the standard packet of salted nuts. Okay, so maybe the tables are turning for me.


I awoke to the ding of the cabin bell, announcing that the crew were now moving through the cabin to prepare for landing at LAX, where the local time on arrival would be 6:15am.

Wow those couple of JD’s did the trick. I watched a few episodes of ‘Family guy’ – yes, I know, a guilty pleasure. While stuffing my face with some delicious food – like really! Airline food that wasn’t only edible, but nice too. A drink or two after dinner and bang, I’m here.

Taking the opportunity, I grabbed my toiletry bag and headed to the bathroom for a quick freshen up and get back into my normal clothes and out of these nice Qantas PJ’s.

I don’t even remember getting into them, but clearly, I did. I must have been emotionally exhausted or something because it was like the start of the flight, the whole departure process post Sam. I was automatically going through the motions before, not even aware of what I was doing. The concerning part was I had very limited recollection of the whole thing.

Walking back down the aisle and slipping back into my seat, I started to pack away all my stuff that I’d pulled out or was souveniring. I busily packed everything back into my backpack, settling back into my seat and slipping on my headphones while trying to watch one more episode of ‘Family Guy’ before we land.

But now my mind was racing, I can’t wait to see Lucas. Just the thought of seeing his smiling face was enough to transport me into a much happier state of mind. A smile broke out across my face, just as Michael walked past, thinking of all the shit Lucas and I have gotten up to over the years. Oh wow, this is going to be fun!!

“Ah, Mr Spence. I see that you’re looking a little happier now? That’s fantastic, and what a million dollar smile too.”

“Thanks, Michael,” I replied with a cheeky look on my face. “Must have been all the great ‘Qantas’ Service, hey.”

He just smiled back at me, resting his hand on my shoulder momentarily as he headed off down the cabin.


My exiting the aircraft and heading up the arrivals hall to customs went without a hitch, pretty much. It was a simple process and since I’d already taken out a gateway visa, I seemed to slip to the head of the line quickly and out the other side. Note to self: I should just get my US passport like Dad has been telling me for years. It would make this so much easier. I’m the only one that doesn’t – the girls and Mason all have.

Lucas was going to meet me near the Hertz Car rental counter, as the crowd outside the doors was illegal bahis siteleri always busy with people fighting to get that last inch closer to the doorway. And really guys, pushing forward right up to the barrier line outside the exit area from boarder control? That inch or two closer just isn’t going to make a difference, right, but you’d think that its valuable land by the millimetre.

Slowly I made my way across the concourse. The layout had changed a bit since I was last here. Finally, I spotted the rental counter and started to make my way over when a voice behind me called.

“Excuse me, sir… Mr. Spence-Mr James Spence?”

I spun around and was confronted with two of the biggest guys I’ve ever locked eyes on. They looked to be police or homeland security, I wasn’t sure. The uniforms seemed to have changed a bit since I was last here and I wasn’t really taking too much notice of the insignia on their sleeves.

Shakily, I replied, “Yes, I’m James Spence. Can I help you guys?”

“Mr. Spence, we need you to come with us. We have a few questions we’d like you to answer.”

I’d just gone white as a ghost. My mouth was dry and heart pounding so hard I thought it was going to burst out of my chest like a scene from Alien. And yes, I know chest, not stomach, but you get the drift. God, even my ears started to ring with the rhythm of my heart beat.

“Umm, sure. Is there a problem?” I asked.

“Sir, we can do this out here in public or in private. It’s up to you,” with one hand directing me in the general direction off to my left.

At this point the biggest one (we’ll call man mountain-one) stepped a little closer. Man mountain-two just watched on, taking it all in.

“Okay sure, I’m happy to do this in private, but I’m requesting consular assistance I think,” my voice trailing away.

We walked off across the concourse into a small meeting room, with a table, four chairs and a desk phone on it. “Our supervisor will be with us in a moment.”

By this time, I was absolutely crapping my pants. My racing mind was trying to decide if calling my Uncle, Aunt or the Australian Embassy was the next step. What the hell was going on? My hands were all sweaty now. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights because that was a perfect description for how I was feeling right about now.

“Mr Spence!” started Man mountain-two. “It seems that there are some inaccuracies in the lodgement of your gateway entry paperwork.”

