The Ultimate Weekend

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Big Tits

(I read an erotic story to my wife some time ago. We both enjoyed it very much. We always looked forward to a sequel. Not finding one, we imagined the following sequel to that story.)


There was a message on my answering machine when I got home from work.

“Hi Todd. This is Tyler and Lauren calling to see if you were available this coming week-end. We’d like to have you over from Friday to Sunday if you are free. Lauren is anxious to pose with you for some intimate shots if you care to join us. You have our number. Give us a call any evening this week. See you.”

I had met them two weeks ago. They had answered an ad I had placed in a L.A. swinger’s magazine. After calling them, I wound up at their place in the hills where I spent a most pleasurable evening with photographer Tyler and his favourite subject, wife Lauren, a sensual well-proportioned blonde. Since sharing with a couple is my preferred sexual activity, I thoroughly enjoyed my get-together with Tyler and Lauren where he ended up fucking his wife while she went down on me.

Remembering our pleasurable threesome, I knew I wouldn’t miss this week-end for any reason. Multiple scenarios flashed through my mind as I envisioned my romping around with Lauren as Tyler photographed us.

I called them and I was hard throughout my conversation with Lauren who answered the phone. When I told her how excited I was at the prospect of joining them for the week-end, she confessed how horny they both were since discussing the idea. We completed our exchange by her inviting me to join them for dinner on Friday after which we would engage in our photography session.

Friday couldn’t come fast enough for me. I quit work a little earlier and stopped at my favourite wine store to pick up three bottles of good wine. As soon as I got home, I showered and took special care to dress. By five-thirty, I was on my way to Tyler’s and Lauren’s neighbourhood in the hills.

Tyler greeted me warmly at the door. He had also dressed up for dinner. Holding me by the shoulder, he led me to the kitchen where Lauren was setting up three wine glasses. Her welcoming kiss was full of promises and of things to come. She was wearing a long sheath dress with a daring plunging neckline, a picture of sexy elegance and grace.

She told us that dinner would be ready as soon as we had shared a glass of wine. We moved to the living room where several cameras on tripods were set up. That brought the conversation around to Tyler’s intimate photography of his wife Lauren.

“I was the one who suggested we ask you to join us to add some spice to our little hobby,” Lauren volunteered. She was sitting between us and there was excitement in her blue eyes as she ran her right hand along my thigh. My cock was instantly aware of her gesture and responded accordingly. She leaned toward me to suggest a toast to the coming evening. All three of us clinked glasses and finished our wine. Lauren rose and, leaning down, reached for our hands to pull us up. She thus gave us a view of her lovely braless breasts.

“Nice view,” said Tyler, smiling widely.

“Beautiful,” I agreed heartily.

“Time for dinner, lovers, before you get too excited,” she smiled as she observed the bulges in our slacks. Still between us, she hooked her arms in ours and pulled us playfully toward the kitchen.

The seafood and salad dinner that Lauren and Tyler had prepared was simple but delicious. The conversation centered mostly on the various scenarios they had imagined for the evening. We were all in a constant state of arousal but very much at ease since sharing that stimulating sexual experience a few weeks ago.

After dinner, we made our way back to the living room. I sat in an easy chair while Tyler was setting up a digital camera on a tripod. Lauren stood in front of me swaying slightly with her arms extended outward. She reached back slowly and unzipped her sheath dress. Then she sensuously removed her dress to the waist. I sat, fascinated by the sight of her gorgeous breasts falling free. Her nipples were hard, her pinkish brown areolas adding a visual texture that I found enormously tempting. She continued her gyrations with a lustful smile on her sweet face framed by her shoulder-length blonde hair. She stopped just long enough to pose for Tyler as he took a couple of shots of her sensuous movements. She leaned in front of me, and cupping her breasts, she asked,” You like?”

