Weekend Over: Friday

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I lie on my bed, reading, trying to get sleepy. It’s after 11 pm and I’m hoping I don’t push past 1 am tonight. I’m not great at getting to sleep. My thoughts race, so I try to replace them with someone else’s.

My computer dings softly with a new message. I shouldn’t check it, but I’m not falling asleep. And maybe somebody needs something.

“Hey! Are you awake?” It’s my ex. Our parting wasn’t an easy choice, but I think the fact that we still fuck every time we are in the same town has really gone a long way towards keep us on speaking terms. Not exactly healthy, I know. But it’s only been a few months, and neither of us finds ourselves living where we know a lot of people right now.

“I am. How are you?” I send.

“My roommate is going to message you,” she says. “I don’t want you to be surprised when you get a message from a stranger.”

“Um… Okay?” I say, cautiously. “Why?”

A new window pops up. “I’m Leah’s roommate.” Then, “She told you I was going to message, right?”

“About 6 seconds ago, yes.”

I send another message to my ex. “What is this about?”

“We’ve talked about you some. And she asked if she could talk to you.”

Weird. I switch back to her roommate’s window. “What’s your name?”

“I’m Amanda. Is it okay that I messaged you?”

“Yes. Well… it is good to virtually meet you, Amanda.”

“Oh good. I was worried you’d be weirded out.”

“I mean, it’s weird.”

My ex’s window dings. “Goodnight! Don’t let Amanda keep you up too late.” She sent and signed off before I could change windows.

“LOL! I know. I’m sorry,” Amanda sends.

“And so late? haha”

“Leah told me you are always up late. So am I. She was headed to bed and told me I should talk to you.”

“I see. She said you two have talked about me before?”

“Um. Yes. We have.”

“That does not sound good,” I say.

“LOL! She’s never told me anything bad.”

“Well, I’m glad about that.”

“Some people would consider fucking in a church bad… but I think it’s hot.”

“Holy crap!” I send. “You know way too much about me!”

“hehe. So you really did fuck Leah in a church?”

“I’m going to plead my fifth amendment rights here…” I respond.

“Are you two exclusive?” She asks. “She told me you still fuck, even though you broke up.”

“Um… I don’t think so?”

“Why haven’t you ever been to visit her here?”

“She’s never asked me,” I say. “We see each other every few weeks as it is.”

“You should visit her here.”


“Can I tell you something?”

“You’ve told me too much so far!”

“hehe! I know,” she replies. “Leah was just telling me a story about a time when you two fucked at night on the steps outside her parents’ house.”

“I’ve really got to talk to her about boundaries.”

“You should thank her. It got me really horny. Like… my panties are wet right now.”


“I’m playing with myself. I’m not going to be able to sleep until I get off,” she says. Then, “That’s why you should come visit her here.”

“I don’t think I can get there in time to help you with that,” I say.

“hehe! I know. But I like where your mind is.”

“Where is that?”

“Thinking about my pussy. You should feel how wet it is. It’s so hungry. I’m going to have to clean my keyboard in the morning.”

“Geez… You’ve got me hard now!”

“My room is right next to Leah’s,” she says. “If you come visit, I’ll be able to hear you fuck her.”

“Oh… Wow. That won’t just get you horny and leave you with the same problem you have right now?”


“Why not?”

“After you fuck Leah, you’ll wait for her to fall asleep, then sneak out and come to my room.”

“You’ve thought this through,” I reply.

“I’ll be fingering myself like I am right now because I’ll be so horny.”

“You think I’d be able to hear you while I’m waiting for Leah to fall asleep?”



“I’ve been fingering myself so hard the sound of my hand slapping up against my pussy is loud. And Leah is sound asleep.”

“Shit. You’ve got me really hard.”

“When you come to my room, I’m going to get on my hands and knees on the floor, and you’re going to fuck me from behind like I’m an animal.”

“Are you still fingering yourself?”

“And you’re going to fuck me hard. And I’m going to be loud.” Then, “Yeah. I’m really close.”

“Loud? You don’t think that will wake Leah up?”

“Only one way to find out. One minute.”

“Geez. Now I’m not going to sleep until I cum.”

A bit under a minute later. “Sorry. I had to finish. Just thinking about you fucking me on my floor got me off.”

“I’m um… glad I could help?”

“You’re on your own tonight. But when you come to visit, I’ll make you cum as much as you want.”

“Am I supposed to invite myself?” I ask.

