There Are No Words

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Sitting on the plane, going over in my mind every picture I have ever seen of you. Dreaming about how I will feel to finally have the chance to look upon the most gorgeous face I know.

I sit there thinking about how I will react to seeing you. Would I see your face and run straight into your arms hugging you not caring what you think? Would I see your face and fall to my knees unable to breathe or move? Would I just smile, feeling the sting of tears in my eyes and walk up to you and introduce myself?

I go over and over this in my mind, scared to death; scared that I will not see the same feelings in you. Or that they will be there – vibrant and brilliant. Somehow I manage to put it out of my mind, I close my eyes and listen to my music. The plane makes its final decent, as the wheels hit the tarmac, I feel anxious. I feel my heart racing, trepidation filling me. My palms sweating, my legs feeling like jelly.

Finally the time is here. After a seemingly endless ride to the terminal, the plane starts to let passengers disembark. People smiling, people laughing, people going on to their destinations. Thankful to be sitting in the rear of the plane. Feeling as if I might vomit; I swallow hard in an attempt to keep my lunch down. Scared to death; yet feeling exhilarated at the same time. With adrenaline pumping through my rapidly beating heart, I stand up and grab my bag.

Thinking to myself over and over, “What if he meets me and there is nothing there, what if he is disappointed in what he sees, ” what-if after what-if running through my mind, then finally; “If there was nothing there, why would he be waiting for you here?” I smile and let that sink in as I walk to the front of the plane, disembarking the jet. The jet way seems to stretch out right before my eyes. My mind racing, my feet still moving, thankful that I hadn’t fallen over. I arrive in the concourse on time.

“I don’t see him;” thinking almost out loud, looking around, glancing at each face for a second and then moving on to the next, looking for familiar features. Thinking to myself “He got scared, he isn’t here; why didn’t he come?” I continue to scan the people, the people happily waiting for their friends and loved ones. I see people embracing, people crying, people carrying on happily, unaware that my insides are almost literally ripping away, as I continue to look, unable to find you. “He wouldn’t just not come, right?” Thinking, almost panicked.

Suddenly, the whole room seems to blur out of focus, my whole body seems to react quivering at the sight of you. Feeling as if I am going to fall out of my seat, as I spot you. Your smile the only thing crystal clear in a room turning in circles around me. Stepping out from behind another man, I see you. I jump out of my seat, beaming and filled with the greatest relief I have ever known.

I close my eyes for a second, take a deep breath, and start heading towards you. Each step I take feels more right then the step before. Mere feet from you, I start to feel tears stinging my eyes, warning me, warning me of the impending gush; I can’t control. I close my eyes slowly, feeling the first tear trickle down my face, I open them and see your arms spread apart, beckoning me to them.

We embrace, feeling the strength in your chest, hearing the beating of your heart pressed against my face. Tears rushing from my face as I say in a tone just above a whisper, “Are you real, am I dreaming?” You look down at me, wiping my tears away, seeing your features for the very first time, “What do you think?” Your incredible smile almost glowing as you look down at me. I look into your eyes, the irrevocability of getting lost in the color hitting me. The only words filling my mind are wow, and amazing.

“I am sorry,” I say.

You look down inquisitively at me, “For what?”

“For this.” I wrap my arms around your neck and pull your face to mine, kissing you. Feeling fireworks exploding behind my head. Dizzy at the taste of your lips welcoming mine. Your arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me tighter to you as our lips melt into one another. I release your neck and fall back down onto my heels. I hold your face for a brief second, just staring at you, before letting you go.

You ask do I have any more bags to pick up. I say no. “Are you hungry?” you asking taking a hold of my hand. I look down to see your hand holding mine, and close my eyes telling myself, it is real, you are really here. “Sure, starving actually; thought I might lose what little lunch I managed to eat on the plane. But I am more than fine now, and indeed quite hungry.”

We decide on pizza and beer. Heading to the car and putting my bags into the trunk. I look at you standing across the car from me, our eyes locked upon one another. A huge smile jetting across my face, just to really look at you.

We hop in to car, and leave the airport. On the way to the pizza place, you point out different things, this is this and that is that. I sit there just melting at illegal bahis the sound of your voice, thankful for the bucket seats to hold me up or else I would melt to the floor.

