Turtle Bay Golf Ch. 01

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This is another true story. I am normally conservative sexually, but sometimes when I travel there have been “adventures”. This experience occurred about 6 months after my first submission – “Hilton Head Massage”. I was playing golf on a Hawaii layover and some flashing on the golf course from betting was followed up by nude sunbathing with the guys I met golfing. After they left, I was joined by a charming black beachcomber. My writing is for me, to reflect on my experiences, but I share the details in the hope others will also enjoy it. The writing style therefore, is not so much what would make up the best story, but rather what actually happened. Just a word of warning though, I am sure the buildup is too lengthy for some. So if you have low patience, this is perhaps not the best story. But at least, know this is the way it actually happened.

My name is Beth. I am single, and my dating patterns have been somewhat erratic. I have been dating a couple of guys on and off for a couple of years. Sometimes men have trouble with my job related travel being extensive and I don’t tend to respond well to possessiveness. I love romance and usually date for a while before having sex. I have never been the type for one night stands, but I have also had some strange experiences lately which have caused me to reexamine some of my own attitudes. There is something about being in a place where no one knows you that has loosened me up on some spontaneous occasions.

I am pretty with blond hair and green eyes and in good shape from running. I have a lean 115 pound build on my 5’7″ frame. My athletic 34C-22-24 body tends to emphasize my natural breasts. Most of the time, I play and look the prim and proper conservative executive, so it was quite the pleasure to be able to decompress and be casual after a long business trip.

I am a 33 year old scientist and my job takes me all over the world. I live in the Midwest USA and travel to Europe and Asia perhaps two or three times a year. Japan, Hong Kong and Germany are some of my favorite typical destinations. Travel has another perk, as I have been to Hawaii perhaps 25 times coming back from Asia. The funny thing is by leaving on a Thursday night at 8:30 pm in Tokyo, you land in Honolulu still on Thursday morning, but at 8:00 am. It works out well financially also, since the cost of spending a full day in Hawaii ends up being the same as if I had stayed an extra night in Tokyo at a fancy hotel and come back the next day.

Frequently I am traveling with coworkers, but this time I was alone. I have been to the Big Island of Hawaii and Maui on a few occasions, but most of my experience is on Oahu. The North Shore is most well known for the fantastic waves and surfing, but I also love to play golf and one of my favorite courses is the Turtle Bay resort on Oahu’s North Shore. I have stayed at this hotel many times, but there is not much night life and trying to drive in to Waikiki and then drive back is just too exhausting. I now drive directly up to the North Shore when I get off the plane and golf first, maybe lie on the beach for a while and then drive back into Honolulu for dinner and clubs.

I got off the plane, cleared customs and got my rental car by about 9:00 am. I stopped off at a Starbucks and began my one hour drive up to the North Shore. No problem though; the sun was shining, there is snow back home and I was driving with the windows down and my hair blowing in the wind. The drive cuts up through the pineapple fields until I got my first glimpse of the ocean.

I stopped at Sunset Beach and the famous banzai pipeline and watched 25 foot waves roll in while I finished my coffee. I got to Turtle Bay around 10:30 am. I was still in my business suit from Tokyo, having no time to change clothes prior to getting on the plane. I changed clothes in a secluded corner of the hotel parking lot, putting on a simple white golf polo shirt and some beige shorts.

The Turtle Bay golf course is really great in a lot of ways. It is good enough to host some of the senior and women’s tour professional tournaments. There is lush tropical scenery and you see the ocean several times. It is relatively inexpensive being off the beaten path and usually not very crowded.

Almost no golf course will have you play alone. They said I would be playing with a twosome which was great as I would be in a golf cart by myself. A round of golf can typically take around 4 to 5 hours, and if you play with jerks it can be a long day. My first impressions were not good – the two guys I would be paired with looked like they had been drinking for a while. They were a little loud and I was somewhat nervous.

They introduced themselves as Mike and Jimmy. They both looked like football player types, kind of big and muscular. They were both decent looking, but did not appear too diligent about exercise. I would guess they were both around 25. I later learned they were brothers-in-law, their wives being sisters. They were from Dallas and staying at Turtle Bay. Their illegal bahis wives had driven into Waikiki for shopping.

