The Vampire’s Lover

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Vampires. They’re the lords of the night, the stalkers of the living. Each one was an irresistible pale beauty with powers far greater than any creature who lurked in the darkness. With one simple gaze they can trap you in their lustful spell and turn you into a mindless puppet. They held the strength of ten men and the speed of a cheetah. For countless Centuries, Vampires reigned dominion over lands, towns, and kingdoms. Villages have paid them tribute in exchange for safety. They were truly mankind’s worst nightmare.

Jade knew this all too well. Yet, despite all her powers, why did she still feel so powerless?

The black haired vampire shuffled and wiggled in her bonds. It was the only movement she could muster. Silk ropes were nothing to the pale seductress. But when they were infused with sacred ash and laced with silver, Jade was powerless to their strength. They were woven around her arms, her legs, her neck, her toes. Even her hair was wrapped up in the ropes, tying her tightly in one of the most restricting hogties she had ever seen let alone endured. All she could do was sit there, helpless, enduring the long hours of the enchanted rope’s bite.

The ball gag her captor strapped in her mouth stopped her fangs from striking. Breathless mumbles shriveled up in her throat. Even if she wasn’t gagged, the noose around her neck stopped her voice, cutting off her needless air supply. Oxygen wasn’t a necessity for vampires. But losing her inability to speak made her cherish it due to its absence. She glanced at the mirror next to her, seeing her lover’s tools of the trade float in the air with her reflection absent. Nothing but a gag, ropes, and two wooden plugs levitated in the mirror’s image.

Even the greatest beings had their weaknesses. Hunters and knights of all kinds have exploited these kinks in her armor time and time again. But time and time again, their attempts to destroy her were foiled. Their blades shattered against her skin. Their armor was ripped apart by her strength. All that was left was their naked, unarmed form. And the question then arose afterwards. Should I feast upon them or enslave them? Jade was an unstoppable force, a being of ultimate power, and for hundreds of years she reigned queen of her domain… until she met her.

Her lover, Elizabeth, knew all of her weakness. But her intentions were never malicious. From the short time Jade and her had been together, the pale vampire had grown fond of her. She was the apple of her eye, the moon to her stars. And one day, she humored the vampire of a certain “game” she had in mind with her. At first, Jade was skeptical of the idea. Who wouldn’t? It was rather absurd. But her looks were unbelievably disarming. It couldn’t be that bad. Right?

The sound of clicking footsteps snapped Jade back to reality. She twisted as best she could to look behind her. But once again, any attempts at movement were absolutely futile. The mirror revealed who had entered her chamber, advancing forward in a confident stride, watching her struggle and squirm on the floor.

Elizabeth was an absolutely delicious human. Short green hair, illegal bahis sparkling hazel eyes, a dainty frail form, she held a beauty that enticed the vampire. No, any supernatural being would fall for it. The moment she laid eyes on her, Jade knew she wanted her. An elegant and frilly maid uniform made her attire, complete with headdress, long socks, and silk gloves. Her latex shoes tapped against the marble floor as she walked closer. A scarlet-colored smile appeared on her face.

Jade was almost too embarrassed to keep eye contact. Vampires were Gods to humans. They were feared and worshipped. But here she was, tied up and silenced, unable to make a single move. She couldn’t lash out or even bear her fangs. So this what it felt like to be powerless. The odd taste of fear suddenly came to her. But another familiar feeling came with it; excitement.

Her lover knelt down in front of her, placed her hand on her chin, and gently guided her eyes upwards. Her eye batted innocently towards her, adding more salt to the injury by running a finger against her fangs. “Aw look at you,” she teased. “Did I forget to feed you before I left?”

Jade narrowed her eyes. She tried to hiss at the green-haired human. But her action fell silent in her constricted throat. Instead she just watched as she goaded her more, placing her wrist against her ball gagged mouth, letting her drool crawl down on it.

“If you’re hungry just eat up, sweetie. I don’t want you lying around on an empty stomach.” Elizabeth giggled afterwards as she wiped her spit upon her cheek, causing a groan to squeak out past her gag. The gesture was absolutely humiliating. But she couldn’t help but blush at her wiping her own spit upon her face. She averted her red eyes, unable to look at her. Maybe she was right. Submission could be fun. Wait… how could she be having fun?

From her bra, Elizabeth produced a small knife and unsheathed it from its scabbard. With two clean strokes, she cut the lines binding her hair and toes. Then, she released her neck. Air flowed freely into her lung, filling her chest as her entire body stretched outward, no longer constricted by the hogtie. Her arms and legs were still bound. But Jade was now in a more comfortable position. Her lover flipped her on her back and straddled her, leaning down towards her.

Stunningly ravishing was an understatement. Even as she mounted her, Jade couldn’t help but renew her fight against her bonds, pulling, tugging. She wanted her so much. She wanted to taste her, consume her, feed on her, use her in every way. The vampire leaned forwards only to be pushed back down to the floor with a simple press of her finger. “Mmmph!” She whined pathetically.

“Shhhh,” Elizabeth cooed, rocking her hips against her own, drawing a line of kisses from her cheek to her neck. Her soft lips grazed her ear and a pulse which had been dead for hundreds of years jolted alive. Her hand gently caressed her breasts. Jade inhaled from her warmth. It was pleasant, addicting, prodding at her libido, beckoning it to play.

