What Happens in Vegas…

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Author’s Note: While this is an incest story this also has a gay component so if this offends you, you are warned.


It was early spring, my Wife and I got a couple days off from work and we decided to head out to Las Vegas, NV for a well-deserved vacation.

My sister and her husband live not too far from Vegas and so I called her and let her know we were headed in their direction and they both jumped at the opportunity to skip out from work and meet us there.

Perhaps I should take a moment to describe all of us…

My wife’s family moved up to California from Mexico back in the 1940’s and my wife and I met in college here in New York. I was hot for her the moment I saw her, with dark brown skin, large brown eyes, long straight black hair to her waist…

It took me the better part of her freshman year to convince her to give me a chance, she was there to study and didn’t want the distraction, but since then we’ve never been anything but completely in love.

My sister on the other hand went out west after high school and met up with her ‘cowboy’. Dave is about 6’2, bond hair, and in good shape, you have to be to ride the rodeo circuit the way he does when he can. The rest of the time he either works construction or as a landscaper.

My sister and I are cut from different sides of the same cloth; there is no way we could be mistaken for not being related.

Both of us have blue eyes, a light boned build, and medium brown hair. My sister is just a few inches short and fifty pounds lighter, with her hair around her shoulders but otherwise she’s the hotter, more female version of me, and I’m the ‘dorky, but cute’ male version of her.

I’m 5’8 160 pounds, I work a desk job so I’m not ‘in shape’ but I have managed to keep myself from getting over weight. My wife’s friends have been know to describe me as good looking but not hot so don’t expect me on any ‘stud’ calendars.

I’d decided that this trip my wife and I were going to splurge a bit so we got ourselves a full sized suite with an in room hot tub and a view of the strip.

My wife Monica and I got there a day ahead of my sister Jenny and her husband so we had the chance to get settled in, wander around a bit, and do some early drinking and gambling.

Jenny and Dave met us down in the casino of our hotel after they’d gotten themselves settled in theirs.

I was at the black jack table when I felt arms wrap around my neck and kiss on my cheek.

“Hey there Mikey!” My sister said excitedly.

“Hey there little sis.” I answered as I finished the current hand, collected my chips and got up.

“Hey Mike.” Dave said reaching out his hand which I took in my mine with a quick hand shake.

“Where’s Monica?” Jenny asked.

“She’s working some slots over there, last I saw.” I pointed in a general direction.

The three of us made our way through the casino to where my wife was sitting. She looked up and smiled a huge smile and got up to give my sister and Dave a big hug.

“Drinks are on us tonight.” Monica announced proudly.

“You do well honey?” I asked.

“Up $350, you?”

“Up $2.50.” I answered with a grin.

“You suck.” She said sticking her tongue out at me a playful manner that came out in her only when we were able to really get away from the grind.

“So where to now?” I asked.

“Let’s just sit at the slots and get free drinks!” My sister said with a smile and a laugh.

We all thought this a great idea so we each take a slot of our choice and begin plugging in dollars and pushing buttons.

My technique is to accept I’m not going to win, because I never win, so I try to lose at a slow enough rate to get as many free drinks as possible. My sister, wife, and Dave all expect to win and bid big either frequently or constantly. Somehow it seems to pay off a bit for them.

2 — 3 hours of this and we’ve downed several drinks each and have each had enough sitting in front of the electronic screens. So we begin wandering the strip to look at the sights, exploring the various casinos, and grabbing drinks as we go.

“So where are you guys staying?” My sister asked.

“We’re at the Luxor.” I answered.

“We’ve got a suite with a hot tub looking right out of the corner of the Pyramid!” My wife added excitedly.

“Too cool!” My sister responded.

“Someone is splurging.” Dave added with a laugh.

“Hey its our vacation and we’re gonna damn well enjoy ourselves.” I said with a bit of defensiveness.

“Besides it was free upgrade thingy.” My wife interjected. “Wanna come up and see it?”

“Yeah!” My sister said quickly. “Got any booze up there?”

“Nah, just got in today.” I said with a shrug.

“Then we’ll stop by a liquor store on our way.” Dave volunteered.

We continued our way back up the strip towards our hotel and continued chattering along the way. When we reached a liquor store Dave and I went in to make the purchases while the girls waited outside just watching the lights of the strip and talking girl bahis firmaları things.

