What Happens at a Convention

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I read quite a few stories where guys talk about meeting a wild woman that lives up to all of their fantasies, but until now I never believed. I was lucky, or unlucky as I first thought to be picked by my company to attend an annual conference. I work for a company that produces retail fixtures and display cases. Now my job pays very well, but these conferences are nothing to get excited over. I had dodged the bullet every year, but it seemed as if I were destined for a week of boring presentations and false shmoozing.

My wife wasn’t upset, as we have to sometimes be apart because of our jobs. I left on Friday night after work, taking an early evening flight to Orlando. It was warm, and I figured I could catch up on some sun and relaxation before the conference began on Monday. I checked into my room, and spent the entire weekend relaxing in the sun. I was a toasty brown by the time the conference began on Monday.

Things were just as I expected. I spent the first day sitting through presentations, and waiting for breaks. It was during the lunch break that I noticed that a second conference taking place. It appeared to be a cosmetics conference, which meant that there were quite a few attractive women. I sat in one of the hotel restaurants and ate my lunch. The restaurant filled up pretty quickly, and a steady line of conventioneers had formed. My food had yet to arrive when the hostess came over to the table.

“Excuse me sir, but the lunch for one of our conferences has been spoiled, so the restaurants are overcrowded. Would you mind sharing your table with another guest?” she asked.

“Sure, not a problem. As long as she’s pretty.” I said with a smile.

The hostess laughed and left. When she returned, she was leading a very attractive woman. My luck was picking up already. The lady took her seat as the hostess provided her with a menu.

“Thank you for sharing. My name’s Sheila.” The woman said with a smile. “I saw that you were eating alone and hoped that you wouldn’t mind a little company. I’m starving right now.”

“It’s my pleasure. By the way, the cheeseburgers are great.” I replied.

The waiter returned with my order and took Sheila’s. She ordered the cheeseburger when she saw how mine looked. I was bout to eat, but felt kızılay escort a little guilty to be eating before her.

“I’ll tell you what. Since we ordered the same thing, why don’t you take half of mine and then we can split yours when it comes.” I offered.

Sheila quickly agreed, and we both sat about devouring the burger and fries. There was a slight break before the second burger arrived and we learned a bit about each other. “I’m sorry, you told me your name and I didn’t tell you mine. My name is Rick.” I said.

She turned out to be from the other convention, and we both laughed at how boring everything was. There was an instant attraction between us, and we decided to have dinner together that evening. We each knew that the other was married, but some harmless company did not seem wrong.

We met that evening and had dinner. The restaurant was cozy, and we were seated at a secluded corner table. Sheila wore a revealing black dress that left her entire back open. I couldn’t help but stare at her as we ate. We had a lot in common and the conversation came easily. We took a long walk after dinner and ended up back at my hotel room.

I fixed a couple of drinks from the mini-bar and we relaxed on the sofa. It didn’t take long before we moved on to some light kissing. Sheila wasn’t shy, and her hands roamed over me as much as mine did to her. I unzipped the back of her dress, and she shrugged out of the straps, revealing a gorgeous pair of breasts encased in a black lace bra. Sheila had managed to unbutton my shirt, and was laughing as she began to work on my belt buckle. She pushed me back and pulled my pants down while I hastily kicked my shoes off. Sheila was quicker than I, and was soon straddling my waist. The position gave me the time to admire those wonderful breasts, which I massaged slowly with my hands.

We began to kiss again, but much slower this time. Sheila’s perfume was warm and spicy, and it filled my senses as she became more heated. My cock was already hard and she wiggled her hips against it, driving me crazy. Sheila broke the kiss first, and stood up. She was still in her pantyhose and heels, and made a sexy sight as she walked over to the bed. She sat down on the bed, her legs spread invitingly. kolej escort She ran a hand up her leg and began to slowly rub her pussy through her pantyhose.

