Wanted: One Good Man Ch. 03

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Jake asked Laura to keep on her wet panties. Saturated, they clung to her mound, the tender bud still sensitive to the moistness between her legs. He pulled her down on top of him as they reached the bed and sank into the pillows.

“Kiss me,” he begged. “Give me your tongue.”

Her red mane of tangled hair framed her face and fell like a curtain to surround them. He reached up and ran his fingers through it, pulling her gently into his smoldering kisses. His hardness was aching to escape the confines of his jeans as he thrust himself into her groin. With just her red bra and panties on, Jake strained to make love to her through the layers of material, both on himself and the thin fabric that still protected her sex.

In an instant, he flipped her over until he was on top of her. His fingers sought the lace of her bra that was barely covering those erect nipples he found so enticing. Pulling it down with his teeth, he caressed her peaks with his tongue. Moans of pleasure escaped her mouth as she arched into him.

She reached down to pull up his shirt and removed it swiftly. The heat of his chest singed her hands as she ran her nails over the hairy patch in the centre. He groaned his approval and she tweaked his nipples with two red tips, rolling them gently between her fingers.

Kissing his chest, she reached up to lick his nipples, as she wanted to return the sensuous pleasures. Reaching between them, Laura unfastened his jeans and slid them over his hips. His briefs expanded with his arousal, his huge cock aching to be set free. He only sighed with longing.

She reached inside his cotton BVDs and grasped his cock, running her thumb over the tip, already dripping with precum. She closed her eyes and felt his hot breath on her tits, his kisses tantalizing her as his hands played with her wet panties. She impatiently yanked off his underwear.

“This drives me crazy,” he said, canlı bahis şirketleri grasping the damp material that still covered her most sensitive area. Shifting again, Jake stretched out beside her, pulling her leg over his thigh as it parted her legs. He gave her ass a playful slap. The sting of it startled her. She looked at him, surprised.

He watched her, not quite sure how to read that look in her eyes.

“You just slapped me,” she said.

He rubbed the area he had spanked. She smiled at him.

“Do it again.”

“Oh God,” he groaned, as he took her mouth with his and spanked her ass again, a little harder this time. She arched her back, her butt protruding even farther giving him easier access to it.

“I’ve been bad today,” she teased. “I am a very naughty girl.”

That was all the incentive he needed.

“And what do you think I should do with you?”

“Spank me till I beg for it. Make my ass red and sore, then kiss it better,” she purred. It was obvious to Jake, she liked telling him what to do.

The wet panties made the crack of his hand on her ass sound louder than it hurt, but Laura enjoyed the feeling of pain and pleasure seeping into her veins.

She rolled over on her stomach, giving him full access to her backside.

Jake unfastened her bra, straddling her, giving her a body rub as he ground his cock into the sopping wet silk covering her asscheeks. He stroked her lovingly, she writhed beneath him, shoving her ass farther and father into him.

Holding his penis in one hand, he rubbed the cockhead against her wetness, and asked her if she wanted it.

“You know I do Jake. Don’t tease me,” she said.

He pulled her panties to the side, rubbing his cock head against her puckered anus.

“Do you want it in your ass little girl?”

“My ass is so horny for your cock, Jake. Yes, make me beg for it, you bad boy.”

He canlı kaçak iddaa stroked her crack with his cock, precum oozing from it like a fountain. He was so totally wet and hard for her. He had never had a little bitch like this one before. He could already feel the pressure of cum filling in his shaft. If he didn’t slow down, he was sure to cum before her. And he wanted her wet and ready for him when he slammed his prick into her ass.

“Put it in my pussy Jake…fuck my tight little pussy, then you can have my ass.”

He didn’t think it was possible to want her this badly. He had women before of all shapes and sizes, but this voluptuous redhead was something else. She knew what she wanted in bed and wasn’t afraid to tell him. He loved that about her.

He pulled away from her, his cock erect and proudly jutting out from his body. She looked at him over her shoulder and got up on all fours.

“Cum inside me, Jake,” she begged. “Put that beautiful cock in my little virgin cunt.”

She raised up on her knees and slipped her hand down the front of her panties, rubbing her clit with her fingers. In an instant, her fingers were in front of her mouth, stroking her lips.

“Oh God Jake, you make me so wet…see this?”

She showed him her glistening fingers before she popped them in her mouth.

“Mmmmm, you should taste this,” she said.

He groaned, pulling her panties off her hips and dove his mouth onto her snatch. His tongue lapped at her slit, sending her back down into the pillows. Deeply, his tongue delved into the softness of her folds, her womanly scent filling his nose. He licked her and sucked on her bud, making her shake.

“Fuck Jake, I’m going to cum on your face,” she said, as she bared down, and squeezed her pussy muscles around his tongue. The orgasm shook her to her toes and drenched him in the process.

As she came, Jake positioned himself canlı kaçak bahis to enter her from behind. He snuck his cockhead between her pussy lips and felt the last of her spasms suck on his cock. He moaned with pleasure as he thrusted inside her, pulling her hips to meet this thrusts.

“Give it to me Jake. Make my ass cum…Fuck my ass baby,” she told him, still numb from the earth shattering orgasm in her pussy.

He pulled his cock from her dripping pussy, and prodded her asshole with the tip. Gently, he probed her apart, stretching her until she accepted his hardness.

“Yes Jake, just like that,” she squealed, and impaled herself on his stiffness.

It took him by surprise that she rocked on his cock the way she did. The little vixen loved her ass fucked. He was in heaven and losing his mind with every stroke. It was like he was inside a tight little school girl. She was going to cum again, he could feel her asshole getting wetter and wetter, clamping around his shaft.

“You’re going to cum again, aren’t you Laur?”

“Yes, Jake…make me cum…spank my ass hard…please,” she begged.

Crack! Jake gave her a slap on her bare ass as he drove into her, his shaft filling to the brink with hot cum. He was going to shoot this load all over her beautiful ass and rub it into her crack. He told her so.

“Oh please Jake, please…fuck me hard baby. Cum on that ass. Yessss, like that…I can feel you getting harder inside me. I’m going to cum Jake…cum with me, oh man, cum with me.”

In a blinding fury, an intense orgasm shook her world again, just as Jake pulled out of her ass.

“Take that cum my little bitch,” he grunted, as he jerked off his cock. Hot streams of cum blasted out of his shaft like a rocket and splashed over her bare ass. She reached around and rubbed it into her skin, moaning and gyrating her butt in the air.

When the last of his cum erupted from his hard dick, he jammed it inside her pussy and slowly fucked her.

“How do you like that?” he asked her.

“Mmmmmm Jake, I just love that.”

He collapsed on top of her and lulled her to sleep with his cock going limp inside her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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