“What… What the hell are you talking about?” I could feel my anger levels rising a bit. What the hell were these guys going on about, for fuck’s sake?

“Look guys, I’ve been coming to the US since I was a little kid. My Grand Parents were US citizens. We came home for the holidays every other year. My dad is a US citizen, naturalized in Australia. I’ve got like three dozen close family members that are US citizens. This sort of stuff has never happened.” My head was starting to spin, but I was thinking of what the rebuttal was going to be. More, I was slipping into work mode. The fight or flight reflex had started to kick in and I was more for fight rather than flight.

Suddenly a knock on the door breaks the conversation. Man Mountain-two responds with “Come in.”

The door swings open and this smiling face pokes in.

“HAHA! Got-ya, Jamie.”

“Oh my fuckin god!! LUCAS! I’m gonna…”

As I jump up from the table, Man mountain-one and Man mountain-two stand and high five Lucas. “WHAT!” I let rip and made a dive for Lucas. “I’m going to kick his ass right now.”

“Whoa, there Jamie,” Mountain Man one says, holding out his hand – well more like a massive paw – in front of me. “Our buddy, Lucas here, said you’d lose your shit. Damn Lucas, you were right. Your cousin looked like he’d committed some major crime and we’d just busted his ass.”

Lucas’ face dropped a bit. He could see that I was really freaked out. He slipped past the guys and wrapped me up in a strong hug, somewhere between a bro hug and something tender and brotherly.

Pulling his face back and looking me in the eye. “Sorry, Jamie. I owed you that after you set those spiders loose in the outhouse at Granddaddy’s farm, remember? While I was locked in?”

“Oh yeah, I’d thought you’d forgotten about that Luc.” We both burst into laughter, pulling each other in again.

“Come on. I want to get my truck and get this holiday started.” Lucas had borrowed one of Tom’s friend’s cars, a guy that he works with, apparently.

“So, tell me again Luc, whose car is this?”

“Just some guy called Matt. He works with Tom at his station.”

“What – so this guy who doesn’t know you or me just gave you his car to drive to LAX and back, no questions asked? Really?”

“Nah, Tom was going to give us his car, then his wife’s car gave up some last minute hitch. I don’t know, it was all becoming too confusing for me at 4am.”

Lucas looked at me with wide-eyed stare. “I canlı bahis siteleri just took the keys offered and got out.”

“Hmm, okay, I’ll have to remember to thank Matt when we get to their shed, sorry-station house. We’ll stop and fill it with gas and get the new car somewhere closer to Tom’s, ok?”

Smiling away, Lucas offered a salute. We both burst into laughter. “Don’t you salute me you son-of-a-bitch. That stunt at the airport made me age five years.”

“Only five? More like ten, I think. You looked like you were going to piss your pants till I walked in. It was hilarious watching it on the screens outside the room.”

Laughing at my own fear and what I must have looked like, I asked, “So where did you dig those guys up from anyways?”

“I met them on an interagency conference last year in Chicago. So, after reading your email and then hearing about all the shit going down at your place with Jules, Mason – and what’s up with Aunty Kate? – I decided that we needed to unsettle you a bit.”

“Nice. Thanks, buddy. And yeah, Mom is all freaked out about me coming over here -thinks I’m not gonna come home.”

Lucas was clearly getting excited about reliving the planning, his face had brightened and I was sure he’d licked his lips a few times while reliving it all. “Yeah? Really? Is that why you’ve been a bit of a sad sack in the quiet moments?”

“Nah. It’s just that I was kinda falling for someone, and it’s playing on my mind a bit.”

Lucas’ face lit up, “All you need is a good throwdown. It’ll fix everything. ” A mischievous smile wrapped his face. No wonder this guy has always had the action – if he wasn’t my cousin or straight, damn, I’d throw his ass down.

“Sex doesn’t fix every-okay, maybe.” I burst out laughing. “Come on, how did you plan all this?” I asked, gesturing with my hands. “It’s was too complicated for your limited brain power, Luc.” I narrowed my eyes at him – didn’t work, though. We both burst out laughing again.

“Well, it all just came to me in a flash. I called those two guys up and asked if I could get them to pull you aside and pull a little joke on you and explained the spiders story to them. But they decided that a little pull-aside wasn’t enough so… Karma, Jamie.”

