Waking Him Up

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Female Ejaculation

When I wake, he’s still asleep. “Perfect,” I thought. I’d been dreaming of us fucking all night, and I wake up wet and ready for more. When I reach down to find his cock, I find it slightly sticky from our adventures the night before. I cuddle closer to him, and he moves closer and smiles in his sleep. I kiss his neck, and move my way down to his lower stomach, where I kiss him some more. Still sleeping. Good.

I take his soft cock into my mouth, tasting and smelling our mingled sex-smells from the night before, an absolutely erotic smell. I gently use my mouth, tongue and hands until his cock is hard as a rock, but although he still doesn’t wake, he moans a little in his sleep and his hips unconsciously turn toward me just a little. I keep on what I’m doing, my new piercing gentle on his soft, delicate head making him moan in his sleep. I know the minute he wakes; his breathing changes and he says, “Jesus.”

This morning, I want to just give him pleasure. I don’t want reciprocation. I just want to make him feel good. bets10 So I lick, love, suck, and swirl my mouth around his cock and balls until I can feel it twitching with anticipation. And then I stop everything but an irregular licking, nothing that can make him cum but definitely something that will keep him feeling good. He grabs my head and moans, “please” but I’m not ready to let him finish. I lick him from top to bottom over and over, and every now and then take his head in my mouth and swirl my tongue oh-so-gently around the tip.

I leave his cock, and slide up his body, making sure that the tips of my breasts brush the entire length of him, and kiss him good morning. I arrange myself and slide him slowly, so slowly, so very slowly, inside of me. He moans and tries to lift his hips to enter me completely but I won’t let him. I move up and down, each time allowing a little more of him inside me, and in a surprise move designed to make him insane I bring him entirely inside me. “Oh, my god,” he moans. I move bets10 giriş side-to –side, and try not to make him so crazy he cums before I’m ready. It’s not easy, because I am so hot and wet I want nothing more than to orgasm right along with him.

I move us so we’re facing each other on our sides, a rather difficult but deliciously feeling position. We move together slowly; he’s still half-asleep but I can tell by his eyes that he’s enjoying every second of it. I put my hands on his shoulders and put him on his back again, then lay gently down so every inch of me is touching every inch of him. As I kiss him deeply, I slide my entire body up and down his, giving my clit access to his skin and getting closer to cumming.

We moan together, and I start to move up and down more quickly. It doesn’t take long for us to both to orgasm, but I don’t stop moving until his eyes open and he grins down at me and says, “that’s the best wake-up I’ve ever had.”

“I know,” I say, a bit smugly I admit.

“I’d bets10 güvenilir mi like to be awake next time, though,” he says.

He rolls us over and, still inside me, starts to kiss my face, my neck, and my breasts. I’m slick with sweat and I writhe a little underneath him. I stroke his shoulders, head and back, kissing whatever I can reach. Inside me, I feel him twitch and start to swell again. Words can’t describe how much I love this feeling. He starts to slowly move inside and out, teasing me with the tip of his cock while he kisses and nibbles on my breasts.

This is different than our usual passion-filled fucking; this is slow, gentle, and sweet. I am loving every minute of it. He smiles down at me and changes his rhythm- not faster, just….different. The tip of his cock reaches my g-spot and his fingers reach for my clit. He continues the slow in-and-out, and I explode all over him, bucking and squirming. The feel of my orgasm inside, my moans, and my movements set him off again, and he starts fucking me harder and harder until I’m holding my hands above my head against the headboard so he can get maximum impact. His head rears back and he yells as he cums, then throws himself off me and we both lie there in a morning daze of post-orgasmic pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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