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Big Dicks

It was a strange night, my wife and I have been very busy moving into a new home and exhausted and out of the date nights, sex, etc. It was a Friday night and used to be our date night, run down to the local pub grab a bite and quick drink.

She usually only has 1 and controls herself, tonight was different and after 3 she was having fun. Got to what seemed like she was flirting with the guy next to her, I whispered in her ear if she was good and she just smiled and said it is all good, let’s have fun? I smiled and ordered another beer, she turned towards the guy and started having a more private conversation with him, which sounded like it turned towards coming over to our home and having a drink. She then turned to me and introduced me to her new friend “Dave” and we started on the small talk, what job you have, etc. Dave was maybe 5 years younger than us, in-shape and good looking. My wife butted in and said she was ready to go home and asked Dave if he was coming over for a night cap, this was very strange for her to do this, but I went along.

Dave accepted the offer and said he would follow us, on the route home my wife said she wanted beylikdüzü otele gelen escort to see another naked man and hoped I would not mind, as she said she felt I wanted the same thing, a little embarrassed, I did agree I was curious. She laughed and said well and let’s see where it goes. We were only 10 minutes from the home, so a short drive.

We got home, my wife asked me to help Dave with a drink while she went upstairs. I handed Dave a beer and we went into the living room to relax and again small talk. My wife came down 15 minutes later wearing a thong and matching bra and asked if we are ready for some fun.

She told me to move next to Dave on the couch where she got on her knees and started to rub our crotches, which both of us were already pitching a tent. She undid his pants first and pulled out his cock, which was very similar to mine and began to stroke it. She told me that I had to do mine on my own, which I stripped off my clothes and sat back down, she said to stroke my own cock as she started to kiss and suck on his cock, while I watched and stroked my cock. She then beylikdüzü rus escort came off of his cock and gave me a wet kiss and made me suck her tongue, asking how it taste and she knows I want some.

I was blushing and she said go ahead and try it, it feels so good to have a cock in your mouth; she took my hand and made me touch and then stroke his cock. Go ahead, put it in your mouth she said as I bent over and started to lick his cock and finally try to suck it, which was difficult considering it was my first time I have tried this. I got into a good rhythm and he started to rock back and forth, while my wife stroked my cock and started to finger fuck my ass, which she has done a few times before.

I continued to enjoy sucking Dave’s cock and as started to moan, I sucked harder which he finally blew his load in my mouth and I sucked up every drop and kept his cock in my mouth as it started to soften up. My wife said I was a good little cock sucker who knows how to finish the job, Dave said it was one of the best BJ’s ever…

My wife kept sucking my cock and had me to ready to blow my beylikdüzü türbanlı escort load when she stopped and said she needs to be fucked to show our new friend how I fuck her. She got on all four as I entered her from behind and started to go to town.

Dave seemed like he liked what he saw, his cock started to spring back to life and my wife asked him to get closer as she sucked his cock to full strength while I fucked her, this had me on the edge and I filled her pussy with cum. She rolled over and ordered me to lick her clean, I never have done this before, but went ahead and got between her legs and started to clean her up.

My wife was still sucking Dave’s cock when she told him to fuck my ass as I eat her pussy. He was hesitant, so was I and never had any contact with another man and I already sucked my first cock and about to get my ass fucked in the same night.

My wife told him I want it, don’t worry she has fucked my ass with her fingers plenty of time and really enjoyed it, which was true. He said what the heck and moved around behind me, and I felt his cock probe around my ass.

He slowly started to penetrate me a little at a time, it was very tight and I felt every bit of his cock as he entered me. He was able to get his whole cock in and started to pump my ass and get into a rhythm and my wife encouraged him to fuck me harder and fill my ass with cum, Dave fucked faster and harder, felt so good and I can tell he liked as he filled me with cum and kept pumping until he fell out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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