“All you have to do is come to my room and you’ll be behind me with my ass in your hands, slamming your hard cock into my wet pussy.” Then, “Don’t worry. Leah is going to canlı bahis şirketleri invite you.”

“I really want to fuck you now.”

“Come visit Leah and you can fuck two roommates in the same night. If your cock is still wet, I’ll even suck her off of it before you fuck me.”

“Shit, you’re dirty.”

“A dirty animal. That you’re going to fuck. Alright, I’m going to bed. I’ll see you soon.”


On my way home from morning classes, my cell phone rings. It’s my ex.

“Hey! Good morning.”

“Good morning,” I say, wearily.

“Did Amanda keep you up late?”

“No. Not too late,” I lie. I was up another hour. Blowing one load wasn’t enough to calm me down.

“We were talking this morning and I realized you have never been to visit me here. You should come this weekend.”

“Oh. Yeah. That sounds fun,” I croak out, my cock growing stiff in my pants, glad I made it to my car first.

“Good. I’ll message you my address. See you Friday!”


My last class ended six and a half hours ago. My car was already packed and gassed up, ready for a road trip. A long drive and enough turns in this neighborhood to render me directionless, I finally arrive at the address Leah sent me. I park on the street, grab my bag and head toward the door. It looks like every light in the house is on, especially compared to the neighbors that look like they are already all in bed.

After I knock, the door opens within seconds. A tall girl with bleached blond hair, in a just about worn through white T-shirt with something colorful long ago forgotten on it and light pink panties, opens the door.

She walks away from the door, hips obviously purposefully swaying with her steps, and yells into the back of the house, “Leah, he’s here!”

Leah hurries into the living room, excited, and runs over to me, giving me a hug. Her hair is shorter and she’s let it go curly. She’s wearing silky pink pajamas, a top with matching shorts. “I’m so glad you’re here! How was the drive.”

“Not that bad,” I say, lying. “You cut your hair.”

She touches it. “Yeah. Do you like it?” she asks, a little too girly.

“You look great.”

“Get a room, you too,” says the bleached blonde.

“This is Amanda,” Leah introduces.

“Hi, Amanda, it’s good to meet you,” I say, with a shy wave. “In person.”

She smiles at me, but talks to Leah. “He’s tall.”

Leah leans into me, exaggerating our height difference, looking up at me. “I know, right?”

“I’m right here, you know,” I say.

“She’s heard a lot about you,” Leah says to me. She looks at Amanda but continues to me, “And sometimes I think she likes to be weird.”

“Where can I put my stuff?” I ask.

“My room. Come on, I’ll show you,” Leah says.

“Oooohhhhh,” Amanda exaggerates, scandalously.

“Ignore her,” Leah says, dragging me by my hand.

She walks me to her room. She has a double bed in the corner, up against the wall that is probably shared with the other bedroom. A sheer yellow cloth is draped over a bedside lamp. I put my bag down near the wall opposite the door. Leah closes the door behind and leans against it as it clicks shut, looking at me with longing in her eyes.

“How long has it been since we stayed the night together?” she asks.

I walk over to her and put my hands on her hips. “Months,” I answer.

She grabs my hand and walks me over to the bed, backing me up into it until I’m forced to sit down, her standing in front of me. She leans down and kisses me, running her fingers down my chest. As she pulls back I can see her hard nipples through her pajama top, which I notice buttons down the front just a moment before she reaches for the top button to undo it. She undoes the last button and opens her top, her small, perky breasts inches from my mouth, her dark hard nipples calling out for me.

I look up at her, then lean into her, taking as much of one of her little breasts into my mouth as I can. She groans. I flick her nipple with my tongue while sucking.

“I’ve been looking forward to our weekend,” she says. “I miss waking up next to you in the middle of the night and fucking half-asleep.”

I moan. “God, that’s nice,” I say, about her breasts or half-asleep sex, or both. I put my arms around her hips and pull her toward me. She climbs on top of me and grinds into my stiffening cock.

“I want to lick your pussy,” I say as I continue kissing up her neck.

“Later. I need you inside me, first.”

She slides off of me and drops her silky, pink pajama shorts to the floor, revealing her well manicured mound. I can’t get my clothes off fast enough, starting with my shoes and pants simultaneously. Leah climbs on top of me as I get rid of them. My cock is inside her while I’m still struggling to get my shirt off.