I looked out the window of the SUV. My mind started to wonder back home, to Sam. The sunshine and warmth made it a nice day out, feeling like it was in the mid 70’s – almost like a summer’s day at home – nice and hot for a swim and ski later.

Making our way out of the airport pretty quickly on 405 north, we were whizzing through the outer counties of Los Angles. Soon enough, the built-up housing and business gave way to some state park that I didn’t catch the name of. We drove through the middle of it – well, the highway slashed its way through.

With the gentile hum of the SUV, the warm sunshine on us, it was taking me all my strength not to doze off for a mid-morning nap. I think Lucas got wind of it, and pretty-soon the front windows were half down. The outside fresh air did its trick.

The scent of the outdoors was almost invigorating. While not the same smell we get at home, it was somewhat familiar. I guess the outdoors has a similar feel here. The semi-arid terrain certainly looks like the hills of western plains at home, plus not being a city boy, the urban interface between bushland and suburbia is my normal.


Finally we got off the highway and weaved around a few streets. This was just taking for ever. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Fuck Lucas, can you drive any slower…

Then we turned the corner and there it was: not as pretty as my red truck at home, but this grey F150XLT was beautiful. For a used car, it looked almost brand – new, low mileage, and all the nice features from what I remembered in the specs’ sheet listed. Plus, being a crew cab, I thought the bigger cabin would be good to sleep in, if needed, plus the higher resale than a super cab 2-door.

We pulled up next to it in the dealership, and were quickly greeted by a ridiculously hot salesman – I’m guessing 6’4″, 185 pounds, with dark brown hair and hazel, almost gold coloured, eyes. WOW!!

“Hey there, Sir,” the god amongst us greeted me. My mind and mouth were not on speaking terms for a few seconds.

Lucas sees my fail and jumps in. “Hi.” Lucas moves forward and shakes the Adonis’ hand. “I’m Lucas Spence, and this is Jamie,” tilting his head in my direction. “Y’all have to excuse my out-of-town cousin. He doesn’t speak English that well, but he’s fluent in flustered.” At that they both smirked in my general direction.

I step up to the god and extend my hand. “I’m sorry, it’s been a long day.” I’m busy taking in all that I see, and his cologne fills my senses. Hmm, Chanel-Allure Sport, neat short haircut with mid-blue shirt and bright red tie, double Windsor knot too. This guy has got the whole look thing going.

As I look closer I finally spot what I was looking for, name tag, okay, and no rings either.

My brain and mouth seem to have come to a settlement, “Hi Joshua, I’m Jamie,” as I shake his hand, big-strong hand too. I’m guessing he hasn’t always sold cars. Josh’s hand is firm from some manual work, but not calloused.

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There are some definite virtues in having the spare key to your ex-girlfriend’s studio apartment. Chief among them is walking in on her when she’s in the middle of fucking herself with a large rubber cock.

Liz was laying on a big old bed she’d gotten after we split up. Since she had no money, I figure she must have fucked someone to get it and I knew he’d gotten his money’s worth. Liz was quite the sight; her wavy dark hair framed a lovely aristocratic face and bright blue eyes, her creamy white body with curves in all the right places, generous round breasts, large sensitive nipples, a taut belly sloping down to great hips, a fantastic ass, a tight pussy she had recently started trimming into a neat little strip, and long, lovely legs.

At that moment, those lovely legs were spread wide, her creamy white skin glistening, her wavy dark hair wet with sweat and her aristocratic face flushed. One hand was squeezing her heaving breasts while the other was sliding a huge rubber dick in and out of her lovely, shaved pussy. Her eyes were closed and she obviously hadn’t heard the door open. So I stood in the doorway watching as her hips pumped up and down, her hand thrust the dildo in harder and faster and her fingers pinched her hard nipples. She was obviously close to coming.

I figured she probably didn’t want just anyone watching, so I stepped inside and threw the door closed. She jumped at the sound. Her eyes flew open and she looked at me, momentarily started and confused. It only took her a second to regain her composure, which was impressive under the circumstances.

“Bastard,” was all she said.

“Having fun?” I asked, smiling.

“It’s better than you could do,” she sneered. “It’s bigger,” she added, thrusting the dildo into her pussy for emphasis, “and thicker… ooo… and it doesn’t go limp right away…ahhh!”

Liz was always such a bitch. I’d only put up with her as long as I did because she was a great fuck.