Once the purchases were made we finished making the trip up to our room. As I made drinks for everyone my wife gave the ‘grand tour’ of the two bedroom suite.

“Hey you wanna go in the hot tub, sip drinks, and look out on the strip?” Monica asked.

“Honey?” I asked uncertain.

“We don’t exactly have swim trunks.” Dave added.

” Oh don’t be a big baby.” Jenny said as she pulled her shirt off to accent the point.

Dave and I looked at each other and shrugged so I began drawing the bath as everyone else stripped and then my wife added various ingredients to the bath while I stripped like the others.

The four of us climbed into the tub and resumed conversation while enjoying the drinks and the view.

I’ve always loved the way my wife looks naked and in particular there is something especially erotic about seeing her in the bath that arouses me every time.

Of course now there was the added complication of being in a bath with my sister and my brother-in-law. I was trying very hard not to stare at my sister’s tits just covered by bubbles, but I also couldn’t help but notice my brother-in-law checking out my wife.

I’ve never had a threesome let alone a more-some, and I’ve never done anything with another guy present, and I’ve never even considered my sister in a sexual context before but that night it was getting hard not to think about such things.

I then began to notice the tub sloshing a little bit back and forth. It took a moment to discover the source of water motion, but it was soon obvious.

My sister’s eyes were glued on my wife’s face whose eyes were closed. My wife was nearly imperceptibly moving back and forth and I was certain that if I looked under the water I would see my sister’s fingers playing with my wife’s pussy.

That thought took my semi-hard cock to instant full rigidity and nearly caused my eyes to pop out of my head and splash into the tub.

I began to lightly stroke my manhood beneath the water as my eyes remain glued on my wife and sister. Slowly my wife’s movements became more exaggerated, her breathing became deeper, and faster as she quickly reached climax with my sister’s ministrations.

Slowly Monica’s movements slowed as she came down from her high and that is when my sister seemed to notice that both Dave and I were staring at them.

“I think you gave us away.” My sister whispered with a smile.

“Couldn’t help it, felt so good, Jen!” My wife said, her eyes still blissfully closed.

“Well then you won’t mind returning favor for favor.” My sister said with a bigger grin as she got up on the edge of the tub and grabbed my wife’s hair and pulled her face to her clean shaven pussy.

I watched in shock as I witness for the first time my wife licking the pussy of another woman. Never mind it was my sister, and I almost blew my load right then as my wife began to devour my sister’s juices. Jenny locked eyes for a moment with me and I knew she knew I was stroking my meat beneath the water.

My sister’s eyes half close as she pulled my wife’s face tighter to her pussy even as she lifted her hips up to fuck my wife’s face.

I could hear my wife’s muffled moans of encouragement as she continued to use her tongue to encourage Jenny’s oncoming orgasm.

Suddenly my sister threw back her head and screamed loud enough to nearly shatter every bit of glass in the entire hotel as her orgasm hit her and she came into my wife’s eager mouth.

Slowly Jenny returned to reality and she opened her eyes with a knowing smile in both mine and Dave’s direction and I looked over to see that he too was stroking his cock beneath the water.

Jenny then directed her smile at me and I flush a little embarrassed to be caught so aroused in the presence of my sister.

“You liked seeing your little sister cum?” She asked coyly staring down into the water at my rigid meat still grasped firmly in my hand.

All I could do is nod and get out a stuttered affirmative.

“Let us see how excited you are.” My sister encouraged, motioning me to get out of the tub and sit on the edge.

In a numb, trance like state I got out of the tub and sat on the edge as my wife turns from my sister’s vagina to watch me with a satisfied smirk on her face.

“Wow, you really are excited!” My sister exclaimed noting the rigidity of my hard-on slapping my abdomen.

“Why don’t you continue what you were doing so we can all watch?” My sister asked, but it seemed more like a command.

I re-wrapped my right hand around my meat and slowly began stroking it up and down. My excitement is reinforced by the pre-cum that seeped thru my tip with every upward stroke.

My sister and my wife’s eyes were glued to my cock and this got me even more excited and my pace quickened slightly bringing more semi-clear fluid to my tip that I began to work into my shaft allowing my hand to slide more easily and thus exciting us further.