I reach out only briefly to slowly stroke the top of your thigh, then place my hands back in my lap. Arriving at the pizza place, I reach for the handle to open the door, and you say, “Wait.” Jumping out of the car, rushing around opening the door for me.

“Well thank you sir,” I say with a mock curtsey to you. You hold the door open as I walk inside, feeling your hand for only a moment at the small of my back as you follow me in.

They seat us at a booth next to the window. I slide inside and you next to me. The waitress comes and takes our order, bringing us the beer we requested. I look around taking the place into me, creating this magical memory, I will soon not forget. Feeling dumbfounded every time I look at you, finally; really looking into your eyes.

Our pizza comes and we serve ourselves, taking that first bite, tasting it as the flavors explode in a magical symphony inside my mouth. “Wow, your right this is the best. It definitely makes every other pizza I have had my whole life taste like crackers with ketchup.” We laugh at that. We sit and talk for some time, as if we had been friends for years and years.

I sit back in the booth stuffed to the brim, sipping on my beer. I put my hand back on your thigh, just holding it there, happiness filling me, happiness to be able to touch you and not just dream about it. You look at me briefly and smile, feeling your hand on top of mine. After a few more beers, we pay the bill and head to your apartment.

As the bistro doors close behind us, you take my waist and plant one of the sweetest kisses upon my lips, I have ever felt. “Sorry, you say, I have been waiting hours to do that.” I just look at your handsome face, “No need to apologize babe, in fact do it again!” After another brief kiss we walk back to the car. Hopping in and heading to your place.

Again you open the door for me, “This way milady.” We head upstairs you open the door, with a shock I step inside, this seemingly very familiar place. Looking exactly how I pictured it in my mind to be, aside from the placement of a few windows. We sit down on the couch, I laugh thinking about all the times we’ve already “sat” on this very sofa.

“Do you want something to drink?” You asked hopping up with a spring. “Sure, whatever you got is fine,” I respond. I stand up and head to the bathroom. Washing my hands and looking into the mirror, realizing what a fright I look like. Wishing I had brought my purse to the bathroom, knowing there was a brush in there. I straighten my hair out the best I can, and give myself a shrug of all well. Check my breath and walk out.

Leaning into the bedroom and looking around very briefly from the doorway, memories of my stories filling my head, everything exactly how I knew it would look. Heading back to the couch, I sit down next to you, accepting the drink; thanking you.

I comment on how nice your place looks, how it appears exactly how I pictured it to be. I take my shoes off, and lean back onto the armrest pulling my knees to my chest, watching you do the same. We sit and drink, chatting about different things. I interject at one point and just let it all out, how happy I am to be here with you, how incredibly happy you have made me for so long. How all of this seems like another dream to me.

At that statement you take the drink out of my hands and place it on the coaster sitting on the table next to me. Taking me by my waist and pulling me into your lap, taking my lips to yours, kissing me. Kissing me with a burning passion that has built up over time, and has engulfed both of us in this moment. Feeling your hands moving under my shirt, caressing my back. My hands holding your face and ears, kissing you back, never wanting this feeling to end.

After a long time of just kissing you, you peel your lips away licking them, “Are you going to stay with me tonight?” “If you want me to,” I respond. “Yes, I want you to.” I almost die at that simple response. Kissing you again, “so let’s not waste tonight.” “You know I have never had a one-night stand before.” “Yes baby, I know, so I guess we will just have to do it in the morning too.” I say laughing loud, standing up and taking your hands pulling you off the couch and heading towards your bedroom.

Wasting no time what-so-ever, we both hurry out of our clothes and crawl into your bed. Laying there for a moment, pinching my leg under the covers to make sure I am not dreaming. Taking your face to mine, kissing those amazing wine colored lips. Your hands wrapped around me as we slip into this perfect moment.

Rubbing my fingers through your hair, getting lost in your mouth. We embrace and kiss for a long time, my naked body shaking in your grip, pressed hard against you. Completely happy, to feel my engorged nipples pressed against your chest.

I roll us illegal bahis siteleri onto your back, laying on top of you I kneel up next to you removing the covers wrapping your naked body. I kneel there for a minute taking all of you in thinking out loud, “God you are so sexy.” Looking down at your rock hard cock, and placing my hand around it, smiling at you before moving myself between your legs. Leaning forward as I push my hair to one side, bending down to wrap my lips around the cock I have fantasized for so long about.