I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed, watching her fuck herself furiously. Her hips bucked as she pulled the dildo all the way out and the thrust it back in deep, deliberately showing me the whole length of it plunging into her pussy. Her other hand caressed her breasts, making sure I could see how full and firm they were. Her eyes stayed open this time, locked with mine, angrily trying to show me how much she hated me and preferred this cold plastic cock to mine.

I’ve heard it said half the truth was worse than a lie, so I kissed her.

Well, that’s a generous way of putting it. I grabbed the back of her neck and thrust my face onto hers, bruising my lips against her teeth. Her startled cry was muffled against my mouth, but just illegal bahis as quickly she pushed her lips against mine, her hungry tongue searching out mine. Her hand, squeezing her breast a moment ago, locked onto the back of my neck and held me firmly. I could tell her other arm was still plunging that plastic cock into her pussy. My face buried in hers, our tongues dueling, I reached out and grabbed her breasts, squeezing roughly and pinching her nipples, the way I knew she liked it.

She hated me, I hated her, but damn we were hot together.

“Bastard” she muttered again, against my lips as she threw the dildo away and started pulling at my clothes. She didn’t waste time. She just unzipped my jeans and pulled out my dick. Despite her insults, my dick actually compared fairly with her dildo, maybe not as long but definitely thicker. She rolled over me, her hot naked body rubbing against me. She dropped to the floor, kneeling in front of me and in the process managing to pull my pants down around my ankles. I quickly pulled my shirt off and fumbled to kick my pants off my feet. Unless you’re a stripper, you just can’t do that with any sort of style, unfortunately.

Liz laughed and tossed my pants aside. Her fingernails roughly grazed along my belly and thighs but her eyes stayed locked on my dick. With a wicked smile, she squeezed her large breasts together around my shaft and started to tit-fuck me. Liz’s tits were just made for fucking. Firm but soft, they completely engulfed my dick. She slid her chest up and down against me, lubricating the channel between her tits with my pre-cum until I could thrust freely. My hips started to pump in rhythm to her motion. I looked down to see that smug, aristocratic face looking up at me over those big white tits. The purple head of my cock suddenly thrust up into view. I loved it and she knew it. I threw back my head and moaned. Bitch. I didn’t mind letting her take back control of the situation, as long as I got off.

Liz’s wicked smile grew. She knew she’d started turning the tables on me but she just kept turning. She slid my cock between her tits for a few more strokes, then sank down lower. I gasped as her wet tongue lapped against my cock, tracing a wide circle around the whole head. She let her tits fall away and brought her hands up to cup my balls. Her lips and tongue slid up and down the length of my shaft, licking and kissing every inch of my dick. She paused, teasing, then opened her mouth and lowered it onto my dick, enveloped it in her hot mouth. The only thing I love more than tit-fucking is a blowjob. Who doesn’t?

She took my cock deep into her mouth, pushing it further and further into her face with slow, steady thrusts until illegal bahis siteleri she was practically swallowing the whole thing. Then she slid up until her lips were around the head before pumping deep down again. This was new. A young college girl, my dick was the first Liz had ever sucked in her first, fumbling tentative blowjob. I still treasure the memory of her exploring my cock with her mouth for the first time and the pleased smile on her cum-splattered face when she’d finished. She’d always been an enthusiastic cocksucker but we’d never done a deep throat before. Someone had been teaching her and I was sure it wasn’t Plastic Pete. I decided that if I ever met the guy, I was definitely going to buy him a drink. I lay back, rested my hand on her dark hair and enjoyed it as she vigorously fucked my dick with her arrogant face.

Between the memories of blowjobs past and the incredible feeling of face fucking Liz, it wasn’t long before I could feel my balls start to tighten. Liz felt it too. She stopped long enough to look up into my eyes, pull my dick from her lips, and say “Cum in my mouth!”

Now, ordinarily, what guy in his right mind would refuse an order like that? I sure as hell hadn’t in the past. While we’d been together, I’d cum in her mouth and pussy, on her tits and all over her face. I’d even, on one memorable occasion, cum so much into her month that it had overflowed onto my cock and balls and then had her lick me clean. But this was another day, and I had another idea. So I shook my head and pulled her to her feet.