She’s been anticipating this while waiting for me as much as I have been on the drive. Her pussy is warm and wet. It takes my cock in deeper and deeper as she moves her hips into me.

I lay back canlı kaçak iddaa and watch the soft curves of her body move on top of me before I reach up to play with her breasts. She puts a hand on my chest and leans forward into me, grinding harder as she continues to move her hips. Her fingers run through my chest hair. Her other hand attempts to keep her hair to one side or another so we can see each other, but mostly fails.

I put my hand around her waist and push deep into her with her rhythm. She gasps at the added pressure. With little effort I roll her over on her back. Leah is pretty easy to maneuver in bed due to her low center of gravity. She’s a petite girl with wide hips and a big round ass.

I kneel before her spread legs. She grabs behind her knees and opens herself to let me sink my cock into her as deep as possible. Leah likes to be in control during sex, but she will give that up to have me deeper inside her. I push into her, watching her little breasts bounce in small circles.

She squeals with each thrust, accompanied by the sound of my groin slamming into her, and the slurping sound of her wet pussy swallowing my cock.

“I’m close,” she says breathlessly. I speed up my thrusts while reaching between her legs to give her clit a little extra stimulation. “Oh God, oh God, oh god,” she says, just loud enough to be heard, as she tenses up and then suddenly relaxes.

My hard cock slips out of her as she moves her hips. I move to reposition myself, but she closes her legs with an evil grin. “I don’t want you to cum yet.” She slips away from me, leaning up against the wall.

“What? Are you kidding?” I ask, pleading, with my slick cock still pointing towards her.

She smiles at me deviously. “You just got here. I don’t want you spent already.”

I look at her, half intrigued, half suspicious. “You don’t have to worry, I have plenty,” I say. But I consent after a moment of her not breaking eye contact. I lay next to her, playing with her hair, running it between my fingers, tracing curly cues in the waves. My hard cock presses into her, and is ignored.

I excuse myself to go to the restroom. I find my boxers, which don’t really hide my mostly erect cock. But the restroom is just across the hall.

“Amanda’s most likely in her room. You’ll be fine,” Leah assures me.

I sneak across the hall and close the door. I momentarily consider rubbing one out when the door opens. I expect to see Leah as I turn around. Amanda has her back to me, quietly closing the door behind her.

“What are you doing?” I ask under my breath.

“Is your cock still wet?” she asks, before reaching down my boxers to find out for herself.

“What the fuck,” I whisper forcefully.

She has my dick out of my boxers and in her mouth before I can object. If I wasn’t in such desperate need to relieve the building pressure on my balls, I might even try to stop her. Well, no. She slowly and meticulously traces her tongue around my entire cock, cleaning Leah’s juices off me. Watching her has me close. She wraps her lips around my cock and slides it into her mouth, then out again. Just a little more of that.

“She let me eat her pussy, once,” Amanda says, her hand still wrapped around my cock. “It’s nice to taste her again.” I wait for her to swallow me again, so she can taste me as well, when she carefully pulls my boxers back up, tucking my cock away, and stands up.

“Wait. Are you done?” I ask, desperately.

“You just fucked Leah, do you really need to get off again?”

“She didn’t let me finish. I think she’s trying to torture me,” I say, looking for some pity.

“Oh. Smart. And good for me as well. If she keeps it up you’ll be really desperate when you come to my room tonight.”

“Can we go to your room right now?” I ask.

“Is Leah asleep?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Then no. Go fuck her to sleep and you can come see me.” She turns to walk out the door.

“Could you hear us?” I ask, hoping to say anything that will get her excited and change her mind.

She turns around, fully facing me again, and sticks her hand down her panties, pulling back two wet fingers, which she shows me, before licking them clean. “I taste good, too. Maybe you’ll get to find that out.” She walks out the door, leaving me alone in the bathroom.

I stare in the mirror for a minute or two, not sure why I even came in here. I’m so hard I couldn’t piss if I needed to. I wait a few more moments, straighten my boxers as much as I can with an erection, then head back to Leah’s room.

She’s reading when I come in, Milan Kundera. She is leaned against the wall, naked except for her black rimmed glasses, one leg stretched out, the other pulled up to her chest. She’s so fucking cute I want to bite her. She looks up at me, then scolds me. “You didn’t jerk off, did you?”

“Of course not. I follow your rules,” I say, playfully, as I jump on the bed next to her.

“Was Amanda still out there?” She folds the dust jacket to hold her place and puts the book on her nightstand.

