Rahab Bk. 06 Ch. 04: The Ark

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Miriam was one of the most beautiful women I ever met. There is something about Ethiopian women, and whatever it was, the Princess had lashings of it. Tall, dignified and beautiful, her cheek-bones could have cut paper. I sensed a trace of Jewish ancestry which called to me, but it was when she spoke that you sensed how special she was. Her voice was unusually low for a woman, and husky with it. Both Ana and I were struck, something she noticed with amusement.

“We need help.”

It was a simple statement, pregnant with meaning.

“We have long fought, if you will forgive me, Viceroy, the Ottomans, but latterly we find ourselves threatened by Europeans. The King of Portugal has sent Missionaries – the insult! We followed the Lord Jesus when his people were worshipping trees. But my father will not resist them. He says they are too strong, too powerful. That was why I took St Mark’s hand to the Monastery.”

I looked puzzled, but Ana explained.

“My darling, in 1204 the Catholics stole from the Hagia Sophia, and they will do the same here by the sound of it.”

“Yes, you are right, that is,” she smiled, “exactly what we fear. But there is something else we need to get to St Catherine’s, but as it cannot be hidden as easily as the hand, we need skilled help. That was why we asked the Abbot for you. I had hardly expected this though. We were ambushed by the pirates, who seemed to know we were crossing. It is not a long journey, after all.”

I looked at Ana. Our unspoken thought was that someone somewhere was feeding the pirates information; it would have been too much of a coincidence for both of us to have been targets accidentally.

“Are you able to say what you want transporting?” Ana asked. Miriam shook her head and told us “not yet,” not least because she was not sure her father or the Bishops concerned would allow it.

Thus it was that Miriam and her plan entered out lives.

Her maid, the striking Nubian woman whom we had first met nude and shackled, was clearly more to her than a simple maid. Ana and I both recognised the signs. There was the hand on the thigh for just a moment too long for Mistress and servant, there were the stolen glances, and most of all there was the way Tania, the maid, looked at Miriam when she thought there was no one looking.

Our suspicions were confirmed that afternoon when we dined on deck. The Princess looked at us.

“Did I hear right,” she asked me, “that Ana is your wife? How can that be, is it allowed in your Empire for a woman to marry another woman? I had heard that Islam was opposed to such things, even as our own Church is.”

I smiled at her, willingly satisfying her curiosity.

“No, it is not allowed, but I am Viceroy and what I say goes,” I explained. Ana laughed.

“Yes, she is very forceful for such a small woman.”

Miriam’s raised eyebrows told a story of their own.

“I can see,” Ana joked, “that you are curious. Let me say that Rahab and I are soulmates, and we neither of us believe that God, who is love, objects.”

“But the Bishops say he does,” Tania, who was bringing desserts, interjected, “it’s so unfair, Miriam and I …” She stopped, realising what she had said. The Princess put her hand over hers.

“Do not worry my love, we are among like-minded souls here, for once we can speak freely of our love. You see,” she said, pulling Tania to her side and kissing her on the lips, “I love Tania, and she loves me. Oh, I wish we could be as you are, but my father the Emperor would never allow of it.”

I thought, not for the first or last time, of the favour that Fate had done me in taking me to the fleshpots of Constantinople. Though it seemed as though the Harem was purely for the delights of a man, it served its purpose for devotees of Sappho. My heart went out to the Princess.

“You must come to visit us Princess, you and Tania would be honoured guests,” I said. She smiled, a dazzling starburst of a smile: “That would be a pleasure.”

“I hope so,” I responded.

“Hey, you two, stop it, we have business to attend to,” Ana teased. Tania made a face of disappointment:

“Just as çıtır escort we were hoping to find out more! You have no idea what a relief this is for us, we have only been able to talk to each other about female love – promise us you’ll tell us more.”

Ana laughed, looking Tania in the eyes: “I can promise that. But first, let’s plan!”

We decided to respond to Miriam’s appeal. After all, we should still end up at St Catherine’s, but we should also be helping the Faith, even if in ways we could not, at that moment be sure of.

Miriam explained to us that Ethiopia had received Christianity from the Apostle Philip who, as Acts tells us, converted an Ethiopian. He went back home and took the Faith with him. St Mark, the Apostle who wrote the first Gospel, send missioners southwards from Alexandria to continue the good work, and Ethiopia was one of the first kingdoms to become Christian. The Faith had been at work there ever since. In the great sundering after Chalcedon in 451, Ethiopia had followed the Alexandrian Patriarch, Dioscoros in rejecting the claims of Rome and Constantinople to be the arbiters of all doctrine. When Alexandria had gone down before the tide of Islam, Ethiopia had survived.

It was clear that Miriam was immensely proud of the history of her kingdom, and I could see why she was regretful about the attempts by the Catholics to press their form of Christianity onto a people who had received the one true Faith from the beginning. We had, as Ana said, a common cause.

The Princess listened, fascinated, to what I had to say about Russia and the heir to the Marble King. Could it be, she asked pertinently, that we could forge an Orthodox alliance against the Catholics? I told her about the Great Queen and the Protestants, and for a moment, we dared dream that the old patriarchates could once more hold their own with Rome. It remains a dream for me, but not one that I shall see realised.

The following morning, after a restless night’s half-sleep, we reached Massawa on the west side of the Red Sea. An ancient port, officially under Ottoman control, in practice it was controlled by local grandees who owed allegiance to Emperor Susyenos, the father of Princess Miriam.

As we disembarked the senior official who had come to meet us lost his composure when he saw the Princess. I saw Tania say something to the Princess, and she then whispered to Ana.

“Selassie, you seem surprised to see me?” The Princess smiled at him; there was no warmth in the smile. “It is as though you had not expected to see me?”

“It, it is just that …”

Whatever he was going to say trailed away as two of the Amazons caught him by his arms.

“I think we both know who tipped the pirates off. Tell me, you wretch, what did they offer?”

For a moment, I thought he was going to try to brazen it out, but one look at the way the Princess was gazing at him caused his nerve to crumble.

“They promised to leave the port alone and give me a percentage of the ransom. It, it was never intended that you should come to harm Highness.”

“Take him to the gaol, we shall deal with him later,” Tania told the Amazons. showing them the way.

We travelled in comfort into the Ethiopian uplands. After the heat of the Red Sea, to be where the air was so clear and fresh was a relief. The mules carried our belongings. Abdul and the men stayed in port, but Ana and her Amazons accompanied me.

We rested at a fortified house that evening. Ana and I were struck by the way that Miriam and Tania enjoyed this last opportunity to be open about their love. I rehearsed my well-worn arguments about bishops being wrong to suppose that love like ours was in some way not part of God’s plan. Things were as they were. Seeing Tania smiling, Ana laughed, that wonderful throaty laugh which never ceased making me want her. Tania asked why she was laughing?

“Things are not always as they seem.”

Miriam blushed.

“What do you mean, Ana?”

“Life made it, your highness, so that you are Tania’s Mistress, but unless I have lost my ability to read others, your love reverses that,” Ana escort demetevler smiled, knowingly. Miriam seemed to have lost the power of speech; Tania grinned.

“Is it that obvious Ana?”

Ana cast a look in my direction, as quiet smile playing around her mouth.

“Probably as obvious as myself and Rahab,” she laughed, making me suddenly silent.

“How say you that we allow our Princess and Viceroy what they crave when they can finally relax and shrug off all responsibility?”

Ana looked straight at me, her eyes fixed mine. She was asking me to do what I had done from the start – to trust her. I nodded and, turning to Miriam said, “I hope that would please you, Miriam, I think we both need this.”

Her beautiful face relaxed, and so dry was her mouth that she actually licked her lips; she smiled, a sweet, shy and excited look on her face; it was as though she was simultaneously fearful and relieved.

“Rahab, undress the Princess,” Ana told me. My drawers flooded. I wanted to see her naked, those long, long legs which seemed as tall as I was, her tight, sexy arse, her perfect breasts, and now, thanks to Ana, I would.

My trembling hands gently pulled the linen strap from her shoulder, and as I peeled it away, her light coffee-coloured breasts were bared to our view. Her nipples were already crinkled and stiff. I heard Ana’s sudden intake of breath as Miriam’s dress pooled round her ankles, her nakedness covered now by a pair of tiny drawers.Miriam was passive as I pulled them off, her bush was dark and trimmed.

“Miriam, undress Rahab,” Tania ordered.

Making the Princess act, effectively as my maid, clearly sent a thrill through her to judge from the trembling of her hands as she slipped my shift from my shoulders.

Ana could see that being stripped in front of her and Tania was having the same effect on me. She grinned at Tania.

“She is so cute,” Tania said, as I stood naked before them.

“She is,” Ana laughed. “Do you and the Princess just use fingers and mouths?”

Tania looked puzzled.

“Of course, what else is there?”

Ana reached into our special sack, extracting the Sapphic stick we sometimes used.

Tania gasped at the sight.

“My goodness, really! You have a penis for women to use?”

“As it happens, Tania, I have two. Rahab, why don’t you fasten mine on and then show Tania how to do it?”

I smiled. I trusted Ana, and that being so, I went with the flow; and I was certainly flowing, as my upper thighs bore witness.

Ana’s backside was one of the wonders of the lesbian world. Her daily exercises had kept it firm and peach-like. As I slipped the straps up her equally firm thighs, I could not help kiss her cheeks. Tania noticed.

“Ana, I think that’s one of the sexiest things I have ever seen,” she whispered, as though not wanting to break the moment, but needing to talk.

Miriam was looking, transfixed. Tania nodded to me once I had fastened the straps.

I crawled over to her and Miriam. Smiling at Miriam, who crouched down to join me, I showed her how to fasten the Sapphic stick.

Tania’s legs were not as long or as elegant as Ana’s, but never had I seen a backside like hers. As Miriam and I fastened the straps, she imitated me and kissed Tania’s arse.

“It seems our ladies like similar things,” Ana said, with a laugh. “Now, Rahab, Miriam, present yourselves!”

Miriam looked at me, I could see her eyes were glazed with excitement, I nodded, and we crawled together. I showed her what to do. We put our heads down, raising our backsides so that Ana and Tania could access our cunts.

The look on Miriam’s face as Tania entered her made me all the wetter for Ana.

Miriam was pushed forward, as I was, as Tania and Ana exercised their lust on us. I whispered:

“If you use your muscles to grip the stick, it pushes it up to touch Tania’s pearl.”

Through the lust clouding her eyes, Miriam nodded; from the groans Tania was making, I could hear that Miriam had taken my advice.

As Anna ploughed deep into me, I could feel myself yielding escort dikmen to the feelings that were building and spreading out from my loins to my whole body, then, with a great groan, Tania came, which sparked Miriam off; Ana gave a huge sigh and, as I felt her juices squirt against my backside, so did I.

“What was that?” Tania’s voice was husky with lust. “I have never felt that intensely before.”

I felt Ana move inside me. I heard a kiss.

“That, Tania, was what happens when two lovers trust each other entirely. I am Rahab’s as much as she is mine, and her gift to me is to be treasured, as is her love.”

I felt a tear start and spoke:

“Yes, Tania, Miriam, this is our love, and I sense yours too. We are honoured to have introduced you to this love and its mystery.”

Ana eased herself out, Tania followed suite, and Miriam and I cuddled up to our lovers.

“I loved that, and loved, too, that you showed me how I could be who I needed to be with Tania. You had no shame yielding to Ana.”

Miriam was smiling sweetly. I smiled back.

“Wherein is the shame Miriam. It is Ana’s way to lead in these matters, as it is mine to lead elsewhere, and so we fit together so easily.”

Tania’s smile was like a sunbeam.

“It can be so with us too, My Princess knows I love her.”

The tenderness with which Tania stroked her hair spoke volumes, and as Miriam turned to begin sucking her breasts, I felt the urge to do the same with Ana. That night we lay together separately, not parting until the dawn’s early light.

As Miriam and I bathed, we talked of the night.

“That was special Rahab, I was so uncertain, it felt somehow both so good and yet I felt badly about it.”

Her breasts, streaked with water, looked luscious compared to mine, but looking at Ana and Tania I smiled; there, I thought, there were real breasts, the sort which made one hungry for one’s lover. I told Miriam my thoughts, adding:

“There is too much secrecy, Princess, as what we women do is thought wrong, we are silent and we learn by chance.”

“Yes,” she nodded, her small but perfect breasts moving as she dried herself. “You and Ana have opened our eyes and, in return, I will show you before the day is over the sight I have wanted you to see.”

We breakfasted and travelled in the cool of the early morning. Ana smiled, and we spoke much of our love as we journeyed on. Just before noon we came to the outskirts of a settlement.

“This,” Miriam said, “is the holy city of Aksum.”

We passed down what seemed a mere dirt track until, rounding a corner, we came to a walled church. Tania went to the door and spoke some words. With a great creak, the ancient door opened.

As we stepped inside we were met by an old priest. He wore the hood of the Ethiopian monks, and I could not even begin to guess his age. He bowed low to the Princess.

“Is this she of whom the prophecy spoke?”

His eyes were fixed on me with interest.

“This is Rahab,” Miriam spoke softly.

“That my eyes should have lived to see her. This is she who brought our people to safety from the slaves of Allah?”

“Yes, this is she. We were captured by pirates and she rescued us, we did not need to travel to the land of the great cedars.”

He rubbed his eyes.

“So, at last. I shall do as the legend says.”

He beckoned me to follow him, Ana, Miriam and Tania followed.

“You are now a follower of the Living God, Rahab?”

Crossing myself, I told him that I was, and that I was on my way to St Catharine’s to seek healing.

His smile was so tender, unexpected in such an austere face.

He took a key from his pocket and turned the ancient lock. Stepping inside he lit a candle. By its flickering light, I could see the outline of something large, it seemed to be a big box. Then, as a second and third candle shed their flickering flame onto it, I saw gold, golden wings, two angels I thought. In its presence I crossed myself, so did the others.

I heard Ana speak the words that were forming in my brain:

“Is this, is it …?”

“Yes,” the priest said, “this is the Ark of Moses which was rescued from the Great Temple before the Babylonians could profane it. One of the great Sheba’s sons brought it, and here it will stay until the Christ comes again in glory.”

And there it was, the Ark of the Covenant. But what had I to do with it, or it with me?

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Rahab Bk. 05 Ch. 05: Negotiations

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We woke refreshed and loving. Sleeping next to Ana made me feel safe and warm, and with her I slept so well that I found it hard to believe that for most of my life sleep had been elusive. When I told her she smiled and teased me:

“Ah, my Rahab, have I so tired you out that finally you sleep?”

I giggled and kissed her.

“You complete me,” I told her, smiling and kissing her on the lips.

We broke our fast, bathed, and dressed.

The day ahead would be one of talks with the Khan Hamid. He viewed Ana and “the Romans” as possible allies against the Ottomans, and was happy to maintain good relations, although he was obviously ill at ease treating a woman as an equal. He was also aware of her contacts with the Viceroy of Syria (me) and of the nature of that relationship, and no doubt hoped to gain benefit from it. Ana and I had agreed the line she should take.

It was, we both agreed, so different from the palaces and courtyards of the Romans and Ottomans. There things were on a grand, spacious scale, here things were smaller, meaner, narrower, reflecting the spirit of the Mongols who had ended up here. Once world conquerors, by this stage their power was in retreat, and decline. But it would not do to underestimate our enemy.

The Khan’s face accurately reflected his character. The lines in it showed his characteristic expressions were ones of contempt and anger, and in diplomatic negotiations, it almost looked as though his features were out of place.

As is usual on such occasions, the conversations were carried on by the chosen representative, with the Principals being there at the start, and then withdrawing, signalling that people of their status had better things to do, and that underlings could get on with such business. If they failed, they would be disposed of.

“Highness,” said Ana, bowing as she entered, as I did.

“Excellency,” said Hamid, with a slight incline of his head, as though acknowledging as a favour, that she was worthy of being in his company.

“I see you have a new secretary, is she in imitation of your great leader the ‘little vizier?'”

Ana smiled graciously.

“Highness, you discern my flattery to my Mistress. She is reliable and has power to talk with Abdullah.”

He smiled, pleased at the acuity of his perception (if only he had known the truth).

“As he does with her, so let us withdraw and leave them to it. Will you take a tour of the gardens with me?”

They went, leaving Abdullah and myself. I could see in his eyes that he thought I was of no account. Not only was I a woman, but I was a child. Well, that was to the good.

As we talked I took care to drop into the conversation what I wanted him and his master to know. So, yes, I confirmed that the ‘little vizier,’ was planning to invade the Armenian territory in the spring, and in force. There would be, I told him in deepest secrecy, a feint attack towards the Plain, but the Ottomans, as ever, would take them by surprise by going through the mountain passed, hoping to distract the Mongols by the feint.

“And you know this how?” He enquired, his shifty eyes shifting.

“As you know, my Mistress and the vizier are lovers, and where lovers talk, more than is meant gets out. As you also know, we are Christians and have no love for our Ottoman conquerors, and would not see their power expanded.”

He smiled. Such lines of reasoning made sense to his rather narrow view of how the world worked. I could see he had taken the bait.

