The Shy One Ch. 01

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The tip of Lisa’s tongue moved down the length of Brad’s cock, then immediately back up, teasing him. She twirled her tongue around its head a few times, then descended on it with her entire mouth, surrounding him with wet fire. Brad sucked air in through his teeth, muffling his appreciation, fighting back the urge to moan.

His little sister was just down the hall. He couldn’t let her hear him.

Lisa had always given good head. It was a shame she’d decided she preferred girls as lovers. She covered Brad’s cock with her mouth, running energetically up and down his length with her lips, then taking his cockhead and sucking it furiously as her hand stroked him just as vigorously. Brad felt no guilt, as far as Lisa was concerned, by imagining that Cassie was the one sucking him off. Lisa didn’t care.

Brad and Lisa had been steady lovers, once, two summers ago. It hadn’t lasted long. That was when Lisa had decided she was more interested in girls. At first he’d thought he was in for a summer of amazing sex whenever he wanted it. Everyone knew Lisa was a wild one. Two weeks into their affair he got the “it’s not you, it’s me” line, but in a way he’d never expected.

Since then she had only shown serious interest in women, although she liked sex too much to completely pass on men. At least, she didn’t find them revolting.

This was a pity blow job. Brad had suffered through four weeks so far this summer without so much as a kiss from a girl.

They were in his room at his family’s summer home, at a secluded lake far north in Minnesota. When they were younger it had been great fun. Their families came here every year for weekends or weeks at a time. There were a lot of others their age around then, all in vacation houses scattered around the lake. Everyone hung out all day, swimming, sailing, sunning. As the summer wore on they would pair off, boys and girls, different couples every summer. They had their flings and their fights and their drama, along with a growing awareness of sex.

Now they were older. Brad was entering his third year of college, Lisa her last. Cassie had just finished her first. Most of their usual friends hadn’t even come to the lake this year, or last. They showed up sometimes for weekends, but mostly they stayed home to work, or traveled to Europe.

For Brad, Lisa and Cassie, though, their own families had insisted they do this, that they enjoy one last summer without responsibility. They had a whole lifetime to work, they were told. They might never have an entire summer off again, until they retired in fifty years.

Brad supposed he should be grateful, but he knew his old high school friends were all at home together. They were partying at night and on weekends. They were meeting girls. They were having more adult fun, even if they had to put in long, boring days behind a cash register or stocking shelves.

Here, there was no one to meet. There was only Lisa, and Cassie.

“It’s okay with me if you imagine that I’m Cassie,” Lisa said. Startled by the comment, Brad looked down to see her blue eyes twinkling mischievously at him. She wore a sly grin, then went back to kissing his cock. She slapped it against her face, as if trying to wake it up. He realized with embarrassment that he’d let his mind wander so much he hadn’t entirely kept his erection.

“Just imagine Cassie’s hot little mouth sucking your dick, Brad. Imagine how tight her tiny, little lips would feel around your cock.”

With that, Lisa descended on him again, taking him as deeply into her throat as she could. She squeezed his cock aggressively with her hand and lips, seemingly trying to simulate the feel of Cassie’s own petite mouth.

Lisa had been teasing him about Cassie for weeks.

It was only a few days into the summer when Lisa had asked if he’d mind if she went after Cassie. She thought Cassie was hot, and Lisa couldn’t stay celibate all summer. And all the other girls were already taken, by guys.

At first Brad was stunned, but he didn’t think he had any right to refuse. He didn’t even think Lisa should have asked his permission, though he was glad she had. It meant their friendship was still important to her.

Brad was also sure that naive, inexperienced, young Cassie would refuse her. He was shocked at how quickly Cassie had succumbed. All it had taken was a couple of beers, a late night sitting at the lake, and suddenly Cassie and Lisa were making out, then Lisa had her hand up Cassie’s shirt, and finally Cassie was moaning and squealing like a whore.

Brad himself didn’t have any love options left. There were so few people at the lake this year. Everyone that was available had already paired up. Brad was soon the odd man out. The last two women left were Lisa and Cassie, both of them sexy, beautiful and unavailable. He couldn’t have either, Lisa because she was his friend, and she was interested only in women, and Cassie because she was his little sister.