Liz looked puzzled for a moment, before I tossed her down on the bed and rolled her over onto her belly. Then she laughed. We’d always enjoyed doing it doggy style and she was clearly game. She lifted up her shapely ass and quickly slid a pillow under her hips, so that I would have easy access to that her pussy. Stupid bitch.

I reached down and rubbed her pussy. Between fucking herself with her plastic pall and sucking my dick, her pussy was dripping wet, just liked I’d hoped. I rubbed and stroked it, flicking her clit with my fingers and liberally spreading her juices around. She moaned and pushed back against me. I pushed first one, then two fingers into her while rubbing against her clit. While I did that I slipped my thumb up to rest between her ass checks. As she moaned and thrust, my thumb started to push on her anus. She squealed and jumped at that. Her eyes looked back at me, questioning. We’d never done any anal play before, but she wasn’t the only one who had been learning new things since our breakup. That wicked smile returned and she wiggled her ass against my probing digit. I dipped my thumb in her pussy and, while rubbing her clit with canlı bahis siteleri my fingers, teased her ass with my thumb.

She was definitely getting into it but I decided enough was enough. I moved up behind her and positioned my dick against her. I slid the head up and down between her lips to make sure it was wet, then I thrust deep into her pussy. She cried out and started to thrust back against me. She always was a screamer.

We fucked. I was holding her hips while she thrust back, pushing my dick as deep into her pussy as it would go, pulling almost all the way out and then thrusting in again, just the way she liked it. She moaned and shrieked and carried on, thrusting faster and harder. Suddenly, I pushed her hips away, pulling my dick all the way out. She made a little pouting noise. I knew she thought I was done and about to blow my load all over her back. She was wrong. Well, mostly. I stopped long enough to catch my breath and let the tightness in my balls fade a little so I wouldn’t cum right away. Then I leaded forward again.

I’m not sure what she thought when I spread her ass cheeks. I pushed my dick, dripping wet from her pussy, down into her ass and started to rub the mix of her juices and my pre-cum over anus. She gave another little squeak as my cockhead teased her sensitive sphincter. Then I pushed. The squeak became a startled cry as her sphincter clamped down hard on the head of my cock. Her head whipped around, eyes wide to look at me. I held her hips firm, discouraging her from pulling away. She could have if she really wanted to but it was enough to stifle the first impulse. I waited, enjoying the feeling of her ass flexing around my shaft.

She stared at me, wide eyed, and I just stared right back. Slowly, I felt her start to relax. As she did, I rocked my hips slightly, pushing my cock a little deeper into her ass. She tensed again and whimpered. I waited. We’d never done this before and I could tell she hadn’t done it with any of her other guys either. Slowly she relaxed and slowly, inch by inch, I pushed my cock deeper into her asshole. When I was finally all the way in, I paused, laying panting on her back. She looked back at me, her eyes glazed. Then she thrust back against me. I pulled back a little and then thrust into her. She gave a good shriek as I buried my cock deep in her ass. I picked up the rhythm. Soon, my dick was pounding into her ass and she was pushing back against me to meet every thrust. She screamed and quivered with each thrust. I groaned and hammered into her.

At some point, I reached out, grabbed her dildo and shoved it into her pussy for good measure. Stuffed full, ass and pussy, she completely lost it. Her whole body shook in a powerful orgasm and she screamed. I came a few seconds later, flooding her ass with my cum.

We lay there for a while after it was over, not saying anything. Finally I got up and went into her bathroom to clean up.

“Bastard,” was all she said to me.

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James Reveals More than Expected

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Will and I had been going to 47 Central in Lynn nearly every Saturday night for 2-3 years now. I guess you could call us “regulars”. It was a nice neighborhood bar, with a very friendly (and hot) Brazilian bartender, a great DJ for dancing, and cheap drink prices, which more than outweighed the fact that the owner of the bar, George, was a persistent flirt. The typical crowd at the bar was 75% gay men, 25% their straight female friends, and the occasional straight guy.

I was 30 at the time, and still had a ‘baby face’. It was both a blessing and a curse. Sure, I loved getting carded all the time and looking ‘young’ made it easier to date young men. On the flip side, professionally it was annoying because everyone assumed I was in my early 20’s and thus inexperienced. I still had the high metabolism of a teenager, and could eat virtually anything I wanted while still maintaining a fit body on my 5’11” frame.

