Weekend Pet

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Linda was Paul’s “weekend pet”, or so he liked to call her. Neither of them was looking for a relationship, and neither of them wanted to be in one with each other. But Linda was a submissive, and she loved being subjected to everything Paul did to her when they did get together, she loved his power over her, and she loved his long, fat cock. It was biggest cock she had ever had inside her. Paul considered himself lucky. It wasn’t often that a guy came across a woman who wouldn’t become emotionally attached, but would fuck him at a drop of a hat in any and every way he demanded. She gave in to his every twisted desire and begged for more.

Paul called her on Thursday night and told her simply that he would be picking her up on Saturday at 7:00 P.M. She was to wear a short skirt, high heel pumps, and a tight tank top with nothing else. Linda knew full well what “nothing else” meant as she pulled the stretchy tan colored top over her head and down over her bra-less tits. It was one of her favorite shirts with a tight elastic bottom that clung to her torso just below her large, fleshy tits. It clung to her breasts, outlining her stiff nipples perfectly and allowed for plenty of skin to show on the way down to the pleated black skirt that hung low on her waste. Her freshly shaved pussy tingled with excitement as she finished putting her long, blond hair into pigtails and touched up her make up.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she blushed. She was hot, she had to admit. A few inches under six feet, she was tall for girl, with legs, firm and toned from rigorous exercise that seemed to go on forever. Her hips flared out erotically to her thin waste and flat stomach. In her top, her huge tits seemed enormous, and a healthy view of natural cleavage bulged from the low top. Her face was youthful looking, and the makeup she applied gave her a very schoolgirl look with a definite splash of trashy whore.

Paul obviously thought the same thing and attacked her when she answered the door. His hands groped at her body and his mouth mashed into hers. He could have devoured her right there, but he had plans for the evening. Finally breaking for her eager embrace, he looked her up and down and licked his lips before standing beside her and looking them over in Linda’s hall, floor length mirror. They were quite a couple. Linda could have easily passed for an underage porn star, though she was in her mid-20s. Paul was older by a dozen years, with a mature, steely look that had won him a lot of attention with women. He came from a Spanish background, and the dark skin, rich, thick hair and rugged face had always appealed to the opposite sex. He was a tall man, and in excellent shape. He could have been a garden slug, as far as Linda cared, as long as he was able to fulfill her the way he did.

Paul led her to his Jaguar and drove off in a deliberate direction. They made small talk, nothing about work or their personal lives, but about world events and current affairs. Their personal lives had nothing to do with what they did when they were together. Paul’s hand slid down her leg and between her thighs. He already knew she wore no bra, but had to test her panties. He was pleased, and slightly put out, that his fingers encountered only smooth, wet cunt. She only ever disobeyed him now when she wanted to be punished. Today she was obviously curious as to what Paul had in mind.

Linda shuddered at his touch, and Paul worked his fingers around her lips and clit, and into her sopping pussy. In all his days, Paul had never encountered a women with the ability to cum as much, as frequently, and as powerfully as Linda. Within minutes her pussy quivered and she shrieked in orgasm from his gentle strokes. She pulled his hand away and up to her mouth, greedily sucking at her own juices that coated his fingers.

Paul brought them to a stop in a downtown parking lot next to a large, two-story building. A sign reading, “Whilshire Studios” hung across the front of the building. Linda raised her eyebrow at him, but Paul only smiled and climbed out of car. He stood patiently waiting for Linda to crawl out in her less than mobile attire. With a gesture, Paul headed for an unmarked door at the side of the building. Linda obediently walked two paces bakırköy üniversiteli escort behind and slightly to his right as she had been trained. Her wet pussy tingled with excitement at the unknown surprise waiting beyond the door.

Inside, Linda was surprised to see that it was a dance studio. The lights were dimmed and music played softly in the background. A bar had been set up in one corner, and an area covering the far wall was completely curtained off with two separate entrances. Even as Linda watched, two men entered the curtain door on the right, while one man walked out. The entire room was filled with maybe fifty men of various ages, all well dressed and groomed. A half dozen women floated about, dressed in similarly enticing clothes as she was. Linda wasn’t sure who she found more exciting, the handsome and well off men, or the sexy young women that oozed sex. As they floated, the women were kissed and freely groped by the men, some over their clothing, and many under. One of the girls suddenly broke free and headed into the door on the left. Many eyes turned and lingered on Linda’s body when they entered, but Paul seemed not to notice. He pointed to his right ear and his pet jumped forward and rested her chin on his shoulder, awaiting instructions.