“This is how you would do it, yes?” the green-haired maid gasped in illegal bahis siteleri her ear. “You’d woo them into submission.” Her trail of kisses led down her neck, brushing her tongue against her pale canvas, slowly. “You’d make them feel safe in your embrace. And then-“

“Mmmph!!” Jade jerked in her bondage as Elizabeth bit down hard on her neck. Her teeth pressed hard against her skin. Pain was nothing to the vampire. It was a feeling that existed only as a distance memory. But the sudden strike threw her off.

She continued to squirm as the maid pinned her down with her body weight. Elizabeth was nowhere near a heavy set woman. But the damn ropes sapped her strength to nothing, leaving her at her lover’s mercy. Her struggles were fruitless. And the more she twisted about, the maid giggled and clenched her jaw tighter.

Eventually, she pulled away and examined the reddened bite mark on her neck. Her skin wasn’t punctured. But the bruise stuck out like a sore thumb, making Elizabeth’s smile grow all the bigger. She stood up and turned towards the wardrobe, leaving Jade on the floor. “Put your ass in the air, Hun. I got a surprise for you.” There was a cheerful musical chord to her last sentence.

It took a good while. But Jade managed to push herself on her stomach as her lover requested, scrunching up like a worm to put her rear in the air. The plugs stuffed in her pussy and her rear shifted with each move she took, adding more to her lover’s temptation. She couldn’t believe she was doing this. In the centuries that she lived, she would have never expected to submit like this. And to a human at that. She glanced over to Elizabeth as she opened the wardrobe. A part of her was admiring the way her hips moved. And it overpowered the other part that was melting and screaming at the humiliation.

Flashes of leather and the jingling of metal came next. Jade could see her donning some kind of waist harness and tightening the straps to the unknown device. But when she turned back towards her, her eyes popped open at the sight. Jade stared in shock and awe when she realized what she was putting. It was a strap-on.

The dildo attached to the harness was a long, well polished, wooden dowel, its form mimicking a human’s cock, finely crafted with a smooth finish. Elizabeth smiled at Jade, watching her freeze at the sight of it. The human advanced, slowly, savoring the moment, letting the fear seep into the vampire. “Should I have gotten a bigger one, love?” she asked

Jade shook her head quickly, giving off a “Mmph!” in response.

“Aww what’s the matter?” Her lover giggled, walking behind her. She knelt down and reached for her rear. Jade froze when she felt her lover grab the plug stuck in her ass and slowly pulled. The moment the plug was freed, a blast of air invaded her puckered rear. Instantly, pressure was released from her behind, causing Jade to sigh in relief. Still, panic threatened to break her composure. She could tell what was going to happen next. The relief wasn’t going to last for long. The vampire could feel it.

Elizabeth climbed on top of her, causing her canlı bahis siteleri to shiver with trepidation. The vampire spun her head back to face her. “You’re a vampire. And yet you’re scared of a little morning wood.” The tip of the dildo poked at her puckering rear, teasing her rear, threatening to penetrate. Jade shook her head profusely. She was taking it too far. Apart from the plug, she had never taken anything at all before much less something that size. Desperately, she mewled in her gag, testing the strength of her bonds once more. But Elizabeth only leaned forward and whispered in her ear. “Just let it happen, Hun.”

Her hips thrust forward. Jade could feel the dildo invade her rear, pushing inside her slowly. The vampire bit down on her gag and moaned in pain and sudden pleasure. No matter how much she resisted, Elizabeth pushed back. Then she rocked her hips into her, ramming her ass, gradually picking up speed to a casual rhythm. The green-haired maid gripped her breasts as she continued, holding on to her closely.

The vampire couldn’t believe it. She was getting fucked from behind. This is absurd! She was a human, a being that was beneath her heritage. How dare she even use her like this. And yet here she was, moaning, panting, raising her ass up higher to give her lover more access. The pain quickly numbed to nothing. And with it, a fire took its place, loosening her muscles, Making her whimper, giving in to Elizabeth. Dare she say it. She even denied it. But Jade was growing to like this position. Maybe even a bit too much.

Faster. Her movements quickened. Reflexively, Jade tightened her ass as Elizabeth thrust deeper and deeper. The vampire’s eyes rolled back as her moans grew more lewd. Her mouth salivated more, drenching her gag, as soon, her lust overthrew any concerned thought inside her. She wanted more. She needed more, pressing further, giving the maid everything. Every harsh pounding she took willingly, submitting to the human, letting go of her prideful heritage. Use me, my love. Use me!

“Enjoying yourself, Hun?” Elizabeth gasped. Jade didn’t try to answer. She couldn’t. She was already drowning in pleasure, overwhelmed and suffocating in it. Her head relaxed to the floor. Deep inside she felt her body begin to swell. She was drawing near to the finish, getting close to the end. Jade didn’t question it, but she wanted it badly, doing anything to get her there, begging her to go faster.

“MMMMMPH!!” it came in a sudden explosion. Her sex gushed in a fountain of juices as her body was wracked with pleasure. She mewled as every nerve in her screamed for joy. Elizabeth buried the dildo inside as she squirmed, letting her orgasm ignite her body in fire. Twisting, turning, the force of her climax hit her like a truck. But after several long moments, it finally subsided. It drained the vampire. And within seconds, she was reduced to a limp mess on the floor, panting, twitching, shivering, unable to move.

Elizabeth slowly unsheathed her dildo from her rear after her writhing had died down. Standing up, she gazed down at her lover, watching her breathe heavily, smiling at the sight. Jade had slumped down to the floor, exhausted from the burst of pleasure. She then knelt down at her lover’s side and brushed a bit of hair out of her face. “I’ll let you have a moment,” she cooed. “Then we’ll have some more fun.”

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