“I canlı kaçak bahis just went to the bathroom. I didn’t go looking around.” I bite her faintly freckled shoulder.

She moans. “So what did the two of you talk about the other night?”

“Right. We need to talk about that,” I say, indignantly. I sit up to look at her. “You told her about the times at church?” I whisper.

She looks a little sheepish. “No,” she says, shaking her head. “Technically I only told her about the first time at the church. The second time, in front of the mirror, I’ve never told her about.”

“Well that makes me feel a lot better. What else did you tell her?” I ask, then think better of it, “More to the point, why did you tell her?”

“I don’t know. Girl talk. She tells me about the guys she’s seeing, and I’m not going to let her have the better story,” she explains. She looks me in the eyes and continues, “We have better stories than she does.”

I laugh. “So you were just waving your dicks around trying to measure whose is bigger?” I joke.

“People with tent poles…” she quips.

I glare at her, then lay down and put my head in her lap. “The time with the mirror was good,” I say, remembering back. I can smell her arousal. I need to be inside her. She giggles. I roll and look up at her. “You really got off on watching yourself get fucked,” I add.

She looks scandalized, but not really. “I got off watching you fuck me,” she corrects.

“I could see your eyes, Leah,” I come back. “They were all over your body.”

Her lips twist as her eyebrows lower. “Fine,” she says softly. “I liked watching both.”

I roll over again and bite her thick thigh. “God, I want to be inside you,” I beg. I smell her, musky and sweet. “I need to be inside you.” I kiss up her thigh, tasting the mix of her sweat and her juices. She moans, but she won’t let me in. “I don’t even need to cum,” I plead. “I just need to be inside of you, and feel your body up against me.”

“You need me that bad, huh?” she teases.

“When is that answer ever ‘no’?”

“Our first date?” she says. “I tried to suck your cock and you wouldn’t let me.”

I sit up and meet her gaze. “We were still in the parking lot!” I strain in a whisper.

“And where did that get you?” she asks as I lean in to smell her hair.

“Jerking off alone for a week, if I remember correctly. Unable to get you out of my head.” I brush my lips against her ear.

“Mmmhmmm.” She bites my neck. “Tell me what happened after that,” she whispers as she slithers down the bed..

“When I showed up to pick you up for our second date,” she pulls me with her, to cuddle with her, “you texted me as I drove up and told me to come in because you weren’t ready…”

“And then what?” she whispers into my ear before she nibbles on it.

“You came out in a little black dress you told me you had borrowed from your sister. And before I knew it you were up against the wall and the dress was hiked up to your stomach. We spent the evening fucking on every halfway comfortable surface in your grandmother’s house.”

“I took care of you, right?”

I kiss her neck, barely able to keep myself from biting, I’m so excited. I leave marks showing that I was here across her shoulders and breasts.

She climbs on top of me and grinds her still wet pussy into my hard cock. I place my hands on her hips and watch her soft, curvy body move in waves on top of me.

“I need to be inside you,” I beg again.

She smiles at me, lifting herself slightly to angle my cock inside her. Sweet heaven overcomes me as the soft, wet warmth of her pussy envelopes my cock again. Her entire body continues its wave like motion on top of me, bending and curving in all the right places, her breasts held out in front of her. She takes my hands and places them on her breasts. I let my hands feel them, hold them, caress them, my thumbs moving hard across her stiff nipples.

Her body glistens with sweat. The room fills with the smell of her. If Greek statues of goddesses moved, they would look like this. It’s everything I can do not to release this pent up tension into her. I want her to cum again. I want to see the way her lips part and her mouth opens as endorphins are released like a drug through her body. So I hold on. I place my hand between her breasts, trying to feel her, trying to channel the pressure that is building in my groin, the tension that is building in my chest, to her.

She rides me with swift, desperate motions from her hips. And I let her. She gets off on being in control. Her breathing gets heavier with occasional gasps. My hands follow her every curve, showing my appreciation for the masterpiece that is her. And then, there it is, her lips part. She breathes in heavily. Her eyes open and meet mine as her pussy clinches around my cock then breaks into soft convulsions. She presses into me until her convulsions slow then come to a stop.

She shines a tired smile at me. “You haven’t cum,” she says as a question.

“I wanted to watch you first.” I brush my hand softly across her cheek and then let my fingers run through her new shorter, wavy hair.

“I want you to fill my pussy with your cum,” she says, as she quickens the pace of her movement again, which never fully stopped.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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