I gradually grew more comfortable. Instead of loud jerks, I concluded they were just extroverts, but in a good way, kind of the life of the party type, telling jokes and having a good time. I am usually more of the quiet type, but can also enjoy more of an outgoing group too. They got more beer as we started and offered me one. Normally it would have been too early for me, but I like beer and I was still on Japan time mentally and I accepted.

There were people waiting to tee of on the first hole, so we were chatting a little. Mike and Jimmy were doing most of the talking and I was laughing at some of the banter, especially when they were telling each other how bad they were going to kick the other’s butts, etc.

They were going to play “skins” for a dollar a hole and asked if I wanted to join in. The term skin means that you have to win the hole to earn the pot. The pot accumulates until the next hole if no one wins. I am a decent golfer, but putting a little wager makes me concentrate and play better, so I was all for it. For the par 3 holes, it would be an additional dollar for closest to the pin. So if you happen to be outclassed by the other golfers, your maximum exposure is only about 25 bucks and that is only if you lose every single hole.

I won the first two holes outright and I tied with Mike on the third hole for a push. Not that I played fantastic, but these guys had a lot of trouble keeping the ball out of difficulty. They could both crush the ball with their size, but without much control. Normally the person who wins the hole will be the first to tee off on the next hole, called having the “honors”. However, the ladies tees were in front of where the guys were playing, so I would hit last and I had some idea whether they were in trouble or not.

I learned the guys had met their wives at college where they had both been on the football team. They had both been in the business school; Mike was now in heavy equipment sales, while Jimmy was a financial planner. They both had a lot of questions for me about my job in alternative energy.

The fourth hole was our first par 3 and neither Mike nor Jimmy found the green. I should say the whole time had been a lot of fun, lots of “good shots” when they were talking to me, and lots of mutual insults when they were talking to each other. When I came up to hit, there was a lot of good natured ribbing about how they were getting swindled by a “professional”. My ball was at the edge of the green and I won the closest to the pin. Mike seemed to be the better golfer of the two, and while I made a 3 on the hole, I ended up with a tie on the hole with Mike who made his second shot really close. I won’t give a play by play for each hole, but when I won the next hole I had won everything, they were both laughing and the joking was scaled up a few notches.

Mike shanked it on the 7th hole, the ball going about 20 yards. It is a standing joke if you don’t make it past the ladies tees; it’s called a “dick-out” meaning that you are supposed to drop your shorts. Usually you tease the person, but it is not something taken seriously.

I said, “Uh-oh, you know what this means.”

Mike acted as if he was going to do it. This ended with an off-color joke from Jimmy that was funny, and their mutual curses became quite colorful.

Discussions included how I liked Hawaii and where I was staying. They verified I was single, asking about Japan and Hong Kong since they had never been there; friendly but inquisitive. I had the impression during the whole round that they found me pleasant scenery.

The beer cart came around – this was my third, and who knows how many they had by then. Definitely feeling no pain, but at least they were happy drunks. Jimmy hit his shot into the water, but he was laughing about it and said “More beer!” Mike made a nice shot onto the green, and seemed to feel pretty good about it until my shot was closer than his, causing more cursing and joking threats.

We finished the first 9 holes and I had won 8 of them, Jimmy had won 1 hole, Mike none and I had won both of the closest to the pins. I had shot a 42 for the front 9 holes, which is good for me, and I had probably been about 5 shots better than Mike and more for Jimmy.

The beer tasted great in the hot weather. It was probably around 85 degrees, but the breeze was blowing and I felt fantastic. I won the next two holes and now these guys were really saying it wasn’t fair, they were getting killed. They wanted some handicap strokes or some other concession.

I wasn’t going for it, laughing that they should not increase their humiliation any more than necessary.

“You guys are getting beat by a girl, and now you want charity. C’mon, just get tough and fight back.”

All of it was good natured and I felt like I had fit in well. They bantered back they needed and incentive, they wanted to raise the illegal bahis siteleri stakes so they could catch up, etc. I missed the boat on that part, because I said “sure” before I heard the whole idea.