For a few weeks, the bar had a banner advertising an upcoming “Lube Wrestling” contest. Will asked me if I wanted to do it. Part of me did; part of me didn’t. I have always enjoyed wrestling; in my mind I kind of liken it to “aggressive cuddling”. In fact, I wrestled my freshman year in high school, but ultimately gave it up to focus more on football.

The concept of Lube Wrestling was pretty simple. They cleared the dance floor, then inflated a giant kiddie pool. Into the pool they poured a mixture of warm water and lube, until there was a 2-3 inch coating of liquid across the entire pool. And then you wrestle. Well, before you wrestle, you strip down to your undies.

That night, I knew it was going to be the Lube Wrestling event. I had told Will the week before that I would do it. However, admittedly, I was still on the fence and considering backing out. But that evening, I had made a point to put on a pair of clean underwear – just in case. I actually typically go commando (except for special occasions like weddings and funerals). I knew that having no underwear on would preclude me from the contest. So, I slipped on a pair, before pulling on my khakis. I could still back out if I wanted to, but I could still participate if the spirit moved me.

What I didn’t realize at the time, however, was that Will had already told George that I was planning to enter the contest. And what I further didn’t realize was that George, the bar owner who I must have said “no” to 33 times, had contrived a plan to take my lube wrestling further than I was prepared for. I had hoped that Will would be my opponent. We were longtime friends, and had even dated for two 6-month periods, before finally reaching the mutual decision that we worked really well as best friends, but just didn’t click as lovers. However, when we arrived at 11:30pm, the emcee greeted me shortly after we got past the ID check. He told me that I was already registered for tonight’s event, and that it would be starting at midnight. I asked if I could wrestle Will. “No, we already have 1 other contestant signed up,” I was told.

Will didn’t seem to be all that disappointed. As we had been driving in the car, he was whining about how awful it would be to have lube in your hair and then it dries on your body before you’re able to shower. I think he would have been more into it, if it were just “regular” wrestling, but Will never liked to get dirty.

I asked the emcee to show me who my opponent was. The emcee pointed to a young man. He was tall (about 6’4″). He was wearing a polo shirt and jeans, but I could see enough of the outline of his body to make me worried. This guy looked quite buff. He was not going to be an easy opponent to wrestle.

Shortly before midnight, the DJ asked everyone to get off the dance floor to allow for preparations for tonight’s event. Then there was a flurry of activity as the staff prepared the wrestling area.

The emcee called me onto the dance floor, announced my name to the crowd, and told me to strip. I took off my shirt, then my shoes, and then my shorts. It was awkward standing there in illegal bahis just my underwear, sort of like that moment when you’re alone in the doctor’s office stripped to your undies, waiting for the physician to come in. Only, this time I wasn’t alone. The bar was quite packed; it was more crowded than a typical night for some reason. With the dance floor having been vacated, the surrounding areas had become nearly elbow-to-elbow with bar patrons.

Then the emcee announced the name of my opponent, David, and invited him onto the dance floor. He, too, was asked to strip. He took off his shirt, and I think my emotions were split evenly between ‘fear’ and ‘attraction’. This guy was really cute. He had a smooth, toned body, with a well defined chest, and a 4- pack abdomen that would appear and disappear with each breath that he took. “This is going to be a tough match,” I told myself. I’ve always been a very competitive guy. And even though at 160 pounds I was a little undersized for football, I had earned the nickname “Timex” (based on the Timex wristwatch commercials, whose slogan was “built to take a licking and keep on ticking”). That was my M.O.; what I may have lacked in size, I made up for in heart and perseverance.

The other thing that struck me, as David pulled off his jeans, was that he was wearing Speedos. “Interesting,” I thought. If I had owned Speedos, maybe I would have worn them too. But, I had never quite come to grips with wearing those “banana hammocks”. They were “too gay” to me, and thus I was a “board short” guy. David’s dark blue Speedos were tighter and skimpier than my white Calvin boxer briefs. I was thinking he was quite bold to have purposely worn something that skimpy, knowing he was going to be wearing that in front of everyone.

We wrestled two rounds. It was a very competitive match. Neither one of us was able to pin the other. Initially, I had tried some of my “moves” that my freshman wrestling coach had taught me so many years ago, but it quickly became evident that principles of leverage were not applicable in a kiddie pool filled with lube. The other thing that became evident was that David’s blue Speedos were no longer the most revealing costume. My white Calvins had become so soaked with water and lube that they appeared to be peach, as they clung to my tan skin beneath.

