Two, Please

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My thighs press together as I attempt to get any type of friction to my pussy. I have been drinking and it is becoming ever more apparent that I am tipsy by the pulsating of my hole. Jon is driving me home from a party because I am too inebriated to drive. Ive wanted him for awhile and he knows it. We have both flirted and pushed the boundaries but stop before the point of no return. Tonight I don’t want to stop. My hand finds his cock as he pulls onto my street. He glances over at me and chuckles as I rub him through his jeans.

“You better stop or he will be making an appearance inside of you tonight.”

“Mmm thats what I was hoping for.” I express not letting go of his dick. I use my other hand to rub my breasts. Without taking his eyes off the road, his fingers dive in my shirt and seek out their prize. His index finger and thumb lock themselves around my protruded nipple and twist. I gasp in pain and ecstasy. And as quick as it happened it is over and his fingers are gone. I want more. My pussy is drenched by this one action. Unfortunately, we have arrived at my apartment complex. I don’t want to leave frustrated. I can tell he is waiting for me to continue this. I move my hand up and unbutton his pants and reach for the thing I have only touched through his pants. I am not disappointed. His cock twitches in my hand. His breathing quickens. My mouth finds his cock. He lets out an appreciative sigh while I moan my appreciation.

Ive wanted this since our first flirtation but have never dared. Months later it is finally happening. My wait was worth it. His cock fills my mouth but I want it deeper. I want it to reach my soul. I impale my throat onto his cock. Bobbing antalya escort my head like Im searching for apples but only coming up with nuts. I can’t get enough of him in my mouth but Im taking him to the base. His hands are scratching the fuck out of my back and I hear him whispering inaudible words. His thighs stiffen as I work my tongue on his shaft over and over. He is about to cum but I can’t waste this opportunity. Seven plus months we have teased and denied each other but I can’t let him escape without feeling him inside of me. I pull up short and he shudders. I can see in his eyes that he wants me to continue but my pussy requires him in another hole.

“Fuck me.” I beg as I wipe my mouth of both of our juices

“Where?” He asks. He is down and it makes me smile but my smile falters. Both my husband and roommate are home. The side of the building doesn’t offer much for coverage as people walk around it all the time. He will have to drive but it will be worth it.

“Lets go see a movie.” I say with a wink. He smiles catching my drift and speeds to the nearest theater which by the grace of the goddess is only 10 minutes away. I have worked at this movie theater and know that only workers go out back. I direct Jon to the employee parking lot and drag him to coverage behind the trash can. It isnt the most romantic place but we are just fucking so I don’t give a shit. He pushes me against the brick wall and pushes down my shorts. My thong bares my black ass. My wetness shines on my thighs. I hear the smack before I feel it. I muffle my moan. Im all into voyeurism but I would not like to get caught before I have him. He spanks me again and again and again. kemer escort I know this is punishment but my pussy is enjoying the fuck out of this.

He leans up into my ear and whispers

“For all the times you teased me and disobeyed me. Grab your ankles”

He knows there is no need for a condom. We both trust each other and are clean. Im on birth control and I love it raw.

I grab my ankles and spread my legs baring my glistening holes at him. Im so wet my asshole has been well lubricated by it too. I feel his cock at the entrance of my pussy and I smile as he has chosen the correct hole. And without much effort he pushes his head into my pussy. I moan loudly with appreciation. His cock swells against my walls lubricating them even more with his precum. He stills as his hips meet my ass taking in the feeling of me surrounding him. My hand takes this moment of solace to seek out my enlarged sensitive clit. Im ready to cum but as soon as I seek it out I am spanked and my hole is left clenching air.

“Touch yourself again and we will leave.”

I whimper. I want to cum and my clit is begging me to rub it but I want this. I want him in charge and I want his cock to bring me to climax. My hand finds my ankle again and he charges full speed ahead. I don’t try to be quiet. I couldnt if I wanted to. His cock is making my knees shake in ecstasy. It is dark and the sky is clear but I still am seeing stars. I feel my demise approaching and it is cut short by the intruder standing in front of me. I quickly look up to see an usher standing in front of me.

“You have to leave or Im calling security.” He says without much conviction. konyaaltı escort His cock is rock hard and not hidden by his baggy uniform pants. His eyes haven’t left my tits. I feel Jon slipping out of me but I push against him cueing him to keep fucking me. He takes the hint and pounds like his life depends on it. I pull out my big ass tits and let them swing in the air. The usher stands mesmerized. I let pleasure take ahold of me as I relax. He has made no move for his walkie and his cock is jumping trying to get out. Jon has missed it either.

“Hey babe why don’t you show him some appreciation for not calling security?” He asks though I am not fooled. It is a command and one that I am completely on board for. Jon slows enough for me to unbutton the ushers pants and pull out his ever eager cock. Not as impressive as Jons but it will do. My mouth encases it as Jon picks up his speed. My mouth twists around him and my tongue does laps up and down his shaft as Jon takes no mercy on my hole. He stretches it and abuses it to a point of no return. I know I will be feeling this tomorrow but I don’t care. My efforts increase on the ushers cock as my demise hits me. I scream onto his cock as my orgasm hits me over and over. The usher shudders shooting ropes of cum into my throat which I gladly swallow. My hole clenches over and over around Jons cock as he watches the usher and I climax it takes him over and I feel him fill me. Both guys exit my holes at the same time leaving me emptier than Ive ever felt. My thong slips back over my cum soaked abused hole. The usher is still standing there probably in shock. Its a funny sight to see as his pants are still around his ankles and his flaccid cock is dripping in the wind. I pull up my shorts and kiss the usher on the cheek. Jon and I go back to his car and drive off laughing. I know we will never forget our first time together and by the pain I feel on my ass and in my hole I don’t think it will be our last.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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