“I love!” I exclaimed. With a bulge in my slacks, I stood close to her. She started to unbutton my shirt and I helped her remove it and tossed it aside on the chair. She pushed herself into me, thrusting her pelvis against my aroused cock, and her bare breasts against my naked chest. Her arms went around my neck and she kissed me fervently. I could sense Tyler’s presence as the flashes of his camera bathed us in white light. Lauren disengaged herself, palmed her breasts languorously and murmured, “Suck them, Todd,”

I did not need further encouragement. kozyatağı escort She bent backwards as I greedily sucked the brownish nipple of her left breast into my mouth. Then I feasted on the right and then the left and over again. I was lost in the eroticism of the moment and very much aware of my cock wanting to burst out of my slacks. Tyler took photograph upon photograph of his wife’s breasts being sucked by another man while she moaned her pleasure. My hard cock was still pressed against her pelvis as she straightened up. I was so wound up that I would have made love to her there and then with her husband watching. But I controlled myself in keeping with the arrangement we had all agreed to at dinner. Lauren was to initiate whatever she wanted and we were to follow her lead without question.

“Tyler,” she said, looking at her husband, “I want to see you and Todd naked and I want him to undress me completely.”

She proceeded to undo my belt and unzip my slacks. She helped me out of them, her luscious breasts constantly brushing against my naked skin. She pulled down my jockey shorts and my cock sprang to attention, jutting hard and straight from my body. I knelt in front of her, reached behind her to finish unzipping her dress, Unhurriedly, I pulled it over her hips and let it fall to the ground. My face was only inches away from her blonde pussy hair. Her hands moved the hair aside, revealing her gleaming pussy lips. She pressed those beautiful lips against my mouth and I automatically stroked them with my tongue. Tyler stood close by with a huge hard-on watching his wife’s reactions to my tonguing. He took several photographs of my eating out his wife as she squirmed in delight at the pleasure I was providing her.

Tyler gently took hold of Lauren’s hips and led her to the easy chair. Seated, she again opened up her cunt for both of us to admire. Tyler took several snaps and motioned me over to continue my ministrations of his wife’s very moist cunt. I softly circled her clitoris with my tongue and gently lapped up and down her drenched lips. Her hips started to move as I sucked more earnestly on her clitoris.

“He’s going to make me come, Tyler, and I love it,” she cried out.

I felt her tummy harden, then contract. With her hips raised, she tugged my head even deeper into her adorable crotch. She was coming forcefully. My mouth was inundated with her sweet juices. I could see the flashes of Tyler’s camera taking in Lauren in the throes of orgasm.

She completely relaxed in the easy chair, with a radiant smile on her face.

“Tyler, Todd, that was wonderful,” she told us. “Now, it’s your turn,” she said as she grabbed both our cocks. “I’ve wanted to do this since our last time together, “she continued, smiling lustily. “Tyler, I want you to take me from behind while I go down on Todd.”

I exchanged places with her on the easy chair and stretched out my legs. She knelt between them and started licking my stiff shaft up and down. I watched through half-closed lustful eyes as Tyler knelt behind Lauren. She spread her delightful thighs to welcome him. He reached around to cup her hanging breasts, telling her how sexy she looked with her mouth full of cock. Lauren whimpered in bliss, a groan coming from deep in her throat when Tyler entered her. She shuddered with pleasure buzzing my cock exquisitely in the process. She continued her ministrations of my swollen member and her lips gleamed with a mixture of her saliva and my pre-come as she was caught in the passion of the moment.

“I’m going to come, Lauren,” I warned her. She withdrew her mouth from my hard cock and resumed masturbating me. Spurt after spurt of thick come was pumped from my crown. Lauren cried out that she was coming too as Tyler grunted loudly and exploded in her cunt. She kept coming, the raw sexuality of the moment spurring her on. Tyler remained holding her breasts and whispering endearments in her ear. Lauren’s face radiated total satisfaction and a most contented smile embellished her lovely lips.

“Tyler, Todd, that was as incredible as our first time. I can’t recall having such a powerful orgasm. I just kept coming and coming! I can’t get over how marvellous it is to have sex with two men at once.”

Later, we were sitting naked sipping wine and enjoying the afterglow of our sexual frolics of the evening. Tyler’s photographs had been transferred to his computer and we were viewing the evening’s photos as a slide show in full screen. We started to get excited all over again. The photos all showed Lauren in a variety of sexually explicit postures: her rotating her curvaceous hips in front of me naked to the waist, her beautiful breasts being devoured by me as she bent backwards with an ecstatic look on her face, her opening her damp cunt for the camera’s lens, her contorted features as she surrendered to her multiple orgasms. The photographs had a sexual quality that made us relive every moment of our sexual activity. küçükçekmece escort Tyler and I were now sporting fully erect cocks. Lauren grabbed both of them and dragged us towards the bedroom.