What did we want? That, I told him was easy. We needed, for obvious reasons, to be on good terms with the Ottomans, and it was not, until Russia became more powerful, in our interest that their Empire should fall, but we would not wish them to become more powerful. From our point of view the Mongol kingdom was a known entity with which we could work. So for us, this was a way of maintaining the status quo.

From the way he was smiling I could see that this all made sense and filled with the views he had already formed; his Master would be pleased with him.

There was, however, one thing we wanted from his Master, if only to explain to the ‘little vizier,’ why we had come.

As men of power do at such moments, he stiffened his sinews. He had already obtained what he wanted, and looked loathe to pay any price.

“You know she will hear about this, and for our own protection, and therefore future use to you, we need to give her something. You know she cares for the Jews, who are her own tribe, and our one request would be to allow us to visit them so we can report back to her.”

I could see his mind weighing the options and coming to the conclusion that he would come out of our negotiations with far more than he had given; he looked satisfied.

“Well, little one, we should, as allies, sustain your position. I will talk to my Lord, but am sure once we have discussed the matter, he will allow what you need to retain credibility in the eyes of the little perverted bitch.”

My features remained placid. I knew how such men regarded çıtır escort me and my sexuality, and had no intention of blowing my cover by reacting. If he suspected my identity, there was no sign to him that he was correct.

His Master was as good as his word. Late that afternoon we received news we could travel to the Jewish area to conduct a tour of inspection. It was, we were told, a sign of favour, that we could go unaccompanied. As Ana said, it was more a sign of their over-confidence, after all, what could a couple of women and their bodyguard do against the power of the Mongols?

I was pleased with the results of our conversations, and so was Ana. It kept lines open with the Mongols, but gave them enough misinformation to keep them happy until the last minute when they would realised they had been tricked. But by then it would be too late.

We left for Yeghergis the following morning, en route back to Syria. We arrived in the early afternoon to be greeted by a delegation, including the Rabbi, who was called Rabin.

After a formal greeting, we were shown into a chamber where food had been laid out for us; my people were always hospitable.

As expected, they were wary of us. As I also expected there to be informers in the group, we maintained what protocol and common sense demanded, which was to enquire after local conditions, which were even more dire than was known back in Beirut. People were starving, and as they had no means of paying what the Mongols needed, no way out.

Maintaining the deception that I was merely Ana’s secretary, I asked Rabbi Rabin whether, as a Jew, I could talk privately about spiritual matters. There was, of course, the risk that he was the informer, but there was no help for that. I had to have faith in Our Lady’s promise, and this was the evidence that I had.

That gave us the excuse to slip away to the synagogue as Ana and the others talked.

“What can I do for you little daughter?”

“Rabbi, the question is what I can do for you. I am Rahab, the ‘little vizier,’ and I come to help lead my people to safety. You have perhaps heard of me and from Rabbi Samuel?”

He started and gulped.

“My lady, is it you? We were told you were our Moses, but we scarce dared believe that He Who Is had raised up one in our time!”

He fell to his knee and kissed my hand.

“Teacher, teacher, I am, like you, a tool in the hands of the Almighty, but if it is His Will then we shall do this thing, and you will all be taken from the shadow of the valley of death. Now listen, and carefully, for we have little time, and you will have to deal with the risk of the traitor in your midst.”

He looked me in the eye.

“And how can you be sure that I am not that man?”

“Because He Who Is would not have led me to you, Rabbi.”

He smiled in relief.

“You are correct, and in thinking there are traitors in our midst. I know who they are, and if there is hope, then we can rid ourselves of them and flee.”

So I laid out the plans.

The invasion would come from the south-east after the Christian Pascha. Our forces would come across the plain, deceiving the Mongols about the plan. It was clear to me that the Mongols intended to try to exterminate the Jews, and it would be necessary for them to be prepared to flee if necessary.

There we left it.

With our bodyguard we travelled south and did not draw breath until we reached our own lands, where we stayed the night at the fortress of the local Emir, who welcomed us with a feast in Ana’s honour, not, of course, knowing who I was.

I smiled at Ana’s impatience.

“Well, my darling, now you know how tedious my life can be,” I giggled.

As she went off to eat with the Khan and his allies, I was shown to the kitchen by a rather pretty woman servant, who very kindly prepared me something to eat, and stayed to dine with me.

I thanked her for her care.

“I am Rachel,” I told her, “secretary to Vizier Ana.”

“I am Aly,” she said, “servant to the Khan. Are you also her lover? I hear that she and the Viceroy are lovers.”

Clearly the Empire had no secrets.

I blushed a little, with flashbacks suddenly to my earlier life. Aly reminded me of Jess. She was bigger than me and more forward. The way she was looking at me gave me shivers of pleasure.

“Yes, Aly, I am her lover. Of her and the vizier I can, of course, say nothing.”

She looked at me.

“Oh, how I wish that I had a female lover, but here in the provinces, it is frowned upon. I have a friend at the Khan’s Court, and we meet when she comes to the market here, but we have never managed to make love. Is it as wonderful as I would think?”

My heart went out to her. Oh how I understood her plight. I had been in a similar situation back in Chilea only a few years previously I held her hand and looked into her eyes.

“Yes, Aly, it is more wonderful than you can imagine.”

“Thank you, you are very kind, very reassuring. It is, then, perhaps worth my while trying to demetevler escort bayan create time when she comes next market day?”

I confirmed it was, then, on a sudden inspiration, asked how easy it was to get messages from her friend at Court. Aly said it was quite easy as the Khan was so confident of his power that he spoke freely.

“Could you do Ana and the little Vizier a favour? You will be well-rewarded.”

“Of course, you are kind to me, few, if any others, treat a little servant girl as though she were human, and I like you and would be glad to help. The money might be useful in helping things move quickly, and I won’t say it would not be useful.”

At that point a message came from Ana ordering me back to her Chamber.

“Oh, I do so envy you Rachel, I wish I could be with my friend.”

“Well, Aly,” I reassured her, “if you do as I say, you will be, and sooner than you think. If you do this service for us, then I promise you will be with her.”

She looked at me, her brown eyes shining with tears.

“I trust you, and thank you. If I hear anything of interest, what should I do?”

“I will get Ana to talk with your Master, and if you do, he should send a messenger post haste to me in Beirut.”

Aly looked at me.

“You are her, aren’t you? You are the little vizier herself?”

“Yes, yes I am Aly, and that is why you can trust me. Come here.”

She came to me, and I kissed her on the lips.

“There,” I said, as we parted, “that is but a foretaste of what you and your friend have to come.”

She kissed me back.

“Thank you a thousand times, God bless you Rahab.”

I told Ana what had happened, and she smiled.

“Oh my little Rahab, so what would have happened had the servant girl made an attempt on your virtue. Would the little Vizier have yielded and become the servant’s servant?”

As she said this she was massaging my cunt, having stripped herself, and pulled me to her, half-naked.

“And would the viceroy herself have knelt before the servant and eaten her out? I can feel that the very thought is making you wet little one.”

She thrust two fingers into my cunt, which was indeed wet. I gasped as she took me there. Her kisses were like fire across my lips and breasts, and soon I was gasping.

“Eat your Mistress maid Rahab.”

I knelt and pushed my face against her wetness. Gracious, it I had been wet, Ana was dripping.

Making my tongue stiff, I parted her swollen lips with my fingers, prising them apart of reveal her red, wet softness and the entrance to her cunt, then making a tube of it, I thrust it into the tangy juiciness, pushing my face into her. I could hear her moan as I took her. My own cunt was wet and needy, but I wanted her so much.

My fingers traced the path followed by her juices from her cunt to her arsehole, and and they tacked it, my index finger rubbed her there, fingering the rim of her hole. She shivered and moaned as I did so, exhaling mightily as I pushed in slightly. She was gasping now, her breath ragged.

Aroused by her arousal, and loving the effect on her, my finger and thumb began to slightly pinch her bud as my tongue fucked her. As I pulled and fucked, she groaned. I pushed deep into her arse, at which the moan redoubled in intensity, and her body began to shake. She ground her cunt into my face so that my tongue was deeply embedded; that had the effect of doing the same to her arsehole.

As I took both her sex holes, my finger and thumb played with her engorged bud, softly, but pulling and pinching just enough to make her moan even more.

“Rahab, Rahab, no, no, I can’t, I can’t …!”

But she could. She orgasmed there and then. Her cunt sprayed into my face, and her arse clenched my finger greedily.

“Oh my goodness!” She exclaimed as she shook against me.

I heard another noise, she was not the only woman who had just orgasmed. Out of the corner of my eye I could see in the little window above, a pair of eyes, and I guessed that little Aly had enjoyed the spectacle.

As Ana recovered, she pulled me to her, and she whispered into my ear:

“Do you suppose the little servant enjoyed that?”

I giggled and nodded.

“Aly, come down and join us, do not be afraid.”

Ana’s tone gave no room for refusal. There was a rustle, and a few minutes later Aly came into our chamber.

“I was not spying Highness!”

“You were looking though. Give Rahab your finger to suck.”

Aly did as Ana told her. I licked it, tasting her own juices.

“So?” Ana asked me.

“You were right, she has been playing with her cunt.”

Aly blushed, but admitted it.

“So, Aly, I have cum and you have cum, but there is one here who has not, shall we let her?”

“Highness, is it right that I get to decide whether the Viceroy has an orgasm?”

Ana smiled broadly.

“It is right that I ask you, and be assured it will excite her. Doesn’t it darling?”

Ana was being so naughty, but she knew me dikmen escort bayan so well. She had brought me a long way to full arousal, and then let me service her, building up my own frustration.

“You are still very aroused, are you not Aly?”

She was shivering with lust.

“Oh my god, oh my god, yes, yes I am.”

“Would you like to see how I use Rahab, and will use you?”

I don’t know how Aly felt at that moment, but I could have cum on the spot. I knew the game she was playing for us. She knew this was arousing me to the point of orgasm with not a touch of her finger or tongue; her mind probed me to the point where I could almost have orgasmed at that moment.

“I should love it Highness,” she gasped.

“Adore me Rahab.”

That was my signal to get the cock-shaped instrument she used on me, and to strap it to her thighs. As she stood there, tall, blonde and powerful, again I almost came. Aly was looking at her in lustful amazement.

“Slaves, kneel and kiss my girl-cock.”

We did as we were told, and I kissed Aly across the cock, our lips and tongues meeting and lubricating it. We kissed and licked until we were both wet,, Ana’s hands in our hair.

“Present!” She ordered.

I showed Aly what to do.

We both knelt on all fours, heads down, backsides raised and our holes on display. I turned toward Aly who was looking at me as though to ask if this was my wish. I nodded.

“New slut first, old slut second,” Ana growled, as her girl-cock went into Aly, who groaned loudly. I kissed her as my wife fucked her hard. She gasped when Ana pulled out, and then it was my turn to moan.

“My girl-cock is wet with her, my darling, and you are getting her juices into your slutty cunt.”

At that I moaned. Ana knew how to press my buttons.

Aly and I kissed while I was fucked, then Ana turned back and took her, leaving my cunt empty and leaking. I felt so envious as Aly was fucked, kissing her passionately as though that was the route to feeling what she must have been feeling.

I wanted to scream that I was Ana’s and should be getting this, but as that was precisely what Ana intended, I could just think it for fear of alarming Aly. Then it happened, as Ana slammed in, Aly shuddered and came as we kissed. As she did so, Ana followed, just as she plunged into my cunt. Oh gosh, I felt frustrated and just needed release. But Ana was playing a longer game.

“Come and kiss me Alyslut.”

Aly turned and kissed Ana.

“Thank you, thank you, that was better than I could ever have imagined. I think I love you Highness.”

Ana laughed.

“So do all girls when they have climaxed so. And I have enjoyed it equally. But it seems there is still one who has had no orgasm. Would you like your sex cleaned up?”

Aly had her arms around Ana’s neck.

“Yes, I would love that, I am very messy down there, shall I get a cloth?”

Out of the corner of my eye as I stayed bend over, I could see Ana was stroking her breasts.

“Yes, you could, but of course if there were a slave in this room, she could be commanded to do the job.”

A shiver shot through me.

“Oh Highness, I wish it were so.”

“There is, command Rahab to clean you, call her slave. Lie in front of her, legs apart.”

Aly lay in front of me, legs apart. Her hairs were liberally coated with her juices, and her cunt glistened wetly. She looked at, shyly at first, but when Ana nodded, less so.

“Are you a pussy licking slave, Rahab?”

“Yes Mistress Aly,” I answered in a way I thought would please Ana.

It did, as she thrust her girl-cock into me deeply, forcing my face into Aly’s wetness. She tasted delicious, and I lavished attention on her sex, sucking her hairy lips before thrusting my tongue into her gooey hole.

Ana took me hard, forcing me into Aly’s cunt, and fucking her through fucking me.

“How does it feel having the Viceroy cleaning out your cunt, slut?”

Moaning at my ministrations, Aly shook more at Ana’s words.

“Is she a cunt slut Mistress Ana?” She asked.

“She is, she is mine, but I share this with you as a token of better times.”

Aly grabbed my hair and pulled me into her, as Ana fucked me hard.

The more Ana fucked, the more my face was pushed into Aly, and the more the latter groaned. I tightened my cunt, knowing the effect would be to force the cock up against Ana’s clit.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Aly sighed and grunted, her third orgasm not far off. Ana thrust in harder and deeper, it felt like she would split me in half. From the leaking onto me and the timbre of her moans, I could tell she, too, was close. I sensed my own orgasm building.

“May I? May I?”

“Ask Aly, beg her!”

“May your slave cum Mistress Aly?”

At that, both she and Ana began to cum. She gasped her assent and, at that moment, my own orgasm overtook me.

I felt her juices in my face, and my own and Ana’s down my thighs.

Ana pulled out, pulling me to her and kissing me, tasting Aly.

“How was that my darling Rahab, was that what you needed by way of release?”

“You knew it was, you know me so well.”

“I hope I did right?” Aly asked, uncertain now the tide of lust was ebbing.

We both reassured her she had pleased us, and she went back to her chamber an exhausted but happy devotee of Sappho.

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Kim’s Jamaica Vacation Ch. 02

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Kim awoke the next morning and looked over at her husband. Her pussy was still dripping wet from the night before. As her husband slept, Kim began to lightly finger pussy. She traced her fingers around through her bush and began to tweak her nipples. They were still so hard just thinking of the wild sex she shared with her husband and the wild young couple they met the day before.

She shuttered as remembered it all. Oh that couple, Lisa and Keith, they were so exciting. They were showing Kim she could be everything that she wanted to be. She had always dreamed of letting loose exploring a sexual level that she’d be afraid to admit to her husband. Maybe her biggest surprise was that her husband so quickly embraced the new found possibilities.

She let her finger fall onto clit and pressed hard against her loins. She was dripping and let her finger slide down and into pussy. She had never been so wet. She easily slid another finger in and began to fuck herself with her fingers. She could hear the sloshing in her pussy as fingered herself. She brought herself to edge of cumming and then backed off. She brought herself there again and one more time she backed off and denied herself the pleasure of her climax. She wanted to share it.

She looked over at her husband. Glenn’s cock was laying long and proud against his stomach. Kim rolled over and took Glenn’s cock into her hand. It was almost hard and he was still asleep. Kim wondered if he was dreaming of last night as he was sliding his prick deep into Lisa. Kim stroked his cock and felt it rise in her hands. She leaned over and took his manhood into her mouth. Kim was surprised as the lust took over her body and she swallowed his cock deeper and deeper.

Glenn came to life and smiled at his wife. His hands dropped down and he grasped beautiful hair and ran his fingers through it. Kim continued to suck his cock and felt the pressure begin to mount in his shaft. She desperately wanted to feel him shoot his load. She quickened the pace and was soon rewarded çıtır escort with a rush of cum filling her mouth. Kim swallowed as she tried to keep it all in, but some dribbled out and onto his shaft. Kim began licking at it get up every drop.

Glenn rolled her over and slid down between Lisa legs. She was soaking and Glenn was felt a rush he couldn’t imagine as his tongue tasted the wetness between her legs. He snaked his tongue deep into her pussy and Lisa bucked as the pleasures rippled through her pussy. She pinched her nipples as Glenn licked deep inside her pussy. Her juices were flowing as felt the passion ride higher than even. Glenn pulled his tongue from her pussy and touched it to Kim clit. That was all she needed. Kim’s body rocked as her climax over took her. She was screaming and pussy was quivering in Glenn’s face. She felt her orgasm in places she had never imagined possible.

She kissed her husband deeply and stared into his eyes. Kim knew that there was a passion back in her life and she couldn’t wait to feel more.

Kim and Glenn cleaned up and headed out to the pool. They looked with a different slant at the couples as they cavorted in the Jamaica sun. After a night with Lisa and Keith and the great sex that morning, Kim was looking at things like body shots as a little tame. He eyes gazed around the pool looking for Lisa or Keith. She didn’t spot them so she closed her eyes and listened to the reggae music. After a short time, Kim made her way down to the beach. There on a large towel, was Lisa. Not surprisingly, Lisa, like Kim, was choosing to sunbathe naked. Her body looked great. Kim studied her wonderful, deeply tanned tits as she breathed.