Mike had been doing most of the talking now, and his idea was that for the remaining par 3’s, the losers of the closest to the pin would not only lose the pot but would also flash the winner. It looked like Jimmy wanted to die he was so embarrassed, as if he could not believe Mike was saying this stuff out loud.

I said, “You have got to be kidding; you want me to flash you out on the golf course?”

“Yeah, you know, just a girls gone wild, mardi gras deal.”

I replied, “And what if I win, you guys are going to drop your shorts. Fair is fair.”

Just from the way Jimmy was acting, I knew all that was needed to kill this was to call the bluff.

Boy was I wrong; Mike held out his hand and said, “Deal!”

Jimmy just said, “You two are unbelievable. Beth, I can’t believe you encouraged him.”

I was starting to get nervous now and it probably showed. Now let me say this, I have been to nude beaches a lot of times, sometimes when there were virtually no people and other times in big crowds. I go topless in European beaches. I have been to mardi gras, and earned a few beads. I am more flamboyant when no one knows me and I have a feeling of spontaneity and anonymity. And some of that went through my mind and I thought it would be no big deal.

I also thought that fortunately these guys stink at golf and I had a good chance of not paying off on “their incentive” anyway. I was still not even sure if they were really serious.

Mike then says, “OK, here are the rules. If you are closest to the pin, then we both drop our shorts. If one of us wins, you flash your tits.”

Jimmy, who had been essentially quiet, jumps in, “You have to show skin, not just see your bra.”

The beer cart came up again before the deal is finally agreed to, and we all got another.

When it was our turn to hit, they both look at me, “Do we have a deal?”

I replied, “So you two are not going to cry if I kick your butts some more?”

Everyone laughed and we shook on it.

Mike hits first for the guys. They have about 180 yards over water. I also had to go over the water 165 yards. Mike hits another awful shot, one hop into the water. He had laughed about his bad shots earlier, but now that he had some incentive, he was pissed off.

So he says, “C’mon jimmy, you have to do this for the team.”

I said, “Wait a minute, rule clarification. You are rooting for Jimmy now, but if he wins the hole, how are you going to benefit?”

So they look at each other and Jimmy says, “OK, OK, good point, we don’t want to see each others dicks, so if one of us wins, we both get to see you flash, but if you win, then we both have to flash.”

I laughed and told them, “This was the most elaborate scheme I had ever heard in order to see a girl’s breasts; I don’t knew whether to be complimented or cry.”

Mike chimes in and says, “Only a compliment, we would really love to see those puppies set free.”

I just laughed and told Jimmy to hit, they had a deal.

Jimmy gets up and hits a poor shot, but he gets a good bounce near the green. Essentially both guys had choked. I realized any decent shot would win. So I have this stress to avoid “flashing” but also some exhilaration. Like anything in life, I guess you feel more alive when something is riding on the outcome. My shot was not decent though, it was great. A high majestic shot that ended up about 8 feet from the hole.

Mike is laughing, “Oh shit, nice shot!”

Jimmy says, “Un-fucking-believable.”

Both of the guys grab their beers as we walk back to the carts so we can drive up to the green.

Mike says, “OK if we do it after the hole?”

I smiled, “Whatever you like.”

Mike sees that the cart path is going to snake through a tree lined area and points, “Over there.”

They are ahead of me on their carts and it looked like each of them was unfastening their belts while we drove. I thought to myself “Oh my god, we are really going to do this.” They stopped in a shaded area, and both get out of the carts, and start walking towards me.

I laughed, “Hold on guys. I believe you. But it is OK; you don’t really have to go through with it. We have been having a great time and I don’t want to ruin it.”

Mike says, “No way, I would have wanted you to go through with it, I can just imagine what you look like, and fair is fair.”

Jimmy says, “I agree.”

It looked to me almost as if Jimmy would go through it reluctantly but Mike was enjoying the prospect of flashing me.

I didn’t respond, but they looked at each other and say, “Ready? Both together, OK?”

I just nodded. Jimmy was lowering his shorts and underwear both at the same time, but his shirt dropped down so that he was still covered. Mike, on canlı bahis siteleri the other hand, dropped his shorts to his ankles and pulled his shirt up.

