Unexpected Pleasure

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I just read an online account about Asian massage parlors, including one by a guy who said he got full service in a strip mall parlor. That’s rather tame compared to my experiences.

On a recent day trip to Augusta, Georgia, I stopped in at such a place and fucked the hell out of a 50-something masseuse. A much better true story took place not in a strip mall but a regular mall.

The place was a Chinese massage parlor, not the Korean ones normally associated with rub-and-tugs. Every now and then I need a professional massage because I am closing in on 50 and, face it, guys, we don’t get happy endings at places where the women know how to knead out knots.

I had been going to the mall parlor for a few months. Had a wonderful Chinese masseuse named Andi (not her real name, of course, but the closest to English her real name got). Andi was about 50, with a nice, lithe body and wonderful hands. She was funny and always made me feel totally relaxed.

The only problem with her massage business was that it was owned by a Chinese guy who lived not in Atlanta, but in Tennessee. He used his business to try to woo clients for his other businesses. I can’t tell you the number of times he called in the middle of one of my appointments and sent Andi to an outcall for some client. I’d have to reschedule.

After a few months of this, Andi got a co-worker, a 24-year old college student named Bibi. Andi had been shutting down the shop to do these personal outcalls, meaning the owner lost money. Bibi was cute, slender with 36C breasts and a nice round butt. Her legs were okay as she was like those girls who think they don’t have to do anything to keep their bodies sexy.

Right off the bat, you could see the tension between Andi and Bibi. Same old story, like “A Star Is Born.” Bibi was seen as competition. Andi would be out on an outcall for bahis firmaları a client who would likely not be a repeat customer. Meanwhile, Bibi would get all the walk-ins.

I couldn’t blame her. Whenever I was with Andi, Bibi sneaked a peek on us whenever Andi wasn’t looking. Once, she caught me before I covered myself with a towel and licked her lips. She had the next booth, which was just a dark-colored sheet separating two spaces.

One day, I got a special two-hour session with Andi, to make up for all those interrupted appointments. I got the whole she-bang. Massage, aroma therapy, hot stones, everything except that stupid cupping that makes you look like you’ve been attacked by an octopus.

What do you think happened? Yep, you guessed it. Half an hour into the session, Andi gets called away. She was pissed but she needed the paycheck, so she left me in Bibi’s care to finish the job. She said something to the girl in Chinese and I got the feeling it was a warning.

Bibi apologized and massaged me real good for about 20 minutes. She was not as good as Andi but she was more touchy-feely. Her fingers kept “accidentally” brushing across my cock and balls. I’m very well-endowed at 10 inches and very thick, so my response could not be missed. Bibi pretty to be shocked before giggling and then removing the towel, saying I was exposed anyway.

I rolled over and my cock was at full staff. Bibi laughed again and massaged all around it before looking me dead in the eyes. She then took my cock in her hands and asked me to be very quiet. We were in a mall after all and customers passed by the front of the store. A potential customer could walk in at any moment and this mall had cops and security.

I stifled a moan as she began to play with my cock. She made me promise not to tell Andi. She wasn’t a prostitute and she didn’t want money. kaçak iddaa She was just enamored of me. She’d listened to my jokes and banter with Andi and thought her co-worker was a fool not to tie herself to me. Bibi didn’t want to end up like Andi, single, never married kids and working herself to the bone for an unappreciative boss.

I heard Bibi’s words but didn’t process them. I just enjoyed the sensations flowing through my cock. I felt wetness and opened my eyes to see Bibi licking the tip of my shaft. She had her ass pointing my way, so she could look toward the front lobby of the business. I noticed that, beneath her skirt, she had gone commando. A nice trimmed pussy was within hand’s reach.

I tried but she pulled away. We had to be careful. I lay on a massage table, which could creak if I moved too much. That might give us away. I had to be content with the status quo.

That didn’t mean I couldn’t improvise. Bibi had managed to get half my dick in her mouth and her tongue did wonders. It normally takes me a long time to build up to a climax because of my size but she had me creeping there fast within ten minutes. I wanted to hold off but, fuck it, she was too good.

A huge gob of cum boiled up my shaft and I tapped Bibi to warn her. She didn’t stop sucking and I blasted a huge load down her throat. It was all I could do not to moan and she had a mouthful of dick to keep her quiet.

She offered to get me a hot towel but I begged off. We still had forty-five minutes in the session. I asked her to turn her back to me and position her ass by my face. Confused, she complied. I made her spread her legs and lean forward.

I turned on my side as quietly as I could, took her ass cheeks in my hands and stuck my tongue into her pussy. She nearly broke the agreement, slapping her hand over her mouth when she came.

I kaçak bahis kept going, fingering her pussy while tonguing her clit. Occasionally, I rimmed her asshole. I swear she popped about five times before she pulled away and staggered over to the nearest wall for support.

My dick was hard again, dripping precum. Bibi was stunned but eager. As soon as she got her wind back, she had me stay on my side. Ten inches of dick stuck out from the table, meaning I didn’t have to move. She just backed her pussy up on me and began to gyrate and grind on me. No in and out, no slamming ten inches into her, just her pussy gripping my cock and massaging it.

I’ll let out a secret and say that I have to clench and put pressure on my urethra to help build to climax. Being on my side had the same effect without me making an extra effort.

Combined with Bibi’s gyrations, I lasted all of ten minutes before flooding her pussy with hot cum.

Now, I needed that hot towel. She disappeared for five minutes, to cool off herself and clean herself up. When she returned, she used three hot towels on me. We still had ten minutes in the session, so we chatted while I got my strength back.

Bibi made it clear that she wasn’t going to be a fool like Andi. We exchanged numbers, though this was fraught with peril. Bibi shared a house with Andi, so it wasn’t like she could have me over. Anyway, I got dressed, just in time as an employee of a nearby store came in to get a knot kneaded out of his shoulder.

I paid Bibi to make the session look professional, just as Andi returned.

I think Andi could tell something had happened. I don’t think she knew we’d fucked but the way Bibi and I laughed made Andi jealous.

We had a few more sessions together but she was colder, not minding when her boss called to send her out. Bibi and I fucked a lot more and she eventually moved into her own apartment. I had to stop using Andi’s business.

To this date, I have not found a better professional masseuse than Andi but Bibi has made sure my dick gets all the massaging it needs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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