Virgin Chronicles Ch. 01

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These are a series of stories of part of my sexual life. As I am now in my early 50’s, I am assuming that I will not meet and seduce any more virgins. All stories are true and each person was of legal age when our sexual liaison’s occurred. Most men are not lucky enough to meet maybe even one “true” virgin, but for some reason I have met several.

I hope you do enjoy the stories and I welcome any feedback.


Kathy M:

In 1972, I was stationed in San Antonio at Lackland AFB and was at the time a student in the Patrol Dog Class. We would work from Monday through Thursday, having Friday’s off. More often then not, my roommate and I would leave early on Friday mornings for the mess hall for breakfast, before heading to the Pearl Brewery in San Antonio, where we would take the tour, then drink free beer in their Jersey Lily Saloon. On one Friday morning, I met Kathy M. at the mess hall.

Kathy was 20, an Airman 2 and was built the way I preferred a woman to be built. She was about 5’0’ tall, light hair and blue eyes. She was a small built girl, with an infectious smile. She had kind of clumsily bumped into me with her tray and as I bent over to help her, I saw her beautiful face. We began to talk a little bit as we picked up her dishes off of the floor. I asked her name and we introduced ourselves. I asked her to join me and my roommate for breakfast. After she had gotten another tray full of food, she joined us at our table.

I learned that Kathy was from Missouri and had been stationed recently at Lackland in a transportation unit. She didn’t have a boyfriend as of yet, so I asked if she had any plans for that day. She didn’t, so I invited her to join us for the day. The three of us enjoyed a good hearty breakfast then left the chow hall for my car. We drove into San Antonio to buy gas at one of the Mexican stations for $ .18.9 per gallon. (Can you remember buying regular gas for 19 cents a gallon?) Anyway, as we drove along Kathy was telling us about where she was from, about her mom and dad and how she was from a farming community. She was an only child and had joined the Air Force so she could get better education and see the world.

When we arrived at the Pearl Brewery, I really paid attention to how Kathy was dressed when she got out of the car. She was wearing a t-shirt and jeans that were not tight on her body. At first it was hard to even tell how her figure was because her clothes were so loose. It would be awhile before I would discover how nicely she was built. We took the tour of the brewery before winding up in the saloon. Since my roommate, Marty, and I had been on the tour many times before, it was rather boring, but Kathy was thrilled to see inside of a brewery for the first time. We got our first free draft beers and than sat down at a table to enjoy ourselves. During our beer drinking some of the other guys from our class showed up and when they left, Marty left with them.

Kathy and I had been sharing our life stories with each other when we realized we probably needed to leave before we got too drunk, so we left for the car. We drove over to Breckenridge Park to just walk around and talk. Kathy had a beautiful personality, and wanted to talk about anything. antalya escort We walked hand in hand finally winding up at the stables. We rented a couple of horses so we could ride through the park. As we rode side by side I first noticed her breasts jiggling under her t-shirt.

We rode deep into the woods, finding a stream, so we tied our horses to a tree and walked to the stream. I took off my shoes and socks, to wade in the stream, Kathy did the same. We waded, and splashed water on each other. We eventually began to wrestle around a little bit, winding up hugging one another. As I stared into her blue eyes, I saw a mysterious gleam in them. I gently kissed her for our first time and she pulled me tightly to her. As I wrapped my arms around her, I pulled her tightly to me. I knew she could feel my erect penis against her tummy, but she hugged even tighter. We moved out of the stream to a soft, grassy area and lay down beside each other.

We hugged, kissed for awhile, just enjoying the beauty of the moment between us. As we hugged, I had one leg between Kathy’s, rubbing my hardness against her crotch of her jeans. She moaned and pushed back. As I softly kissed and nibbled around her neck, I slid my hand under her t-shirt to softly caress her breasts. Kathy had small breasts, which I truly prefer on a woman. I caressed and moved my fingers across her nipples until they hardened. I pulled her shirt up, so that I could gaze upon the beauty of her breasts tipped with tiny, tight nipples. As my tongue began to swirl around her nipples, my hand moved down her tight, flat tummy towards her jeans. As my fingers moved under her waist band, she unbuttoned her jeans and lowered her zipper for me. My fingers then slid over her panty covered mound, I could feel the dampness in her crotch. I suckled her nipples, softly biting them, as I slid my hand under her panties.

Once I had reached her mound, I felt very soft hair, and moving my fingers to slowly slide up her crease. I could feel her wetness, as I moved my finger up and down her crease. I found her clitoris, which I softly rubbed with my fingertip. Her body was moving around and I could hear soft moans coming from her, When I slid my middle finger into her, she shoved her hips upwards, while emitting a loud moan. All of a sudden, she grabbed my hand, pulling it away from her opening. She sat upright rather suddenly, pulling her t-shirt down. I asked what was wrong, and she explained that she was still a virgin, and didn’t wish to lose it in an open field.

When we went to our horses, we discovered that hers had come untied. She giggled, saying that she had that same problem at home…losing her horses. We both rode back on mine, as she wrapped her arms around me. Now and then she would drop her hand to rub on my bulge in my jeans.

We drove back to the base and made plans to go out that evening. We went out to dinner and a movie at the drive-in. (Remember those?) All during the movie, we made out and did do some light petting. I took her to her dorm and we said goodbye.