But escort ataşehir then Lisa had made things worse. She had started to play games with Brad. She kissed and fucked Cassie whenever she knew Brad was around and could hear them. When they were alone, sometimes even when Cassie might hear her, she’d tell Brad what a hot little fuck his sister was. She’d go into detail, telling him about how she kissed, or how hot her pussy felt and tasted, and mostly about the wonderful noises she made when she came.

Brad had heard enough of that himself to know she wasn’t lying. Lisa didn’t hesitate to make Cassie come when she knew Brad was in earshot. She’d been doing it all month. Brad had heard Cassie screaming and squealing in ecstasy any number of times by now. It seemed that Lisa could almost make Cassie come just by looking at her.

Unfortunately for Brad, listening to Cassie have an orgasm was the most erotic, amazing and musical sound he had ever heard. She squealed and breathed and screamed in the best little whore soprano he’d ever imagined. He got an erection every time he heard her. He always knew he should wander away, to give them their privacy, but he always sat and listened, getting harder with every sound she made.

Brad’s cock was rock hard again, now, as Lisa energetically devoured him. He could feel himself getting ready to come. Thinking about Cassie always turned him on. He almost couldn’t look at his baby sister anymore without feeling aroused, now that Lisa had shown him how hot she was. He constantly pictured her when he masturbated. He heard her in his mind, coming for him. He imagined squeezing her tiny little tits, or watching them jiggle as she rode him.

And here Lisa was, guessing at and playing to his fantasies, playing Cassie for him with her mouth on his cock.

Brad looked down at Lisa’s blonde hair, bobbing up and down on his prick. He closed his eyes and leaned back to imagine Cassie there instead, squealing and sucking all at once, eager to taste her brother’s cum. He saw her short, black hair falling across her clear blue eyes, just above her freckled cheeks and her button nose. Then he imagined her opening her eyes, looking at him with her usual silent, serious, piercing stare, as he came into her mouth.

Then he did. He shot a wild burst of cum into Cassie-Lisa’s mouth. His cock jerked and stiffened again, pouring more cum into her, filling her with a month of liquid frustration. He lifted his hips from the mattress repeatedly, trying to drive his cock up into Lisa’s throat. Lisa kept the head of his cock in her mouth throughout his convulsions, taking every single drop. Brad wanted to say Cassie’s name out loud, but bit it back.

He settled down, catching his breath. He opened his eyes to look down the length of his body toward Lisa. His muscles glinted with sweat from the heat, and from his excitement. She looked back at him. She wore a tight lipped smile on her face, with her mouth closed and filled with his cum, like a snake that had just swallowed a mouse whole.

Without pleasantries or explanation, she abruptly slipped off of his bed and left the room. Brad leaned back and stared at the water stained ceiling, listening to the birds and the wind, feeling the hot, heavy afternoon air gust into his room. He thought about Cassie, just down the hall.

It was going to be a very long summer.

* * *

Brad watched Lisa and Cassie together from a growing distance. He was walking slowly, falling a little further behind with each step. They’d all taken the sailboat out to one of the tiny islands, dropped anchor, swam ashore, then walked around a bit. The island wasn’t much bigger than a few large yards, with a high hillock in the center. It was a riot of greens of all different shades from various plants and trees, and from moss and lichen on fallen logs and boulders. Old golden leaves, brown dirt and tan pine needles littered the ground. It was all painted by a hodge-podge of sun and shadow.

At first the three of them were together, a group, fooling around. Soon Lisa had taken Cassie’s hand, and now those two were a couple walking along ahead of Brad. Lisa laughed every now and then at her own jokes, or she’d whisper something into Cassie’s ear, occasionally flicking it with her tongue as she cast a teasing glance back toward Brad. Or else she’d taunt Brad with some loud comment.

“Cassie has something to say to you, Brad,” she yelled, then laughed at Cassie when she seemed reluctant to respond in any way. Cassie just kept walking, without even turning her head. Brad couldn’t see, or guess at, her expression, or what Lisa was teasing them both about.

It was a sunny day, with a strong, gusty breeze coming in across the lake. Brad looked at the girls’ hands. Cassie’s finger kept caressing Lisa’s, moving incessantly back and forth. Cassie was so quiet, so shy. She rarely said a word, but she liked to touch. She touched Brad whenever they were together. She’d done kadıköy escort it since they were little. She hovered close by, sometimes leaning against him, or putting her hand subtly next to his, just barely brushing against him.

