The Striped Shirt

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“Stripes.” I shook my head in disbelief. “She knows I hate stripes.”

I opened the department store box and casually tossed the lid aside. Pulling back the flap of colored paper inside revealed a carefully folded Oxford shirt. Blue with white stripes.

I glanced at my watch, just past 5. Tricia would be home soon, and then we would have a discussion.

Pulling the shirt from the box by the collar, I shook it out straight and looked it over again. Stripes. Taking the shirt with me, I strolled down the hall through the dining room and into the kitchen. I pulled a tumbler from the cupboard, opened the freezer and added two ice cubes from the bin. Back in the dining room, I poured enough Glenlivet in the tumbler to float the ice and sipped it on my way to the living room. Falling into my chair in the dim evening light, I let the shirt dangle from my left hand. I shook a cigarette from the pack on the end table and lit it as I heard her car pull into the drive.

I watched as she walked quickly past the picture window, clutching the collar of her coat tightly against the cold December winds. The door opened, she dropped her purse and briefcase by the door and hung her coat on the hall tree. Glancing towards me she smiled slightly, it faded as she noticed the stern look on my face.

“Stripes,” I said quietly, “You know I hate stripes.”

Taken aback, she replied meekly, “I’m sorry, I thought….” She started quickly towards me, Stopping as my voice boomed.

“I didn’t ask you to think.” I lowered my voice, “I asked… for a dark blue shirt. Was I unclear? Did you not understand?”

“Baby, I know you like solid colors. I just wanted to get something different for you. I thought it would look good on you.”

“Tricia, do you love me?”

“You know I do. I…”

“Am I the same man you fell in love with two years ago? Have I changed?”

“No. You haven’t. But…”

“Have I ever asked you to change anything about yourself?”

“No. Although you did ask me not to cut my hair.”

“That’s different. I was asking you not to change. Do you know why?”

“Baby, I know you love my hair. I just…”

“Sweetheart, I love you. Just you. Just the way you are. I don’t want you to change anything for me. And I don’t want you to change who I am. Because it would not be the man you fell in love with then and you may love me less if I am different.”

She reached for the shirt, “I’m sorry, I will take it back and exchange it.”

I snatched it out of her grasp. “No. No, you will not.” I stubbed my cigarette out in the ashtray. “But you will learn that I don’t like stripes, unless they are on the cheeks of your ass.”

With that, I rose and roughly grabbed her arm pulling her down the hall toward the bedroom. She reluctantly allowed me to lead her into the bedroom. It was dark except the light from the hall that spears into the room lighting a corner of the bed and a small area around it. I forcefully shoved her onto the bed, bouncing as she landed on her back though I noticed that certain parts bounced a little more. I felt the stirring in my loins, but I was still angry.

I threw the shirt on the bed. “Stand up.” I growled.

She stood, slowly, unsure of my intentions. I sat in the chair in the corner, almost hidden in the dark, setting my drink on the table next to me.

“Tonight you will wear the shirt.” My voice was calmer, less angry. ” Now strip.”

She hesitated, still unsure.

“DO IT!”

She hurriedly began to unbutton her blouse.

“Slowly.” I whispered.

As her blouse began to open, I caught brief glimpses of her breasts, the round, firm globes still held captive by a light blue satin bra. The darkness could not hide her excited nipples from me; they jutted through the flimsy fabric as if it were not there.

She started to fold the blouse, turning away from me. “Drop it.” I said softly. Her fingers released it, letting it waft to the floor. She unzipped her illegal bahis snug skirt and let it fall to the floor, stepping out of her shoes and kicking them aside. She hooked her thumbs inside her stockings. I motioned for her to stop.

“Not yet…. The bra…. Give it to me.” The satin stretched taut, pulling at her breasts as she reached back, then relaxed, as the constraints were undone. Slipping the straps slowly down her shoulders, her arms wrapped across her breasts as she turned, teasingly, away from me. She hesitated for a moment before allowing it to fall away in her hands, holding it out, offering it to me. The game was on now. She knew what I expected of her.

“Bring it to me.” I whispered. Her breasts swayed slightly in time with her hips as she moved towards me, arms still thrust forward with the bra dangling from her hands. She stopped, just out of my reach. “Closer.” I demanded quietly, “Bring it to me.”

She stepped closer, her legs, shapely and strong, between my own. I took the satin and held it to my nose. I breathed in deeply, smelling the mix of perfume and sweat. I let it drop to my lap and reached for the flesh it once contained, firmly kneading her breasts for a moment, then pinching those erect nipples, rolling and twisting them between my fingers.

