Transit Trio

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Public Sex

Alright this is my first attempt at a submission, so do be gentle to my fragile ego. Ok, here goes…

It’s 10:30pm and I am on bus number 160 through downtown Vancouver. As usual, I am dressed in black and sitting near the back with a book in my hand, looking quite unassuming. You scarcely even notice me as you walk toward me and stand next to my seat, gripping the handrail as the bus shudders along Hastings street. However, you DO notice my scandalously low-cut top, and the way my glossy red-lacquered nails drift across my chest, toying with the silver chain round my neck. You also notice that the attractive blond man seated next to me is stealing glances at my ample chest, watching it gently rise and fall with my breathing. I seem oblivious to the attention I am getting, so you nonchalantly gaze down my top, into the ivory-pale chasm of my cleavage. I slowly lick the tip of my finger and turn the page of my book, adding to the illusion that I am engrossed in my reading, which I am not. I am basking in the attention that you boys are lavishing upon me. A small triumphant smile curls the corners of my red lips as the blond man shifts uncomfortably in his seat, no doubt trying to find a comfortable position for his growing erection. Little does he know, I have just the position for him… and you as well. The thought brings a smile to my face as I glance up and notice that your cock is forming a very large tent in your pants. Without looking up at your face, I gently draw my hand across my tits and down my tummy, torturing you both as my hand creeps into my lap and I give you a very soft moan, knowing that you’re watching and DYING to jerk off as you stare at me.

Feeling your lecherous stares molesting my body, I start slowly pushing my miniskirt up around my hips, revealing a peek of a black lace thong illegal bahis and black thigh-high stockings. My fingers slowly, torturously creep up my pale, perfect thighs to pet my shaved pussy through my panties. I can feel the heat and wetness emanating from my core as I see your hands trembling, trying desperately to keep away from your rock-hard dick. I part my legs a little wider, giving you both a lovely view of my fingers petting my clit through my skimpy panties. I glance at the blond, who has begun to boldly rub his straining erection through his pants. I purr my appreciation and lick my lips, struck with a wonderfully sinful idea.

Suddenly, I look you in the eye and tell you to stroke your cock for me. Clearly stunned by my hedonistic demand, you look around at the few other people on the bus, nervous and blushing. Displeased by your hesitation, I pout disappointedly and start to tug the hem of my skirt back down. I turn my attention to the blond man, who is squeezing and groping his hard-on, his forehead gleaming with sweat. You make a small unhappy groaning sound as I stop my erotic show. I turn and smile teasingly up at you and I tell you that I’ll give you more when you start being a good boy and jerk off for me, right here, right now. You look sheepishly around, and, unable to control yourself, your hand goes to your zipper.

You pull down your zipper and ease your huge hard cock out of your pants. My pussy gets wetter as I stretch out across the seat, giving myself a good view of you, my red-faced new friend, as you stand there, slowly stroking your cock, right there, with everyone staring. I can also see the attractive blond guy next to me, who is staring at us with interest. He finally caves in to the temptation and begins to grope my tits as I finger myself. You watch enviously illegal bahis siteleri as I purr under his strong hands. Eager to please me, you stroke your dick faster for my enjoyment. I encourage you with my soft moans, and by telling you how hot you look with your dick in your hand. I ask you if you want it sucked. You beg shamelessly to have your throbbing cock sucked, so I push the blond guy’s head towards it.

You both look shocked and reluctant, but I tell you both that I’ll make it worth it for you. You’re both so desperate to fuck me, that you’ll do anything to keep me hot and wet and happy. I slip two fingers into my aching hole and moan sweetly for you. The blond guy stares at my wet pussy for a moment and licks his lips, slowly taking your swollen cock-head into his mouth. You close your eyes and moan a little, blushing bright red and trying not to enjoy the way the blond man’s mouth feels on your dick.

I rub my wet clit and giggle, taunting you and moaning as I tell you how you love having this sexy young man’s mouth wrapped around your cock. I watch as the blond guy slowly takes more of your hot hard cock into his mouth, his hand furiously jerking his own thick cock. I moan and squirm in my seat, my pussy dripping as I enjoy being in total control of two hot, desperate men. Slowly, I see your hand come down to rest on the back of the blond guys head, pushing your dick deeper into his sucking mouth. You are both making growling, moaning sounds as you fuck his mouth, right there in front of a bus full of strangers. You reach out and rub my hot horny pussy, and the blond man deep-throats you as he strokes his own cock madly. I cry out as you finger-fuck my dripping wet pussy and you moan that you’re going to cum. Everyone on the bus is staring in utter shock as I command you to cum canlı bahis siteleri in the blond man’s mouth. You roar in animal lust and drive your cock down his throat and fill that hot sucking mouth with your thick sticky cum. Instantly, I pull him off your cock and kiss him deeply, taking every drop of cum from him and swallowing hungrily. The blond yells in lust as he jerks off, his dick spurting hot cum all over the bus floor. Suddenly overtaken by your madness to fuck my tight wet pussy, you rip open the front of my dress, no longer able to control yourself and you ram your still-hard cock into my wet eager cunt. People are gasping in shock all around us, and I moan and whimper loudly. The blond pushes his cock toward my mouth and I smile up at him as I run my warm wet tongue up and down his throbbing cock. He sucks in a gasping breath as I stare into his eyes, stroking his hot dick with one hand as I suck his balls one at a time. You are grunting and moaning as you viciously slam your cock into my sweet cunt.

You lean forward and suck my big firm tits as you pound your hard cock in and out of my pussy. The blond grips my head tightly and starts fucking my slutty mouth. Both of you are growling in animal lust as you shove me full of cock. My pussy is getting tighter as I start to cum, thrusting up and down your cock, my juices flooding all over your balls. You start hammering me faster and faster, watching me eagerly sucking the blond guy’s dick.

Suddenly, the blond guy hollers at the top of his lungs and shoots hot jets of cum down my throat. You see this and it puts you over the edge. You growl and tell me that you’re going to shoot your cum all over me. You pull your cock out of my pussy and the blond gets down and starts tongue fucking my tight hole as you stand over me, jerking your cock hard and fast, ready to cum all over my firm tits. Just as you scream and splash gobs of hot cum all over my tits, the bus erupts in applause and the three of us kiss deeply and get off the bus together to go have some more fun…

The end (for now)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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