She moved the bedspread aside and motioned for me to lie down on my back. She climbed between my legs and set her left knee on the bed on the other side of my thigh. Her right knee was up with her right foot resting on the bed. Her pussy was aiming directly at my engorged member.

“Tyler,” she directed, “rub my pussy lips with Todd’s big cock.”

Without hesitation, Tyler took my rigid tool in his hand and rotated it on Lauren’s pussy. She oohed and aahed as her husband continued his ministrations on her sopping cunt. The very pleasant sensations on the nerve-endings of my bloated glans were driving me crazy. Having enjoyed two orgasms during the evening, I felt in control but the thought of Tyler fondling my cock as he caressed his wife’s with the cockhead ignited powerful stimuli. Lauren was very wet and ready. She slid down on my rock-hard member and yelped as Tyler let go of my cock. I fondled her jutting breasts and pulled not too gently on her engorged nipples. She rode my cock fiercely and her head bobbed up and down and pivoted from side to side. She was abandoning herself totally to the sensations of our wild fucking. Her husband was holding her by the hips and helping her to move up and down on my cock. She plunged all the way down my shaft and screamed,”I’m coming! I’m coming!” That did it for me and I shot burst after burst of come deep into her sensitive pussy. She finally slowed down and collapsed on my chest, exclaiming,” I’m feeling my orgasms so intensely, it’s just fantastic! Thank you dear lovers.

She kissed me tenderly and then turned from me to lie back on the bed. She opened her arms to her husband and he was between her legs in a flash. They kissed passionately and Tyler penetrated her dripping cunt easily. They fucked unhurriedly and lovingly. I felt that I shared their feelings and sensations as their excitement grew and their fucking accelerated. Tyler, who had observed his wife fucking another man just a few moments before, was now pounding into her love tunnel as if he hadn’t had sex for weeks. He came with a roar and Lauren accompanied him. Watching the two of them in the throes of orgasm was an erotic scene that capped anything I had ever seen. They collapsed into each other’s arms and kissed long and tenderly.

Finally they turned facing each other. Lauren who was closest to me brought her arm around until her hand was around my cock which had naturally grown stiff again with the visual effects. She drew me against her back, raised her right leg and placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy. She pressed back against me and I was inside her again.

I started to fuck her slowly. She and Tyler kissed and held on to each other speaking in whispers as I shifted against Lauren. I didn’t think I would come but the sensations were so pleasant that I did not want them to end. Every once in a while, Lauren would budge her buttocks against my belly so that my cock would reach deep inside her. I could hear her sigh contentedly. At one point, I heard the gentle snore from Tyler. He had fallen asleep. I kept fucking Lauren leisurely. She started to move in a cadenced manner against me. I felt her cunt grip my cock and her thigh muscles tighten. Her breathing accelerated and I knew she was climaxing. She relaxed and I remained inside her warm cunt. Soon afterwards, I drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later, I came fully awake. I immediately realized that my cock was still inside Lauren’s cunt. Just that thought brought me to almost instant erection. Instinctively, I thrust my cock deeper into her still very wet vagina. I heard her moan softly. I didn’t know if she was awake. I rearranged my hand to caress her breast and I felt her nipple harden under my fingers. I kept moving in and out of her cunt very slowly. Then suddenly, she was moving in rhythm with me. She placed an arm on my buttocks to indicate that she wanted me on top of her. I noticed that Tyler now had his back to us and seemed to be sleeping soundly. As if reading my mind, Lauren whispered that Tyler was dead to the world until morning.

She raised her ass so that I could more easily penetrate her. Holding onto her hips, I resumed my fucking her and she reciprocated by moving against me. She was resting her head on her arms and soft moans kept escaping from her lips. At one point, I heard her whisper “I love it! I love it!” I was temped to move faster in and out of her but I refrained for fear of waking Tyler. The slow fucking was extremely sensual and I was enjoying every moment in her warm and velvety cunt. We were into a slow tempo and kept it up for a long while. Her breathing got faster as she tightened her hold on my cock. She tensed and I could feel her coming. “Keep fucking me,” she whispered. “Don’t stop. I’m still coming! Oh kurtköy escort God! It’s so good!” I kept going in and out of her slippery cunt. Then she relaxed and gestured to turn around on her back. I rolled off her.

I kissed her neck and spoke softly in her ear,” You are one very sexy woman,”

“I’m not done yet,” she whispered back.