“Dave, kaçak iddaa help him.” My sister said to her husband.

My eyes widened in shock at what direction my sister had sent this but I was even more surprised as Dave, without any protest, moved closer to me and wrapped his own hand around my manhood and took up stroking it as I released it.

I’d never felt another man’s hand on my cock. It is distinctly different from mine own, his hand having earned more calluses than my own, the feeling was in the opposite direction from my wife’s smaller more delicate hand on my shaft. Still not sure what I thought about the whole situation but content to enjoy the sensations I simply watched as a hand other than mine stroked my cock.

“He can do that himself.” My wife chimed in for the first time adding her input.

“Yeah, Monica licked my pussy, the least you can do is suck her husband’s dick.” Jenny said with a smile.

Dave looked over at his wife for a moment but didn’t pause more than that moment before sliding the head of my cock into his mouth.

“Oh shit,” Escaped from my lips from both the feel and the shock that he had gone for it.

Both of the girls smiled at my reaction and Dave just began to stroke the head of my cock with his tongue bringing yet more of my pre-cum to the tip and causing my hips to lift reflexively. Dave licked up my pre-cum before he continued to slide his mouth down my shaft.

He took nearly three-quarters of my entire length before he paused.

“Pretty good for your first cock, honey.” Jenny encouraged.

“Yeah, suck my husband’s dick!” Monica cheered softly as she climbed up onto the edge of the tub next to Jenny.

Both of the girls began touching their own pussies as they watched Dave go down on my cock.

Dave began to slide his mouth back up my shaft, once again he took my head between his lips and gave the tip the full attention of his tongue once again it caused my hips to buck up into his mouth.

“Do it to him how you like me to do it to you.” Jenny said as she pushed two fingers deep into herself.

Dave slid his mouth back down my shaft as his hands reached behind me to pull my hips forward, closer to the edge of the tub. I raised myself up enough to help with this and he rewarded me by using one of his hands to stroke my ball sack as he continued to move his mouth up and down my shaft.

The fingers of his other hand began to slide beneath my ball sack and I started to feel a slight but insistent stroking at my anus.

Having never been anally stimulated before, this was yet another new and curious sensation that has me excited all out of proportion. I began to moan as I grabbed Dave’s head and began to more insistently fuck his face.

Dave took this as encouragement and began to push the probing finger into my ass as he took more of my cock into his mouth until I was partway down his throat and his nose was buried in my pubic hair.

“Oh god yes!” Jenny cried out. “Finger fuck my bother’s ass!”

“Suck his big fucking cock!” Monica added.

Dave began to suck hard on my manhood moving his head up and down with greater speed as his tongue tried to keep pressure on my under side. He began to work a second finger up my now hungry ass and as he rammed the two fingers home, deep into my ass, he touched something that set me off like never before.

I yanked his head down onto my cock forcing my meat down his throat as I came with a roar. I could feel my ass pulse around his fingers with strong muscle contractions that match the twitching in my cock. After the first spurt that must have shot all the way to his stomach he pulled his head back and sucked gently on my meat draining my balls into his mouth, even as he continued to shove his fingers in and out of my pulsating ass.

Both girls kept their eyes glued on the two of us men even as they continued stroking their sopping cunts. I vaguely recalled their own moans of orgasm mingling with my yell as I slowly came down from the ecstasy Dave had managed to take me to.

When my cock had given up its final spurt of cum Dave released both my ass from his probing fingers and my manhood from his hungry mouth. Completely drained I slid back into the tub.

“How was your first cock honey?” Jenny asked her husband as she came over to tongue kiss him and possibly swap some of my juices that were almost certainly still on his tongue.

“Awesome.” Dave said as if in awe of what he’d actually done.

“What’d you think honey?” Monica asked as she slid back into the tub beside me.

“That was a fantastic blowjob.” Is all I got out between deep heaving breaths.

“Of course, Dave is the only one not to cum and the tub is getting cold. Wanna move to the bed?” Monica asked.

“Yeah.” We all seemed to say as one.

We all got out and it was clear that Dave was definitely ready for his turn as he stood there with a rock hard pole jutting out in front of him.

His cock was a little smaller than my own, but not significantly so, so there wasn’t kaçak bahis enough of a size discrepancy to discomfort either of us.