Hearing a soft sigh leaving your lips as I do. I smile silently, and hug your cock tight. Sliding you first deep inside my mouth pausing at your base, just to suck you further in. Sucking hard, yet slow I bring my lips to your head and off of you. Kissing your cock, before sliding you back inside my lips. Sucking you hard and deep. Hearing the soft cries leaving your lips, as I look at your face.

Sliding my lips up and down upon you slow and tight. Feeling you start to throb slightly inside my lips, I pull off of you and kiss your lips again. With your arms wrapped around me you put me on my back, slide between my thighs and push inside of me deep.

I let out a loud moan, finally feeling the man I have spent so long dreaming of inside of me, feeling almost surreal as you slide in deep. Holding yourself there, leaning down to take my face in your hands and kiss me. Soft moans and cries of passion leave our lips as you slide in and out of me deeper.

Feeling elated by your touch, lost in the the feeling of your lips wrapped around my breasts sucking me into your mouth. I prop myself up on my elbow, my thighs spread wide apart, your hips smacking against them, as your pace quickens rapidily, thrusting hard and fast into me, ready to lose yourself inside of me.

I wrap my arms around you pulling you back down on top of me, and then roll you to your back, leaving you deep inside of me. I sit up onto of you, grabbing your chest as I start moving my hips back and forth slowly on top of you. Pressing hard down against you letting my clit slide fast over your coarse hair.

Feeling almost dizzy as my hips turn around you. Loving you, loving the feeling of you finally inside of me. Moaning loud, as I move up and down on your cock. Pressing myself hard down on you as I slide my pussy lips down your cock. Thrusting my body against yours, holding onto you for dear life as I become so dizzy I can’t see your face. Exploding on you, crying out as I reach orgasm.

Feeling your hands moving me back and forth on top of you. You pull me off of you kissing me, telling me to kneel on the bed, as you center yourself behind me. Pinching and smacking my ass playfully, as you spread my thighs apart, and slide back into me. I grab a pillow and pull it under me resting my face against the sheets. You start thrusting first slowly, rubbing the length of my back reaching from my neck and pulling downward.

Sliding deep with each thrust, letting out soft moans, as you push hard against my insides. You grab my hips and start to just outright pound me hard, fast, and deep. I grab my breasts panting hard, the feeling you keep sending through me beginning to climax again. You hold yourself deep for a half of a second then pull out and push back inside hard. You do this a few times, then thrust harder and faster then I thought possible, sending screams of passion and pain from my lips.

Crying out that I am going to cum any second. You thrust harder, throbbing inside of me, your engorged cock filling me completely. Feeling you cum hard inside of me, I let myself go, cumming with you. You pull out and we both just collapse next to each other, I look at you with an omg that was fucking amazing look upon my face, smiling I kiss you and lay my head back down on the pillow.

Laying there next to you, feeling as if my dreams have just come true. Watching you sleep so peacefully, happy. Plotting tomorrow morning and how will I ever be able to top what we how we just did. I don’t want to fall asleep, afraid of waking up in my own bed in the morning. I rub my fingers so softly over your face and neck. The feeling that this is all to unreal to be true, running through my mind. I push those thoughts out, and just watch you sleep taking your hand and holding it, feeling you squeeze it ever so softly. Knowing then I am not just dreaming. This is real.


Waking before you, I grab a tee from your closet and head to the kitchen. Finding my way around like I already knew where everything was. I start some fresh links on the stove top, making my fruit crepes, as the links sizzle.

Carrying a tray back to the bedroom. Seeing you laying there so peacefully, almost not wanting to wake you. I set the tray on the stand next to the bed and center myself on your lap straddling you. Sitting gently in your lap, leaning down and kissing your lips softly, stroking your cheeks with my fingertips. Running my fingers through your hair, leaving small soft canlı bahis siteleri pecks on your lips.

Closing my eyes and kissing you deeper and harder, feeling your hands rise to my back stroking softly up my sides reaching my hair and taking the back of my neck in one hand and my cheek in the other.

Greeting me sweetly, using only your lips. Kissing me passionately. “Good morning, Will!”