Before the third round, the emcee makes an announcement – a rule change. “Given that neither opponent has been able to score a decisive pin in either of the first two rounds, the winner of tonight’s match will now be decided not by who pins his opponent, but by who first completely removes his opponent’s underwear.”

I gave the emcee a look of disbelief. Nudity is not allowed in bars in my state. But, my opponent lunged at me. And so, the battle was on!

I had no idea that this scheme had all been conceived by George over a week ago. I did not know that David had been hand-picked because of his athleticism. I did not know that David had been told several days ago about the planned “rule change”. And thus, I did not know that his decision to wear Speedos was all very deliberate.

As I noted, David’s Speedos were very tight. They also had a drawstring tied on the inside. While the first two rounds of the wrestling had been fairly even, I suddenly became aware that I was now at a disadvantage. I did hold my own for a bit. But, I basically had to use one hand for offense and one hand for defense. After some failed sparring and attempts to gain favorable positioning by both of us, I had a bit of a mental lapse after realizing that I would have to undo David’s drawstring before I had any chance of pulling his Speedos down. That was a task that temporarily required two hands, and that left me unguarded.

With our chests pressed up against each other and my hands trying to squeeze into his Speedos to grab the drawstring, David reached both arms around me and pushed my undies down off my butt. We continued to struggle for a bit, with me using one hand to hold up the front of my undies, illegal bahis siteleri while he had one hand trying to pull them down. I did manage an offensive flurry. I finally got his drawstring undone and was able to pull his Speedos down in the back. It was like trading a knight for a bishop when you don’t have a queen (and your opponent does). I got his butt exposed, but he got my undies down to my thighs.

In hindsight, I should have conceded at that point. Technically, I hadn’t lost since my undies weren’t “completely off”. So, we continued fighting for a bit. Then he got his knee or foot in between my legs. My undies went to my ankles. Losing my balance, I stepped out of one leg, but the undies were still hooked on my left foot.

We wrestled a bit more, but I had to be 100% defense-minded at that point. Checkmate was inevitable, as I could not attack. Eventually, he gave one final tug, and something broke. My undies went flying. I stood there, hands clasped over my privates.

That was probably the first point at which I became aware of the audience. Until that point, I had been so focused on the match. But now, I saw people formed in a semi-circle around the pool. Some were holding up cameraphones.

I was eager to put on my shirt and pants, but the emcee insisted that we meet at ‘center rink’ to pronounce the winner. I thought to myself, “enough, everyone knows he won.”

We were lined up like boxers – the emcee in the center, me on the right, my opponent on the left. David had pulled his Speedos up. My hands are clasped over my privates. The emcee has one arm/hand on each of our arms. Obviously, he’s going to raise my opponent’s arm. But, I’m keeping two hands firmly over my privates (since I see all these guys with cameras pointed at us).

It seemed like the emcee droned on for a while. “Thank you all for coming … and to pronounce tonight’s winner…” Then he shouts, “You’re all winners!”

His right arm yanks my left arm up over my head, as he also raises the right arm of my opponent.

What I hadn’t noticed, though, as the emcee was droning on, the bartender had worked his way behind me. Just as the emcee was making the announcement, the bartender grabs my right arm and pulls it away from my body.

Now in hindsight, I’m sure some guys must have snapped some pics while we had been wrestling. However, I don’t know how many of those would have come out. Movement may blur the image. My arm, his arm – either might have obstructed the view. But, for a good minute now, the emcee and the bartender had me facing the crowd, completely exposed.

Finally, they release my arms. The damage is done, though. I scramble to get dressed. My undies are nowhere to be found, but fortunately I’m quite accustomed to going commando. The owner of the bar comes up to me and thanks me for being a good sport and tell me, “whatever you want to drink the rest of the night is on the house.”

So, I make my way to the bar, and Nelio, the gorgeous Brazilian bartender, keeps topping off my glass, which made it difficult for me to keep track. You know, often when I go to a bar, I can go the whole night without a stranger approaching me, but that night, after the wrestling, lots of guys were coming up to talk to me. I guess the alcohol had dissolved my typical “resting bitch face”.