“Mike, get on the bed.” My sister commanded and I get on the bed and lay on my back.

“Time for you to repay my husband, on your hands and knees bitch.” My sister said with a smile.

Without argument I rolled over and got on my hands and knees going across the foot of the bed.

“Fuck you look hot big brother.” My sister said as she ran her tongue along the crack of my ass.

Dave came around in-front of me and offered his cock to my lips.

I paused only a moment as I realized I was about to touch another man’s dick for the first time in my life, let alone suck on it. Without any further hesitation I gently took his shaft in my left hand and guided it to my lips that I moistened with my tongue with a previously unknown hunger to taste cock.

I reached my tongue out and licked the head of his meat eliciting a moan of need and approval.

“Don’t tease the poor guy.” Monica said softly in my ear.

Emboldened I took the entire head into my mouth in a single gulp and Dave’s hips reflexively jumped forward thrusting another inch into my mouth.

“Yes.” I heard both girls hiss at once.

I began to move my mouth further down the shaft, wondering how much of his length I could take at once. Slowly I slid downward until I feel the tip of his dick pressed against the back of my throat and I almost gagged.

“Relax, you can take it all.” My wife encouraged her face was nearly even with mine so she could get a close up view of me swallowing my first cock.

Slowly I continued further down, swallowing his meat allowing it to pass into my throat until my nose was buried in my brother-in-law’s pubic hair.

“So fucking hot!” My wife said.

“My brother is such a cock whore.” My sister added with a smile.

I slowly backed off keeping my tongue and lips tight to his shaft until only the tip was in my mouth, which I found liberally leaking pre-cum. With only a little trepidation I licked the juices from the tip, savoring the flavor, both salty and sweet, and making me hunger for more. I took the entire length back into my mouth and throat in a single downward movement that caused Dave to gasp.

Dave grabs the back of my head and began working his length back and forth between my lips. I relaxed into it allowing him to fuck my face with my only effort to bathe as much of his manhood with my tongue as possible and lick up as much of his juice that I can as his head passed close to my tongue tip.

I felt something cool poor down my ass and realized it was some sort of lotion as my sister began to work it into my ass. She easily shoved two of her dainty fingers into my already opened ass so she quickly added a third.

I was rocking between the fingers in my ass and the cock in my mouth for a couple of wonderful minutes and after my sister had her fingers easily plowing in and out of my ass she adds another dollop of lotion and then she steps away.

Dave withdrew from my mouth and I was unsure what exactly was happening even as Dave moved around the bed to come up behind me.

Dave lined his cock up with my ass and I felt a shiver of fear and trepidation mingled with excited anticipation run up my spine as I felt the head of his manhood touch my previously virgin back door.

Dave grabbed my hips and slowly began to pull me back onto his cock. With far less pain than I expected his head entered me and he began plowing further forward into me as he pulled on my hips.

I slowly felt myself filled as more and more of my sister’s husband entered me. I felt filled completely as he paused, so I was surprised when he continued to feed more of his cock into my ass, which continued to gobble up his meat. With a final thrust I felt his stomach pressed firmly against my ass.

I felt a sensation of excessive pressure deep inside my bowels that bordered on pain and I grunted slightly with discomfort as I felt a flush over take my entire body.

“You okay?” Monica asked leaning down to look me in the face.

I nodded, not quite sure myself, but feeling better as Dave began to pull back out and the pressure is released, but it is replaced with a strange sort of emptiness being left behind.

When all that was left inside me was his head he pushed forward once again pulling my hips towards him. I felt my own cock harden on this penetration and when Dave bottomed out the discomfort of the previous penetration was completely absent leaving only a combination of pleasure and need.

“You like it don’t you?” Monica asked her eyes wide with astonishment and arousal.

I just nodded, unable to speak as Dave pulled back, my entire attention centered on those new sensations and feelings coming from my hyper-sensitive ass.

Monica moved away and I looked back to see her kneeling behind Dave, I couldn’t tell if her attention was on his own ass or not but whatever it was she was doing Dave seemed to like it. As he pushed forward again his cock seemed to enlarge a little more than before and I felt even fuller as he filled my needy ass with his man meat. My eyes were closed and I could only grunt in excited appreciation.

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