Tough Nut to Swallow

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It was a Friday night in June. The school year had ended just over a week ago and my best friend Kristy and I were well into enjoying our last summer vacation before college. We sat shoulder-to-shoulder on the sectional couch in her basement, legs crossed over one another’s, sharing popcorn and watching a premium channel movie during one of our countless sleep overs that we would have in our lifetime. I don’t remember what we were watching, whatever it was wasn’t relevant to any of our numerous conversation topics anyway.

That night, just like any other I’m sure, the conversation revolved around guys. Who was hot, who was hotter, and what we would do if ever left alone with them. Of course neither of us had done much of anything with anyone at that point, so it was just talk. Both of us had recently turned 18, and neither of us had any trouble conjuring up interest in the guys from school, especially Kristy. As a matter of fact, we both had boyfriends at the time.

Kristy was 5’2, probably 95-100lbs at that time, beautiful shoulder length brown hair, and crystal blue eyes that were so engaging. She had a very curvaceous body, which would only get sexier with time. She had perky 32B breasts with a killer ass, not particularly long legs but so smooth, and a flat stomach. She definitely matured faster than I did. I was barely had a curve on me in my younger years. I was very heavily into dance from the age of 3 until I finished college, so that probably factored into my late development. I was always proud of how skinny I was, maybe my parents did have grounds for harassing me about my eating habits. I was 4’10 and 80lbs. I had a 28aa bra size. The thing that drove me up the wall was my hair. Brown curly hair to the middle of my back. I couldn’t wear it down, as the slightest bit of humidity made it frizz out the the point of no return. I wore my hair straight back in either a bun or french braid constantly. The other thing I had going for me was I did not have a flat butt. It had a nice shape to it, letting me fill out shorts and bikinis nicely.

The movie ended without either of us really noticing or caring, and the next one started up. Our attention was brought back to the screen when we realized it was a “Skin-a-max” movie, the skin flicks with horrible plots and fake sex scenes. We started giggling uncontrollably when the opening scene, with no lead in, showed a man and a woman heavily making out on the couch of a swanky high rise apartment overlooking the city night. The totally buff guy has the asian actress’ dress off in no time, revealing her big, fake boobs. He sucks her nipples roughly and she makes some over dramatic faces, which Kristy and I immediately start imitating to each other laughing.

The next shot shows the woman, now left in only a g-string, with her head in the guys lap, her black hair completely covering everything, as she gives him a fake blow job while he makes some even more obnoxious, over dramatic faces. Kristy looks at me.

“Have you done that with Vince yet?” she asks. Vince was my boyfriend. We started dating right before the end of the school year.

“No,” I replied, trying to sound offended she would ask, though I have thought about it a lot. I had never been past what I suppose is second base. Kristy hadn’t either. “Have you done that with Matt?”

“Ew NO!” she shot back.

“Why ew?” I asked.

Kristy looked back at me and her nose scrunched up, like she smelled something bad. “Because, that’s gross.” I really was surprised at how prudish she was being. Kristy was the first to kiss a guy, first to kiss with tongue, first to let a guy go up her shirt, and she let her current boyfriend Matt kiss her boobs, something that I hadn’t even done yet.

“I don’t think it’s gross,” I shot back, “I kinda think it’s hot. Besides, we’re going to have to do it at some point.”

Kristy thought about it for antalya escort a second. “I mean, I don’t care if I put his, you know, thing in my mouth, but what about when, you know, he like, goes?”

I laughed, falling on my side. “Goes? What the heck is that?”

“Shut up!” She slaps my ass playfully. “You know what I mean, when he like, orgasms.”

I continued to laugh at my friend’s choice of words. We never really used vulgar language around each other, and certainly with our lack of experience, our sexual vocabulary was still pretty light, but still….goes? I sat upright again, wiping the tears from my eyes.

“Yeah your laughing now,” she says making a face at me, “but what are you going to do then?”

“I don’t know, just swallow it I guess.”

“KATIE!” she squeals at me, her eyes wide in disbelief. “Oh my god, you didn’t just say that.”

“What’s the big deal? Liz Breener swallowed for Mike Ross.”

“Liz is a total skank!” Kristy retorted, and she had a point. “Besides, I heard she was so bad she couldn’t even get him off.” This rumor I would later find hard to believe, as I’d learn that guys our age were not hard to get off.

“Well what do you think is a better idea?” I asked. “We’re going to have to do it eventually.”

“Ugh,” she made another face, “I don’t know, make him shoot on the floor?”

