Vanessa Wants to Party Pt. 02

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Big Dicks

Vanessa was clearly exhausted after getting thoroughly fucked by Liam, so as soon as all my friends left, she dragged me to the bed.

“Oh my god baby, that was incredible!” she said dreamily. She curled up beside me, and rested her still-sticky face on my chest. She was struggling to keep her eyes open, as she cuddled up to me.

“Thank you so much baby,” she said, looking up at me with heavy lids. “My pussy is super sore, but you were such a good boy… does your little guy deserve some attention too?”

Vanessa still managed to appear innocent and adorable, despite having her face covered in cum, and being visibly cock drunk. She looked up at me with her sleepy eyes, gobs of spunk dripping off her cheeks. I could feel the cum as it soaked through my t-shirt.

“Um, yeah, that’d be awesome,” I said to her, choosing to push past the ‘little guy’ comment.

“Mmm, it’s so hard, baby,” she said, after fishing my penis out of my jeans, her eyes barely open.

“Well, you make it so hard,” I said, breathing heavily. “Fuck! You turn me on so much!” I groaned, as she lightly squeezed my boner. Vanessa giggled sleepily, and gave my stiffy a few low effort tugs.

In a matter of minutes Vanessa went from being pounded by a near stranger’s massive cock, to practically falling sleep with my dick engulfed in her hand.

Her eyes had been fighting to stay open since she unzipped my pants. “It’s so cute, baby,” she mumbled out, slowly “… a cute, baby dick…. feels so small now.”

She was quiet for a while, and her grip loosened, as Vanessa began lightly snoring. “I love you, baby… dick…” she whispered into my chest, as she finally drifted to sleep.

My emotions ran wild as I lay there. My freshly fucked girlfriend lying on top of me, and still holding my stiff dick, while I replayed the things she had just said about it before dozing off.

“Little guy.”

“Cute, baby dick.”

“Feels so small.”

After a day practically built out of my biggest fears, and biggest fantasies, it ended with the confirmation and absolution of my deepest insecurity. The thing I’ve always been sure my past girlfriends were thinking, but which I could never fully admit to myself. It was the band-aid I’d been waiting to have ripped off.

Over the years I’d dated plenty of attractive girlfriends. I never seemed to have trouble getting through the first few dates, but as soon as things headed below the belt, I would see the looks on their formerly excited faces.

Some were better at hiding their disappointment, but none could completely maintain the look of excitement on their face before and after my briefs came down.

Vanessa canlı bahis şirketleri was probably the quickest and most convincing girlfriend I’d ever had at turning around her look of realization after sizing up my dimensions.

But unlike others, despite the initial surprise, she actually seemed to truly enjoy the size of my penis. She always gave me a sense of comfort surrounding my penis, and my insecurities were dampened with her.

But that’s not to say we had lots of intercourse, and up until now, she had been careful not to comment on my size at all. Some past girlfriends had unconvincingly called my dick big, and I often felt I would have preferred the truth to such a blatant lie.

Vanessa’s silence on the topic was much appreciated, but it didn’t change the fact that whenever we watched porn together, the cocks on the screen never looked a bit like mine.

Despite our relatively small amount of intercourse, we were still plenty sexual. We were often exploring porn sites together, with lots of hand jobs and oral being performed both ways. Vanessa also had a pink vibrator, that was longer but skinnier than my dick. She liked to rub it on her clit and fuck herself with it, and a couple of times she played around with it in her ass.

We did tons of sexual things together, and at this moment in time, I was recounting them all, and simultaneously trying to reconcile whether she had always thought I had “a cute baby dick,” or if it was only because of Liam’s massive cock that mine felt so small now.

At the same time I was also wrestling over the fact that my cock had never been harder. My dick was throbbing after just listening to the love of my life have the best sex of her life, with all my friends listening with me, cheering her on, and masturbating to it.

On paper it seemed like a horrifying check list, and yet I was at the height of sexual arousal. I was alternating between states of feeling mortified, and more free than I had ever felt in my life.

As I mentally relived the experience, I looked down at my gorgeous girlfriend, with her bright red hair, and cute freckled face resting on my chest, with cum still drying chin to forehead, and cheek to cheek.

I began slowly pumping my hips, with my raging erection still enclosed by her resting hand, and as all these thoughts raced in my head, I erupted in possibly the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced.

And as I drifted off to sleep, the only thought that remained was how much I loved Vanessa.

* * *

I woke up the next morning, trying to hold onto a spectacular dream. I only had a few flashes left to remember it by. canlı kaçak iddaa Vanessa was of course, the center of attention. The dream started with a vast white expanse, and a white bed right in front of me. Vanessa was on top of it, playing with herself.

