TomBoy’s Awakening Ch. 1

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As long as I can remember Missy has always been one of the boys in our family. I have two boys Justin and Jacob. Missy was a neighbor girl who grew up with my oldest boy and went everywhere with the boys. She went fishing, hunting and played football, baseball and basketball equally as well as the rest of the boys. She wouldn’t even think of herself as a girl and always wore jeans and loose shirts.

It was this one particular weekend as the group had been getting older and ready to go back to school, that we took off for a weekend at our cabin in the mountains. We had arrived and opened the cabin and put away the food. I have a loft bedroom and the boys and their friends have a bedroom with four bunk beds, so they can have friends along.

Justin had gone outside and Jacob and Missy were still inside horsing around. Jacob has always been in the middle of any activity and was trying to bug me while I was reading a magazine. So I grabbed him and wrestled him to the floor and was tickling him, when from behind, Missy couldn’t resist the opportunity. She dove into the back of me and pinned my arms down long enough for Jacob to escape. Out the door Jacob ran and his older brother called to him to go fishing. Missy antalya escort was on my back laughing and doing everything she could to hold me down. I leaned forward and rolled her off onto her back with both of us now laughing and wrestling each other. Then it happened, I reached down to pin her leg and she moved and trapped my hand between her thighs and locked it next to her little cunt. I think we both realized what happened about the same time. I went to move my hand and could feel those nice little pussy lips against my fingers.

Missy wouldn’t release my hand but just kind of smiled at my predicament. Suddenly after all these years my thoughts changed from just another boy to this young woman coming of age. My thoughts went from wrestling with a boy to lust for a young virgin pussy, at least I thought Missy might still be a virgin. After all she always looked like a boy, hair short, dressed like a boy and acted tough like a boy.

I decided to see how far this might go, so I just started rubbing against that tight little pussy. It didn’t take long and I could see Missy was relaxing her grip on my hand and starting to breathe a little heavier. By now my cock was starting to get hard and my hands serik escort were shaking. I leaned over and asked Missy in a low voice, as if anyone could hear anyway, if what I was doing felt good. She smiled and said it did. Then I asked if she wanted me to do some more and she nodded her approval.

I moved my hand up and down her thighs and back over her pussy feeling through the soft material of her sweat pants. I then reached up and untied the drawstrings to her sweat pants so I could get a better look at what was hiding underneath. By now her bulky sweatshirt had pushed itself up under her soft white cotton bra. I could see the underside of her two small firm breasts pushing against her bra. I reached up and ran my hand over her right breast and felt the hard nipple through the soft material of her bra. My breathing was getting heavier by the minute.

Those small breasts felt so firm under my massaging fingers and Missy was getting hotter by the minute also. I moved back down over her flat stomach to the top of her sweatpants. I pushed the sweatpants down to reveal her panties. They were girls Jockey panties with little yellow and purple flowers printed on the cotton side escort fabric. Missy lifted her back up a little so I could push her panties further down her legs. I was now gazing at a perfect little cunt that had some of her auburn hair covering a small part of her “V”. The lips to her cunt were swelled from my stimulation and pouted out wanting for more. I left her pussy exposed and moved my hand back to her soft white bra and moved the strap aside and lifted one of her tits out for my viewing. The nipple was like perfect Hershey kisses with quarter size dark rims flaring up to those hard little points. I bent down with my mouth and took the nipple in my mouth and gently started sucking on it. With my free hand I reached over and started once again to massage those little cunt lips.

Missy was now starting to push against my finger and let out a soft low moan of appreciation for what I was doing to her. As my finger pushed further into her secret place I could feel the sweet nectar oozing out over my fingers making them wet. Both of us were now thoroughly enjoying what was happening. I took my finger out and tasted that sweetness that was clinging to the end. I could smell the slight musky odor from her secretions and it just about drove me over the edge.

Then it happened I could hear the boys coming back from fishing! Missy and I quickly rearranged her clothing and tried to act normal as the boys came through the door.

Stay tuned for the further awakening of Missy.

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