What a weird setting. Here I am on a Hawaii layover from Japan, playing golf on the North Shore with two guys I had just met – standing there with their pants down.

It is difficult to describe size when you don’t know whether someone’s length is essentially the same when hard or much different – “some are showers and some are growers.” Mike appeared to be average size and Jimmy looked to be big. Mike spun around and showed his ass too, Jimmy rolled his eyes; it looked to be that he was hoping it would be over soon.

Mike says, “Satisfied?”

I clapped my hands and said, “Bravo boys. Nice show, I respect people who pay off bets and you guys will never have a problem getting work at a strip club if you need it.”

Jimmy smiled at that, and they got dressed again and we were on our way.

The irony is great. The next two holes I did not play very well and Mike won both holes, his first of the day. Lots of the banter now – they had me on the ropes and the wheels are falling off. I was comfortably ahead on all the finances, not that it was anything significant, and both guys had to strip, so I did not mind at all letting them get some of the male boasting out of the way.

Of course the beer cart comes around again, and we get another round. Both guys are pretty big and could therefore handle a lot, but on the other hand both seemed to be pretty toasted too. I was starting to feel pretty good as we moved on to the 14th hole.

Mike gets up to hit, and he had been starting to get more confident and he hits one about 30 feet. A total duff. He is back to laughing.

I said, “You know, we don’t have any formal bet, but there are just some moral obligations relating to not getting it past the ladies tee.”

I am really just egging him on, which was probably not such a great idea. Maybe it was influenced by that he had already done it before, but he reaches down and unzips his shorts and pulls his dick out.

He says, “Hey, I am not going to give you the full show again, this is just a ‘dick-out’.”

I laughed, “Well, I can see you are an honorable man. But I think you should put it away. If you are going to keep losing these bets, you had better get some sunscreen.”

Everyone laughed, but it sure looked to me like Mike had gotten a little hard as he struggled to get his dick back in without a little gymnastics.

The 14th hole ended up a draw, but I won the 15th hole pretty easily, so I have to admit that it is a little embarrassing to be winning so much. The 16th hole is the last par 3, so the guys are getting really geared up to win. By this time, the beer had been not only loosening me up which is not necessarily the best way to play competitively. Jimmy is hitting first and this is a short hole. The ladies tees are probably 120 yards and the guys tees are about 150 yards.

Jimmy has a moment of inspiration and says, “Beth, you should hit this hole from our tees to even things out.”

My first reaction is to give them some grief and wanting a break, but Mike chimes in, “Yeah, c’mon Beth, you have been winning all day. Give us a break. We still have to beat you to win.”

I laughed and thought to myself there was not really any difference between the two distances so I agreed. They then backed away and said that I should hit first so they could see what they had to beat. Part of why they call hitting first as “having the honors” is that it removes the pressure.

Mike tries to rattle me, saying, “Don’t worry about the water Beth.”

My shot was decent, not great but safe. The ball was on the green maybe 60 feet from the hole. I was glad not to have put it in the water or someplace else, but I had certainly provided an opening.

Jimmy, who was to hit next, saw my ball stop on the green and said, “Unbelievable, she is a machine.”

Jimmy’s shot was not bad for him, the way he had been hitting all day. He was off the green and outside mine, but it was one of his better shots of the day. Mike was up next, definitely the better golfer of the two, and probably was due for a good shot. He would have been better off hitting before me, because he seemed a little tense. Instead of a high arching shot as planned, he hit a line drive shot. It was straight however, and hit on the green, but had too much steam and went well off the back. I had won again – it was almost painful.

Mike recovered first as we headed back to the carts, doing the mock bowing, “We are not worthy.”

Jimmy also participated and everyone was laughing, so at least it was not going to be awkward. When we got to the green to finish the hole, I told the guys that they didn’t have to flash again, I had already seen them and I thought they were good sports.

Jimmy said, “No, we’ll pay off because we have another idea. Like before, wait until we finish the hole.”

They pulled away first while I was still putting my clubs in the bag. They had stopped up ahead, and they had apparently come up with a plan to surprise me because when I drove up to them they were already standing there waiting with their pants down.

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