Slowly Kim made her way to Lisa. Lisa opened her eyes and she greeted Kim with large smile. Kim sat and the two chatted for a while. Lisa told Kim that Keith was off windsurfing so she was on her own. She thought a little beach time would be good. Kim explained that Glenn was off on a walk looking at the demetevler escort rest of resort. They decided they’d had enough sun and ordered room service up to Kim and Glenn’s room.

When they walked in, Kim could still smell the sex in the air. From the looks Lisa was giving her, Kim knew that she could feel it too. They ate the jerked chicken they gotten and talked. Kim was amazed at how much she and Lisa had in common. She was in mid 30’s and Lisa was probably about 10 years younger. They just really clicked.

Lisa looked at Kim and said, “You know, Keith absolutely loves your tits. He talked about them all night after you left.”

Kim was shocked. Lisa’s were so perfect and firm. She said to Lisa that she thought that hers were perfect. Lisa’s response was that hers were too small. She’d said she always wished she a had little more size to them and admitted that she told Keith that she agreed with his assessment of Kim’s tits. Kim felt her nipples stiffen at the thought.

Suddenly, Kim got the shock of her life. Lisa reached out and slightly touched Kim’s nipples. Rather than pull back, Kim found herself leaning forward allow Lisa better access. Spurned on by the reaction, Lisa cupped Kim’s tits. Almost instinctively, Kim felt her hands reach for Lisa’s tits. She felt their firmness and found herself wanting more. She closed her eyes and she felt a wetness growing between her legs. She gasped as she felt Lisa’s mouth on her breasts. Not be denied any pleasure, Kim pulled Lisa closer to her.

They lay on the bed together, kissing and running their hands over each others’ bodies. They were relishing the chance to explore without the men around. Kim closed her eyes and soon she felt Lisa between her legs. She was worried about the turning Lisa off with the incredible dampness of her pussy but Lisa was undaunted. She dove into Kim’s pussy and Kim was feeling the tug of war in her mind. She had never experienced lesbianism and she was torn between pushing dikmen escort it away as impossible and not denying the incredible feelings she had.

She was had decided to go with it when the door to their room flung open. Both girls quickly stared at the door. There, were both Glenn and Keith. There eyes were immediately glued to the rapidly hardening tools their husbands possessed.

Lisa rolled off Kim and stared seductively at the men. They made their way to the bed and kissed their wives. Glenn rolled his wife over and sunk his shaft deep into Kim. Keith began fucking Lisa with incredible passion. As they fucked, Lisa and Kim stared at each other. Almost as if they read each other’s mind, they pushed their husbands back and out of their pussies. Lisa pushed Glenn onto his back and mounted him. Kim got on her hands and invited Keith to drive his rock hard cock into her from behind.

In the position she was, Kim was able to watch Lisa fuck Glenn with incredible strength. Any woman could easily feel intimated by their passion, but she knew the sight of Keith driving into her pussy from behind had the same look. She felt unbelievable as she could feel every bit of Keith’s 8-inch cock inside of her.

She started to cum and that was too much for Keith. He pulled out and Kim felt what she thought had to be gallons of cum splattering onto her back. The feeling was almost enough to send her over the top again.

Completely exhausted, Kim and Keith laid down and cuddled as they watched their spouses fuck. Before long, Kim saw the tell tale signs that Glenn was going to come. He gritted his teeth and then let go and Kim new he was cumming. As he filled Lisa’s pussy, Lisa hit her max. She screamed so loud Kim thought security would come to see what was going on.

They chatted and agreed that they should continue explore the passion they were finding. Lisa and Keith left to go clean up and meet Kim and Glenn for dinner. After they left, Glenn thanked Kim for daring to set up a trip like this. Kim told Glenn how much she loved him and how much this experience was igniting the passion back in her. They showered together, caressing and kissing each other. They both knew this was going to make them stronger. Glenn stared at Kim as she dressed. He smiled with pride at her incredible beauty.

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Daddy’s Fetish Ch. 03

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Thank you everybody for the wonderful feedback I’ve received for the first two chapters of Daddy’s Fetish. Watch out for Chapter 4 as he has yet another surprise in store for Steph.

My cunt was throbbing from the intense pleasure of the last two days as I returned to my bedroom. Daddy had gone for a drink with Mike, the guy he’d brought around for me to fuck today. Yesterday I’d fucked Dave and both times daddy had watched us get on with it. I’d sucked off daddy both times.

True to his word, daddy had left me a gift. It was a crotch-less and cup-less white lace teddy. There was a note with it. It said for me to put it on now and sleep in my parents’ bed tonight. I would be woken up with a final surprise tomorrow morning. I couldn’t help wondering who was going to fuck me tomorrow. The last two days had been magical. These older guys had bigger cocks and so much more stamina than the ones I’d been with before. And they were experts at making me cum before they did. I knew that I was going to miss this when I went away to college.

I soon fell asleep. I woke up briefly when daddy came home and I felt him get into the bed next to me. He made himself comfortable with his hand cupping one of my tits and then I drifted off to sleep again.

The feeling of metal clasping around my wrist woke me up. My arm was being pulled to a bedpost and cuffed to it. Then daddy moved around the bed and repeated the process with my other hand.

“What are you doing, daddy?” I asked him worriedly.

“I’m setting the scene for your next visitor,” he smiled back and kissed me.

“Who is my next visitor?” I asked as my foot was secured to a bedpost.

“You’ll see,” daddy smiled and secured my second foot to the bedpost. I was now spread-eagled across the bed and I could feel the juices slowly escaping my cunt.

Daddy left the room and came back with his recliner. It was obvious that today’s fucking was going to take place in mom and dad’s bedroom and he was intending to enjoy every moment of it.

When he was done preparing daddy lay down next to me on the bed and started sucking on one of my nipples while he rolled my other nipple between his thumb and finger. I moaned with pleasure.

“You like that, don’t you baby?” he smiled against my tit.

“Oh yes, daddy,” I moaned.

“What did you think about yesterday?” he asked me.

“Mike was so good. I loved to feel his cock inside me. It was almost as big as yours, daddy,” I smiled.

“What part did you like the best, princess?”

“When Mike fucked me in the shower and I was in your arms.”

“You liked being fucked while I played with your tits, baby?”

“Oh yes. It was wonderful.”

There was no time to say anything else. We were interrupted by the doorbell. I looked over at the alarm clock and it was still only 7. But I knew that mom was due back today and daddy wanted this fuck session out of the way before she got home. The last two nights we’d fucked for hours and I didn’t think today was going to be any different. I could feel my wetness running down my crack. I was so ready for a cock.

I could hear muffled voices from down the hall, but I couldn’t make out who they belonged to. I was sure I recognized them, but I didn’t know where from. Soon daddy showed up in the doorway and spoke back to his guest.

“Leave your clothes in the living room. We’ll be waiting for you in the master bedroom.”

He smiled at me as he walked in and sat down in his recliner.

“Showtime, Stephie,” he whispered to me. “Are you ready to be fucked?”

I nodded at him and stared expectantly at the doorway. I gasped with surprise as I recognized the man who walked in, jerking his semi-erect meat.

“Uncle Fred!”

My uncle walked up to the bedside and smiled at me. “Yes, Steph,” he said. “When I heard that your dad was having you fucked I insisted on having a piece of you. Fortunately my friend who’d booked you for today didn’t mind sharing.”

“Your friend?” I asked incredulously. Daddy had brought around two men to fuck me?

“Yes, his neighbour and best friend.” The voice came from the doorway, but I didn’t need to look over there. I knew exactly who it was. My first glance at the naked man with an incredibly fat cock in his hand confirmed my suspicion.

“Mr Lehman!” I gasped as I looked into the eyes of the man who’d been my principal throughout high school.

“The one and only.” He smiled at escort beşevler me. “You’ve teased me for years with those bouncing big tits and that tiny little cheerleader uniform. It’s about time I got to taste what you’ve been promising.”

I couldn’t believe what was happening. It was such a surreal feeling. These men, whom I’d known my entire life, were here to fuck me. I felt a bit uneasy about the prospect of my uncle and principal fucking me, but I’d been restrained to the bed, I couldn’t get away even if I wanted to. And I realised that I didn’t want to.

“Hey Tom,” Uncle Fred was speaking to Mr Lehman. “She’s all wet and ready for us.”

Mr Lehman stood next to Uncle Fred and they looked at my soaking cunt. They exchanged a glance and Uncle Fred climbed up between my legs and placed his tongue across my slit. He slowly licked all my juices before he parted my pussy lips with his tongue. I couldn’t help letting a moan escape my lips as his tongue made contact with my clit.

“You’re such a hungry little slut, aren’t you?” Mr Lehman said and climbed up on the bed. “I better give you some nourishment.”

It was such a sleazy line but it set me on fire. Mr Lehman straddled across my face, forcing his thick cock into my mouth. He groaned as I took him across my lips and sucked him down my throat. He wasn’t very long, but that was just as well as he had the thickest cock ever shoved down my throat. I could hardly breathe, but he seemed to enjoy that, fucking deeper and deeper down my throat. It tasted so good to have him in my mouth. I tried to move my tongue across his veins, but there wasn’t much space to move around in my mouth.

Uncle Fred was feasting on my pussy. I could hear him slurping and sucking on me. I felt his tongue sliding inside my cunt and I moved my hips higher to feel more of him inside. I knew that I was dripping around his tongue. How much longer could I stay like this? How much longer could I let him eat my cunt without cumming. I didn’t want this to end. Then I felt Uncle Fred’s fingers sliding into my cunt. I moaned around Mr Lehman’s cock. I wasn’t going to last much longer.

Mr Lehman was pumping my mouth big time now. He kept gagging me with his meat and my gagging reflexes set him off even more. Uncle Fred had three fingers inside my cunt and his lips were parked around my clit, which he kept flicking with his tongue. My body started shaking, I couldn’t hold back. All I wanted was to knead my tits and wrap my legs around Uncle Fred, but my restraints held me back. Finally I felt myself showering Uncle Fred’s face and screaming out around Mr Lehman’s cock.

Uncle Fred moved up and Mr Lehman pulled out of my mouth. He placed himself between my legs and shoved his hard meat deep inside my throbbing cunt. I was so wet from cumming that he didn’t need to apply much pressure. I nearly screamed out when I felt his size stretching my cunt. He slowed down to let me adjust and then he started thrusting, with one hand on either side of my body.

I got to lick my juices off Uncle Fred’s fingers and he leaned forward and started sucking on my tits that were by now bouncing freely in response to Mr Lehman’s hard fucking.

“Suck my cock, Steph,” Uncle Fred asked me and kneeled next to my head, resting his cock across my lips.

I opened my mouth and tasted Uncle Fred’s shaft. I longed to play with his balls and feel his smooth meat in my hand, but I was still tied up. I could only please these men with my mouth and my cunt. Mr Lehman was sliding deeper and deeper into my cunt and going faster and faster. I opened my mouth to suck Uncle Fred inside. His pre-cum covered cock felt so good in my mouth. It wasn’t as thick as either my dad’s or Mr Lehman’s but it tasted wonderful. I let my tongue feel his veins and taste every inch of him.

With every thrust Mr Lehman sent shockwaves through my body. He slammed into my clit and his balls were squished against my pussy juice wet ass. I started moaning around Uncle Fred’s cock. I was tugging at my restraints. This only seemed to turn Mr Lehman on even more and as he fucked me harder I moaned for mercy, but there was none. Once again I started shaking, my cunt convulsing hard around the thick shaft that was filling it up. This seemed to be what Mr Lehman had been waiting for. He finally shoved himself deep inside me and let my quivering cunt milk him dry. He shot several squirts deep inside me before he escort balgat pulled out.

Uncle Fred was still fucking my mouth when I heard Mr Lehman and daddy exchanging a couple of words. Mr Lehman sat down in daddy’s recliner and I felt a body between my legs. Suddenly a mouth was drinking my cum mixed juices from my cunt. It must be daddy’s tongue that was slurping them up. I’d just cum twice but the feeling of my daddy’s lips on my pussy lips had me dripping again.

“She tastes great, doesn’t she?” Uncle Fred asked daddy who agreed. “How about I get to feel her cunt around my cock now?”

“Let’s get her out of these restraints so that my baby can suck off her daddy’s hard cock,” daddy suggested. The men quickly set my arms and legs free and turned me over. I was on my hands and knees. Uncle Fred pressed his cock against my wet opening and slid inside. Daddy held his hard cock in front of my mouth. For the third time in as many days I was going to taste my daddy’s meat.

Daddy and Uncle Fred were both moaning as they pumped in and out of me. Daddy’s hands were cupping my swinging tits and Uncle Fred’s finger was on my clit. How long could we possibly last like this?

“We should have done this years ago,” Uncle Fred panted. “Family reunions would have been so much more fun.”

The men all laughed. I looked to the side where Mr Lehman was watching the goings on. He was stroking his fat cock and it was fully erect again. I knew that he was the one who’d booked me today and I was hoping to feel more of his cock.

Uncle Fred was sliding in and out of me with long deliberate strokes. Each time his balls slammed into me and splashed my free flowing juices around. Daddy was fucking my mouth harder and harder. I sucked him hard and tasted the wonderful pre-cum and I couldn’t wait for him to cum inside my throat again. I swallowed over and over and then I sucked again. Daddy was moaning out loud. Uncle Fred was moaning out loud. My moans were muffled by daddy’s big cock. This was it. I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to cum again.

The moment my cunt contracted around Uncle Fred’s cock he released his spunk into my throbbing cunt. He pulled my hips tight and shot his load as deep inside of me as he could get. Daddy grabbed hold of my hair and shoved his meat all the way down my throat. There he finally shot his lot, leaving me no choice but to swallow every drop.

I collapsed on the bed with daddy and Uncle Fred pulled out of me. I had Uncle Fred’s cum sipping out of my cunt and I reached down to scoop it up. I slowly sucked it off my fingers.

“She’s mad for cum,” Uncle Fred laughed. “You’re still hungry for more, Steph, aren’t you?”

“Yes please,” I begged him and all the men laughed.

“Take off the teddy, sweetie,” daddy asked me and I stood up and pulled the garment off myself.

“Clean up all the spunk between your legs,” Mr Lehman asked and I stuck my fingers down there and scooped up as much as I could. There was nowhere to wipe it off so I licked it off my fingers again.

“Who gets which hole now?” Uncle Fred asked. “I’d like to get my cock cleaned by her wonderful mouth.

“I want her to ride me,” Mr Lehman stated and lay down on the bed.

I straddled my former principal and he guided his cock into my hungry cunt. Uncle Fred didn’t kneel next to me, but he lay down next to Mr Lehman so that I had to lean across to suck his cock. It tasted of my pussy and I felt my tits betting squished against Mr Lehman’s chest as I started sucking Uncle Fred hard inside my hungry mouth.

Then Uncle Fred and Mr Lehman grabbed a tight hold of me. I could hardly move my hips to ride Mr Lehman and just about move my head up and down across Uncle Fred’s juicy shaft. That’s when I felt it. It was cold and pressed against my asshole. Then I felt my ass getting smeared in something. It was a lubricant and it was squirted into my ass and around my back entrance.

Daddy was behind me. I could feel him jerking his cock hard again. It didn’t take him long. Soon I felt him pressing against my asshole and I nearly screamed in pain. Uncle Fred held my head in place over his cock so that my screams couldn’t be heard. The most immediate pain soon subsided after daddy’s cock head had penetrated my tight ass. But it was soon replaced by more as he slowly penetrated me. Mr Lehman had momentarily stopped fucking me as he gave daddy time to enter my virgin escort batıkent ass.

“Keep sucking, Steph,” Uncle Fred commanded me.

I was glad for his cock in my mouth. I concentrated on sucking it hard and pleasing him with my tongue so that I could forget the incredible pain in my ass. I even reached for his balls and caressed them with my hand, making him pant with pleasure. Soon I could feel daddy stop. He was buried deep inside my ass. My cunt was throbbing around Mr Lehman’s cock and my ass was burning around daddy’s cock.

Then daddy started pulling out. A strange feeling of loss came over me. I couldn’t believe it. I’d expected to feel relief. But daddy soon slammed back inside my ass. Next Mr Lehman pulled out and slammed inside. They started working me together. When Mr Lehman pulled out of my cunt daddy slammed into my ass and vice versa. Gone was the pain in my ass and all I felt was the enormous pleasure of having every single hole in my body filled by wonderfully hard and juicy cocks.

The room was quiet except for the wet fuck sounds and my muffled moans. I could hear heavy male breathing. Uncle Fred was the first to give in. He shot his spunk down my throat and I hungrily swallowed it. After he’d pulled out of my mouth he moved down and started kissing me. I was moaning out loud between his deep kisses.

“You’re wonderful, Stephie,” he said against my lips. “I hope you’ll let me fuck you again.”

