The Sky is Painted Scarlet

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The sky is painted scarlet, with its tips painted an inky dark purple as you enter the room. Finding me curled up asleep in your bed, tangled in the moss green silk sheets, you slide up next to me trying hard to control your urges. The warmth from radiating from your body rouses me from my slumber, while your touch arouses my passions from their slumber. Not wanting to miss a moment, you peel back the sheets to realize I’ve fallen asleep before getting a chance to put clothes on. I roll over as I realize what is happening, so happy to see the lust and heat it your eyes. As I run my hands down your firm chest, my lips follow suit much more gently, I can hear you let out a soft sigh, confirming for me that you aren’t ready for sleep just yet.

You aren’t patient enough to let me take in your body of work, pushing me further down, faster with your fingers tangled in my red hair. Seeing what you want, I’m more than happy to oblige by tugging down your pants. Your cock is semi-erect, my favorite state to have it in my mouth. Wanting nothing more to have your cock full and engorged and in me, I start working on your cock. Licking up and down, never wanting to miss a single inch of you, I vigorously lick from base to tip. Swirling my tongue around the tip, I start my descent toward the base of your cock again.

Up and down, faster and slower until you hold my head in place, forcing me to take you all in at once. I can feel you growing illegal bahis in my throat, I try to smile at this but quickly realize that your cock is too full in my mouth. My nose is up against you, your fingers twisted in my hair, the moment capturing the closeness between the two bodies which desperately want to be even closer.

You return my throat to me, leaving me feeling slightly empty but your smile reassures me that I will get your cock in me again soon. It’s your turn to work your way down my body, touching each curve, grabbing at my breasts, kissing the soft swell of my stomach, your nudge my legs apart and dive further down. Licking each fold, realizing with each lick, a slight moan escapes from my lips, you are urged along. Your ministrations are rewarded with an orgasm a few moments later that releases my sweet juices. You lap them up as I slowly come down from my bliss.

Content, but not satiated, I roll over on top of you, propping myself up with my arms, my breasts dangle over you, with our hips and legs pressed against each other. Feeling your skin on mine is like touching fire and this burn ignites the passion again. You position yourself, and enter me with one swift motion. The action’s speed makes my arms give out, causing me to collapse on top of you, bringing us closer. With you inside of me, we start our rhythm with such excitement and passion, the bed starts to squeak at its joints. Our bodies slapping together, illegal bahis siteleri an unspoken conversation, giving and taking pleasure from each other. Rolling around in the bed. Limbs tangled. Hands grasping at each other. Laughter breaks the animalistic sounds as we realize how hurried we are, there is no reason to rush, the sun has just finished setting.

We return to the fuck, at a slower pace, taking in the feelings this time. Your muscles tightening and releasing as you press your body into mine. The walls of my vagina grasping at your cock, trying to draw it in further. The slower pace brings me to my second orgasm to the night, clamping down on your cock with my vagina. I can’t contain my pleasure as I shout your name at the top of my lungs and attempt to pull your closer to me.

Your cock is still ready for more, and you give me a knowing look with a slight smirk. My judgment is still clouded by my orgasm, so I blindly agree to roll over. Barely able to hold myself up, I get on my hands and knees. You gently tease my pussy, coating your cock with my flowing juices, the teasing makes me whine for your cock in me again. With a shiny layer of my cum on your cock, you align your cock with my asshole. The pressure on my asshole hurts, but you are determined to get your cock in, so you reach around. With your right hand you grab my right breast and with your left hand you start to rub my clit. The stimulation is canlı bahis siteleri unbearable and I begin to relax my asshole. Slowly inch by inch, you get your cock in. You finally reach the hilt, your cock buried in my ass.

Your hands leave my front, and grab my hips as you gently pull your cock out of my ass. With just an inch of you left in me, you stop and tell me to brace myself. You begin to thrust and the force behind your cock is so strong, I shout out in pain and pleasure. While you don’t want to hurt me, the sensation of my ass around your cock is so fantastic you hesitate to stop. I egg you on, wanting to feel you cum in my ass. You cock stretches my asshole to widths it’s never known. You make me feel so full. So good. I lower myself even more, laying my head on the silk sheets and raising my ass even higher for you. I start rubbing my clit in time with your thrusts.

I shout that I am on the edge, about to cum. Hoping that I can cum with you, I try to contain urge for a few minutes longer. I finally feel it, the swell of your cock. The feeling is almost unbearable, the pain and pleasure that is coming from my asshole sends me over the edge. I lose all control, shaking and screaming out your name as I feel the ropes of cum shooting into me. The spurts die down, and you remove your deflating cock from my ass with a pop.

Exhausted and elated, I curl up next to you, as you wrap us in the now very messy moss green silk sheets. Breathing in the salty, musky scent of you, I burry my head into your chest as we drift off into a deep slumber. The clock in the hallway chimes twice, reminding us that in six hours, my mouth will be on your cock rousing you for the day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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