“Then clean it up how?” I shot back. “Then your mom and dad could find out.”

“Then do it outside, I don’t know!” My friend had a point there, but I wasn’t conceding this argument.

“That’s weak, no guys gonna like that, plus he’s gonna tell everyone.”

“Ok, I dare you to give a blow J to Vince tomorrow, and you have to swallow his, you know, stuff. I bet you’ll think it’s soo gross after that.”

I froze for a moment. I had definitely thought about it, but now Kristy was putting me on the spot. Maybe it was the extra shot of courage I needed to make that step, or it could have been just blind arrogance and stubbornness.

“Fine! I will!” I said cocking my head back and forth inbetween words.

“Whatever, you won’t do it,” Kristy challenged.

“Oh don’t think I won’t, but If I’m going to do it, you have to do it too!” Let’s see how she liked that turn of the tables.

“No way, you are on your own,” She said.

“No come on, you have to do it too if I’m doing it!”

“Ew, no! I’m not letting Matt do that in my mouth!”

“You don’t have to, just, you know, use your ground idea, see how that goes for you.”

She sat back, shoulders slouched, a big pout on her face. I knew I got to her, that she was going through with it.

“Fine. But just getting him off, that’s it.”

“WITH” I emphasized, “your mouth!” I wasn’t giving her any room to wiggle out of this.

“Yeah, with my mouth,” she agreed, making another one of her goofy Kristy faces.

The next day we made plans to “double” with our boyfriends Vince and Matt that night. And by double I mean hung out at the mall, ate at the food court, and walked through town. We cut through a park that Kristy’s back yard backed up to with a lot of tree cover, 2 baseball fields, and a play ground.

I wore a lavender tank top, some short denim shorts, a front clasping bra, and these white flip flops that I used to have that I loved! Kristy wore a pink sundress. She always looked so cute when she wore them but I didn’t have the body to fill it out.

Vince was tall, I loved tall guys, still do. He was 5’10 (okay so he was taller than my 4’10) dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin, very italian. He was on the hockey team and in pretty good shape. He wore an AE t-shirt and cargo shorts with white sneakers with royal blue stripes. Matt was probably just as tall but a little more lanky. He was more of a hippie, wore tie-dyed tshirts and hemp necklaces, listened to a lot of classic rock. Matt didn’t go to lara escort our school, Kristy met him at a township dance a little before I started dating Vince.

We made our way over to the swings. We joked around and Vince and Matt pushed me and Kristy, seeing who could go higher. After a while, things quieted down, and Kristy led Matt away to a more private location on the other side of the playground. Vince sat on the swing next to me and we chatted for a minute, I don’t even know what about. I think we were just waiting for that long, awkward silence where the sexual tension can cut through the air. That didn’t take long.

He leaned in and kissed me, open mouthed, his tongue finding mine right away. I was so nervous since I knew what I wanted to end up doing. I got off my swing and straddled Vince, something I’ve never really done before. When we made out we were usually either just standing or sitting next to each other on the couch. This was a different feeling for me, a sexy, almost vulnerable feeling. I could feel his hard dick, the one I wanted in my mouth, rubbing up against my covered pussy lips. Vince’s breathing sharpened and got heavier, almost panting into my mouth, our tongues still battling for the upper hand. I felt his hands cup my round ass and pull me into him. I let out a gasp. My juices were flowing, OH were they flowing, but there was no way I was ready to make that step yet.

I continued to grind my engorged clit into him anyway, just a few more times I thought, when his hands went up underneath my tank top. He was fumbling with the front clasp when it occurred to me that I didn’t have all night. Someone could walk through and break this up, and I still had a mission to accomplish. I got off of him and grabbed his hands and pulled him up with me. He tried to stay seated and pull me back down, thinking I wanted to stop.

“No, its ok, come here,” I reassured him. He stood up, and I went down on my knees… right on the wood chips. I thought I could tough it out, but a second later I decided no. I stood back up, grabbed his hand, and pulled him over to a grassy spot. Like this could get anymore awkward for me! He shot me a look, a look of guarded curiosity, like he knew what was going to happen, but wasn’t sure. I smiled, gave him a quick kiss on the lips and got down on the much more comfortable grass. With the time it took me to get his belt undone, my heart was beating out of my chest. I was beyond nervous, so much that you could say petrified. Maybe it was adrenaline, maybe fear of being a chicken to Kristy, or maybe it was that my pussy was so worked up it was clinging to the soaked cotton fabric of my panties, but I got that top button undone, pulled down the zipper, slipped my fingers inside his shorts and boxers together and pulled down to his knees.