I nodded at him and he disappeared. I heard the shower running and concentrated on the two cocks in my cunt and my ass. The burning pleasure was getting more intense. Daddy and Mr Lehman were fucking me faster. I moaned out and panted. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last much longer. Fortunately I wasn’t the only one who felt like that.

“Cum for me, Stephie,” daddy panted in my ear.

“Yes, cum now,” Mr Lehman moaned.

I was relieved to be able to let go. I shook between Daddy and Mr Lehman and my cunt contracted hard around Mr Lehman’s cock. Mr Lehman groaned out loud and shot his load up my cunt and finally my daddy let a roar escape his lips as he shot his spunk deep into my bowels.

We rested a couple of minutes, catching our breaths. As Uncle Fred stepped back in, fully clothed, daddy slowly slid out of my ass. I felt the cool air on my gaping hole. Daddy grabbed my hips and helped me off Mr Lehman. I could feel their cum running out of my cunt and asshole.

“Come and have a shower with me, baby,” Mr Lehman took my hand and walked towards the family bathroom. Daddy stayed behind with Uncle Fred, showering in the en-suite.

As we stepped into the shower cubicle Mr Lehman pressed me against the cold tiles and kissed me deeply.

“I really enjoyed fucking you, Steph,” he whispered. “You were even better than I thought you’d be.”

“I loved the feel of your cock inside me too,” I replied.

“Do you want it a final time?”

I nodded. I got on my knees and sucked his limp cock into my mouth. With my tongue I got him to grow hard in record time. He pulled me up and soaped my tits. He spent ages on each tit, soaping it, sucking it and soaping it up again. Then he grabbed my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He pushed me against the tiles and started fucking me fast and furiously. I held him tight, pressing my tits against his chest. The water was pouring down our bodies. We were fucking deep and hard. I moved my hips in unison with his, taking him deeper and deeper every time.

With a loud moan I eventually let go and felt my cunt convulsing around Mr Lehman’s shaft. He replied by shooting his load inside me a final time. I sank to the floor when he finally pulled out of me. I had no more strength in my body. Mr Lehman finished showering and stepped out, leaving me in a heap, with the water still running out of me. I felt like the whore I’d become.

Minutes later I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a soft towel around my bruised body. There was no sign of daddy, Uncle Fred or Mr Lehman. Mom and dad’s bed had new fresh sheets and the bedroom had been aired of all fuck smells. I could hardly believe what had been going on in there earlier. I heard someone at the door.

“Daddy?” I called out.

“No, it’s me!” mom replied. “Have you only just showered? It’s the middle of the afternoon. You can’t keep habits like this at college or you won’t get a degree.”

I mumbled something to her and fled into my bedroom. There was a box on my bed. It contained a black bra with holes for my nipples, crotch-less panties, a garter belt, stockings and high heel shoes. There was a note as well.

“Thank you for today. Wear these under your clothes tomorrow night. We’re going out for some more fun.



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Lake Climax

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It was warm inside the tent, and judging by the brightness, I had been sleeping all morning. It had been an exhausting night full of deep and meaningful talk, so I wasn’t surprised that we had slept in. Or at least, I slept in. There was no sign of Cindy. Normally I wouldn’t worry so much, but being in the middle of the forest, she could’ve gotten lost. I crawled out of my sleeping bag, and realised that I was stark naked. I was definitely sure I had my clothes on last night. The packs weren’t in the tent. Cindy must’ve moved them. I sighed.

“Cindy!” I yelled out. “Are you out there?”

There was no response, but I heard a faint giggle. She never got very far when pulling off these pranks. I opened the tent and poked my head outside. Cindy was sitting on a log with the packs by her feet, chewing on a granola bar.

“Morning Emma!” she replied cheerfully. “Or afternoon? It’s hard to tell. It’s so lovely out here. You should join me!”

“Very funny, Cindy,” I replied unenthusiastically. “Do you mind giving me my clothes back?”

“Come out here and get them.”

I didn’t entertain her with a response. I glared at her. It took about a minute this time before she gave in. Her eyes dropped to the ground. “Sorry.” She handed the bags to me and I retreated back into the tent to get dressed.

It’s hard to be angry at Cindy. It wasn’t because we were best friends. I often get frustrated at her childish pranks too. But I was the only one who knew about her condition. I was close to her family. At least, her mother trusted me with everything. She had run away from Cindy’s father, who was an abusive man. The story becomes fairly typical – Cindy’s mother worked two jobs to make ends meet and to pay for Cindy’s education, leaving Cindy to grow up mostly by herself. She was a hard worker, kept her head in the books as much as she could to do her mother proud. Cindy had the bookworm look – neat shoulder-length hair; liked to wear sweaters and had thick-rimmed glasses that made her look cute, though not “sexy” enough to draw the wrong kind of attention.

That…was kind of the problem. After her abuse at the hands of her father, Cindy developed serious mental health issues. I had suspected something wasn’t quite right for a long time based on Cindy’s erratic behaviour patterns, and when her mother told me that Cindy had been identified as having borderline personality disorder, I felt the weight as much as she did. Her mother felt guilty over Cindy’s upbringing and asked me, as a personal favour, to look after Cindy and do what she couldn’t do as a mother.

It was rough at first for everyone. Cindy was naturally a quiet, gentle girl who just wanted to finish school and go to college. However, she became more wildly emotional as she went through her school years, which had serious repercussions on her results. At first I assumed that these outbursts were due to her BPD, but after several counselling sessions, it was clear that after years of neglect and loneliness, combined with her unstable mental health, she had developed hypersexuality. It was an on-and-off thing. Most of the time she was plain normal Cindy, but every now and then she would become obsessed with sex. She dressed provocatively, flirted with guys and girls, and become fixated on anything that turned her on.

My role changed once I learned of this. Rather than just being her best friend, I was also her guardian. I kept her out of trouble – the fact that she never had a sexual relationship in school was a testament to my hard work at keeping her focused on her studies. I also made an effort to hide her hypersexuality from her mother. Cindy’s behaviour wasn’t her fault, but I knew that her mother would think she was a slut, and for Cindy’s sake I kept it quiet. Through counselling and therapy sessions, Cindy and I worked out a plan to manage her symptoms. I became her confidante, allowing her to talk through her obsessions and fantasies. When we went to college, we shared a house together, where I could keep an eye on her and made sure she was taking her medication. As much as I’m loathe to admit this, at times I became her “fuck buddy”. I’m not a lesbian, and I’m not sexually attracted to my best friend, but there were times when her hypersexuality was so intense that she needed relief. It felt strange at first, but I wanted to do the best for Cindy rather than have her regret doing something with a stranger. It was fun too – uniquely, Cindy was the perfect person to experiment with sexual fantasies, and we played it off as a fun, best-friend gag than a sexual relationship, and we both understood that there were no strings attached. I knew Cindy appreciated everything deep down.

One thing we did every year that helped her condition was to go camping. Her symptoms – and her beşevler escort bayan hypersexuality – flared up when she became stressed, which was a common occurrence when we were juggling college and work. In summer we’d drive to a remote national park and spend a few days away from everything. I enjoyed de-stressing as much as Cindy did, and Cindy was able to let loose without anyone judging her. Cindy stripping me in my sleep and stealing my clothes was actually an improvement over previous years. Last year she flashed every truck for a mile, and masturbated in the car while talking about lesbian fantasies with her teachers. It was a positive sign that she had made it this far, and we were convinced that she was on the way to recovery.

After lunch, we decided to go for a hike. One of the trails led to the park’s centrepiece, Lake Climax. We packed some water and snacks into our packs and trekked off. It was the perfect day for a walk in the woods. The temperature was comfortable, the wind was cool, and we had plenty of alone-time to talk about the things on our minds. Given Cindy’s condition, it didn’t take long for the conversation to become tainted with sex.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if we did the whole hike topless?”

I groaned. I bet that once we reached the lake, she would have an urge to go skinny dipping. Not that she needed to take much off. All she had on were her shoes, a short skirt and a sleeveless top tied below her breasts. She was in her “sexy” persona when she packed and didn’t really think about the consequences. Granted, I was also sans underwear – I had been so stressed with planning the trip and making sure Cindy was okay that I had just plain forgotten.

Honestly though, this time it didn’t feel so bad. I had been so occupied with work, and having broken up with my boyfriend months ago, I was feeling more than a little tense. Being able to go commando with Cindy was actually quite liberating for me, and while I wasn’t going to admit it to Cindy, it was a bit of a turn-on. What if something happened to us? If I sprained my ankle, I bet Cindy wouldn’t hesitate to rip her shirt into bandages, or start taking advantage of me. I shivered at the thought. It was a guilty pleasure, and I was surprised that it even crossed my mind.

I snapped out my daydream. Something felt strange. I couldn’t see Cindy anywhere. I wasn’t even sure where I was. It was like I had been on autopilot and walked in straight line. It appeared that I had been attempting to cross a dry streambed and stepped into a wet patch. I had crossed more than halfway and was close to the far bank when my feet became stuck in this yellowish, sandy mud. And “stuck” wasn’t an overstatement. I was up to my knees and there was an unnatural suction around my calves. A few experimental tugs caused the sand to ooze around my legs. I noticed the sand moved gently, as if it was pulsing. Cracks began to appear in the surface, which was starting to turn into a wet-cement consistency. Then, without warning, I no longer felt anything solid under my feet. I plunged down to my thighs. The sand absorbed my sudden drop, rebounding and sending ripple across the formerly dry creek bed. It was only now that I realised that it wasn’t as dry as it looked, and several small puddles were forming.

I didn’t have time to dwell on that. With the sand liquefying beneath me, I was continuing to sink. I shifted my weight onto my left side to work my right leg out, but that only made my left leg sink deeper. I shifted to the right, which also sank my leg deeper. I repeated this several times. I’m not sure why. It felt natural to struggle, as if moving back and forward would stop me from sinking, like it was climbing onto something that felt slightly more solid. All I was doing was loosening up the sand further and making the trap that much more inescapable. I slurped hungrily as it crept up my thighs. The sensation sent a shiver through my body. It was cool and inviting, and didn’t feel all that bad. Playful, even. It gave way whenever I wanted it to stay still, and it resisted when I thought I would plunge down. I felt trapped and helpless, watching the sand swallow me, its victim.

Somewhere, I could hear Cindy’s voice, but it felt like a distant dream. I felt no urge to call out to her. Just looking at the sand getting closer to my crotch, seeping through my shorts. I felt giddy. Excited.

“Hey, Emma, I saw a sign back there saying that there’s quicksand – OH MY GOD, EMMA!”

I turned my head back to see Cindy standing on the bank. She was shouting something at me, standing back tentatively from the edge. It took me a while to register what was coming out of her mouth. Quicksand? I looked back down. The quicksand undulated around my hips. I balgat escort bayan kept on going down. My struggling had turned the creek bed into a deadly trap that extended further than my arms could reach. Everything felt slow. Even my thoughts were dulled. Finally, I summoned the energy to call out for help.

But when I turned around, Cindy’s hands weren’t reaching out for me. One was under her shirt, caressing her boob. The other was between her legs, ferociously stroking her pussy. I nearly choked at the sight. Maybe it was the way I was positioned with my wide butt wiggling at her, or my breasts swaying deliciously over the sand, or the wet spot that her developed in my shorts, or maybe it was my subconscious moaning. Whatever it was, it hit Cindy’s trigger.

“Cindy! Cindy!” I called out. “Snap out of it! Help me!”

She didn’t hear me. She couldn’t see me either. Her eyes were closed as she pleasured herself, succumbing to her sexual drive. I had seen it many times before. It wasn’t wholly abnormal. For a normal person, it might just be that slight twang of arousal from seeing something provocative, but for Cindy, it created an unstoppable reaction. There were times when it would hit her when we were going out clubbing, and she’d be in the back seat fingering herself while I drove. There were times, in the middle of the night, when I would submit myself to being her plaything to calm her down. I put up with these incidents because Cindy couldn’t control herself, and it wasn’t her fault. Now, however, I needed her to keep a level head, and she couldn’t do that.

I jolted as the sand made contact with my crotch. Reminded of my predicament, I resumed struggling, but my movements became slow, even sensual. The sand felt alive, licking my wet pussy. Even I couldn’t hold back the urges, not with Cindy moaning loudly in the background. It was like we fed off each other. She was turned on seeing me trapped and struggling in quicksand, and the same helplessness that we were both suffering was turning me on. I don’t know who orgasmed first, but by the time we recovered, I was nearly up to my tits. Cindy was gasping for air. And she kept on going. This was unusual even for Cindy. Perhaps it was the fact that my shirt had wicked up so much sweat and moisture that I was literally doing a wet t-shirt gig. It was too much for Cindy. Her fingers went in and out of her swollen pussy, pushing herself onto the brink of another orgasm as I sank deeper into the quicksand.

I managed a glance at her eyes, and my heart nearly stopped. It wasn’t that I was afraid of my situation. Her eyes told another story. I wasn’t the only one who was struggling. Beneath her flushed face and soft moans, her eyes betrayed a feeling of panic. I realised that Cindy was fighting as much as I was. She knew I could die, yet she couldn’t control her body. She could only watch me sink. The sand shifted and swallowed my breasts in one gulp. I cried out. Then, I felt myself begin to float. Precariously – I was bobbing between my chest and my shoulders. If I held still, I could let the quicksand solidify, holding my weight a bit better. It was a very delicate balance, and I felt that I would go under at any moment.


Cindy looked like she had run a marathon. She was covered in sweat and barely able to breathe. How many orgasms did she have? Two? Three? Her drive seemed to have stopped, for now. Seeing how deep I was, Cindy moved towards me, but I shouted at her to stay back.

“I’ll…I’ll find help,” she stammered.

“No, Cindy, I need you. I can’t float much longer.” I wasn’t lying. The quicksand was up to my shoulders now, and I wasn’t bobbing back up anymore.

Cindy took off her pack and tossed it aside next to where I had thrown mine earlier. She carefully edged towards the bank. Despite her care, the bank crumbled and her feet slipped into the mud.

“Cindy! No!”

She stopped herself, but her eyes had a familiar glaze. “Oooh…that feels quite good.” She wriggled her toes and made swirls in the liquefying sand with her finger, watching her patterns disappear. “I wonder what it would be like…”


I was getting desperate. Somehow, I got through to her this time. She blinked and pulled herself back out. Keeping well back, she was too far to reach me. She looked at me with tears in her eyes. She didn’t know what to do.

“Listen,” I said. “I need you to be strong. You can get me out, but you need to listen to what I say, all right?” She nodded. “Okay. You need to get a little closer. It’s not as deep where you are.”

“Step into the quicksand?” Cindy looked shaky. “But, even if it’s not deep, I still can’t reach you.”

“You need to make a rope. Use…use your shirt. batıkent escort bayan Take it off and throw it to me.”

I hadn’t really thought through what I was asking. Normally this would have been off-limits – asking Cindy to take her clothes off was an invitation for another hypersexual fit. But I was running out of time. I needed Cindy to do it. I could barely keep my hands above the quicksand and I could feel it destabilising despite my best efforts to remain still. “Cindy, please…”

What she did next was perhaps the strongest thing she had ever done. Slowly, she untied her shirt and took it off. Her breasts, swollen from her uncontrolled arousal and with the hardest nipples I had ever seen, swung free. Even the slightest hint that someone could be looking at her tits was a trigger. But she put on a brave face. With her shirt in her hand, she edged towards the quivering sand. I could only offer a couple of words of encouragement, as the sand was up to my neck and even talking felt like it made me sink deeper. She only managed three steps before the sand no longer held her weight. She sank into the soft sand, settling to her upper thighs as the ripple caused me to sink to my chin.


My eyes widened. It was not the sound I wanted to hear. That was Cindy’s unique sign that she had triggered a sexual thought, and I suddenly saw why. Already sensitive and stimulated, she was being overloaded by the gritty feel of the semi-liquid sand. Her breathing became heavier and her movements slowed down and she began to grasp that she was sinking in quicksand. The sand reached under her skirt. I then remembered that she was going commando, and her over-stimulated pussy was inches from the shimmering sand.

“Cindy, no!”

Too late. She screamed uncontrollably when the sand made contact. I became worried. Not just for me. Cindy was exhausted from her sexual struggles, and going over the edge one more time may bring her to the point of no return. If she lost control now, in the middle of the quicksand, she would be pulled under as well. No, I couldn’t allow her to do that.

“Cindy, go back!” I cried out. “It’s no good! Get yourself out! Listen to me!”

If she said something in return, I couldn’t hear it. The sand closed over my mouth and ears. This was it. I reached out to Cindy one last time before my head went under. Those moments felt like forever. I could only hope that Cindy was crawling out of the quicksand. I apologised in my mind for not being strong enough to look after her, to take care of her illness, to help her overcome it. And I forgave her for being unable to save me. It wasn’t her fault.

Something brushed against my fingers. With the reflexes of a viper, I snapped at it. It was a lifeline. My other hand grabbed onto it without a thought. My body clawed at this one last chance, even if I had given up. I must’ve only moved a few inches, but every gain was a mile to me. Cindy’s hands grabbed my wrists, and my head emerged. My lungs filled with fresh air. I leaned over Cindy’s shoulders. Topless and chest-deep in the quicksand, Cindy bore my weight without saying anything. Though we were standing on solid ground, it was a slow crawl out of the quicksand. It may have taken half an hour. We move patiently and with a purpose. No words were exchanged.