Then I shoved her away. “Turn around,” I said, gruffly, “and spread your legs.” She stepped away, turning slowly, then stepping to the side with one leg. ‘What a glorious ass.’ I thought to my self. I stood and approached slowly, my arms reaching around her, once again squeezing the orbs as if they were melons ripe for picking. Then my hands slipped away. “Do not move.” I whispered. She jumped slightly at the sound that cut the stillness.


I could almost feel her heart beat faster. I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her hosiery, and pulled them taught, She shuddered slightly as she felt the cold steel of the blade touch her skin, the knife split the fine knit of the nylon down her rump and between her legs. Carefully I continued to cut the silkies to the front of the elastic band. And then they were two separate halves. Extending my arm in front of her, I close the knife and retract my arm between her legs. My lips pressed lightly on the skin of her buttock, moving from side to side, gently planting kisses. Then the teeth, not hard, enough to draw blood, but hard enough to leave a reminder for a day or two. I slipped away again, taking my place in the chair, watching as her body became tense in anticipation of what was to come.

“Turn around.” I said, my voice calm and steady. I motioned her closer and patted the chair between my legs. “Your right foot.” She lifted her foot and placed it gently on the chair. My hands caressed, slowly, up her thigh, brushing against the satin that hid her treasure, and across her belly. Taking hold of the elastic, I pulled the stocking down, again caressing her thigh and further down to her calf and over her foot. I draped the nylon over the arm of the chair. “Your left.”, I said, again patting the chair. And again, I run my hands up her leg, and back down with the stocking in my grasp. With a flick of the wrist, I let it fall to its full length. With my other hand, I pushed her leg away.

“Your right hand.” she held it out to me. I tied the stocking around her wrist snug but not tight. The anticipation is so strong I could smell it. Moreover, I could see it. A small patch on the satin, darker than the rest.

“Your left hand.” Her hand trembled as I tied the other leg of her stockings to it. She was almost jittery with excitement, but she would have to endure the wait. I wanted her senses to be at their peak before I began the next phase.

Taking the ends of the stockings, I rose and led her towards the bed, picking up the shirt, I held it for her, “Put it on.”

She slipped her arms into the sleeves, then reached for the buttons.

“No! Leave it open.”

From behind, I held illegal bahis siteleri her wrists, one at a time pulling the stocking out of the sleeve. I pointed to the bed, “Face down, with your hands toward the headboard.” She turned and started toward the bed.

“STOP!” Once again, the sound of the knife split the silence.

Skimming her smooth skin with the blade flat on her right hip, I slid the tip inside her silk panties, turning it edge out, and a second later they were hanging loose on that side. A few seconds later they were held only between her legs. Then with a quick tug they were gone. She turned her head as she heard me breathe the scent in. “Continue.”

She teased me again, swaying her hips as she crawled the length of the bed, lying down, extending her arms in front of her. I kicked of my shoes and strolled to the closet, pulling out a dark silk tie then casually crossed to the bed.

“Lift your head.” I gently covered her eyes with the tie and secured it. I stood back for a moment, merely admiring her supine form, the loose fabric of the shirt not quite concealing the luscious curves that demanded my attention. Unbuckling my belt, I pulled it free and edged closer to the bed again. Dangling it from my left hand, I let the soft leather graze the backs of her thighs as I unbuttoned my shirt. I shrugged it off my shoulders and let it fall, transferring the belt to my right hand as the shirt slipped down my left and fell silently to the floor.

I dragged the belt across her buttocks, letting the cold buckle touch her here and there. She squirmed. I took the end of the stocking on her left hand and tied it to the base of the headboard, then lightly smacked her buttock with the belt as I casually strolled to the other side. I unhooked the clasp on my slacks and let them fall, pushing them aside with my foot as I took her right hand and tied it out of reach of her left.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I let my hand wander over the hills of her rump, patting them as she let out a soft sigh. I leaned down and kissed one cheek, then the other before lightly biting the firm flesh. She squealed her protest and once again, I slipped away.

I stood at the foot of the bed, feeling her apprehension build before lightly dragging the back of my hand up the inside of her leg. Pulling my hand away, I silently stepped around to her right shoulder. Leaning down, I blew hotly past her ear then backed away, again pacing, silently, to the other side of the bed. I stroked her arm and whispered in her ear.

“Why do you feel this insatiable need to change who I am? Do you not like who I am?”

“You know I love you. I always have. I don’t want to change you, I just wanted you to try something different.”