“Mingle through the crowd,” he whispered to her, “and enjoy what the men have to give you. And when you’re ready go through the curtain on the left.” Paul said nothing more and immediately headed to the bar where he struck up a conversation with a man there. One of the girls approached him, and Linda felt her cunt drool even more as he looked straight into Linda’s eyes and slid his hand down the front of the girl’s tight leather pants. She reached out and held onto Paul’s shoulder for support as he obviously fingered her through under her pants. So that was the game.

Over the next hour Linda mingled. When she approached the nearest man, a guy in his late thirties, though still with a full head of hair and fit looking body, he slipped his hand under her top and groped her full tit. She looked questioningly to Paul, but he only smiled and nodded. One by one the men touched and felt every part of her body. None of them spoke to her, but every one of them looked her over with complete lust. She came twice by their touches, but wanted more. A few more men entered and exited the right side, and one more woman disappeared into the apparent female section. She couldn’t stand it any longer, and with a final questioning look to her master, who simply nodded, she broke away from the man who was sucking on her exposed tit and hurried through the curtain.

The enclosed section she found smelled of cum and pussy, and the sounds of moaning and sloppy fucking filled the air. There were ten women inside with her, all naked or mostly naked. Eight of them were lined up against the solid wall that separated the men’s side from the women’s. Linda saw a sight there that would fuel her lust for months to come. Holes were cut in the wall at waist height, and cocks of all types, shapes and sizes filled almost every hole. The eight women were positioned around the holes in various positions, with the untouched cocks waiting patiently for attention. Some girls were kneeling sucking on cock or rubbing it between their tits. Some were bent over at the waist, ramming their cunts back against them. One particularly flexible woman was facing the wall with her left leg pulled up flush against her body as she humped the cock face one. Almost all of the girls were covered in cum. The two that were not against the wall had dropped together into a corner, 69ing each other vigorously.

One of the girls, a tall, well built blonde let out a gasp and then a sigh. With a groan she pulled her ass away from the wall as the cock spurted its last blob of cum onto her ass cheek and slowly started to shrink. The woman looked up and saw Linda standing there and walked over. She was much taller than Linda, and bent down to kiss her on the lips. Linda could taste cum in her mouth as their tongues swirled around each other. She grabbed Linda’s shoulders and forced her to her knees. But Linda didn’t need to be forced. Eagerly, she dove into the woman’s bakırköy bdsm escort cunt, sucking and lapping at the cunt juice and thick cum that dribbled out. She allowed her hands to travel up the woman’s body, covered in drops of cum, and squeezed her large tits before grabbing her ass and forcing her entire mouth against the cunt. The woman shuddered and spasmed, flooding her mouth with her juice. Linda drank it all, and only reluctantly let herself be pulled to her feet. The woman tore her shirt off and yanked her skirt down to her ankles. Leaving her clothes where they fell, the woman slipped in behind her, cupping and squeezing her tits, and pushed her towards a vacant section of the wall before slipping off to claim her own spot.

Linda stood before three hard cocks. One was kind of small, another long but thin, and the third average in length but very thick. Linda loved them all. Dropping down to the long, thin one in the middle, she took it into her mouth without hesitation and sucked it down her throat. She was blessed with no gag reflex, and could take most cock she encountered to the hilt. She purred as she sucked and bobbed on the long cock, loving the way it felt as it slid easily down her throat. Her hands reached out and jerked the other two off in time with her mouth fucking. She took turns on each cock, working them over with her fantastic mouth, loving the alternate feel and taste and texture of each. She was able to bring them all to the brink, and like a synchronized firing squad, one by one they blew off in her mouth in rapid succession. She sucked each dry, savouring the taste of their fluids before swallowing every drop. She moaned in pure delight.

Looking down the line she spotted another vacant cock. It was thick and long, and covered in veins. It looked rugged and manly, and Linda pounced on it before it was taken. All around her, the sights and sounds of sex filled the room, and she loved it all. She sucked the large cock into her mouth, taking it down her throat, coating it with her saliva. She could taste the flavour of another woman on the shaft; it wasn’t the first time around for this cock. When she was certain it was good and slick, she spit it out and leaned up a bit. Linda purred as she wrapped her heavy tits around the cock and began jerking them on it. She paused a few times to suck it back into her mouth to reapply some saliva for lubricant, but went right back to her tits. Working the cock over furiously with her tits, she finally felt it twitch, then watched in joy as it spurted a huge load onto her chest and tits. She didn’t think it was ever going to stop and wished it wouldn’t as it showered her upper body with cum. She watched it disappear with sadness and rubbed the warm cum into her tits.

Linda didn’t have a chance to rest as another woman, a sexy brunette with a thin, slinky body and small but perky tits approached her. She grabbed Linda by the back of the head and forced her tongue into Linda’s mouth. Linda felt the rush of cum fill her mouth that the other woman had carried over to share, and moaned loudly nearly swallowing the seed. The two women remained locked at the mouth, their hands roaming each other’s bodies as they shared the delicious treasure.