When we go out, we lay on the solid bank, covered in mud and sand. Cindy had lost her shirt and my shorts had been pulled under, rendering both of us half-naked. We must’ve laid there for another half an hour before either of us spoke. Still shaken by the submergence, I could only mutter a “Thank you.”

I had a burning question to ask, but Cindy cut me off. “I just…stopped thinking about it,” she said. “The whole sex thing. I don’t know what happened. It was like…for the past five years, it felt like I was living this massive sexual fantasy, where I could do whatever I want and there would be no consequences; that I could live the next day without worrying what happened the previous. It was when you reached out to me, that’s when I realised…I needed to take control. Your life depended on it.”

Cindy stopped for a few minutes, struggling to find words. “It felt…I feel fine. I mean, the sand was nice and all, but like, I don’t feel like it was a huge turn-on. Not even being topless and getting groped by you…”

“Hey, I didn’t meant that,” I snapped. “We were climbing out of quicksand!”

Cindy whistled. “Sure, I could believe some of that.” Her tone changed. “But seriously, I should thank you too. For everything you’ve done for me.”

“So…you’re better now?”

Cindy shrugged. “We’ll have to see. How about we go back to our tent now? I promise I won’t strip you this time.”

We picked up our bags. We were a sorry sight. Half-naked, caked in wet sand. Was Cindy really better? Suddenly, I had an idea. I tapped her on the shoulder. “Say, why don’t we go on without original plan and skinny dip at the lake? We could definitely wash ourselves off.”

Cindy looked at me, not with glazed eyes, but with a naughty glimmer and a cheeky grin. “Sure, why not?”

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Kiki Brings Edith Home

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After the first month that Kiki moved into my home, she decided to rent her house and, after some haggling with the association president, did so. Needless to say, it was quickly snapped up, the market in our development was that good.

Every Sunday, Kiki had phoned her sister-in-law, Edith, who lived in Pennsylvania. I couldn’t help but overhear some of the conversations from time to time, conversations that boosted my ego through the roof at times. I had always prided myself with my ability to satisfy her, sexually, and she sometimes recounted our lovemaking in vivid detail. Of course, I heard only her side of the conversation so I never knew what Edith’s responses were.

Right after her house was rented, Kiki decided that she would visit Edith for a few days. “You’ll just have to make do with your right hand while I’m gone. Just don’t get too wrapped up with it though, ” she laughed. “It’s only for a long weekend. “

I delivered Kiki to the airport early on Thursday morning; she would be returning the following Monday afternoon. With all these new restrictions on air travel, we had to part as she went through the screening. Her last words to me were, “Now you be good and be ready for me when I get back. ” To emphasize her meaning, she gave my crotch a soft pat as she left me.

I stopped on the way home at a Dunkin Donuts for a cup of coffee and a donut, then did a little shopping. At home I caught up on some paperwork I had sadly neglected during all the enjoyable time with Kiki. Dammit, I already missed her. I must admit though, that I got a full nights sleep that night.

Somehow the weekend passed and I had only jacked-off once. Monday morning Kiki called and we talked briefly before she got ready to leave for the airport for her return. I told her that I would not be at the airport when she got in, but, for her to call me as soon as she landed and I’d drive right in, it was only a twenty minute trip. I’d pick her up curbside. “Good, it’ll probably take me that long to get my bag, ” she replied. “By the way, I’ve got a nice surprise for you. “

Shortly after three that afternoon she called and I immediately got in the car to go pick her up. With little traffic I made it in just under the twenty minutes and as I pulled into the arrival pick-up area, I saw her standing there, waiting for me. She seemed to be in a deep conversation with another arrival, a thin, dirty blonde, dressed, like Kiki, in shorts that showed off a pair of slender legs. I pulled to the curb next to them, killed the motor and got out to open the car trunk for Kiki’s bag.

When I turned to her she smiled and said, “Hi lover man, kiss me and meet Edy, my surprise for you. ” I gawked for an instant, then smiled and foolishly, held out my hand to Edy.

“Hi, Edith, I didn’t know you were coming. This is a surprise. ” Edy laughed, ignoring my hand and, instead, held out her face for a kiss. I took the gesture and planted a kiss on her cheek, then kissed Kiki. “Welcome home, dear, and welcome to Florida, Edy. “

I quickly stowed their bags in the car trunk and we all got in the car for the trip home. Knowing that I-95 would be bumper to bumper this time of the day and dodging the other cars exiting the airport, took the Congress Avenue exit ramp. As soon as I stopped at a red light, Kiki leaned over for a proper kiss. “Did you miss me, Honey? I missed you. “

“Darned right I missed you, ” and patted her bare leg right below her shorts. She laughed.

“I know what you missed and we’ll have to make up for lost beşevler escort time. ” In the back seat, Edy was laughing right along with Kiki.

When the light turned green, Kiki said, “Let’s stop for dinner on the way, I’m famished. We haven’t had anything since breakfast and they don’t serve any meals on the planes now. “

“Yeah, ” Edy concurred from the back seat. “I’m starving too. ”

“No problem, we’ll just join all the Early Birds. That’ll be something new for us. How about ‘Snappers?” Edy began giggling and I quickly explained to her that it was the name of the restaurant.

“Yeah, Edy, get your mind off sex for a few minutes, ” Kiki said laughingly. “And, don’t order desert or we’ll have to wait an hour after eating for ‘you know what’. ” She turned to me and said, loudly, “You’re in for a big treat, big boy. Think you can handle two horny old broads?”

That was my first inkling of what lay in store for me and abruptly my cock began to respond. “If you mean what I think you mean, I’d gladly die trying. And, I don’t see any old broads. “

Luckily, the restaurant wasn’t crowded when we got there and we were seated immediately. True to their words, the two women ate ravenishly, while I settled for a light meal. I had eaten a late lunch. Besides, I thought that I performed better on an unfilled belly.

It was almost six by the time we got home, their bags out of the car and into the house. I was somewhat surprised as I watched Kiki lead the way for the two of them right into our bedroom. For my part, I got out some booze and mixers, made myself a drink and then sat in the livingroom to wait for them to join me.

>From time to time I heard giggling coming from the bedroom and they seemed to be taking a long time in there. “What are you two up to in there, ” I called out.

I heard a laugh, then Kiki answered. “We’re just getting out of our travel clothes and into something comfortable. Be there in a minute. “

I nearly choked on my drink when a few minutes later they emerged from the bedroom. They were both ‘dressed’ in oversize tee shirts that hung to just below their hips. They were very obviously naked underneath. “Don’t we look better now, Jon? I know I feel much better without all that constricting stuff on, ” Kiki laughed. “Why don’t you get comfortable too?”

While Kiki mixed drinks for she and Edy, I stood up and shucked off all but my boxers, not even trying to hide the bulge that had developed in them. Kiki took one look at it and then, nudging Edy, said, “See, I told you he’d be happy to see us. ”

“To tell the truth, Kiki, I’m kind of glad to see him. I’m anxious to see just how talented Jon is and I don’t mean with that thing that’s making a tent out of those boxers. “

“Oh he’s talented with more than that nice cock he’s hiding. Stick out your tongue, lover, and show her your other good feature. ” It was plain that Kiki had confided to Edy much more than I thought about our activities.

I turned to Edy and stuck my tongue out as far as I could, then made lapping motions as though I was licking an ice-cream cone with it. Edy got a glazed look in her eyes as she watched. “To hell with the drinks, Kiki, I need to test that out. I’ve gotten so hot, I need to cum. “

“Don’t be in such a rush, babe, ” Kiki said softly. “Just diddle yourself for a few minutes. Show Jon how hot it’s making you. He gets really hard watching you taking care of business. ”

Edy drew her feet up onto the chair seat, revealing balgat escort her bare pussy, already glinting with moisture. I put my drink down and, raising my butt off the chair, pushed my boxers down and off. My cock was standing straight up. Kiki got up and came to straddle me, facing away from me, and quickly lowered herself, guiding my cock into her also wet cunt. “Fuck me, Jon then give Edy a good licking. ” I reached around her and up under her tee shirt to cup her tits as she commenced bouncing up and down. “Oh fuck yes, lover, give it to me, ” as her movement became more vigorous. “God, but I missed this. ”

Although the sight of Edy ‘taking care of business’ was somewhat obscured, I could still see her self ministrations. She had disposed of her tee shirt and I got the first view of her tits, tiny tits that seemed to be all nipple. She was pulling on first one then the other with her left hand while her right hand was attacking her clit in a feverish rubbing motion. Her head was thrown back against the back of the chair and she seemed to be on the verge of cumming.

Apparently Kiki was watching Edy too and getting just as excited watching her sister-in-law masturbate. “Oh god, Edy, do it, make yourself cum. Come on, baby, do it now. Oh jeez, I’m gonna cum! Fuck me, Jon, fuck me hard. ” I grabbed her hips and drove into her as hard and deep as I could. My cock jerked as I unloaded my jism into her. Kiki fell back onto me, her head resting on my shoulder as she shuddered through her orgasm.

At that very instant, as though programmed, Edy let out a low growl as she brought herself off. The room reeked of sexual release. I was thankful at that moment for the Scotch-gard treatment I had given the furniture for I felt the mixture of Kiki and my juices running down my thighs and onto the chair cushion. I was sure that Edy was dripping too.

But as I watched, she continued pleasuring herself, with two fingers buried in her cunt, trying to maintain her sexual high. Amazingly, my cock, which had started to shrink, regained life and within seconds was again stiff and hard.

“My god, Jon, ” Kiki muttered, “is Edy keeping you up?”

“Yeah, that woman is really turning me on. “

“Why don’t we go to bed and you can give her pussy a good licking now, get her off good. Then fuck her hard. Show her I haven’t been stretching the truth when I told her what a stud you are. ”

Kiki got off my lap, freeing my cock, and walked over to the chair Edy was now sitting up in. “Come on girl, it’s time for your ‘treatment’ Let’s get on the bed so we can all be more comfortable. ”

Once in the bedroom, the two of them stretched out, side by side over two large bath towels, apparently placed there when the two of them had been ‘getting comfortable’. As I crawled over the foot of the bed to between Edy’s open legs, I got my first good look at her cunt, her swollen lips covered with her milky white cum juice. “Ummm, ” I said to them, “looks like my dessert is ready for me. ” Her legs went straight up in the air as I plunged my face towards my target. I licked up as much of her juices as I could before concentrating on her joy spot. As my tongue touched her engorged clit, she brought both legs down, to rest on my shoulders, giving me the chance to reach up with both hands to fondle her nipples.

My lips circled her clit and I began to lovingly tease it with the tip of my tongue. “Oh yes, yesss, ” she sobbed. I felt one of my hands pulled from her tit and I looked up over batıkent escort Edy’s slightly rounded tummy to see Kiki lower her mouth onto that nipple and suck it into her mouth. At that very instant, Edy let out a low moan and came.

I kept her at her peak for a minute or two, then let up on her clit to let her come down from her high. When her body had relaxed, I returned to sucking and licking the now swollen nub. Her heals were dug into my back as she strove to force her pussy harder to my mouth. Over and over, she began muttering, “Ohmygod, ohmygod, oh god, oh god, ohmygod, ” then, “Oh god, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, ” as her heals began a drum beat on my back. I felt her body tense as she screamed at me, “DON’T STOP, oh god, DON’T STOP”. Of course, I had no intention of stopping. Her cunt was gushing more of her cum juices onto my chin as her cum seemed to go on and on, until obviously, exhausted, she collapsed.

Although both Edy and I were still, I felt the bed moving and as I rose up onto my knees I found the reason why. Kiki was on her belly, one hand under her, at her pussy, humping like crazy. The sight of my licking Edy’s pussy apparently had been too much for her and she was determined to not be left out of all the pleasuring.

My cock, already at full staff, became even stiffer and I took hold of it and slowly stroked it. “Hey! No fair, ” I heard Edy exclaim. “That’s supposed to be for me. “.

There she was, knees up, legs spread, her cunt still glistening with the mixture of my saliva and her cum. I moved forward, aiming my cock at her juicey hole and lowered myself. She grabbed my prick and guided it into her hot hole. “Come on, Jon, fuck me, fuck me fast and hard. “

There was no resistance as I buried my prick deep and began thrusting. “Jeez, Edy, I really need to cum and it’s not going to take me long. “

“Just shut up and fuck me. “

With the moans of Kiki beside me, bringing herself to orgasm and the ‘unh…. unh… unh” from Edy each time I drove my prick into her, I was at fevers pitch to get myself off. It seemed I was just on the edge but couldn’t get over. I began to sweat, my perspiration dripping on Edy’s small tits.

Suddenly she screamed out, “FOR GODS SAKE DON’T STOP! OHMYGOD, OHMYGOD, YESSSS!”, as her whole body tensed up and she clung to me, trying to keep me prick deep in her cunt. “Oooohhh, ” she moaned as she came, her cunt convulsing on my cock. Her cum seemed to just go on and on for several minutes until, finally she completely relaxed, letting go of me and throwing her arms outstretched to either side. As I tried to resume pumping, she cried out, “Oh Jon, no more, please, no more., ” pushing me away

When I was back up on my knees, my prick was still stiff as a board and beginning to ache. My god, I thought, I’m priaptic. I’ve got a perpetual hard-on. I grasped it and began jacking off, I had to relieve the pressure. I kept pumping until my arm began to get tired and I was about to stop when that familiar feeling started in my groin and after a few more desperate strokes, a long rope of thick white cum squirted out to land on Edy’s belly, followed by two more, less forceful squirts. I milked a last few drops as my prick finally began to soften until it was hang limp, the pain gone from it.

As I sat back on my heels, Edy began twirling her fingers in the deposit I had made, then, with her fingers coated with my cum, she brought her hand to her mouth and licked her fingers clean. “Uumm, Jon, you taste as good as you fuck. Next time I’m going straight to the well. “

Kiki, having satisfied herself, watched as Edy cleaned up all the cum she could. “Edy, ” she said laughingly, “you’re a pig. You could have offered me a little of that. ”

I was exhausted. “Your both going to have to wait quite a while before there’s anymore. “

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Rahab Bk. 02 Ch. 01: Damascus Road

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That was our last night at the Topkapi Palace. At the time, I thought it would be a few months, and then we should be back to normal; I could not have been more wrong. The morning following our night of passion, the Sultan marched south — on the Damascus road.

We said a tearful farewell to the ladies of the Seraglio. Calliope, the mother of the Sultan and my lover and protector, wept, and pulled me to her generous bosom. For a moment, I just wanted to climb in there and stay. But my Master was the Sultan, and he wanted me with him as he marched to sort out a rebellion in Mount Lebanon, and so there was no choice.

I was allowed to take my slave, the English girl called Jess, with me, but that was it. I kissed my beloved Svetlana goodbye, and hugged my other friends, even Alexandra, the Circassian. An exception was her friend, Irene, who was heavy with child by the Sultan, and she was as glad to be rid of me, as I was of her.

Calliope and I had discussed the situation over our breaking of the fast.

It was a symptom of what she feared was happening to the Ottoman Empire that the local authorities had been unable to contain a rebellion. Mehmet had dispatched a messenger to Damascus, ordering the death of the Governor, and he was travelling south to enforce his will. But in the great days of Suleiman, who took Constantinople from the Romans, such a revolt would either not have happened, or have been slapped down at once. But the Sultans who had succeeded him preferred luxury and pleasures of the Seraglio, to the hardships and rigours of a military campaign. Mehmet seemed determined to change that.

We went to the galleys at the Golden Horn, and, on a sunlit June morning, the armies of the Sultan boarded ship and sailed to the Straits; and thence south to Beirut.

I cannot say that I made a natural sailor. Land, except when the earth shakes, is stable, but ships are not. I spent much of the time feeling, and sometimes being, ill. The Sultan was amused, and as long as I could tell him a story every evening, he was not much bothered. Jess was wonderful, and mopped my fevered brow, and other things. The galley allowed no privacy, escort bahçelievler and so we refrained from our Sapphic activity; that I was on my menses helped soften that blow.

Beirut came as a relief in all sorts of ways. Finally, there was firm, solid earth beneath my feet; I had never before realised how important that was. There would also be a chance, at the Palace, for Jess and myself to resume the physical side of our love. There was also the chance to see places about which I had only read in the Torah. Being so close to the land of my Jewish ancestors held a thrill for me.

After the glories and splendours of the Topkapi, I had thought that its Beirut equivalent would be small beer, but the Grand Serail was a magnificent building, which much resembled its Istanbul counterpart.

Of the joys of the bathhouse after a long sea-voyage, what words could suffice? I lounged in the pool a whole hour, letting the Sudanese girls bathe me in warm, scented water, washing away the dirt of the past week. Jess assumed the post of mistress of my tiny household, and was able, as such, to sleep in my quarters. But first, there was the formal reception.

