Time Out From Reality

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Rod looked around the club as he entered it. It was dark and smoky and men were watching the stage as if mesmerized by the blonde with obviously man made breasts. He too had come to see the show but more importantly he came to see her. The one he couldn’t get his mind off of. She was tall, and slender with all the right curves. She had god-given ample breasts and chose to wear clothing that accentuated them to perfection. He sat at his usual spot and waited for her to find him.

“Hey Honey,” She glided up to his table all legs and sexy purr. “Long time no see. Thought maybe you forgot me now you got a wife to play with.”

Rod smiled up at her. “I could never forget you, Baby. I was trying for the straight and narrow, but I found that that path is no fun.” He pulled her down onto his lap, against his raging hard-on. The one he had gotten just from hearing that purring voice.

“Hmmm, I see.” She purred, feeling the erection against her scantily clad thighs. “I got me half an hour more on this shift then we can go to my place if you like.” She leaned in and nibbled on his ear. She’d missed him these last few months. No one did her like Rod did her, and no one made her cum as he did.

Rod pretended to pout, “Couldn’t you get one of the other girls to cover for you? It’s only half an hour.” He put his hand on her breast, squeezing the handful thinking that God had been good to this woman and she was made for sex. His cock was aching to bury itself deep in her warm and welcoming pussy. He yearned to fuck her harder than she’d ever been fucked, even from him.

“Lemme go see.” She rubbed herself against him one last time before crawling off his lap and going behind the stage to talk to one of the girls. “Hey Trixie, can you cover the end of my shift for me?”

“Sure I can do that. Hot date?” Trixie smiled cattily.

“Yup, Rod’s back. We’re going to my place. If I walk a little funny tomorrow you’ll know why.” She wagged her brows, with a cat-like smile of her own and checked herself in the mirror before going to the shelve and grabbing her make-up bag.

“Rod? Rod Carmichael? The guy who used to hang around here and pay for you all the time and who just got married?” Trixie looked shocked.

“Shhhh,” She giggled as she leaned toward the mirror to applied the ruby lipstick to her lips, and refresh her eye make-up. She wanted to look her best for the man and entice him back canlı bahis for more. She’d have to use all her best tricks to do that. It was a shame that Rod had seen all her best tricks before, but if a woman couldn’t lead a man by his cock then she was in serious trouble. And she was an excellent leader of men.

“I can’t believe the bastard’s stepping out on wife. Somebody oughtta rat him out.” Trixie tapped her fingers on the make-up counter as she fumed.

“NO! Trixie, you can’t he was the best customer I ever had and the best fuck I ever did. You can’t tell the wife! Please!” She turned to her friend and co-worker pleading with her until Trixie nodded in agreement not to rat the bastard out. She fiddled with her hair some before smooching the air toward Trixie. “Have a good night, I know I will!!” And she laughed as she flittered out of the room. “All fixed up.” She smiled as she approached Rod’s table.

“Great, let’s go.” He wrapped his arm around her and led her out, looking around as he did. He saw no one so he swung her into a closed store doorway. “I’ve missed your pussy, Baby.” He pushed her up against the glass door thankful it didn’t have the kind of alarm that went off by touching it.

He pushed up her tight mini-skirt, and pushed aside the scrape of panties hiding her pussy, “How many cocks you had in your cock tonight Baby? Ten, twelve?” He laughed, knowing she loved sex whether with a man or with a woman, and she’d take any customer who paid the right price.

She gasped as he all but slammed her against the shop door. Her pussy was already weeping for him but it was a shock to feel how horny he was. The wife must be a terrible lay for him to need a pussy this bad. She laughed inwardly, her loss. “No cock’s tonight, Honey. Something held me back from taking what was offered. Must’ve known you were coming to see me.”

Rod smiled as he cupped her pussy. It was nearly dripping wet and his cock throbbed to force its way into the tight sheath of her. “Kismet.” He whispered huskily as he leaned in and brushed his mouth on hers, his fingers making circles on her clit. She moaned in his mouth as he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Then he broke the kiss to whisper nastily in her ear. “I’m gonna fuck you, Baby. Right here. Right now. On this busy street steps away from anyone seeing.”