He liked that. It made him feel warm and needed, like she wanted him to shelter and protect her. He had always looked out for her, for as long as he could remember. She didn’t really need him anymore. She’d grown up. She was strong and willful, under her quiet demeanor, but he still liked to protect her. It just seemed to be a part of who they were together.

“I wonder if there’s anyplace around here a little more private than this island,” Lisa said to no one in particular, with a leer in her voice. The comment obviously was meant for both Brad and Cassie, but with entirely different implications for each of them.

Cassie didn’t answer. She just moved closer to Lisa, resting her head against her shoulder as they walked. Brad fought back a grimace at the thought of them abandoning him to do something he couldn’t join.

Cassie looked so damn cute walking hand in hand with Lisa, Brad thought.

“This is as private a it gets,” Brad told them both. He’d be damned if he was going anywhere. They got more than enough time alone with each other, while he got nothing.

Brad spent a lot of time around Cassie. He always had, since they were little. He’d always thought he understood her better than anyone. He thought he liked her a bit more than everyone else, too.

People, guys in particular, didn’t like or dislike Cassie much. They just didn’t notice her. Or rather, some of the guys did, at first. She wasn’t curvy or sexy, but some guys were attracted to her cute, natural, little-girl good looks and her calm, somber demeanor. She didn’t smile much, but when she did it was warm and genuine.

Soon enough they found out how unbelievably quiet she was. Then they backed off and lost interest. It made them uncomfortable. It spooked them.

“Fine. What else can we do?” Lisa asked, as if speaking to the trees off to her left.

Brad watched as Lisa released Cassie’s hand, only to slip her arm smoothly around Cassie’s waist. When Cassie responded in turn, leaning more firmly into her, Lisa let her hand drift down onto the top of her lover’s ass. Brad watched in envy as Lisa explored his little sister’s curves.

Lisa leaned in to whisper something more into Cassie’s ear. She planted one long, affectionate kiss on her hair, then whispered something more. Brad was sure she was begging her to go off alone with her. Happily for Brad, Cassie seemed to be resisting, this time.

Cassie was also stubborn. Just because she didn’t talk much didn’t mean she didn’t think, or have an opinion. She simply spent a lot more time watching and listening and thinking. She just didn’t bother to say whatever popped into her head.

Cassie didn’t do small talk.

Brad jealously watched Lisa’s hands sliding around the smooth curve of Cassie’s ass, while Cassie timidly returned the gesture. Brad imagined Cassie doing the same with him, then shook the image away.

Lisa whispered something else into Cassie’s ear. Brad saw Cassie smile, then look away out across the lake. He couldn’t tell if she was embarrassed, or considering something.

“Hey, Brad. Wanna do some skinny dipping?” Lisa yelled back to him.

Cassie snapped her head back to Lisa at that, then looked shyly back toward Brad. She wants to, he thought to himself, but not with her brother around. Brad was starting to feel more and more uncomfortable.

“Maybe,” Brad said. “You two first.”

“You wish,” Lisa answered.

Brad looked admiringly at them both, as women. Lisa was taller and fuller, with a curvy but athletic body. She had broader shoulders and wider hips, and a bust most guys shamelessly stared at, one that strained to spill out of whatever she wore. Like many Minnesota women, she had long blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

In striking contrast, Cassie was very short and thin, with a tight, beautifully round little ass he had always adored. He loved her tits, too. Other guys didn’t. They were small, so small that Cassie often went without a bra. To Brad they were perfect. He loved watching them jiggle just a little when she ran, or when he tickled her. He’d found chances to act silly and tickle her often, ever since they were teenagers, just to see her tits quiver. And to hear her high pitched laugh.

“Fine, Brad, have it your way. Come on, you guys,” Lisa said. “Let’s swim, naked and free. And naked.”

Without waiting for a reply this time, she reached behind her back to unclasp her bikini top. Brad watched in delight, trying to disguise his expression, as her wonderfully firm breasts literally popped free, exposing everything to him. He didn’t get to see nearly as much as he wanted, just a blur of flesh and tan lines, as Lisa half hopped down toward the lake, pulling her bottoms down maltepe escort bayan at the same time, and then splashed into, then under, the water.

“After you,” Brad said to Cassie.