The moment his dick sprang free in my face out in the open air like that is a memory that will probably never escape me, as surreal as it seemed. I couldn’t really believe that I was going to give my first blow job.

I wasn’t totally clueless. Ok, maybe I was, but I’d heard girls, and guys for that matter, talk and I had seen one porn that I found in my brother’s room once, so I knew a little bit.

My eyes got big as it sat in front of my face. I took a second to hold it and examine it for lack of a better word. It was an olive skin tone, much like the rest of his body. An educated guess would be that it was around 6 inches or so, with a cut, big helmet. I noticed how smooth it was, save for a long vein running its length of the underside.

I looked up at him, opened my mouth, and took him in. I heard his breath intake sharply. I had just his head in, and i started to swirl my tongue around it, just checking it out, sucking it slowly. It had a nice spongy feel to it, I remember thinking that it was going to be literally rock hard, manavgat escort and I was ready for more. I slid a little more of him into my mouth, sucking slowly, paying attention to keeping my teeth off of him. He started to moan softly, and my confidence rose from getting a positive reaction. With that confidence I went to work on his cock, sucking a little more earnestly, making sure I had a lot of saliva on him, and getting down as far as I could, which wasn’t very far till his head was hitting the back of my throat. I pulled back an inch or two and looked up at him. He was just looking back, his mouth half open.

He then mustered a “W-whadyou, uh want me to do when, uh…”

I pulled his pole out of my mouth just long enough to say “just warn me when, ok?” He simply nodded and I went back to work. I wrapped my lips around his shaft and put my hand on his balls, something I’d seen in that educational film my brother had.

It couldn’t have been 5 seconds later before he stammered, “Oh shit, Katie, I’m…”

BAM! Or maybe more like SPLURT! A hot thick glob of cum smacks the back of my throat at what seemed to be 100 mph. Now contrary to what a lot of girls say, my biggest issue with cum isn’t the taste, it isn’t the smell, it isn’t the texture. It’s the VELOCITY! I also am so surprised at how hot it is shooting out.

So there I was, my first foray into giving head, and I have basically no warning before a unexpectedly hot shot of semen is propelled into my throat faster than i could have imagined.

And I gagged.

I managed to keep my lips semi on his dick when the next one hit my throat, feeling bigger and shot faster than the first.

That was it for me.

I pulled off his dick, struggling to breathe. I did grab onto him and jerk him off onto what I thought was the ground. Once I got my bearings I noticed that he was staring at my chest with his eyes wide. I looked down and to my horror discovered that my lavender tank top now had streams of dark purple on them. Vince had shot the majority of his load all over my chest, and there was no hiding it. I tried brushing it off, obviously to no avail.


I started to panic a little between the prospect of getting caught, to how I just made a fool of myself in front of Vince, to having Kristy laugh in my face, to having Matt see me like this. I started to cry.

Vince asked what he should do, I told him to go get Kristy. He came back over with her and Matt and they both started to laugh, until Kristy saw me crying, then she went into rescue mode.

Her first suggestion was to turn it inside out, but it had gone through to the other side. I asked her to go get a sweatshirt or something from her house, which was right on the other side of the park. Matt went with her, which made me happy because if he stayed with me and Vince, I wouldn’t have been able to decide whether it would have been better to sit with him in my cum covered shirt or in my bra.

I apologized profusely to Vince. He put his arm around me, told me it was no big deal, that it was his fault for not warning me in enough time, and kissed my forehead.

Kristy came back with a hoodie. She told her mom I was cold in the park and asked if I could sleep over. She said yes but wanted us home.

Vince kissed me goodnight, which surprised me since I heard a lot guys won’t kiss you after you blow them. That made me feel a lot better.

We got inside and down to the basement. I apologized for interrupting her and Matt. She said it was ok because they were already finished, that he came in under a minute. I asked what she did and she said she jerked him onto the ground. I called her a wuss, and she flicked my boob and said it looked like it worked out so much better for me.

I recounted the whole episode to Kristy, even the part where I thought for a split second about going all the way with him.

“I just hope he doesn’t tell everyone at school how much of a loser I am,” I confided.

“Ummmm, I doubt it,” said Kristy. “I over heard him telling Matt, ‘Best. Feeling. Ever. I think I’m in love.'”

I smiled. “Can’t wait to try it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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