“Good Morning, Darling.”

“I made you breakfast, hope you like strawberry crepes.”

Lifting my body off of you while you scoot up to a seated position, and settling back down into your lap, wrapping my legs around you, tucking my feet under the pillows.

Picking up the plate and the hidden blindfold under it. Showing you the plate of crepes filled with fresh berries dusted with sugar and topped with fresh cream. Pulling the hidden blindfold out from under the plate, setting the meal on my lap, covering your eyes.

” You can’t see right?”

“Nope nothing!!” Putting your hands up in front of you, giggling softly as one finds my breast. “Mmm is this my breakfast?”

“I will fed you your breakfast, my dear.” Cutting a bit of crepe away, dipping it in cream, placing it before your lips. “Open up.”

Watching your lips close around the fork as you taste the food. Licking my lips as I watch you savoring the tastes in your mouth. Cutting a link up and placing it to your tongue. Feeding you until the plate is nearly cleaned. Setting it down as I remove my tee.

Placing a dollop of cream on my nipple, feeding my breast to you, seeing the surprise and excitement as your face lights up, noticing it’s my breast. Feeling your tongue lick flat over my nipple, watching as you suck it clean. Holding my other breast in your hand, thumbing my nipple.

Allowing you to clean my breast thoroughly, before pulling it away from you, placing a thin long line of cream from you neck to naval, rocking back on your cock as I lick it off you. Placing a dot on each of your nipples and licking them clean, flicking them with the tip of my tongue. Circling around them with the flat of my tongue, kissing your chest so softly.

Dipping my finger in the dish of cream covering it, before sliding it into your mouth; moaning softly as I feel you suck gently. Dipping the tip again into the cream and smearing it over your lips and licking it off, covering your mouth with mine. Kissing you deep and lustful. Rocking my hips back and forth in your lap, as I suck your tongue into my mouth. Stroking your face while kissing you deeper and harder. Sighing softly as I pull away and move off your lap.

Grabbing your ankles and pulling you down the bed. Removing my panties, climbing back on top of you, rubbing your hair as I center my pussy close to your chin, rubbing a bit of cream between my lips, rubbing it into my already wet pussy. Slipping closer to your mouth, picking your head up softly, pressing your face against me.

Giving you a mouthful as you open to take me to your tongue. Pushing a few pillows under your head for comfort as you dive right into me. Licking quickly at my wetness, sucking me clean; before slipping your tongue between my lips and focusing solely on my clit.

Twisting my hips slightly side to side, feeling your hands grabbing my hip and pushing me even harder against your tongue. Hearing your loud moaning, as I stroke your cock softly behind me. Your tongue quickly diving in and out of me, your hands clawing at my hips and ass, your face buried between my thighs. Moving my hips faster and faster as I feel a bit of precum spurt from your hard cock. Crying out suddenly as I feel my orgasm wash over me, pushing against your lips as you suck on me; pulling on your hair roughly, as I cum on your tongue.

After my orgasm passes I unhook my legs from under you and slide off your face laying down next to you and pulling you on top of me; removing your blindfold all in one swift movement. Spreading my thighs wide so you may fall right inside of me, throwing my head back and grabbing the bed to feel you thrusting into me.

Pulling your face to mine and tasting the remainder of myself on your lips. Kissing you long and hard. You pull your lips from mine and say to me;

“Oh my sweet girl you are in trouble now,” thrusting slower into me; looking me dead in the eyes, “that was the best night of my whole life thus far and then I wake up to your beautiful face; kissing me, with breakfast too. Pushing into me HARD but so slowly, “and then you spill yourself into my mouth; making me drink your sweet self!! Oh my, oh yes you are in trouble now, sweet thing.”

You lay flat to my chest, your arms under my shoulders, your powerful hands gripping them extraordinarily tight. Rolling my hips up so my ass is no longer on the bed, you thrust. And you thrust, hard and deep; causing me to cry out loud, legs desperately trying to find something to cling to.

“Yes, that’s it my love; hang on tight.”

Pulling my entire body to you, as you pull my shoulders even harder. Kissing my forehead, holding your face there. Thrusting into me faster than I thought possible, feeling your thrusts in my throat. Panting as my already so extremely sensitive clit is assaulted over and over by your body.

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