Well… Ch. 03

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So here I am back again at the keyboard and I have decided now to put you out of your misery, and to make things easier for me by naming names!

If you did read Well…1 and 2 you will know that events have taken place on Friday evening and the following day so far but you don’t know that I am George, my wife is Mary and our two friends are Ann and James. As I said before though you can always put your own names in if that makes it better!


That Saturday had been a day of wonderful surprises for Mary and I, both of us making love to other people for the first time in our married lives and, possibly most surprising of all, feeling no regrets or embarrassment about it either. We had not been unfaithful as we were both together, exploring things that perhaps we should have explored years before.

We were both very, very tired so we took our leave of Ann and James to return to our own room, promising to see them later for dinner.

Now you are expecting me to tell of further love making and enormous orgasms but you would be a long way from the truth. I needed a rest! At my age recuperation is necessary and I thought I had done pretty well so far!

Mary and I showered while discussing the day’s events and then fell into bed for a much-needed three-hour sleep before we arose and dressed for dinner with James and Ann.

They were already in the dining room when we arrived and my mouth must have fallen open when I saw Ann, the deep plunging neckline, the almost thigh high slit on the long red dress and black heels giving her an extra 3 to 4 inches in height.

Mary was in tailored black trousers and a white see through blouse that James seemed to find quite intriguing, possibly because, though the restaurant was warm, her nipples were plainly trying to escape the confines of her bra!

My mind inevitably turned to what was under both the outfits and I sat there a little uncomfortably for some time!

The meal was delicious, the wine plentiful and the conversation stimulating but we all knew that there was an underlying sexual tension in the air, all of us wanting to return to one of our rooms and continue where we had left off.

After coffee Mary suggested we show James and Ann our room, as they hadn’t seen it yet, and avail ourselves of brandies from the bottle of Remy Martin, I generally take with me when away from home.

So there we were, James and I sitting on the bed, while the girls sat opposite us in the lounge chairs enjoying a large tot of my favourite tipple.

I think Ann was the first to start moving in her chair and consequently the dress displayed more and more of her delicious legs and as the evenings drink took more hold she started to rub beylikdüzü ucuz escort very gently at her crutch.

Not to be out done Mary stood up and, removing her trousers very sexily, sat down again and started the same procedure on her crutch, bringing herself to dampness as quickly as Ann and becoming bolder and bolder as James and I looked on with lust in our eyes.

It then became somewhat of a contest between these two beautiful women to see who could arouse us most.

Ann slowly stood and slipped off her dress like a stripper revealing a tiny thong and no bra, while Mary grasped both sides of her blouse and literally ripped it open to reveal an equally tiny thong and a bra, which only just covered her magnificent nipples.

Both sitting again in their chairs they pulled them a little closer together and slightly more facing each other so that not only did James and I have a good view of what was going on but they could also see better what each of them was doing: and my goodness were they doing! First of all a finger was inserted in both their pussies and then two and then three as they watched each other and mirrored the others actions. Ann took a nipple between thumb and forefinger, tweaked it and pulled it gently away followed by Mary doing the same having pulled her bra below her heaving breasts.

Ann rose at that stage and helped Mary to her feet, turning her and moving behind so that she could undo the unnecessary scrap of material which had supported her tits, throwing it at me and then proceeding to run her hands down Mary’s body and into the thong where their fingers duelled to bring Mary to a shuddering climax quicker than I’ve seen her do in all our married life.

The thong disappeared quickly, as did Ann’s, and there they stood now facing each other, kissing deep soulful kisses, pinching nipples and stroking buttocks and pussies like there was going to be no tomorrow.

James was the first to move: he was out of his clothes in no time flat and pressing his huge prick into the cleft of Mary’s buttocks while competing with Ann’s hands for room on her tits and sex.

I was much more relaxed about things of course! And if you believe that you will believe anything! My clothes came of in seconds and I stood behind Ann competing with Mary’s hands for the bounties that were on offer.

We drifted apart and I saw Mary turn to James taking his tongue into her mouth as she sought out the giant prick between his thighs. She stroked and pulled at him to make sure she was getting his full attention while occasionally tugging gently on his balls, which hung, full and swollen below his cock.

They seemed to be crying out for beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort some more contact and she dropped to her knees in front of him taking first one ball and then the other into her waiting mouth, sucking gently on each in turn while gazing up at him with his mighty cock in her small hands, mewing and moaning quietly all the time.