She couldn’t believe hot naughty Rod was being. Most of the time he just wanted bahis siteleri the normal suck and bang. He never wanted anything deviant or remotely taboo. “Yeah, take me here, now, right on this door…steps away from anyone seeing.” She rasped into his neck as she rode his hand that continued to play with her clit and nothing more. Her hand managed to get between their entwined bodies and she released his cock from his pants.

He grabbed her thigh and pulled her leg up until her high heel toe rested on the ledge of the windows surrounding the door. “That’s it Baby, stroke me.” He commanded but it was unnecessary for she was already stroking him to unbelievable hardness. He slipped his finger inside her and fucked her the way he wanted to do with his cock. Hard fast jabs of his blunt middle finger, each jab raising her an inch or so before dropping her back down the glass door.

She rolled her head and held onto Rod’s shoulder and cock as her body clenched and unclenched racing toward orgasm faster than a rocket shoots to the sky. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.” She whimpered over and over, barely stroking his cock to lost in her own pleasure to think about his. Then he stopped, so suddenly she screamed out in protest but he covered her mouth with his and the scream was absorbed by him.

When he finally released her mouth, he was laughing even as he gulped to catch his breath, “Can’t have you going before I’m ready for you to go. Now can we?” She called him a few choice words and that only made him laugh again. “That I may be but I have your orgasm in the palm of my hand.” He licked his fingers that were drenched with her juices. She hadn’t cum but it had been very close.

Then she squeezed his cock and it was his turn to almost shout. He only held back because he was afraid of getting arrested and stopping this intriguing foray into the taboo. “That was wicked of you Baby.” He admonished with a slap to her thigh.

“You know what they say…” She gasped as he delivered the stinging yet erotic slap. “Payback’s a bitch. Now fuck me before I scream and bring people running.”

Rod laughed. “Can’t have that, can we?” He pushed her hand away from his cock and positioned himself at a better angle. Then he started to shove himself inside her, taking her mouth in another hot lingering kiss to mute any sex noises she might make. Good thing to because she cried out when he seated himself bahis şirketleri all the way inside her and took her leg off the ledge to wrap around his hip. Then he wrapped her other leg on his hip and leaned her against the door of the shop. Angling their upper bodies apart he grasped her hips and started thrusting in and out of her like a piston. Short quick jabs of his cock meant to stay deep within and only move a couple inches.

“Fuck.” She managed to only whisper and not scream. “I need you to actually MOVE.” She tried to move her hips but he had her pinned to the damn door and she couldn’t do anything but squeeze her thighs against him. She did that but it didn’t seem to have any effect on him.

She was killing him with those clenching thighs. Every time she did it her pussy tightened around him, squeezing like a vise. “You want me to move??” He asked silkily, hitching her legs higher on his hips so that he could penetrate her deeper. “You got it, Baby.” He pulled back and plunged in harder and deeper than he had before, groaning at the way her body enveloped him so snugly.

Her nails bit into his shoulder as he lifted a hand from her hip and braced it on the glass door, bringing their bodies into close contact again. His hips rocked solidly into hers, bouncing her up and down the glass and forcing a scraping sound. His balls were filling up fast and he knew it would take long for him to shoot his load. He grabbed her mouth with his and bit at her lips as his cock separated itself from his mind. It drove over and over into her, even when she screamed her orgasm into his mouth and began to cum all over his shaft.

It was nirvana to have her clamp around him as she did, fighting the waves of her orgasm. And just when she finished spasming he let out a low quiet groan as his balls pulled in and he shot his first hot load into her body. That spurt of seed sent her over the edge again, and she came once more which made him shoot again which made her cum again. Over and over the cycle continued until the were both slumped against the glass, her legs obscenely akimbo over his hips and his pants were down around his ankles; having fallen off sometime during their orgasms.

“Not bad for round one.” She said when she was able. “But I think we can do better for round two.”

Rod laughed and put his forehead on the glass. “You know whoever opens the store in the morning is going to find some very interesting streaks on the glass.”

She laughed then groaned as it moved Rod’s cock inside her. “Baby, it’s two doors down from a strip club, our streaks won’t be the first ones on this glass.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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