Beirut had turned out to see its Sultan. Mehmet, who loved to be loved, had been delighted, and was received by the acting governor. While I bathed away my afternoon, the Sultan and his generals talked of power and force.

That evening, the leaders of the local tribes came to present themselves to the Sultan, minus the Druze, who were in rebellion. It was puzzling, and seemed as though every tribe was a religious denomination. I was delighted to see the chief Rabbi, and hoped I would have a chance to talk with him at some point.

I did, however, wonder whether a pleasant period of relaxation was going to be ruined when I received a summons to the Sultan’s chamber? Jess wished me well, and hugged me.

I had been sure that the Sultan had wanted me with him for the amusement value of my story-telling, but as one of the few wives he had brought with him, I began to fear that, at last, he intended to take my virginity. Well, nothing for it, my girl, I escort balgat thought, but to prepare for battle myself.

I was relieved to find that he had two Arab maidens in his chamber. Whatever it portended, it seemed unlikely that he intended to deflower me.

‘Rahab, you have done me a certain service, and I should like you to do the same with Yasmin and Fatima.’

The two Arab women were extremely comely. They both looked at me with some surprise, wondering what manner of girl this was that the Sultan had introduced into their play? But theirs was not to reason why.

They both sat on the divan, and the Sultan watched as I approached them, falling to my knees in front of their open legs. I urged them to rise a moment so I could ease their harem pants over their peach-like bottoms. They complied. The scent of their vaginas was strong.

Kneeling first in front of Yasmin, I lapped her sex from bottom to top with my tongue at its broadest. She gasped, her hands gripping my head. I used my tongue to part her petals, and push through to her opening. Sliding my tongue in, I licked her gooey juices. She moaned. She was not the only one.

Judging her ready. I moved on to Fatima.

My tongue began in that soft spot between her anus and her wetness, and I drew my tongue along each lip, sucking it, nibbling at her long labia. My fingers worked on her anus, while my tongue pushed in on her bud.

‘Present!’ It was the Sultan who spoke.

As one, Yasmin and Fatima knelt upon the divan, presenting their backsides to the Sultan. It was, I thought, time for me to make myself scarce. Who knows what ideas he might get if I stayed?

Looking around before leaving, I saw him ploughing into Fatima, and then Yasmin, moving from one to the other at will. They seemed to be enjoying it. For my own part, I just wanted out, so left to the sound of much moaning.

The corridor was quiet, except for some noise from the kitchens. My exercises had left me with a need for a drink. Rather than go back to my quarters and order one, I thought I’d save some poor soul a job by getting it myself. I stopped just short escort batıkent of the room; some instinct counselled caution. I heard voices.

‘When the heretic has finished with those whores of Zhaitan, he will want a drink. Slip this into his wine, and he will sin no more. How can the Caliph consume wine? It is wrong, he is the servant of the Lord of this World, and it would be better if he died. We can give out that it was his exertions in the chamber which caused his heart to cease.’

My blood ran cold. I ran back, pushing aside the curtain, and slid myself onto the couch just in time to see both women taken fully.

The Sultan was a man of some vigour, but even he took a moment to recover. He rang for food and wine.

‘Little one, it is not like you to still be here, do you perhaps long to try me?’

There was only one possible answer, and it would not have been the truth, but before I could give it, the servant arrived with the wine and sweetbreads.

‘Highness,’ I said, ‘you do not have your official taster here.’

‘Little one,’ he said, ‘would you do even that for me?’

‘Highness,’ I gushed, ‘I would do whatever it took to please you and keep you safe, but as you know, I do not consume wine. Perhaps this fellow can try some first?’

The man looked at me with eyes narrowed by hatred.

‘Drink it, fellow.’

‘Highness, as a good Muslim I cannot.’

‘As Caliph, I give you a dispensation.’

The man looked at me, and then at the Sultan. He drank.

Within moments he began to shudder, and his body began to shut down.

‘Treason!’ The Sultan cried, and his guard ran in.

‘Highness, there is another fellow in the scullery, and if the men go quickly they may yet catch him.’ They did.

‘Little Rahab, you have saved my life. Ask for it and it will be yours.’

‘Highness, I ask only to be yours, but to be spared from the sword you possess.’

‘Child, you have your wish, and I shall give you more besides. How did you know?’

I explained the circumstances. He embraced me and called me his precious one.

When I reached my own quarters, the Palace was in disarray, and Jess looked anxious. I told her what had happened.

‘But Pixie, imagine if you had not stumbled on the conspiracy like that?’

‘I do not care to my darling. It does not bear contemplating.’

Exhausted, in mind and body, my spirit sought refuge in her arms, and we slept.

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Kelsey’s World Ch. 39

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A few days after the long holiday weekend, Bill Mitchell stopped by the farm to visit his daughter Margie. It was a lovely, sunny, early summer day. When he arrived, Ryan was inside one of the ramshackle barns working on some equipment, and Margie was out in the field on a tractor. Her t-shirt was off, draped over the steering column for easy access. She pulled it on over her bare, nicely tanned breasts when she saw her father’s car, wiped her sweaty hands on her faded jeans, and steered the tractor toward him.

“Hi Dad,” she said. She switched off the ignition and climbed down off the big machine, it’s yellow iron ticking from the hot engine’s sudden cool-down. “What brings you out our way?”

“Oh, I just thought I’d say hello.”

Margie read his face and called him out. “You’re snooping on your tenants again, aren’t you. I told, you, they’re the nicest girls…”

“Landlords don’t snoop. It’s my house after all, isn’t it?”

“Dad, when you sign a lease it’s not one-hundred percent yours anymore. You know that. Tenants have the right to use it.”

“The lease is for three people. You can’t tell me…”

“Let’s have a cup of coffee, Dad.”

Sunlight filtered in through Margie’s kitchen windows, softened by all the green houseplants she nurtured. She shooed her purring cat off the counter and poured two cups of coffee.

“I told you I’d keep an eye on things over there, and I have,” she said. “You’re right, they’ve got two friends living with them. Two boys. Now, before you get all wound up about it, Ryan and I have gotten to know them all and they’re really nice kids. You know how nice and polite the girls are. The boys are the same way. One’s a college student and the other works full time teaching kids sports. The girls are all responsible young women, with their own jobs. You know that.”

“So there’s five in there? The lease is for three…”

“Dad, it’s a four bedroom house! It’s no different than a mother and father and three kids. It’s better, really. You know how little kids can damage things. And I know for a fact the septic field is sized for a large family. You told me so yourself.”

“You’ve been inside?”

“Yes. Quite often. We’ve all become friends.”

“Well, all right then. You’ll let me know if anything looks wrong? I still have a funny feeling about it all.”

Bill didn’t tell his daughter that the ‘funny feeling’ came from seeing Kelsey outside the house naked. He’d also found out about her porn career, thanks to his best buddy’s google skills, but he didn’t want to tell Margie about that either. It would’ve been too awkward.

Bill left after his cup of coffee, feeling better about things but still with that nagging feeling that something was a little off. Kelsey had just arrived home from work and was the only car in the driveway when Bill drove by. He still felt the need to see for himself, so he turned onto the long gravel driveway and parked by the side door.

“Afternoon, Miss Jonston. I was wondering if you’d mind if I look around a little. Margie’ll be mad at me for doing it, but…well, this house means a lot to me and as landlord I’ve got the right to…

“Sure, Billy! Come on in! How have you been?”

Kelsey’s bright, warm smile made him feel foolish for not trusting her. Bill stepped inside, immediately noticing men’s sneakers by the door, left there by Austin and Richie. He wondered about all the bathrobes hanging by the door, two short ones like the one Kelsey had on, and two longer, more manly ones. It seemed an odd place to keep them.

“There’s often five cars here,” he said, getting right to the point, “so I asked Margie about it. She told me about the two boys you’ve taken in. She thought it might be temporary?”

“Oh. It might be, yeah. Is it a problem? The house is so big…”

“Well, technically the lease is for three,” he said, looking around observantly, “but the place looks good. More picked up than I thought it might be.”

“Yeah, Charity keeps after everybody. She likes things neat and tidy.”

Bill wandered into the kitchen and was impressed by the lack of dirty dishes. His inspection continued out on the long screened porch, where his eyes landed on the new addition to the furnishings — two queen-sized beds, pushed together to make one big soft surface, with rumpled fitted sheets, a few pillows and no blankets.

“You know, sleeping porches used to be popular in Victorian times,” he said.

“Oh! Yeah! It’s super nice out here. We love it,” Kelsey said. She didn’t tell him his daughter had dubbed the new play area “the fuck lounge,” or that the fresh, crusty stain the rumples were concealing was from a Margie/Austin creampie, mixed with burning intensity just the night before.

From the moment Bill had walked in the door he was distracted by Kelsey’s little robe, or rather, the way she wore it. The sash was loosely tied and barely holding it together, and if she was wearing anything underneath it could only have been panties. bahçelievler escort bayan Her big breasts were quite obviously unencumbered by a bra; they were noticeably loose, jiggly and nippley under the robe’s thin, drapey fabric. Bill had seen them bare, at a distance from his moving car, and more recently on his computer monitor, watching Kelsey’s porn, with his pants down around his thighs and his hard cock in his hand. She didn’t know it, but she’d singlehandedly brought his sex life back from the dead, even if it was only his own single hand that did the deed.

Kelsey caught him looking at her little robe, so he quickly said something to her. “I can wait out here if you’d like to get dressed. I really should have called ahead I guess.”

“Oh, No, Billy. It’s fine. It always feels good to get out of my work clothes when I get home. Wanna see the rest, Honey?”

Bill blushed for the first time in a decade. “The rest?” he said.

“Yeah. The rest of the house,” Kelsey said, smiling coquettishly at the look on Bill’s face. Her smile faded when she remembered Richie’s and Erin’s photographs upstairs, some hanging in frames on the walls and some on dresser tops and bedside tables, all of them sexy and some of them very, very naughty. “We did some weeding the other day,” she said, hoping he’d go out through the porch’s screen door to the backyard. “Under the bushes and around the trees and the mailbox. Margie keeps the lawn looking real nice.”

Bill did as she’d hoped, walking out onto the back steps for a look around. “She tells me she and Ryan have gotten to know all you folks,” he said. “That’s what I like about country living. Everybody takes care of everybody. It’s comforting.”

“I love that, too,” Kelsey said.

“Maybe I could just take a look at the basement. I always worry about that sump pump. You haven’t had any water down there, have you?”

“No, it’s nice and dry,” Kelsey said, suddenly remembering Richie’s photo studio, with the bed-like mattress surrounded by lights on tripods. Kelsey wondered if there was any lingerie strewn about, from the last photo shoot. “The pump runs after it rains,” she said, “but it’s supposed too, right?”

“Yeah, that’s normal. Do you store anything down there?” he asked, walking back into the kitchen, heading for the basement door.

“Richie’s a photography student at the community college,” Kelsey said, trying to get ahead of the situation. “He does some work down there, for school projects.”

Bill switched on the light and walked down the steps. Kelsey followed nervously. Her worst fears were confirmed — not only was there lingerie strewn about the little photo studio area, there were big enlargements spread out on the mattress, of Barb in all her sexy glory, including one Richie must have separated out as a favorite, propped up against the wedge-shaped fuck cushion where it could be easily studied — a stunningly captured, close-up action shot of Barb’s intensely lusty face, with her hungry, saliva-dripping mouth devouring Austin’s huge, glistening cock.

“Some of the projects aren’t for school,” Kelsey said nervously, as Bill walked slowly toward the display.

He was at a loss for words. He knew Barbara. She cleaned his teeth every six months at the dentist’s office.

He paused and took everything in, trying to gather his thoughts. “Are you doing anything…illegal? Are your friends of legal age?”

“Oh, sure,” Kelsey said. “Yeah, we’d never mess with that.” Her heart was pounding as she gathered the big photos and placed them face down on the table that held the printer and paper supplies. She started picking up the sexy lingerie. “I guess Charity hasn’t been down here. She’d hate this mess.”

“I’m not as shocked as you might think,” Bill said, sensing Kelsey’s nervousness. “I know about…your former career.”

“Do you? Billy, I’m sorry. It must seem like we’re keeping all kinds of secrets from you, and I’m not like that at all. So you’ve seen my porn?”

Bill nodded. It seemed the nervousness had melted away from Kelsey and infected him.

“I’m proud of it, Billy. I’ll talk about it all day if you want; watch it with you, give you all the inside scoop. We’re all proud of the photos we do here, too, but these are private. We’re careful about that, because the other girls and our friends, most of them shouldn’t have this kinda stuff too known, you know?”

“Oh, yeah. I can understand that,” Bill said. “I’m glad you’re careful about it. I’m the one who should be sorry, I shouldn’t be snooping around in your private things.”

“So you didn’t see what you saw, then? I mean, that woman, she’s a good friend of ours but she’d be really mad at me…”

“Pictures? What pictures? I didn’t see any pictures.”

Kelsey smiled. “You’re super nice just like Margie, Billy. I totally love her. She’s got this earth-mother aura that’s just perfect. Was her mom like that?”

Kelsey switched on one of the photo balgat escort lights to brighten up the space and climbed onto the blanket-covered mattress, sitting casually with her legs crossed, either aware or unaware that her smooth pussy was visible. She didn’t seem to care. She patted the empty spot next to her with her hand. “Sit with me.”

Bill didn’t know why he did it, but he did it, crossing his legs like Kelsey. It was the first time he’d sat ‘Indian style’ since his youth, and on a normal day he would have marveled that he could still do it, but sitting there with Kelsey wasn’t normal at all. He was talking about his dear departed wife to a porn star whose pussy was showing, and it felt as normal as going to church on Sunday.

“Yeah, I had a feeling Margie was chip off the old block,” Kelsey said, after Bill had told her that Margie was very much like her mother. “Tell me more about your wife. Was she sexy?”

Bill was at a loss to know why he was answering such a question, but the words just seemed to flow out of him. “Mona was the sexiest woman I’ve ever known,” he said. “It was all so effortless for her. You remind me of her, sitting there like that.”

Kelsey glanced down at the way her short robe draped over the crease at her hips, letting her slightly spread-open pussy be seen. “Can you keep a secret, Billy? Your Margie’s sorta the same way.”

Bill’s eyes twinkled as he put two and two together. That explained seeing her topless on the tractor, and the time he watched her pull her pants down and let Ryan fuck her right out in the middle of the farm field. “I used to wonder if Mona would enjoy making porn,” he said. “Of course this was back in the sixties, when the good stuff was coming out of Europe, and even the good stuff was pretty tacky. By the time we’d see something it was a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy, but the poor quality added to the mystery of it.”

“Wow,” Kelsey said. “That’s so cool. But you never did it, huh? Film her, or take pictures of her?”

“There’s a few pictures. You had to be brave in those days, because the processing labs got to see everything.”

“Do you still have ’em? You should show them to Margie. I’ve seen sexy pictures of my mom from the old days and they’re so awesome. It changed my life seeing them.”

“Really? You think I should?”

“Absolutely! Especially since Mona’s gone now. It’ll make Margie feel closer to her.”

Bill nodded. “You’re right. I never thought about it, but you’re right.”

“So, since we’re talkin’ about nudity and stuff, and we’re tellin’ each other secrets, do you know what naturist is? Some people call it nudism.”

“Ahh, don’t tell me, I’m finally going to learn why I saw you sweeping the side steps without a stitch of clothes on when I drove by one day. I thought maybe I was dreaming.”

“Would you dream someone like me, Billy?” Kelsey asked, letting her already loose robe open completely and slip down her arms.

“Good Lord,” Bill said under his breath, taking in the enormity of Kelsey’s womanly beauty.

“The girls and me, we don’t wear clothes when we’re home. I hope that’s not against your rules.”

“No, that’s…okay,” Bill nodded, stupefied by what was happening.

“I grew up naturist, but my girls have only been at it for a while.”

“Well, you’re…very good at it,” Bill said, struggling, and failing, to find words that sounded intelligent.

“How often were you and Mona naked together? Just in the bedroom?”

“After Margie was born, yeah, mostly the bedroom. We enjoyed skinny dipping together, whenever we could. We did that right through Margie’s toddler years.”

“Nice,” Kelsey said.

“Before we got married we spent a summer out West living at a commune. Mona’s parents were furious, but it was magical. I’m embarrassed to say there was more than just nudity. It’s funny, but I don’t think I’ve ever admitted that to anyone but you.”

“Oh my God, free sex, you mean? That’s so awesome! My mom and dad wanted to do that, but it never worked out. Well it sorta did after that, but they missed out on the commune thing they wanted to try. Oh my God, Billy, I wanna hear all about it.”

Bill didn’t know why, but in that dark basement that day, under the soft, diffuse glow of a single photo light, in the presence of Kelsey’s stunning but unpretentious nakedness, he wanted to tell all about it.

“It was the spring of ’68,” he said. “The country was just in a mess. Johnson was president, the Vietnam War was just as awful as can be. Mona and me, we were pretty active, joining in protests and marches all around New York State and down in the city. When Martin Luther King was assassinated it was just the worst. We were young and had never experienced grief like that. That was in April, early on. The weather was getting nice and we just wanted to run. Get away from everything. I had a rusty old Volkswagen that always started and got pretty good gas mileage, so I stole my father’s batıkent escort bayan World War Two duffel bag, we filled it with a few thing and headed West. We called our parents from the road to let them know our plans, so they wouldn’t be able to stop us.