Her breasts caressed my chest as she got on top of me.” Don’t move,” she murmured,” It’s my turn to fuck you.”

She took hold of my still rigid cock and rotated it against her cunt lips as she had asked Tyler to do earlier. Then she slid onto my cock and started riding me very gradually. She rested part of her weight on her arms which were on the bed on each side of my chest. I took hold of her jutting breasts and stroked them. Her cunt muscles were expertly masturbating my cock. She would slide down my shaft and then up along its whole length but never out of her cunt, then down again. She sped up her pace and my stiff cock responded. It grew harder and I sensed an orgasm building up in my balls. She kept fucking me faster and faster seemingly not caring if our fucking woke up her husband.

I erupted in her snug cunt but she did not interrupt her movements. I became aware that she was climaxing too and I thrust up into her to help her along. We prolonged our fucking for a few more moments. When her orgasm subsided, she lay down on me with her head on my chest. I ran my hands lightly over her back and buttocks in circular motion. My limp cock slipped out of her drenched cunt and I realized she had fallen asleep. I repositioned her gently so that she would be between Tyler and me. She turned on her side facing her husband’s back without waking up. I lay on my back thinking about my lucky stars in meeting this attractive couple especially this incredibly sexy woman. For a man who thinks that a threesome is the ultimate sexual activity, I had achieved virtual perfection. I wondered if she would tell Tyler about our fucking while he slept. Before inviting me for a full week-end, they had probably discussed this kind of scenario and had agreed on it. I turned into Lauren’s back and lay close to her. I fell asleep thinking that there were Saturday and Sunday left.

I woke up. It was still a bit dark out. The clock on the dresser indicated 6:15. Someone was moving quietly in the room. Tyler shut the bathroom door noiselessly behind him. Lauren was on her back sound asleep beside me. I needed to go to the bathroom myself and hoped Tyler would not take too long. After a few minutes, he came out. I expected him to come back to bed but he went out into the hallway and closed the bedroom door leaving his wife in bed with another man. I slipped out of bed and went to relieve myself. My bladder was insisting and I needed to rinse out my mouth.

I got back into bed beside Lauren. She stirred but her eyes remained closed. I placed my hand over her cunt and let it rest there. I let my middle finger slide gently along her slit. She was still wet from our late-night fucking. My finger slipped inside her pussy and I proceeded to finger-fuck her very softly. I knew she was awake when her pelvis reached up to engulf my finger. She threw our covering sheet aside as her hand came down over mine. She started moving her hand over her clitoris in a circular motion. My finger found her G-spot and stroked her there. She stepped up her speed on her clit, crying out, “Yes! Yes!” Her other hand reached for my now fully erect cock and she masturbated me at the same tempo she was using on her clit. Her alluring hips undulated as I kept manipulating her G-spot. My cock got harder as I started feeling an orgasm building up. She sensed it and said in a voice filled with lust, “Come with me, Todd! Now!”

I ejaculated with force onto her luscious breasts when she said that. At that same instant, there was a white flash in the room. Lauren was coming, moaning and crying out. She kept pumping me dry and her hand was covered with come. My own hand was inundated with her juices. Tyler was standing in the doorway having just shot a picture of our coming together. He came over and kissed his wife.

“You enjoyed your waking up, my love?” he asked teasingly.

“It was wonderful,” she replied. “Let me show you.”

With that she opened his robe and wrapped her hand around his rigid cock. She brought him in closer and slipped his cock in her mouth. Tyler still had his camera in hand. He passed it to me and signalled me to take pictures. Lauren was sucking his whole cock into her mouth. She seemed an expert at giving head. Tyler had his eyes closed and was concentrating on the pleasure his wife was providing him. Judging from his excitement at having viewed his wife masturbating in bed with another man, I recognized that he would not last long. Lauren increased her tempo on his cock, and Tyler’s pelvis was undulating in time with her ministrations. I took several photos of their love-making and a final one as Tyler exploded in his wife’s mouth. She swallowed most of his come but some dripped onto her chin as she milked him dry. Tyler sat down on the bed beside Lauren and kissed her passionately. Looking up, he said,” Coffee’s on; should be ready any moment.” In fact, the smell of coffee had now permeated the room. Cream and sugar, OK with you, Todd?” I nodded and he was off to get the coffee.

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