“Mm…I love how the fabric feels against my bare pussy.” She cooed. I could see the crotch of the pantyhose becoming wet with her juices as she continued to slowly rub.

“You can come and get some, but you can’t take the hose off. I guess you’ll have to find a way in.” She said with a smile.

Now, I love woman in lingerie. Pantyhose and stockings rank right up there at the top. Toss in a pair of high heels, and I’m ready to go. I quickly left the couch, with my shorts tenting in front of me. Sheila watched me intently as I stopped at the bed, dropping to my knees. She moved her hands, allowing me to get a good view of her soaked through crotch. I couldn’t resist the temptation, and leaned forward. I ran my tongue against the wet spot, tasting her. Sheila gave a moan of encouragement, and I continued to lap at the wet cloth.

I found the seam of the crotch and nipped at it with my teeth. I quickly bit a hole at the seam, and began to tug a rip in the nylons. With a little work, I was able to peel the crotch away from her pussy, exposing her wet slit to the air. Sheila was writhing on the bed and I quickly set about devouring her slit. I pulled her lips apart, releasing a flood of clear, sticky syrup. I dipped the tip of my tongue into her and scooped upward, spreading her cream over her stiff clit. Her pussy tasted wonderful, and I began to push my tongue in as far as possible. Sheila tilted her hips in approval allowing me even better access to her. I swirled my tongue inside of her, hearing her grunt with each movement. It was a matter of a couple of minutes before she was shaking, and her hands were gripping the bedspread.

Sheila groaned loudly and her pussy began to gush as her orgasm shook through her. I kept licking and sucking her pussy until she began to push me away.

“Get up here and fuck me.” She said lustily as I stood up.

She sat forward and jerked my shorts down. Her lips wrapped around my cock and swallowed. I was rooted in my spot as her mouth slid slowly up and down my shaft. Sheila’s mouth was cool from her heavy breathing, but heated up ankara escort quickly. She gave my cock a few hard sucks then pulled away. She spun around on the bed and pulled herself onto her hands and knees.

Her pussy looked like a wet flower as she wiggled her ass back and forth. I stepped up and began to slowly push my cock into her. Her cunt was burning as I pushed into her, burying up to my balls in her tight cunt. Sheila growled like a lioness and began to move her hips back and forth. I gripped her hips and matched her thrusts with my own. I pulled Sheila backward and knelt on the bed. Sweat was dripping down my face as I palmed her breasts. Her body was slick and hot and she growled and shook as I bit her neck, tasting her salty-sweet skin. I shifted my hips underneath her and began driving forward. Her cunt made squishy wet sounds with each thrust, and I felt my stomach tightening with effort. A few strokes later and my cock was bursting inside of her hot pussy. Sheila pumped up and down, milking my cock of all I had.

“My god that was great.” I said while gasping for air. Sheila moved forward and off of my cock. She turned around and without a word began licking my cock. I gasped and watched as her pink tongue flicked out and danced down my shaft, licking up the combination of our sticky juices. She finished by swallowing my cock and sucking me clean with some great mouth work. We both finally fell back on the bed exhausted.

I woke up the next morning and Sheila was already putting her dress back on.

“Running out already?” I teased her as I sat up in bed.

“I need to get down to my first meeting. Don’t you have one too?” she said as she checked the straps on her heels. “I’ve got to go to my room and shower and change clothes.”

I gave her a quick kiss before she headed to the door. I looked at the time and she was right. I only had half an hour before my first forum started.

“I’ll see you later this evening. You were fantastic last night, I hope we can do dinner again.” I told her.

“Well, I hope I don’t spoil you for your wife. I have some interesting plans for that balcony tonight.” She said with a wicked grin. She closed the door and I headed to the bathroom for a quick shower and shave. The hot shower water was great, and I couldn’t help but wonder what Sheila had in mind for the evening. Her balcony comment had me real curious. The conference had turned out to be pretty good. I wouldn’t mind going on the future conferences as long as my wife Sheila was attending a conference as well.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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