Their kiss was broken when another woman grabbed them both by the arms and led them down the row to where three more cocks waited. The two women bent Linda over at the waist and slowly backed her up onto the one in the middle. It was a medium sized cock, nothing massive, but Linda shuddered and came as the cock head touched her enflamed cunt lips. They continued to force her back until her ass was touching the wall and as much of the cock as possible was inside of her. It was the first taste of cock her cunt had received all night and she continued to murmur and cum around it. The two women smiled and took a similar position on either side of her, ramming their cunts onto the waiting cock. The two women licked and kissed at Linda’s face while six hands touched naked and cum coated skin. The three soon had a smooth steady rhythm as they fucked the cocks like sisters.

Linda felt a rush in her cunt and hurriedly pulled away, dropping to her knees so she could suck the remaining bakırköy elit escort cum from the cock before it disappeared. A new woman entered the room just as Linda started slurping on the cock and knelt down behind her. Pulling her hips back, the new woman attacked her cum laden cunt, sucking out cum and pussy juice just as she had done for the one woman. Perhaps it was an initiation ritual when a girl entered the room, Linda thought as she moaned into the now vacant hole as the woman sucked at her cunt. A cock quickly pushed through the hole and bumped into her waiting mouth. Linda wasted no time in sucking it into her mouth, pumping it with her mouth and hand.

Linda soon lost count of how many men had cum in mouth or pussy or across her chest, or how many times the women in the room took their turns eating her cunt clean as she did with them. It was an anonymous orgy the likes of which she never would have believed existed. Like a purebred slut, she took every cock she could, cumming on many but milking dry all.

She was nearing the end of her limits, thinking she could take no more when a cock appeared near her. She knew that cock, there could be no mistaking its size and shape and texture; it was Paul’s. She nearly dove for it, cutting off another girl who was about to kneel in front of the hole. The girl simply smiled at her and moved on to one of the many untouched cocks still available. Linda purred and took the cock into her mouth. She wanted to do something special for this cock, for the cock that belonged to the man that had allowed her to experience more pleasure in a single night than she ever could have imagined.

Her sore mouth and loose, sloppy cunt wouldn’t do the trick. But there was one part of her body that she had not allowed any of the cock to penetrate. Spitting on her index finger, she slowly eased it into her ass as she continued to work over the cock with her mouth. She waited until she was able to get two fingers inside her tight hole before spitting out the wet cock and turning around. Bending at the waist, she slowly eased back, guiding the hard cock with her hand. A few of the other girls stood around and watched as she pressed with large head against her small, tight anus. They began to cheer her on, kissing her face, squeezing her tits and nipples, and rubbing her clit. In an overexcited surge, she forced her ass back onto the cock. Her eyes widened and she groaned in pain into the mouth that kissed her as several inches entered deep inside ass. The pain soon mingled with pleasure, just the way she liked it, as she began to rock back and forth on the cock, taking more and more within her until all of it that was possible was lodged deep inside.

The saliva wasn’t great lubricant, but Linda didn’t care. As the women continued to cheer her on, kissing and caressing her body, Linda began to hump at the cock in earnest. The warm, hard shaft burned as it rubbed against the insides of her ass, but it only added to the sensations that throbbed through her body. When she finally felt hot cum erupt into her ass as spurt after spurt of jizz filled her bowels, Linda allowed herself to be lowered, exhausted, to the floor. One woman even licked her ass clean, her long tongue snaking into the stretched opening.

The event wore on into the early hours of the morning. Linda took a breather, cuddling with another woman, before getting back into the action. She stayed with a few others until the last cock came for the last time. Looking down at herself, she was surprised to find almost no cum, all of it having been licked and sucked clean. Her own belly was full of the cum of a score of men. She didn’t even bother to get dressed as she happily followed Paul back to his car. The first rays of the morning sun were threatening to break free of the horizon.

Sore, but more satisfied than she could ever remember being, she leaned over and kissed Paul on the cheek. “Thank you for the evening.”

“My pleasure,” Paul said as he sped back to her apartment. “Did you get enough cock?”

She smiled blissfully. “More than enough. Did you get enough cunt and mouth?”

“I did. It’s amazing how many different styles are out there.” They both laughed at that. “But you know what the best part of the night was? One of the girls let me fuck her ass. None of the other women did that all night. I guess I got lucky.” He looked at her knowingly.

Linda nodded as he pulled up in front of her building and turned off the ignition. “Let’s see if we have enough left for one more go.” She leaped out of the car, still naked, and raced him to the front door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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