The next Friday, I received a phone call from Kathy, telling me that some friends from her home was in town, was having a party at their motel and she was inviting me to lara escort come along. We took her cousin, her cousin’s husband and two of their friends on a tour of the brewery and all enjoyed the free beer afterwards. We went back to the motel and everybody headed for the pool. Kathy didn’t have a swimsuit, so her sister told her to just go in wearing her panties and bra. But, Kathy had on a body suit. Well it did resemble a one piece suit, so she wore it in. I was wearing short cutoffs, so was no big deal.

They had an extra room just for Kathy, so we went there for her to undress. We hugged and kissed as I unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off her hips. As I kneeled to pull them off her feet, I inhaled her womanly scent. I leaned towards her placing a light kiss on her mound. She pulled me towards her and held me tight. We joined the others in the pool. As her suit was kinda sheer, when she surfaced in the pool, her breasts were clearly seen. They were so beautiful…..about 34a’s….very hard nipples. We swam, played in the pool for awhile. I would grab at her butt now and then, but she would playfully push me away. Once we came up for air, and hugged each other close…sharing a deep slow kiss.

We excused ourselves to return to her room for a break from the sun. As we dried each other off, we moved together to kiss. My penis was rock hard and pressing against her as we kissed. I moved us over to the bed and sat Kathy down on it. She mentioned our wet clothes, so right then and there, she began to remove her bodysuit. I stood up to drop my shorts and underwear. Kathy was undoubtedly a very beautiful girl. Her breasts were perfectly formed…with tiny bud like nipples. As she rolled her suit downwards, her pubic hair came into view….very light….very sparse. When she had her suit down to her thighs, I leaned over to help her. As I did, I gently blew air across her small mound. We hugged then, as I kissed and nuzzled in her pubic hair. We moved to lay down together on the bed, hugging one another closely. We moved…we caressed one another. Her kisses were so sweet and soft. Her skin so smooth. Her eyes so blue.

We began to kiss… I moved my leg between hers, moving slightly on top of her. Her tongue intertwined with mine as we kissed…our bodies moving against each other. My hands were softly caressing her breasts, her tummy, her tight little ass and her inner thighs. When I licked my way to her breasts, my hand was softly cupping her mound. A finger found her clitoris and began to rub it softly. I suckled and nibbled her breasts, bring each nipple to hardness. I began to kiss my way downwards, so that I could swirl my tongue in little circles……moving into her belly button. Kathy giggled then.

As I kissed and nibbled at her belly button, my hand was slowly sliding it’s fingers in and around her crease. I felt her wetness…..and her tightness as a finger inside of her. She pushed her hips towards me. I moved so I could kiss my way lower still, until my tongue was slipping and sliding around in her hair. As I placed her thighs across my shoulders, I gazed at the beauty before me. Kathy’s sweet little pussy was so smooth and small looking. All I could see was a side escort small crease….no bulging, no lips exposed or hanging down….just smooth. I nibbled and placed little kisses on her inner thighs and at that place between her thighs and pelvic area, before sliding my tongue right up her crease.

Kathy moaned loudly and pulled my head closer. I licked and savored her juices, beginning to flow from her. I located her clitoris….and began to bite, lick and suck on it. Her thighs were trembling…her pussy opening itself up to me. She began to rotate her hips as I sucked her juices down my throat. Kathy was calling my name, urging me to suck her harder. I pushed a finger inside of her pussy, feeling her tightness, her wetness and her hymen hidden within. When I wrapped my lips around her clit, and began sucking very hard, she began to cum. As she came, I locked my lips on her hole so that I could swallow and savor her sweet taste. Kathy cum very hard and flooded my mouth with her juices.

I sucked, fingered and licked her while she worked her way through her orgasm. She was whimpering, crying and calling my name. As she began to settle down some, I began to kiss my way upwards. When my lips finally reached her mouth, she grabbed me and pulled me tight….her tongue going deep into my mouth. As I began to slide my tongue to her lips, I placed my penis against her opening. I looked into her beautiful blue eyes and she nodded her head. My penis head was barely against her opening…, as I slid my tongue slowly into her mouth, my penis began to move inside of her as well. A little in…..a little out…..gently…..until I felt her hymen touching the head of my penis. I looked at her and asked….”Are you sure? Are you ready?” She just said…..”Make me a woman”. As I plunged my tongue deep into her mouth, I pushed my penis in hard….tearing through her hymen…..deep into her pussy.

I remained still inside of Kathy, as she softly cried. I waited for her to adjust to the size of my penis, now buried deep inside of her. When I felt her hips move, I let her make the initial movements. Soon, we were making love…..slowly and gently. As we began to speed up our lovemaking….Kathy was expressing her love for me. We made love for about 15 to 20 minutes….building to a mutual orgasm…Kathy came for me, just as I began to fill her pussy with my cum. We were moaning….loving one another. As we shared a deep kiss, our juices began to mix together. We slowed down our movements so that I was still inside of her, we kissed slowly. As we separated, I looked down as my penis slipped out of her…..spreading our mixture of cum and blood on the sheets. We fell asleep side by side.

When we woke up sometime later, Kathy was slowly stroking my penis back to hardness. She crawled on top of me and lowered herself down on me. We made love for the rest of the night…..stopping only to go “p” or to drink something. The next morning, Kathy was a woman sexually satisfied……as was I.

Her cousin congratulated her on her loss of virginity and even cut out the bloody spot in the bedsheet., as a souvenir. We spent the rest of the weekend together, making love many times. Kathy and I dated for sometime, until she was transferred to another post. We had spoke of marriage several times….but, never did anything about it. We kept in touch by mail until I was assigned to Thailand. I never heard from Kathy again.

I sometimes wonder where she is now and what she’s doing.

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