You Deserve Much Better Than Me

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The smell of cigarette and cheap booze hangs in the air. You don’t really care though. You are watching her patiently wait her turn to sing her song. She has dragged you to a karaoke bar that she loves. After battling back and forth and what you would do for this last evening together, she had won with her famous puppy dog eyes and soft whimper, “please…” She knows that trick melts you every time.

You had been sitting there for about an hour listening to drunken fools reenact what they thought was sexy while singing old 80’s songs. She had suddenly jumped up and in a brave dash ran up to the front, taking her place in a line of about ten. She had one more person in front of her and then it was her turn.

This was something new. You have never heard her sing, even though you have been told she is quite good. You give her thumbs up when she turns to point you out to the DJ. He smiles and nods to whatever she has in store for you. As she sits waiting her turn, you finally take her all in. She was pretty, with her long blonde hair hanging about her shoulders, cut to frame her face. In the dim lighting, you cannot see, but you know that her eyes are large and gray, something that changes when you have sex. She is a fabulous liar to those who do not know her, but you know whenever she talks to look into her eyes. Depending on the color was depending on whether she was telling the truth. Standing there in a low cut pink t-shirt and some old jeans, she looked stunning. Her full breasts were barely contained by the shirt she was wearing and her long legs looked even longer tonight with the high-heeled sandals she had on her feet. Like always, her toes were painted a sassy çubuk escort red. But it wasn’t just her beauty that kept you coming back to her for years, but her confidence and way of being totally sexy just by being herself. She can hold her own in a bar, but when you take her home; all she wants is to feel your skin against hers. You used to fight with her because she was always the center of attention. And she deserved to be.

It is now her turn up on stage. Lord this should be good! In your mind, you pretty much understand that her mission here is to embarrass you, but that is okay. She does it because she loves you and you know it.

The DJ speaks, “Thanks Doug for that great rendition of “You spin me right round”. Now we will hear from the lovely Sarah, who is visiting us and wants to sing a song for her old friend Johnny. Man this song is for you!”

The DJ smiles and Sarah nods as he starts the music. It is a Hinder song. You know it well. You are used to the lead singer’s rough scratchy voice but tonight it is replaced with her soft, sexy crooning. As she sings the words to “Better than me”, her voice isn’t what captures you, but how much she means everything she is saying. You look around and every person is mesmerized by her performance.

“I told myself I won’t miss you, but I remember what it feels like beside you.” You watch her run her hands slowly through her hair and down her body. For the last few words of that phrase, she points out into the audience right to you. You feel shivers run down your spine as you realize that she isn’t trying to embarrass you, but she is telling you exactly how she feels. In the light demetevler escort of the stage, you can see her naturally gray eyes are a deep shade of blue, something they do when she honestly means what she is saying or doing.

As she continues the song, you watch her as she drags her feet across the stage, slowly coming closer to the edge where you are sitting. She squats down in front of you, down on one knee. In one graceful move, she swings her back leg around so she is now sitting on her ass. She then lies back on her elbows and brings her legs up toward her chest. Good God! With those heals in the air, she looks like she does when you make love…except you are still sitting in your damn chair! She is still singing the song. Each movement is matched with a word phrase.

“I told myself I won’t miss you, but I remember what it feels like beside you. ” She charmingly rolls over onto her stomach and starts to raise her ass in the air as she slowly gets on all fours. Once she is on her hands and knees, she starts to take long sluggish strides across the front of the stage, dragging her legs behind her, her eyes never leaving yours. You don’t know if you want her to finish the song or if you want to just pick her up off the stage and take her back to her hotel room.

“And I can’t pretend… I won’t think about you when I’m older cause we never really had our closure. This can’t be the end!” Suddenly the music picks up and she sits back on her knees. She pulls out her hair clip in one grand gesture and swirls her head all the way around. Her hair follows and as she keeps sings she runs both hands up through her hair, down her ankara escort neck and roughly across her soft white breast that are peaking out of her shirt. Her fingernails leave a trail across her white skin. She continues to raise her body up and down, throwing her head from side to side. Suddenly you realize that she is replicating movements you do with her while fucking.

“And I think you should know this. You deserve much better than me.” She continues to stare you down, her eyes penetrating your soul with her gaze. You can read just how much she wants you, but you are hoping she can read how much you want her. Hell, every man with two eyes is wanting her right now. You have been so involved in watching her perform that you didn’t realize the raging hard on you had developed. She does this every time. She finds a way to be different, better than every other girl. She pulls you in and captures you until she is all you can think about. This time she has succeeded with flying colors.

The song is over and there is a radiating scream from every man in the bar. The DJ cannot even comment on her performance. As she steps off stage, she is ambushed by a sea of men that are hoping for just a moment with her. She knows this, but doesn’t say a word. She pushed through them all and makes her way to your table.

When she makes it to you, she reaches down, grabs you by the front of the shirt and pulls you up out of your chair. Pulling you towards her, she kisses you, hard. You feel her hot flesh push against yours and as her soft pink lips kiss you passionately, all you can think about is getting her out of this bar and having her replicate that dance on your bed. She runs her nails up your back and through your hair. You reward her by running your hands down her back and rest them in her back pockets.

She finishes kissing you, pulls herself from your arms, pushes you back down into your seat and loudly announces, “Now who is going to buy me a drink?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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