“Mona was so amazing all during that trip. We stole a book from the Cleveland Library that told all about foraging for food. I swear to God we lived for a week on wild leeks, fiddlehead ferns, wild mushrooms and all types of berries. She got to be a real expert. As we got further south we raided farm fields and had beans and sweetcorn and even some tomatoes one lucky day. Best tomatoes I’ve ever had, sun-warmed, right off the vine. We didn’t bathe much, but when we found clean water we splashed around like little kids.” Bill’s lip started to quiver and his voice broke. “She was so beautiful…”

“Oh, Honey!” Kelsey said, tearing up a little herself. She put the wedge-shaped fuck cushion against the wall. “Sit back. Relax.”

Bill sniffled and got his bearings again, settling in against the cushion. Kelsey sprawled out on her back, resting her head on his lap. “Keep goin’ Honey. I’m lovin’ this.”

Bill’s cock responded to the new positioning — the feel of Kelsey’s head against his crotch, and the magnificent way her breasts oozed off her sides with a freckly fleshiness that just begged to be touched. He was shocked that he’d gotten hard so easily. It wasn’t something that happened often to him at his age, and he was worried Kelsey would feel it.

“We sort of zigzagged across the county, finding kindred spirits here and there, but mostly we were on our own, sleeping on a blanket under the stars, or curled up as best we could in the car when it rained. In New Mexico we met another couple. We hit it off and stuck together, angling up toward San Fransisco to meet some friends of theirs who supposedly knew about a commune that would take us in. They were traveling in a ’58 Chevy station wagon, turquoise blue with rusty white down on the bottom half. It was pretty worn out; cars didn’t last as long back in those days. There were blankets on the seats to cover the torn-up upholstery, and the whole car smelled musty. Xander said it was from water coming up through the rusty floorboards, so we ripped all the moldy carpet out one day and left in a gas station trashcan. We taped up all the rust holes to keep the dust out. It doesn’t rain much around there.”

“Who’s Xander?”

“Oh, sorry. Xander and Jewel. Xander was a real wirey guy, always looked like he hadn’t eaten in a month. Mona took to him right away, which made me a little jealous at first, but she was just that way, liked everybody, as long as they were mellow.”

“What was Jewel like?”

“Jewel. Her name fit her, so perfect. She was one of a kind. A little bit of a thing, a real feather-weight, with long, strawberry blonde hair. She nurtured everybody, in a quiet, sweet way. I’m getting ahead of things but later on, one of our friends did too big of a dose of mushrooms, the psychedelic kind, you know? He was havin’ a real bad trip. She got him comfortable on the floor and spent the whole night sitting next to him, holding his hand, stroking his hair, singing to him real quiet and pretty. She was like a gift to us.”

“Did you fall in love with her?”

“Every man that ever met her fell in love with her. But yeah, I did. Mona knew. She understood.”

“So, you’re in New Mexico,” Kelsey said. “Four young hippies headin’ North.”

Bill smiled. “You really want the whole story, don’t you.”

“Yup,” Kelsey smiled. “I wanted to write a paper for high school English about free-love hippies, but my mom wouldn’t let me. I’ve always been fascinated.”

“Well,” Bill said, looking down at her gently heaving bosom, “you’re not a girl a guy can say no to, so, let’s see. Xander wanted to go through Colorado to try and find a friend we never found, so we headed North all the way to Wyoming before we turned West. We had to re-tape the Chevy’s floor a bunch of times because it started raining a lot up there. The nice thing was Mona and I didn’t have to scrunch up in the Volkswagen anymore on rainy nights. That old Chevy wagon was big, with plenty of room for the four of us to be comfortable, so we bunked with them when we didn’t want to sleep outside.”

“Nice,” Kelsey said, lying still with her eyes closed and her hands together on her belly. “I think we’re gettin’ to the good parts.”

Bill smiled. “You would be right. Xander and Jewel were freer with their nudity than anybody we’d ever met up to that point. We’d seen them bathe in a stream one time before that, but there was some distance between us. When things started happening in the close confines of the car it sort of surprised us.”


“They had sex, totally naked. They were in the back with the back seat folded down, and we were on the front seat. The look on Mona’s face — surprised and excited and…happy — I can still see it clear as day. We’d positioned ourselves for the night with the duffel bag propping us up, because there wasn’t quite enough room to lay down flat, so we had a clear view of everything. It would have been awkward to cower down where we couldn’t see, so we just stayed like we were and watched.”

“Nice. I love watchin’ people fuck.”

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Raging Thunder, Beating Hearts

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As I drove down the road I couldn’t stop thinking about how we had met, I knew we we’re anything but typical.

She was a big shot business executive from the high rises in Dallas, and I was a small town farm girl with distant dreams and aspirations of being a famous author.

I knew you didn’t have to look very closely at me to know I’d tasted the painful side of living.

I knew what it was like to have to reach further then most for the love and acceptance we all seek in our lives.

I couldn’t be a more sexual creature, constantly exploring who I am, and what I like and all the possibilities that enhance my sexual being.

I had lost an arm 5 years earlier and had went through the struggles and emotional ups and downs that are most certain to come into play with such a loss, but I learned life still goes on, and acceptance would maybe be a bit more challenging, but still there, when surrounded by the right kind of people.

Megan was one of those people who fit perfectly into my life and my world as I saw it and lived it.

Far too often things like amputation or wheelchairs make a person lose a part of their identity.

Society is uncomfortable, unable to accept people with special challenges because they look different and maybe tend to make people fear their own mortality.

No one can say what tragic events could bring about the loss of a limb, or the loss of the ability to walk.

We base our judgments of people on what is normal by society’s standards, forgetting sometimes that none of us are superheroes, invincible, indestructible. Life can change us in an instant, in the blink of an eye, and what was normal yesterday suddenly becomes a thing of the past.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this amazing woman who now shared my world.

Every touch she offered clearly spoke acceptance on all levels, every look offered me nothing less then her total surrender of mind and soul and body.

To her, I could tell it wouldn’t have mattered at all if I had lost both my arms, what she saw in me went far deeper then flesh and blood, and that was the beauty in our need to meet.

I had picked her up at the train station a couple hours earlier.

We had been enjoying some great conversation as we drove the 90 mile trip back to my place, still another 30 miles up the road.

Conversation was so easy for us considering we had only known each other for several weeks.

We spoke on a level you do with intimate friends you’ve known for years.

It was so amazing and yet undeniably real.

We talked about deep things, and lighthearted things. We joked about my driving and how I used my stump to drive when I needed my free hand. Life without my left hand was different but life still went on, and was beautiful.

We talked about so much and I knew to anyone watching and listening, we would have seemed like life long friends.

Every moment I was spending with her became a treasure and I tried to push away the thoughts of having to say good-bye on Sunday.

I felt happy in that moment and wanted to make it last as long as I could, therefore, the sadness of having to say good-bye would have to wait, this moment was ours, ours to live, and ours to treasure.

It had been raining for most of the day, and made driving a bit tedious.

It had been an hour since the sun had left the moon to do her bidding.

Lightening lit up the darkness as it danced its way across the evening sky, illuminating everything before surrendering again to the darkness.

As I drove, watching the show, my mind raced back to the moment we first embraced and looked into each others eyes, our hearts pounding like thunder. The warmth of our embrace felt like the warmth of this fresh rain embracing the earth, refreshing and cleansing.

As I drove, she sat quiet for a few minutes and I wondered of the thoughts that were consuming her.

We both had little understanding as to how two people from two separate worlds could find each other via the internet, and connect in a way that seemed to overturn logic.

I bahçelievler escort spent my life searching for the kind of eyes that would search for mine and the soul behind my transparent windows.

I sat nearly in a trance as I recalled that moment when I felt her eyes searching for me, the woman she couldn’t believe really existed, that moment had been so intense, when in her searching, she discovered the truth behind mere words on a computer screen.

We stood there in the train depot, breathless. Unable to move as we looked past the eyes, into each others souls, and longed for the depth that we knew we still had yet to discover.

At times my speed wasn’t even 45 miles per hour because the rain pouring down had made for some poor visibility, so we had spent a great deal more time on the road than we should have.

It was so warm out that the broken air conditioning in my old beat up truck was really noticeable, especially since the rain made it impossible to roll the windows down.

The truck started acting funny, running a bit rough. I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t make it back to my place about the time the truck started chugging like it was running out of gas.

I pulled off the highway and turned the engine off. I looked at Megan and said I was sorry. She smiled back at me as I searched for signs of aggravation, but found none.

Her ability to take life’s aggravations and stroll around them was very charming and helped me feel calmer then I had felt for years.

I’d already known the kind of women that would have refused to get in my old truck in the first place, and would have made me very sorry I let them in had it broken down.

Megan, however, seemed content with the idea she was there with me. It didn’t matter if it was or wasn’t all going according to plan.

We were together, content, peaceful and happy, so let the rain pour down, let the old truck break down, let life do what she seemed so good at doing, taking my perfection and replacing it with things that never make sense at the time, but always end up revealing their truth before it’s all said and done.

With the rain coming down so hard I wasn’t sure if we should stay put or try to walk ahead to find a town and maybe some help.

Megan had come from Dallas, Texas by train and this was our first time meeting after several weeks of unbelievably intense internet chat.

At this point, I had wanted nothing more then to get her to my place and snuggled into my bed.

Now this break down was once again wrecking my perfectly planned evening.

We decided to start walking since the rain had let up some and it was so hot in the vehicle. It might even be refreshing to walk in the rain and let it cool us down a bit.

It was a warm rain and felt good as we walked along the highway. Cars flew past us like we were there undetected.

We had walked along the road about a mile or so, holding hands, totally entertained by the fact we were broken down on the highway, miles from anywhere, walking in a thunderstorm to get some help when it started to downpour really hard again.

We headed toward the trees where we thought we could get some shelter until the rain let up again, as it was becoming very clear either we could not be seen in the storm by passing cars, or they just didn’t care to pick up a couple of drowned rats.

We made our way to this big tree with thick branches. It provided us with enough coverage to enjoy being there, for we were still very warm from the walk and the heat of the night.

I stood there looking at her, still searching for signs of irritation, still seeing none. She was thoroughly enjoying this unsuspecting glitch in my plans to get her quickly into my home, undressed and in between my sheets.

I gently pinned her back against the tree and pulled her face towards mine to kiss her lips.

The lightening lit her face up in the darkness enough to even see her gorgeous green eyes looking through me, piercing my heart like cupids arrow, unbending, unwavering.

Oh god, balgat escort I loved how she could look right through me and see past anything and everything. It was the same way I looked at her, and it felt so good to have somebody understand that kind of intensity when it came to time to surrender hearts and wills and bodies.

I reached in and licked a raindrop from her top lip, and slid my tongue seductively across the length of her lip.

I could feel her trying to catch her breath as I reached in and sucked her top lip into my mouth, released it and grabbed her bottom lip, our lips dancing to the song of our deepest inner passion.

I could hardly breathe with every lightening bolt as it revealed the hunger in her eyes, to be the center of someone’s universe. My universe.

I wanted her to feel the power in knowing she was all that mattered in that moment in time, and it was clear to see, it was exactly what she was feeling.

I pulled back away from her to just look at her. The rain dripping down from her hair, running down her cheeks, her nipples erect through her cotton tank top.

God she was beautiful and everything about the way I looked at her made her understand and know it was how I felt.

As I pressed my body in against hers I trailed my fingers down her wet cheek, softened by the warm spring rain.

With every flash of lightening I could feel her heartbeat quicken. I could tell it had been far too long since she had been the object of someone’s deep affections.

I pushed her hair back behind her ear as my fingertips caressed her face, sliding them through her hair, trailing them back behind her ears.

I moved in to kiss her again letting my tongue slide in between her parted lips, teasing hers, chasing hers, then wrapping my lips around hers I kissed her freely, pushing deeper and deeper into her, not allowing her to escape my need to devour her like a savage beast lay under the surface of my being.

Her head pinned against the tree, she could not escape the hunger. I kissed her harder and deeper until I felt her body collapse giving in and allowing me to have all of her, surrendering and willing to give whatever I asked of her.

Her lips now were moving with mine, giving, submitting to the desire that was calling to her, her lips now seeking, exploring, begging to be taken.

I lifted her arm, and intertwined our fingers and pinned her arm against the tree. I felt her gasp as she took in a breath and let out a quiet moan.

She wanted me and what I had to offer, and it felt so wonderful to please this beautiful woman who had been starving for a passion so intense. It consumed her like a wildfire running loose in a forest, engulfing everything in its path.

I pulled her top up over her head and tossed it to the ground beside her feet. I reached around undoing her bra and letting it fall to the ground as well.

I reached for the belt that hung loosely in the loops of my spring jacket and quickly tied one end around her wrist.

I could see the look of surprise in her eyes as I firmly rolled her to face the trunk of the tree, pressing myself into her ass as I reached around the front of her and undid her slacks.

I could see her hesitate for a moment as I slid them down to her ankles along with her thong.

As I moved my way back up, I slowly trailed my fingers over her skin, up her legs, over her outer thighs and across the cheeks of her exposed ass, shiny from the drops of rain as it trickled down her pale flesh.

The storm seemed to be in sync with our passion as it continued to build up momentum as our bodies seemed to blend, becoming one with this storm.

I pushed down on her shoulder wanting her to drop to her knees. There was no resistance or hesitation as her knees came down on top of her pile of clothes.

I lifted the tied wrist to one side of the tree and looped the belt around the back side of the trunk as I lifted her other arm to the other side of the tree and quickly tied her other wrist to the other end of my belt.

There wasn’t batıkent escort much slack left, so she was firmly hugging the trunk of the tree, the left side of her face pressed up against the bark.

I moved around to face her so she could see me, so I could see her too, and see how much she wanted me, then grabbed a handful of her hair to pull her head back as I kissed her aggressively on the lips.

She looked nervous, but excited, and I could feel her trust in me. I knew her well enough to know she wanted this, she wanted me to take her, to make her give up control and allow herself to surrender to my need to please this ache inside her.

I moved back behind her body, now shaking with anticipation and started running my fingers over her naked body, trailing them across her back and thighs and back up to her neck again, caressing her muscles, feeling them relax with every motion of my hand.

I reached around her and grabbed her hands, forcing them to slide down the trunk of the tree, until her elbows rested on the ground.

There was no where for her to go, she was mine, and my only thought was the pleasure she was feeling from giving herself to me and surrendering her body to whatever I desired.

She was moaning now losing control as I slapped her ass firmly and teased the entrance to her ass with my fingers.

Her body began pushing into me, wanting me, searching for the pleasure she knew I could offer.

I got down on my knees behind her and licked her ass, dancing my tongue around her tight hole.

I reached up with my fingers and teased her some more, her breathing now becoming irregular, her ass still searching for me to enter her, I gently pushed a finger just inside her ass and wiggled it, then thrust it in as far as I could reach.

She gasped and pushed against me wanting more. I thrust my finger in and out of her a few more times before pulling completely out.

The only words escaping her lips were “please baby take me, I need to feel you inside me.”

I reached down and touched her clit with my stump, rubbing it back and forth over her wet pussy. I moved the tip into her hole just enough to have the end disappear behind her pussy lips.

As I continued to massage her clit with the end of my stump, I pressed it into her ever so slowly.

I wasn’t very large framed but I knew she was taking in more then anything she’d taken before and I knew I had to be very careful or ruin the experience for us both.

So I eased my way inside, she was enjoying the feeling of me being inside her, pushing against me, inviting me in further and further,

I pumped my arm very slowly, flexing my muscles and reached down with my other hand to touch her clit. rolling it gently between her lips with my fingers.

As her body rocked pushing against me, taking me in, deeper and deeper, she began to moan very loudly, begging for me to let her cum.

She rocked back and forth as I massaged her clit until she was trembling with orgasmic pleasure. I could feel her grab hold of me, not wanting the moment to end as she came with the intensity of the thunder that cracked around, still keeping time with our passionate dance.

It felt powerful to be completely surrendered and accepted in a way where, in that momen,t we felt as one. One with each other. One with this incredible thunderstorm that climaxed around us.

We had reached a place inside of us that had allowed us to open our hearts wide to each other.

As I slowly pulled my stump out of her, I felt such satisfaction in what had just taken place. She wanted me to take her, I did in a way I had never taken any girl before. It was beautiful and arousing and completely gratifying.

I untied a wrist and pulled her arms down and gently turned her over. We looked at each other for a long moment before I pressed my lips into hers for a tender kiss.

We both were breathless in that moment and sat embracing each other until we felt would could stand.

I helped her find her clothes and we fumbled in the dark to get them back on her. I stood up and reached my hand down to pull her to her feet. We smiled at each other as we walked back to the highway, still breathless.

Yes, we still needed to make repairs on the truck, but Mother Nature herself could not have planned a more perfect evening for two lovers in the midst of such a storm.

