Tough Class Leads to Great Sex

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It was my first day of college and my first class, Accounting Principles, yuck I thought. Then she walked in. Her name was Janie and she was beautiful. Short, about 5’2”, Just the way I like it. She had curves in all the right places and walked with a light air about her. To my amazement she sat right next to me. This came much to my surprise because I have never viewed myself as hot. I am about 6’1” 210 pounds nice arms and an ok face. She sat next to me and we started talking and got to know each other a little before the professor walked in. Then After class we walked back to the bridge that goes across to the dorms and I went the other way to my car. I found out that she was from New Jersey and was a freshman and a little about what she enjoyed and most importantly, She didn’t have a boyfriend. At this point I decided I had to have her.

A few weeks passed and then we had our first exam in the class. I have always been good with numbers so I did pretty well but she bombed it and hit me when I joked with her. The teacher at the end of class announced he would have a quiz next class on the same material to help alleviate some of the weight this test had. So after class Janie asked me to her dorm room to help her study for the quiz. Of course I went along.

We entered the room and her roommate was there so right away I knew nothing would be going on. So we lay on her bed and I helped her with what she had trouble with.

After reviewing I quizzed her and when I felt she had it I said. “Ok well I have to go, I’ll Talk to you later.”

She said “OK”.

She walked illegal bahis me to the door. When we were outside the door she kissed me on the cheek and gave me a piece of paper. On it said:

“ Here is my IM and Campus Phone number ………….”

When I got home I signed on and Put her name on my buddy list. Damn she wasn’t on. She I did some surfing and played some games and about 10 minutes later I heard the door open sound and looked. She was on, so I said:

“ Hi its Brad from Accounting class”

She responded “ Hey, Hang on one sec Ill put you on my bl”. Then she said “ Hey thanks for helping me study I owe you one J”. Perhaps a ray of light!!!.

I said “ You damn right you owe me j/k” “ Hey I g2g I’ll ttyl”.

She said “ Okay Byes see you before the quiz.”

The day of the quiz I got to class early and picked out my seat she walked in about five minutes later and she looked really good. We talked and then the professor came in and gave out the quiz. After ward I waited for her outside the door and she came out about 10 minutes later and we talked she thanked me again for helping her and that she felt really confident I said no problem. Then she asked if before the next test I could help her again. What was I to say other then of course.

A few weeks rolled bye and it was the class before the next quiz. After class she invited me up again and I lied that I had almost forgotten while I had been looking forward to it. We walked up the steps me following her allowing me a long look at the sexy ass and then we reached her floor my heart was pounding illegal bahis siteleri then we got to her door and she opened it. Right after not even a second later she turned around grabbed me pulled me in and pushed me toward her bed. She had a very sexy look in her eye. She said:

“ I think that payment for your help last time is in order”

I just smiled and nodded. She then proceeded to undo my belt and button of my jeans. By this time I had a raging hard on. She then knelt and undid the zipper freeing my snake from everything but my boxers. She then in one smooth motion removed my pants and boxers and pushed me to sit on the bed.

She looked at my piece and then up at me with a smile. She obviously liked what she saw in my 7-½ inches.

Then she started to stroke it and said: “ wow what a waste. If I would have known you were well hung we would have been here a while ago.”

I responded “ All good things come with time.”

she then started to suck me and suck me hard. God she was excellent at giving head. After about 2 minutes I was ready to explode.

I gave her a warning, “ Janie I am about to Cum.”

She looked up at me with a smile and said “ oh yummy” and closed her lips around me again.

I was in heaven and no more then two seconds later I began pumping my load down her throat. I must have streamed out a cup of man chowder and she swallowed it all up.

After this she stood up and removed all her clothes. I looked at her and couldn’t believe how beautiful she was. At this point I took control momentarily and grabbed her threw canlı bahis siteleri her down on the bed and began to eat her out. She was already soaking wet so It didn’t take much of a tongue lashing to her clit before she came and then she took over again. She pushed me onto my back causing my cock to swing back and forth she grabbed it and positioned herself over me. She places the head and the entrance to her hot hole and slowly lowered herself onto me until she got it all in. she then waited until she adjusted and started humping slowly and sensually. After a few minutes she could not take much more and began to buck wildly and came a few moments later.

At this point I reversed control again and laid her on her back and began screwing her hard. Real hard. I was amazed the whole floor didn’t hear her moans and squeals because they were so loud. After a few minutes of this She turned over and got on all fours and held her pussy apart with two fingers waiting for me to enter her again. This time I lined up my head with the entrance and rammed into her hard and fast she screamed and I held her shoulders and kissed her back and asked her if she was ok she said “ Hell yeah”. Then I started ramming her hard and it wasn’t long until I felt her pussy pulsing against my cock. I knew she was coming to another orgasm so I went a little faster and this time I felt her pussy clench me so I asked hurriedly if she was on the pill.

She screamed “YES”. So I plunged myself balls deep and to her and released my load spurt after spurt into her womb.

We lay on her bed for about fifteen minutes, then she said “ That was fucking awesome.” I agreed and said that we should do it more often. She agreed and I got up put on my clothes and left.

We didn’t do much studying but I think we had a much better time then last time!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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