“I don’t like change. And I don’t like stripes.” my voice softly rumbling in her ear. “No crying. Not a sound. For if you cry out, if you so much whimper, I will give you more.”


The stinging slap on her firm round behind caused her entire body to tense, surprised, she gasped..


A red welt the size and shape of my hand rose on her other cheek. Herr body quivered, a barely audible whimper slipping out.


She kicked her legs at her unseen assailant, crying out, though not so much from pain, it seemed.


A red glow spread across the hillocks of her beautiful butt, I could feel the heat rising from it. Kneeling behind her on the bed, I spread her legs apart, leaning close, touching my lips to the pink warmth of those globes, kissing them again as my hands coaxed her hips up slightly. The sweet, musky scent was strong and the wetness I could feel without touching, I could have sworn I saw steam. I moved up leaning toward her ear. “Are you ready for me?” I whispered.

Tremors caused her voice to crack as she replied, “Yes… Now… Yes!”


I pulled her hips upward roughly, Almost lifting her knees off the bed as she canlı bahis siteleri pulled them under her. I let her down slowly, my cock teasing at her mound. Slowly, teasingly slow, I slipped inside her, letting her feel the entire length of the stroke. Then slowly back out. And in. Grinding my hips against her, she sighed as I retreated again.


A quick harsh thrust, pulling back slowly, I paused. “NO!! Don’t stop!!” she cried.


Several short quick stabs and then deep and slow, pulling almost all the way out. “Give it to me!! I want you in me!”


I rammed into her again, watching as the flesh of her buttocks jiggle with the impact. I leaned over her, my right arm circling her waist, I pulling her up. The stockings on her wrists prevented her from rising too much. I held her there, suspended, as my left hand Massaged her firm breasts again. My hand found her mouth, open and hungry, she sucked and bit at my fingers. I lean closer nibbling at her ear, kissing down the side of her neck and across her shoulder.

Another quick thrust, she gasped as I bit hard into the muscle at the base of her neck. She cried out, a throaty, lust filled shriek.


Her breath was coming in short gasps now, an erratic panting, her whole body began to shake. I hammered into her, long, powerful strokes followed by short quick thrusts and pauses in at random. Her cries became less human, howling like an animal.


She began to convulse uncontrollably, her muscles rippling as a powerful wave washed through her. Her body lunged back into to me, harder and harder, with each thrust the bindings on her arms pulling tight. Screaming, crying, laughing, all at once. I cannot hold her. Her orgasm turning her into something wild, she kicked back at me shaking her head and straining against the stocking on her arms.

She collapsed on the bed, her breathing shaky as her body trembled from aftershocks, whimpering like a lost child. I feel her nectar dripping off me.

After a moment, her breathing slowed, the tremors subsided and she sighed softly into the pillow.

“Now, How will you make your mistake up to me?” I whispered in her ear.

Lifting her leg, I slid under her, bringing us face to face. She rubbed her slippery mons up and down my belly, I wry smile on her full lips, “I think I know a way.”

She bent forward to kiss me, I pushed her back, “No. Not until I am sure you are sorry.”

She pouted melodramatically, then slid back on me, rocking her hips to take me in. I gasped at the moist warmth that enveloped me and she smiled again. She immediately started a fast bouncing rhythm, pulling back against her restraints. My hand found her breasts and cupped them, felling their weight lifting and falling with the momentum of her movements. She slowed, squeezing me tightly as her hips rose, then slamming down on me again. Her motions became spasmodic, nearing a second orgasm, the familiar hot tingling in my loins told me I was not far from my own.

She pounded me harder as my own hips rushed up to meet her every thrust. Her thighs clamped tight against my sides, she rode through the convulsing waves of her ecstasy, the pulsing on my manhood send me over the edge. We cried out in unison as our energies exploded into each other.

She fell limp across me, her sweat soaked skin sliding on me as she gasped for air. Taking her face in my hands I looked deep into her eyes.

“I am sorry about the shirt.” She whispered between breaths.

“I know, Sweetheart.” I pulled her face towards mine, kissing her deeply. “You have shown me you are truly sorry and I forgive you.”

“Would you like me to pick you up another shirt tomorrow?” She kissed me again.

“That would be nice, My Love.” I wrapped my arms tightly around her.

“What color would you like?” She kissed me on the cheek, her warm wet lips dragging lightly across it.

“Dark blue would be perfect.” I combed my finger through the hair on the back of her neck.

She bit lightly at my earlobe, “Stripes?”

A warm glow permeated my chest, I pushed her back looking into her eyes again, she smiled mischievously.

“Of course.”

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