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Living Works of Art Ch. 03

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This story can be read independently of Chapters 1 and 2, but of course it’s better read after them. I hope you enjoy it! — JB


I’ve always thought a woman is at her most beautiful when she is happy and shows it. She is at her most fetching when she is nervous and insecure. She is at her sexiest when she is full of guilt or shame due to some secret and perhaps wanton activity.

When Susan met me for brunch that Sunday, at a lovely place near Grammercy Park on the East Side of Manhattan, she combined all three: beautiful, fetching, and sexy. When your lover greets you like that it can be overwhelming. I was overwhelmed.

The brunch place only seats you when your entire party is present. I was outside on the sidewalk and in the queue hoping Susan would show up before it came my turn and in typical Susan style, her timing was perfect. Three minutes after she had kissed me hello our table was ready. I love the way Susan kisses me hello. Even on a sidewalk in New York in the middle of a line of people she does not kiss my cheek or give me a little peck of a kiss. With Susan if she’s going to kiss a man, the man knows he’s been kissed. It’s like that.

I was on a high from having enjoyed her kiss from heaven as we followed the hostess with her tight skirt and wiggling hips upstairs to a table within the cacophonous din of the second floor of the brunch place. As Susan took her seat she leaned forward giving me a wonderful view down her blouse. Even though I see her naked body almost every day and I have stenciled its image into my mind, I still love the ‘inadvertent’ looks down her blouse that Susan donates to the cause from time to time.

I donate to the many and varied charities of New York City. I consider myself to be a generous donor, given my income. Susan in contrast donates to my sexual ego. Susan too is a generous donor. She kicked her shoes off soon after taking her place across from me and her stocking clad feet were caressing my calves under the table as we thought about which omelet we each would choose for brunch.

“You look radiantly happy today, Susan,” I said. Susan had to lean forward to hear me and I enjoyed the view of her cleavage once again.

“I’m glad. I know you think I’m at my best when I’m happy,” Susan said.

“Success with business?” I asked. This opened the door to allow her to share her excitement.

“Oh Harry, it’s amazing! You know that ten-million-dollar apartment I’ve spent half my life showing to potential buyers?” I nodded. “One of them bid on it and his bid was accepted! I can’t believe it! Want a new car? Kitchen renovation? A trip to God knows where? I’ll soon be rolling in dough!”

“That’s wonderful, Susan! That explains too why you look so sexy,” I said, and Susan fell silent, studying her tableware as if it had just been unearthed from the Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. Was the fork from homo habilis, or homo erectus, I could imagine her wondering? Maybe though she knew that the fork was invented in the Eastern Roman Empire?

Susan’s usual chatterbox character had been zombified, and now she was looking hopelessly fetching. The woman was scared. She was scared for what I would think; scared of what I was thinking, in fact. It was, you see, all about what she might have felt she had to do to make the sale. Real estate is a cruel world and the competition is ferocious. What she might have had to do is not something a girl wants to discuss with her lover over brunch in a noisy, crowded restaurant. I let it go.

Well, actually no, I didn’t let it go. I wish I had. I wish I could have been the amazing modern man who would not ask, and Susan would not tell. But I wasn’t. I was a small, petty, jealous little man. Sue me.

“Was he good in bed, the buyer of the apartment?” I asked.

I knew Susan was annoyed. She never lost her dazzling smile but I could see annoyance in her eyes.

“Probably he is excellent in bed. I wouldn’t know for sure,” she said in a singsong voice while smiling, but glaring at me with her eyes. “You should ask his wife or a woman from his stable of mistresses if you really want to know.”

“That’s a strange reply,” I said.

Susan was thoughtful. I saw something click in her expression. She had never lost her smile but her eyes became evil, taunting even.

“Well, he’s good on the floor, on the stairs — it’s a two-floor apartment — and also standing with me bent over the kitchen counter, so it seems reasonable to think he’s good in bed, too. I cannot tell you with certainty, though,” she said, “because we did not use a bed,” she said.

“Unfurnished apartment?” I asked. I suspect now my eyes were twinkling.

The glare was gone. Susan was reading my face. She was relieved. She nodded, dazzling me with her smile, using both her mouth and this time her eyes as well. Her smile gets me every time. She is impossible to resist.

Susan paused, musing to herself. She added, “He probably would have been good in the building’s elevator, escort beşevler too. Even though the ride between the first and the forty-first floor takes a bit of time, it was not enough to really get a rhythm going, you know?” I think she enjoyed the surprise on my face.

“Don’t they have security cameras in the elevators these days?” I asked. Susan gave me an enigmatic smile in reply.

“How was the funeral?” Susan asked, changing the subject and now putting me on the defensive. The mother of my ex-wife Carol had died, and Carol had flown out for the funeral, bringing our daughter Samantha with her. I have always been unable to resist the siren allure Carol has over me. It’s like a conditioned Palovian reaction. I see her and I lose my free will. Or so it seems.

“Tasteful in that way Protestants of the Upper East Side seem to have,” I replied. “It was tasteful to a fault, actually. You could have come you know.”

“I thought about it, but I figured Carol needed you at her side and not to have you torn between the two of us. Is Carol still good in bed?” Susan asked, being catty. I hate it when she’s jealous, but I have to admit jealousy looks good on her pretty face. Somehow, she knew what we had been up to, Carol and I. Well, I hide it poorly, I guess.

“Damn good,” I said. She knew anyway; I might as well have been honest.

“It’s okay, Harry. I know you’re over her,” Susan said with false confidence. Then in a revealing moment she asked, “Aren’t you?”

“I’m sworn to secrecy but my daughter Samantha came secretly to me and told me Carol needs me and that Carol has never truly recovered from our divorce. I told Samantha that I love you now. Samantha’s sixteen and you know, I hope, how headstrong girls can be at that age,” I said.

“At any age, Harry. When we’re older we just hide it better,” Susan said. “I’m sworn to secrecy, too, you know.”

“Samantha met with you, too?” I asked, a bit incredulous. Susan nodded, smiling maternally at the memory of it, or so it seemed to me.

“Really? How? When?” I asked.

“She called me out of the blue. Maybe she was curious what I was like, I don’t know. We hit it off as it turns out, in a kind of godmother/goddaughter way. She confessed to me that she had told you how I had put myself through college, and that she gave you one of my porno flicks to watch,” Susan said. She was fetching again. Her lower lip was trembling which is her tell that she is nervous. “I held her as she cried at how evil she had been. I don’t know how she ferreted out all that information. I had buried it well, I thought. She’s a good kid, your daughter.”

I was silent. I think I was a little stunned.

“Well?” Susan asked. There was import in her tone of voice.

“Well what?” I asked, in feigned innocence.

“What do you think about your lover being a former porn star?” Susan asked. There was heavy lip quivering. Susan asked the question with an even voice, but I knew she was terrified, waiting for my answer. Our omelets were getting cold.

“Susan, I don’t care,” I lied. The truth was that it turned me on, twisted pervert that I am, but I could not admit that to Susan nor even to myself. “I love who you are now, not who you were back then. That history is part of you. You can’t change a person’s history without changing the person. If your licentious past helps to make you the amazing woman I’m in love with now, then I would not change a thing,” I said.

“Oh, Harry,” Susan gushed, and then she leaned across the table and she kissed me. She had never kissed me like that before. She always poured emotion into her kisses, but this kiss, well, it was special. It was unique. The kiss had so much emotion, such complex emotion, love, desire, fear, relief, admiration, it was all there in that one kiss. I was blown away.

“Does egg look good on my blouse?” Susan asked as she giggled. The tips of her prominent boobs had touched her omelet as she had leaned across the table to kiss me. The egg stains looked to be right on top of her two nipples. “At least it’s not on my face.”

“It’s a good look for you,” I said, chuckling softly. “Your place or mine?”

“Let’s eat a little brunch first, you rake,” Susan said.

“That was fun,” Susan said, lying naked next to me in bed later that afternoon. “Want to do it again, lover?”

“How about after you tell me the story of how you got into porn. Remember, no detail is too little to leave out,” I said. I was almost drooling at the prospect. “I get off on stories like that, especially if they’re true.”

“I do, too,” Susan said, not to be outdone and revealing her inner perv to accompany mine. On her, though, it was sexy. On me, I imagine, it was creepy.

“There’s something more important to discuss, however. How are we going to handle this three-way relationship? You, me, and Carol?”

“Does that really bother you, Susan? You’re fucking men all over the place to sell apartments. Does an occasional romp with escort balgat my ex-wife really bother you? Carol lives in California for Pete’s sake, so how often is it going to happen, anyway?”

“My indiscretions come from my work, just like the porn sex did twenty years ago. It’s fun, recreational sex, but that’s all it is. I could care less about these rich jerks who sexploit me for their misogynist jollies. With you, your sex with Carol is due to love, to deep affection and a shared history. It’s apples and oranges, Harry, and you know it.”

“Well, it won’t happen often, her being in California and all,” I said.

“Don’t hang your hat on your gorgeous cock with that one, Harry my boy. Samantha tells me Carol is being transferred to Google in Manhattan. She’ll live on the same island as do both of us. Samantha is excited about moving to New York. Watch out when that sexpot turns 18, Harry. I’ve seen the way her face looks when she talks about you,” Susan said.

“Nobody told me that. When did you learn? When are they moving here? Where will they live?” I asked.

“You’re a bit too interested for my taste, Harry. Maybe you want Samantha and Carol to move in with you? It would break my heart, but I’ll survive. I have Gloria Gaynor on every single playlist on my iTunes,” Susan said.

“What are you going to do? Think before you reply. Here, let me help you reach a decision,” Susan said and as she finished speaking she leaned over and took my cock inside her mouth and gave me the most amazing blow job of the twenty-first century, I’m sure. I ended up blowing a serious load right into her mouth. She wantonly took some of my cum from her mouth and spread it over her boobs.

“It’s good for my breast flesh. I read it in Cosmo so it must be true,” she said.

“It’s working,” I said, now feeling spent having donated so much cum to my lover Susan. “You have the best boobs this side of the Mississippi.”

“Will I still, once Carol moves to New York? Do you know who she engaged to help her buy a place here?” Susan asked.

“No. I’m not in touch with her. You seem to know everything via my daughter Samantha, anyway. Who…” and then it dawned on me. Sometimes I am so slow! “It’s you, isn’t it? You’re her real estate agent?”

“It’s cute to see your mind work even when it does not involve your cock,” Susan said. “Or maybe it does? Anyway, don’t worry, I’ll show her apartments far from yours. It’s in my own interest, isn’t it?”

“At least you won’t want have to fuck her like you did that asshole who bought the ten-million-dollar apartment… Why are you laughing?”

“You know Harry, for such a fabulous lover you have trouble thinking out of the box. Maybe if your cock would leave my box for a while you could think outside of the box? You are so bleeping heteronormative,” Susan said. She could not stop giggling.

“You and Carol? Are you serious?” I asked, knowing the answer in advance by her face. I now knew Susan’s smug smile. It was a powerful one. All her smiles were.

“I’m sure your daughter Samantha would love to make it into a ladies’ threesome, too, Daddy. Too bad she’s only sixteen,” Susan said.

“Would that really stop you?” I asked.

“Why, yes, of course. Yes, it would. I’m many things, I know, but a child molester is not one of them. Watch out in two years though, Daddy. She’s coming after you, I predict,” Susan said.

“You’ve told me that before, Susan,” I said, enjoying scoring at least one point.

“Let’s get back to the issue at hand. You’re going to have to decide what you’re going to do, lover. Is it me or is it her? Neither one of us will let you have both. You know that, don’t you?”

I looked at her. “You’re going to fuck her, but I can’t. Is that it?”

“Yep. You got that right. For me, it’s business. I’m a slut who fucks as a tactic in selling apartments. For Carol it’s complicated I imagine. There’s the pure lust of course. The forbidden dimension of lesbian sex. Mostly though I think it’s to get at you; to mess with your head.”

“Sometimes it works, too, in the sense of making a sale. Usually I don’t even like the men and women who get it on with me. It’s just business. In the case of your ex-wife Carol, I admit there’s an extra dimension of torturing you, both for her and for me. Win-win. For you, though, and for Carol with you, it’s love. I can’t handle that. Fuck all the floozies you want to, Harry, but Carol is off limits. Got it?”

Susan thought for a minute. She added, “And I’ll know if you fuck Carol. Your face is an open book, Harry. I’ll know. I guarantee it. If you fuck her, I’ll destroy her, and then I’ll destroy you. On the other hand,” Susan said, her voice suddenly getting softer and her eyes getting loving, “if you fuck me and not Carol I’ll make you the happiest man this side of the Mississippi.”

“We’re good, Susan. I’m over Carol and hopelessly in love with you. Please try to temper your jealousy. There’s no cause,” I said. “Now let me escort batıkent take you to dinner, okay? Italian or Japanese tonight?”

“I’m in the mood for Japanese, but I want Italian wine more. Let’s go for Italian with a great wine list, lover,” Susan said.

In Manhattan that was like shooting fish in a barrel, and Susan and I got rip roaring drunk. I kept reminding Susan of her success with the ten-million-dollar apartment and she kept giggling. She was so drunk I managed to get her to tell me things she had always resisted telling me previously. I wanted the story of how she got into porn, her freshman year of college, twenty-five long years earlier.

Susan began. She began at the beginning.

“Did you know that I came from a broken family? My father beat my mother rather badly and she finally divorced him. She got a court order keeping him away from us. We had no money,” Susan said. “He was the worst when he was drunk.”

“Was he drunk a lot of the time?” I asked.

“Not all the time. But when he was, he was a holy terror. One time he knocked my Mom unconscious and then he came after me. I was pretty young. I was only 15. I was always small but back then I was both small and weak. I was athletic though, and good at gymnastics. It was around then I began learning the martial arts.”

“Were you scared?” I asked.

“Yes and no. I knew what was coming. He had done it before. He never beat me if I didn’t resist too much. My only fear was pregnancy. I got lucky, though, at least in the baby making department, if nothing else,” Susan said.

“My God, Susan, that’s horrible! What a way to grow up!” I said.

“Yes. It wasn’t pretty… I was, though. Everyone said I was pretty. I felt acting was my way out. I had a natural talent for being someone else. It was an escape. Not a real escape, but an escape in my head.”

“I could take a character in a play and become that person. Becoming a character in a play was in and of itself an escape. I was running away in my mind from my father and my horrific life. I was pretty and I was talented. All I needed was a break. I needed a good agent,” she said.

“Did you find one?” I asked.

“I had this friend, Mary. Her Dad was an agent. I now know he had no real ability as an agent. He dealt with sleaze. I did not know that then. He told me I had to wait until I was 18. This is nonsense of course unless I had known his plans for me. I didn’t,” Susan said.

I could figure out where this was going, but I wanted to hear Susan tell it. “Go on,” I said.

“Well, I tried out for every play in high school and I got the parts. Often, I got the lead role. I also tried out for everything in the local theaters in our small town on Long Island. I got parts as fairy godmothers, as a romantic lead, as the Amazonian queen Hippolyta and wife of Theseus in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and finally a part as a teenage prostitute in a play about the mean streets of New York City in the 1980s,” Susan said.

“For the prostitute part I had to wear revealing clothes. That’s when I realized I enjoyed having people look at my body and lust over it. All my friend’s fathers devoured me with their eyes as I pranced about on stage. It was a blast. In the final performance I arranged an ‘accidental’ nipple slip of my outfit. That was a hoot! I got tons of complements over the aplomb with which I handled it. It was all I could do to keep from laughing.”

“I’ll bet you laughed with your eyes,” I said. “I’m sure I would have known.”

“Yes, you would have. But you’ve been fucking me, Harry, and you know me inside and out. Back then I was a virgin and I was not even a gleam in your lecherous eyes,” Susan replied.

“Tell me about the romantic lead role,” I said.

“Good choice, Harry. I thought you might choose that one. We were just kids, teenagers really, so the acting and costumes were PG, but the male lead had a crush on me. He was a bit dishy himself, so when we had to kiss romantically during one of the play’s scenes, we really went at it. He pulled me up flush against him and I put my arms around his neck, and he ground his hard cock into my stomach. That kiss was definitely R rated and had we not been fully clothed in fairly asexual costumes, it might have been X rated. The boy’s name was Ronnie and he thought we should practice the kiss. We practiced a lot, every chance we got,” she said.

“What else did you practice?” I asked.

Susan smiled her light up the night smile. I was into this and she was enjoying telling me the story. “I got totally into my character. I could have cared less about Ronnie, but I was in love with the character in the play he was playing. If you’re young and in love and the boy wants you that way, and if you’re me, then he gets you, you know what I mean?”

“I wanted sex. I wanted sex with a man who was not my father. I wanted to be cleansed,” Susan said.

I nodded. “What kind of sex did Ronnie get?”

“You really want the details? Well, okay, he did not get that much, actually, by adult standards. He got to get me naked, and he got hand jobs galore and he especially liked squirting all over my boobs. I refused to blow him and of course I was much too young to let him fuck me. Anyway, after my father I hated fucking.”

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