One really nice, very built, Latino guy came and sat next to me. We had a really nice conversation. At some point, he said he really was proud, in fact, envious of me, for feeling comfortable to do that. He never could have done it, etc. And I’m looking at him saying, “If I had a body like you, I’d never wear clothes.”

He responds by telling me how shy he is. We kept talking a bit, sitting there at the bar, and then he looks at me, pauses a bit, and says, “I’m really pissed at myself. I never bring my phone into the bar because I’m afraid of its being stolen. I’m really sad I don’t have any pictures of you.”

I just sorta blushed and said, “I’m sure you can just ask someone here. canlı bahis siteleri Lots of people had cameras.”

He said, “No.” He is too shy. No way he could do that.

I guess it was the alcohol, or his sweet talking, or both. I found myself saying, “you know what – there’s complete strangers here that have pics of me; you’re such a nice guy, I guess letting one more guy take photos would be no big deal.”

He looked at me with wide eyes, “Really? You’d let me?”

I said, “Yes.”

As we’re chatting, Nelio kept refilling my glass. I didn’t think anything of it. Shortly thereafter, the DJ comes onto the speaker with “last call for alcohol”. And then adds that he has a “special announcement”. I notice the bartender looking at me with this shit-eating grin that goes from ear to ear. Then the DJ says, “It’s come to our attention that some of you may have missed out on tonight’s earlier entertainment. But, we have good news for you. Tonight’s runner-up contestant, James, has agreed to pose for photographs at closing…and yes…he’ll be wearing the same costume he had on at the end of the night. So, ladies and gents, if you want to collect some more photos, go out to your cars, get your cameras, be back here at 2:00.”

Nelio just looked at me with this huge grin, “You said it was ok.”

Well, I didn’t really have a freakin’ choice at that point. I contemplated dashing out the door and hailing a cab. But, little chance I would get one immediately. And, drunk or not, my word is my honor. I felt I really couldn’t bail out at that point. I rationalized to myself, “people already have pics; the difference between having zero nude pics and one nude pic is huge. But the difference between 11 nude pics and 10 nude pics is really nothing.”

So, some people started filtering outside. Other people lingered inside. A little before 2am, the owner of the bar walked me onto the center of the dance floor. He told me to undress. I only had on a shirt and pants. It didn’t take long to get naked. The owner told me to take off my shoes too. People are snapping pics.

Suddenly, the music stops. All the lights go on. I had forgotten how dark the bar was. I also had forgotten that the lights all come on at 2am, when the bouncers try to usher people out at closing. I’m suddenly feeling way more naked than I had felt at the end of the match. I noticed that Nelio, now relieved of his bar duties, is pointing a camera – a big ass DSLR right at me.

A tight semi-circle had formed around me. “We can’t see,” someone shouts from the back.

George grabs my arm. “Get up on the bar,” he says.

He had me climb onto a stool and then onto the bar. I turned around, facing the crowd. It was so much different now. Earlier, after the wrestling, it had been so loud because of the music. Before, even though I was looking out at the crowd, it was dark. I didn’t really see individual people. But now, it was a lot quieter. I could clearly see people’s faces. I don’t know why, but I just stood there scanning the crowd. It was like I was trying to memorize every face so I could keep track of who had ever seen me naked.

It was so quiet, I could hear conversations. One guy telling his friend, “I love his blond fuzzy legs.”

Another guy said, “I guess there’s no doubt he’s Jewish” (although I am circumcised, I am not Jewish.)

Then a guy off to my side, “This is too fucking hot. Look, you can see both sides at once.”

His friend looked at him puzzled.

The friend points, “The mirror. The mirror behind the bar. You can see his ass.”

I really don’t remember how long it lasted. It probably was only 5 or 10 minutes. People began to filter out. Will walked over and handed me my shirt and pants. I got dressed. He asks, “Are you ok?”

I say, “yes, I’m ok.”

He leans in to give me a hug. His hand brushes my hair, “oh my god, your hair is crunchy.”

I guess that’s what dried lube does to you. Will dropped me off at my apartment. As much as I knew I should shower, I was just so physically exhausted from battling it out with David. I lay on my bed and fell asleep within minutes. Fortunately, I was able to wash the crust off the next morning.

However, other things from last night are not so easily undone.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32


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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32