As always, she had a shirt on over her own bikini top. She’d kept it on even when they swam ashore from the boat. It had almost dried by now in the hot summer sun. Brad held his breath, hoping that Cassie would actually remove it, and more, and let him see her sweet, tiny breasts. He felt his own heart pounding at the thought, as he tried to fight back the erection he felt building.

Cassie stared him down with sharp blue eyes, from behind her too long, black bangs.

“I’ll turn my back,” Brad said, having known all along that he’d have to do so. She was his little sister, and his shy little sister at that. Anyway, turning around was the only way to hide a bulge that would soon be impossible to conceal.

“Don’t you dare peek,” was all Cassie said.

That was a whole conversation for Cassie. When Cassie was alone with someone she was comfortable with, then she might talk, though still not a lot. She just didn’t have the same need that everyone else did to fill the silence with her own voice. She could be perfectly comfortable sitting in a room with someone in complete silence, just reading or watching T.V. or thinking, just being with them.

Brad tried to glance inconspicuously over his shoulder. When he did, he realized that Cassie hadn’t moved. She’d been waiting for him to do just that. She was too smart. She didn’t admonish him, but he quickly turned away as if she had.

Feeling guilty, and maybe emboldened by his embarrassment at being caught trying to peek, Brad did something impulsive. He looped his fingers into his own suit, knowing that Cassie would still be looking at him, and pushed them to the ground. With his bare ass in plain view for his sister to see, he sprinted into the water and dove in, giving her, as Lisa had, only the briefest glimpse of his own naked body.

Once he hit the water, Brad wished he’d had more courage, and given Cassie more of a show. He swam a good ways out, far enough that Cassie wouldn’t be able to completely tell if he was watching, before stopping to tread water. He quickly wiped the water from his face and eyes. He couldn’t see much from there, but he’d at least see something.

Cassie watched him warily, still completely dressed, from the shore. Lisa had slipped back through the water toward Cassie, and was now standing in knee deep water, wonderfully naked, talking to her. Brad felt his erection grow further at the sight of her curving, wet ass and tits, glistening in the afternoon sun.

Both of them looked toward Brad, then Lisa spoke softly, and Cassie responded. Brad couldn’t hear a word. Even though he was clearly facing her way, Cassie began to disrobe. First she turned her back to him, then began by pulling down her green bikini bottoms.

Brad realized that while the sight of Lisa was inspiring, for him the image of his sister’s fantastic, naked ass was overwhelming. He was now grateful that he was in deep, cold water, with his hard cock well below the surface. He furtively let one hand reach down, to hold himself as he watched, entranced by the sight of his sweet little sister undressing.

With her back still to him, Cassie pulled her shirt up and over her head, then quickly unclasped and dropped her bikini top. Brad admired the back of her completely naked form, even if he couldn’t see her tits. Turn around, he thought. Just turn and walk slowly into the water. Or run, he thought mischievously, run and let your tits bounce wildly.

Cassie didn’t turn. She and Lisa exchanged more words. Cassie’s tone was somewhat combative. Lisa walked up out of the water to stand before Cassie. She kissed Cassie lightly on the forehead, then unexpectedly pulled her into a full embrace that smoothly fell into a deep, passionate kiss.

Brad had to let go of his own cock, to keep from coming then and there. The sight of beautiful, naked Lisa energetically kissing his naked baby sister was absolutely the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. As Lisa’s hands slipped gracefully and sensuously down Cassie’s bare back, to stroke and then roughly grab her ass, Brad felt like he was going to die.

Brad couldn’t resist. He grabbed his cock again, held it tightly, and tugged a few times. He stroked himself as he watched the girls embrace and kiss. Cassie’s hand came up to trace the edges of Lisa’s tit. Lisa’s hand moved between them, searching for Cassie’s slit. That was all it took. In a moment, he filled the lake with his cum, as he watched Lisa kiss Cassie. Once again, he had to stifle his own groan to hide his orgasm from his little sister.

“We’ll be back in a little while,” Lisa yelled to him, after breaking the kiss. She stared into Cassie’s eyes, and then took Cassie’s hand to lead her further up the shore, around the trees and out of sight. Cassie had never turned to let him see her pretty, little breasts.

Brad treaded water for a while, before returning to shore to disconsolately pull on his suit. He looked around. The island was too small. He couldn’t possibly get far enough away. Lisa was doing it to him again. She was torturing him.

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