My memory jumped ahead to Vanessa being surrounded by cloudy male figures of all shapes, sizes, and colors. The only thing they had in common was the size of their hazy members. All were substantial.

In the center of these impressively endowed figures, Vanessa was stroking and sucking these beastly shapes that prodded at her hands and cheeks.

It was difficult to see much clarity in the fray, and everything seemed somehow hazy. It was like the whole dream was happening in a censored Japanese porn film, but all of Vanessa’s sucks and slurps still sounded as if they happened just beside my ears.

My recollection was failing me, but I held onto a few more moments from my dreams, and they were the most intense seconds yet.

Vanessa was straddling one of these figures, impaling herself on his massive cock, while a second fucked her ass from behind. She had a third cock floating in front of her, that she took into her mouth, while she stroked a fourth and fifth gigantic dick on either side of her.

This sight was clearer to me than the last, and more intoxicating than I ever would have thought. My eyes were glued on Vanessa, but on some level I knew that my friends were in this dream with me, watching and cheering my girlfriend along.

I tried my best to hang on to any other juicy moments of what I dreamt, but all the images of Vanessa continued to slip away, until I was left with the memory of a memory, and a strong sense of déjà vu.

It quickly dawned on me what made the scene feel so familiar. Obviously in some ways it was a recreation of the previous night, but also the moments of my dream that were clearly visible had been lifted straight from one of my favorite porn scenes.

Although the dream had fully passed by, that realization helped me build an even clearer image in my mind. In the original it was Riley Reid surrounded by hung guys, but in my dream this gangbang was recast with Vanessa in the lead. She even donned the same white lingerie.

I was about ready to look up that exact scene when the real Vanessa snapped me back to reality. She walked into the bedroom, fully dressed and finishing her cup of coffee.

“Morning sleepyhead,” she said playfully. “Hey, so I was supposed to go over to Julia’s this morning and study a bit for midterms… but we didn’t really get to talk last night, and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay, ” she said, canlı kaçak bahis more seriously.

I should have expected the question, but it still took me by surprise. “Oh um, no–I mean– wait that’s not what I meant,” she was frowning as I sputtered, trying to find the right words. “It was good. Well, more than good. I–I’ve never been more turned on to be honest.”

Vanessa beamed, “Really?”

“Well, yeah,” I said. “I don’t know how I’m gonna look my friends in the eyes again, but… it was insanely hot.”

Vanessa couldn’t have looked happier, “Oh my god baby, I’m so glad you think so! It was SO hot for me too! But, why are you worried about your buddies? You think they’re gonna judge you?”

“Well, no…” I admitted.

“No, of course not. You might be a bunch of horn dogs, but at the end of the day you’re good boys, and you’re nice to each other,” she said. I knew she was just trying to reassure me, but it was still true.

“And if it makes you feel any better, it’s not like any of them fucked me, they were just stroking along with you!” she added, lovingly. “I guarantee those boys just want a girlfriend like me.”

That made me laugh. “Yeah I guess you’re right,” I agreed, as I remembered the details of Doug’s relationship. “Oh, actually you’re not gonna believe this, Doug’s girlfriend has been fucked by Liam too. I think they still do, like often.”

“I know right? Super hot!” Vanessa said. “See? You’re proving my point!”

“Wait, you know about that?” I asked.

“Yeah, I met Natalie at Julia’s party last night. She showed up with Liam and some other guys. It was such a coincidence when I realized she was dating Doug, and also kind of hard to believe,” Vanessa said, laughing.

“Oh, huh,” I said, “that’s funny, I had no idea she was up here too. So wait, what happened at the party?” I asked.

“Oh nothing really,” she said, “Natalie was just kind of all over some guys. I’ll tell you more later, but if you’re alright then I should really go study with Julia, okay?”

I was a bit disappointed I couldn’t hear the details just yet, but I couldn’t fault her. “Yeah totally, I should probably study too,” I said, “and then we’re going to the camp house or whatever?”

“Yeah, I’ll call you or text okay?” Vanessa said. She grabbed her backpack, and a tote that looked nearly full.

Vanessa paused on her way out. “Oh and try not to jack off too much baby. You’ll probably have more fun if you save that for later,” she said with a wink.


* * *

Afterward: To those that commented on part 1 asking for more, thank you, and I’m sorry it’s taken so long. This may not be the sequel you were expecting, but I still hope you enjoyed this interlude of sorts. The next installment will most likely conclude this arc, but I have several other adventures in mind for these characters. I’ll do my best to write them faster!

* * *

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