They moved to the bed and as James lay back Mary turned, taking his cock into her mouth and presenting her pussy to his mouth in the classic 69 position. Although Mary couldn’t take all of James’s length last time she sucked him, she seemed to be doing better this time and James was certainly appreciative of her efforts as he gave her as much of his tongue as he could.

Her clitoris was bathed with it, her buttocks kissed with it and then finally they were gently pulled apart and her little pink rose bud swathed with it. Mary at that stage nearly bit off James’s cock as an orgasm ripped through her and she thrust herself down on his invading tongue enjoying every single moment of his relentless onslaught.

It was obvious that James was desperate for release and Mary threw herself on her back and dragged him astride her so that she could wrap her beautiful tits around his prick. He soon got the idea and started a gentle but insistent movement between them, gradually getting faster and faster as Mary cradled him and whispered encouragement to him, ‘Fuck my tits with your big dick, shoot your cum on me, go on, fuck them harder!’

And James, like all real gentlemen, did exactly as he was told, unloading three or four great spurts of cum on Mary’s throat and chest and then milking his cock backwards and forwards so that none was wasted.

Mary released his softening cock and, unusually for her, rubbed James’s cum into her soft skin all the while gazing up at him with what can only be described as pure lust in her eyes.

Some of this I saw and some was reported to me at a later date, not surprisingly because I was enjoying the ample charms of Ann who I was still caressing from the rear while watching some of what was going on between James and my wife.

I have always had a fascination with women’s bare shoulders and as I was kissing and stroking Ann’s my hands were playing gently with her large tits and incredible nipples.

She soon got into this and began squirming against me, all the time moaning and pushing herself against my hands and lips. I fell to my knees and started to kiss and caress her amazing buttocks, ripping off the tiny sliver of material that got in my way and she bent forward supporting herself on the chair back and offered me her pussy and arse to worship.

And beyoğlu escort worship it I did. Her pussy lips were open and her clitoris very much exposed as I thrust two fingers into her dripping sex, I dribbled a little spit down between her buttocks and gently ran my thumb around and over her forbidden entrance.

This started off a huge reaction and my hand was drenched with her juices as she came so hard forcing herself into my fingers and thumb so that I invaded her body both front and back. This seemed to trigger off another explosion and she turned and pushed me into the chair, pulling my legs way out so only my back was on the seat cushion and then she impaled her self on me. She sucked my nipples, pulled on her own, raking at her clitoris every now and again and then she looked around at James and seeing that Mary had got him good and hard again demanded ‘Get over here James and get that cock in my arse!’

I have to say I was a little taken aback. I am not a prude and knew that this went on but it wasn’t part of my repertoire and I wondered how Mary would react!

I needn’t have worried, lust it seems had completely overtaken my wife and as James rose from the bed she followed him and then leading him by the cock advanced on this women who was fucking her husband for all she was worth.

Ann fell forward on to my chest, raising her buttocks as high as possible without losing contact with me and Mary gathered up her juices to lubricate James so that he could bury his cock into her. It took a few minutes for James to fully insert his monster in Ann’s arse and all this time I was trying not to cum.

This was made all the more difficult by seeing Mary licking and sucking Ann’s tits and nipples while rubbing her clitoris and her own and by telling me things like, ‘You’re enjoying this aren’t you! Go on push your cock into her harder, give her all your cum’: and I did. I don’t remember a bigger orgasm in all my life as I felt James spurting into Ann from the rear, I heard you wail with sheer delight as your fingers took you over the edge and Ann? Well she just collapsed on me with a huge sigh, her body trembling and her taut nipples sticking into me like little tacks.

We were all drained by the experience and gradually slid to the floor in that jumble of arms and legs again. Coming down off a magnificent high and drifting into that wondrous afterglow we all looked at each other and smiled the smiles of people who have truly enjoyed each other.

Mary and I slipped back into the bed, cuddling each other tightly as James and Ann picked up their things and kissing us Goodnight quietly went back to their suite.

‘Did you enjoy Ann?’ you asked, ‘I expect as much as you enjoyed James’ I replied.

No notes were compared as to size or expertise, only descriptions of how good something felt and how incredible it was to watch something so good.

So here I was drifting off to sleep with my arms around my surprising wife and hearing her say softly, ‘Would you and James do what you did to Ann to me someday…..?’


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