They Finally Meet

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Meeting at our designated place, walking to each other, smiles on our faces, you take my hand kiss it passionately, and pull me into your arms for a gentle embrace. Looking up into your eyes, tipping my chin up you kiss my lips, gently, passionately, then more passionate as our embrace deepens. Not wanting to break our embrace, but moving apart. Taking me by the hand we walk into the hotel. Get our key and head to our room. Long kisses and groping as we ride the elevator to our floor. DING and we walk to our room. Turning the key in the lock, you hold the door open for me to pass through. Dropping our bags to the floor, we waste no time being back in each others arms. Now with demanding deep passionate kisses, tongues searching for each other, hands groping each other, and pulling at each others clothes. Walking towards the bed, hands and lips still locked on each other.

Pushing you to sit on the edge of the bed, standing above you, your arms wrapped around me, your mouth on my breasts through the material of my shirt. I reach down and pull your shirt up, you raise your arms and it’s thrown aside. My hands glide over the skin of your shoulders, and chest. Your hands on my shirt as you lift it up and I take it the rest of the way off, and it’s thrown aside. Reaching around my back you undo my bra clasps, and pull my bra down and it’s tossed away. Now my large breasts are fully in front of your face and you bury your face in them. Your hands kneading my breasts as you lick them, and suck on them. Pleasurable moans escape our lungs, as we both enjoy this pent up passion that we had only talked about on the computer and on the phone.

Grabbing the waistband of my pants you push them down, and I step out of them. Licking and kissing your way down from my breasts. You plant small kisses everywhere you happen to touch me. Your hands coming to rest on my pussy mound, sliding your fingers through and touching canlı bahis şirketleri my now wet pussy. Sliding your fingers over my swollen clit, searching for my special place that will drive me over the edge and finding it, making my knees feel weak as I hold on to your shoulders for support. Moaning breathlessly as your fingers continue to survey and explore the inner sanctum of my pussy walls. Sliding your fingers deep within my wet pussy, making me cry out with pleasure. Looking down at your smiling face, pushing back upon the bed, opening the loops of your belt and unzipping your pants, pulling them over your hips, you raise up as I slide them down your legs and they are thrown aside.

Lowering myself to my knees, I kneel between your parted legs, smiling as I touch that much loved cock that I have desired for so long. Sliding my fingers slowly over the shaft of your hardened cock, head bending down my tongue snaking from my mouth, licking at the head of your cock, sliding my tongue all around the head, teasing your pee hole with the end of my tongue. Now sucking the head into my mouth, savoring the feel and taste of some pre-cum that has leaked to the surface. Moaning happily as I suck more of your beloved cock down into my mouth, my head bobbing up and down on your cock. You have your hands in my hair and on my head as I suck on your cock. Moaning each time I take more into my mouth, as your cock touches the back of my throat. Deeper and harder I press your hard cock into my mouth, my head bobbing up and down with mounting pleasure. You pull my head up and say, “Not yet, I want to be able to last”.

Smiling I rise and lay upon the bed beside you. You trace your hand over the edges of my body. Touching my face, kissing me gently, urging into a more passionate kiss by sucking on my tongue as yours slides over mine. Lowering your kisses you make your way down my body, kissing, touching, canlı kaçak iddaa and licking along the way. You arrive at my pussy mound and slide your tongue all around my clit, sucking on it, moaning as your tongue plunges into my depths. My body tossing and shaking with the amount of pleasure you are giving me. Moaning loudly, breathless pants, muffled screams as I grab onto you where ever I can as my body throbs and screams for its release, getting it and welcome as you grab on tight to my hips and drive deeper as I scream as my orgasm grows, your hand moves from my hip to caress and kneed my breast. Faster and harder your tongue delights my pussy as my body shakes with growing passion, Thankfully my release cums as I scream your name, and cum seeps from my warm pussies depths, shaking with pleasure, grabbing onto you tightly as the force of my orgasm has my head in a blur.

You rise with a smile on your face, my juices all around your mouth and kiss me deeply, wantonly. Your hard cock poking at my pussy’s entrance, as our kiss deepens you put your knee between my legs parting them and sliding your cock deep in one plunging motion into my soaked pussy. Gasping into your mouth as you enter my pussy, my back arches, as you rise on your hands your hips thrusting your cock hard and deep within my pussy. My knees lift as my hips begin to meet your thrusts. Your head dips to take one of my nipples into your mouth, sucking it, and licking it as your cock drives into my pussy. Moans, and groans are heard echoing from the walls as our passion is so high my head is tingling, my body is numb and head feels like it’s ready to explode from the pleasure of what your cock and mouth are doing so well of a job on my body.

Slowly rising I roll over, rising on my hands and knees presenting you with my ass in the air. Sliding behind me your cock plunges once again into my pussy. Your hand on my ass as your canlı kaçak bahis fingers now play with my upturned ass, sliding a wetted finger to my hole, pushing your finger inside your cock plunges hard into my pussy. Your finger moving in my ass working it to open and ready for what we have been waiting for. Your finger keeping rhythm with your cocks thrusts, as you add another finger, still keeping pace with your cock. Driving hard in and out of my holes, moans of pleasure as my hips move to meet your thrusts. My hips are grinding on your cock and fingers, pushing for more, wanting more. Removing your fingers from my ass, you remove your cock from my pussy and place it to my ass’s entry. Holding your cock to my ass you slowly push the head into my tight hole, pushing, pushing, plop and it’s in.

A loud gasp escapes from my lips as pain fills my ass and head, holding my hand to your hips as I hold you to wait. The pain lessens as you push more into my ass, I hold onto your hips as your cock fills my ass, moving slowly, you begin slow in and out motions, as your cock loosens my upturned ass. A moan, groans, grunts and breathless panting fills the room. Your hands on my hips as now your pace quickens, and your cock plunges harder and faster into my ass. Skin slapping against each other as your cock makes it’s way in and out of my ass. My fingers slide into my wet pussy working it into a already heightened frenzy, ready to explode again from the pleasure your cock is giving to my ass and body.

Screaming your name as I feel my pussy’s throbs grow on the verge of orgasm yet again, your cock throbs in my ass as you are ready for your release as well grabbing tight on to my hips you grind your cock deep into my ass, groaning as your cock fills my ass with your juices, as mine flow from my pussy with screams of your name filling the room. A few thrusts more and your head rests upon my back, slowly we sink onto the bed, you spooning my body into yours, your arms around me kissing my neck and shoulders as our labored breathing begins to slow. Holding tightly to each other, we lie there, just holding, just touching, until passion is stirred yet again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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