Up Around the River Bend

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I was ready, but I took one more walk for mental inventor before locking the door behind me and setting off to meet you.

As I pulled in beside your truck I couldn’t help the smile that wouldn’t go.

We unloaded the kayaks together, silently working in sync. I volunteered to haul the mule and you launched me into the water as smooth as butter.

I waited and watched as you settled in, then launched yourself.

Our adventure began.

Behind my Shakespeare shades I watched you and the river. Listening to the world around us and sipping my mojito.

Feeling myself sigh with contentment as my toes dipped in the water.

We stopped every hour to stretch and kiss. Wander around a cove, picking rocks, and eating a snack as we stood waist deep in the rushing river.

We watched the people ahead get out at the last civilized off ramp. We just smiled at each other and floated on.

Into the places even the locals don’t go.

We hit the first set of downed trees and worked silently and in harmony, each moving the gear effortlessly around and back into the river. Onward.

On this adventure I got to be in control.

I love that about us. We take turns.

So you know nothing of my plans.

I am so excited I can hardly control myself.

Another hour passes and I see our spot ahead. I signal to go in and we run our kayaks on land. A perfect cove, perfect bend, perfect day.

I unband the mule and start organizing piles. You busy yourself securing the kayaks on land.

I grab a duffle and head for the trees. I locate set up and space out my line. I start to put up the hammock and you help with tensions.

I pull out a bundle and line and you ask, “Is that a parachute?”


I center its line above and pull. Fasten side lines and tension.

You stood smiling.

“Looks like a tepee now, Wow.”

I pulled a roll of wood plank out, light bamboo, and unrolled it. I took another rod and locked it crossways. Then slid it into the hammock. I unrolled two yoga matts and lay them on the bed.

“Would you make the bed?” I ask.

You nod and take over pulling out the bedding.

I grab the smaller bag and head deeper in the antalya escort woods.

I open the bag and pull out my hanging swing and a big mass of mosquito net.

I hang the net over the swing and it drapes to the ground.

Next I walk into the river and look around for some flat rocks.

You get into it too, and we soon have more than enough.

You start to make a circle on the sand and I giggle and shake my head no.

I take three large flat stones and lay them side by side. I pull my favorite hatchet out and tromp into the woods. We both start collecting and bring our loot back to camp.

I thunk a medium log center and use a vine to keep the pieces together as I prop it on the stones. I stuff leaves and paper into the cracks and use my lighter to start it up.

I grab the latrine gear and the hatchet and make a clear path to the temporary bathroom. A proper hole and log assembly and I was satisfied.

You were in charge of the music and had a really good play list running.

The fire had made a good bed, so I put in the ash the two acorn squash that had been rolling around my feet the whole trip.

“Is that duck tape on the squash?” you ask.

“Yea.” I laugh. I stow the used duffles into each other and pull out the duffle of lights.

I run a solar lantern over the swing. Another over the hammock. Another rope set to the bathroom. The three motion lights I aim at the bed from five feet away.

You just watch and say nothing.

I latch the food duffle tight and high to the tree and run a quick cloths line and whip up our towels. A nice little curtain from the waters edges.

I tuck the used gear away and survey the camp. All is well,

And just like that I remove my suit and hang it on the line.

In seconds you have done the same, and we giggle as we come together and kiss before heading into the water.

We float and talk. Kiss and talk. Snorkel the river with my anchor together.

I go to shore to turn the squash. You watch my every move. I’m in heaven.

Feeling the water rush between us as we press together is wonderful.

“Hungry?” you ask.

I laugh and head to shore.

I don’t bother to dry.

I alanya escort pull down the food bag and get out the essentials; spork, cloth napkins and a folded paper bag.

I tong the squash out of the heat and cut the duck tape, opening the steaming blackened caps.

I slit the paper bag in two, for instant plates and exposed the beautiful whole smoked salmon. I used my knife and the spork to portion out the fish and scoop out the corn, bean and mushroom stuffing in the squash along with the squash.

We sat with our chairs in the water eating our meal. I was so happy you enjoyed it. The warm air and sunshine felt so good.

I lay half on shore, naked and stuffed smoking a joint and listening to van Morrison, thinking there is no better place to be than here, now, with you.

I got up and cleared away the food.

Rebagging the fish in an airtight bag before stringing it up.

We had maybe an hour of light left so we grabbed the camp soap and enjoyed washing each other up in the river. We held hands as I led you to the swing. Watching you figure out how to hop in was cute. The look in your eyes was hot.

I stood between your legs and felt the sway of it. Your body heat and your audible breathing. Your cock jerked as I gazed at it. mmmm

The swing was so nice for depth control as it gave me such a nice hold on your ass. I licked and teased, pulled you in for a kiss as I stroked you. You played with my tits and I moaned softly. The gentle then rough swinging of the chair.

I worked you slow, then fast, then hard. Your shaft in my hand, your balls in my other and your head deep in my throat. I stopped as your precum glazed my tongue. So good. mmmm

You thrashed in the chair, saying it was my turn. You launched out and picked me up by my waist, putting me in swiftly. You widened my legs and buried your head, lapping and moaning.

I felt my eyes roll.

I fumbled for my stirrups and you gently helped guide my feet. The look in your eyes as you slid into me, both hands on my thighs. I heard the sounds I made but had no control. Our eyes locked in passion.

You pumped deep and hard, then slowed, pulling out and looking at how wet belek escort I was on you.

You took my legs and put them over your shoulders and fucked me so good I came like a thousand stars.

You slowed and pumped slower and slower, watching me, rubbing my tits and thumbing my clit. I came so hard on that cock I burst into a thousand pieces.

That smile melts me to my core.

You pull out and lift me out, silently.

Still hard cocked we walked to the hammock. You lift the silky parachute and lift me to the hammock bed.

You climb up with me and it swings crazy.

I forgot the ground line. You tie it down for us and hop up again to a stable bed.

The way we flow together, the way we move from position to position is so delicious.

The way you buck under me as I ride you to orgasmic highs.

The way you rub and touch long after our breath has calmed. I love you.

Not just as my lover, or my man.

But as the human you are to me.

I love that you see me. And I bring you joy too.

We had fallen asleep, listening to the birds settle in and the river gurgle.

But we both jump when the light comes on. We both scramble to see the intruder. Our eyes adjust and there stands a fox, frozen in the light, then just as swiftly, its gone.

“Nice perimeter guard. No sneaking up on us.”

You put your arms behind your head and smile, the hammock rocking slightly. You have never looked so sexy.

I slid up you with a smile for a kiss.

“Still glad your here to protect me.”

In the middle of the night, silent and urgent you woke me. My sounds and your sounds filled the air.

Again we slept, entangled.

When I woke you were gone. I peek around and see you start the fire and set up coffee. God I love you.

I smile and curl up. Listen to the forest.

You put on music and i watch you stand by the river.

I have been blessed with a man who loves the woods as much as me.

I never thought I would find you.

Im so grateful you found me.

I get up and pee, wash my hands in the river and set up breakfast. Cold smoked fish and stuffed squash reheated.

You don’t complain. You enjoy it too.

It’s warmed up quickly.

We sit naked in the river, sipping coffee and watching the sun rise.

We take our time breaking down camp. When we’re ready to get back on the river we stand together and look around.

No real trace we were here.


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