The Shower

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Big Dicks

**NOTE** Hi guys! I’m uploading this in small instalments. Sorry if they’re too short for you, but I like that idea. It’s like, what’s going to happen next?!?! Create your own ideas and all that shizz. I’m sure I’ll move onto longer stories, but I’m only a beginner 🙂



The realisation of what we were about to do hit me as we were walking up the stairs. There were no expectations, well at least I didn’t think that there was. Matt didn’t seem like that kind of guy. But as we got to my room, there was my bed, looking all inviting with my favourite white, soft sheets already dishevelled. And now he was sitting on it, looking at me, his wet jocks leaving nothing to the imagination.

I knew I was blushing. I could feel it. And looking at his reaction, I really knew it. ?

“Shut up,” I laughed out loud.

“Naw, it’s cute,” he replied, grinning evilly.

Right, I thought. This is happening, this is really happening. I was at the foot of the bed now where he was sitting, standing so that when I wanted to, and I certainly did, I could push him down onto the sheets so that he was between my legs. ?This time, I wanted to be in control, and another idea struck me.

“Actually,” I began, “I was thinking, why don’t we start this in the shower?”

I could see that he was surprised by this invitation, and I loved it. First shock, then recognition, and then to my absolute satisfaction, desire.

Giggling, I leaned into him, kissing him softly on his bottom lip with a gentle nibble.

“Come on,” I said, my lips still against his.

I moved back from him slowly, all the while undoing my bikini top clasp. I let it fall to the ground. Now, I was pretty proud of my antalya escort breasts, and I knew he had seen and played with them, but standing in front of him like this, I found it completely different. A decent size, and large enough to grab a handful, my light pink nipples were happily erect.

Now, I’m also short with curves in apparently all the right places, and have an ass inherited from my mother that is not exactly small. But in this moment, standing in just my bottoms, I could feel Matt appreciating my body.

Looking directly at him, waiting for his eyes to travel back up to my face, I smiled, turned and headed to the bathroom. Not waiting for him, I turned on the shower feeling the water in my palm. I felt him behind me as he wrapped his arms around me from the back, pressing, kissing me from my jaw down to my shoulder. Little kisses enough to make me shiver involuntarily, which I could feel him smile at. His fingers slowly ran their way down along my ribs, along the curve of my hip, to the rim of my bottoms.

“I didn’t know you could be so delicate,” I giggled.

“I can be,” he replied with a small laugh, “but then again I’m really not,” and with that he followed the rim of my bottoms along to the front and pushed his hand inside my panties, his fingers spreading my lips, and his index finger pushing inside me.

I gasped, from surprise and from pleasure, and from the sensation of having someone else’s fingers tease me, moving in and out.

By this time we were in the shower, the water rushing over my breasts creating little waterfalls, our breathing audible over the water.

“You’re okay?” he asked, making sure.

“I’m okay,” I breathed out, and turned so that alanya escort we were facing each other.

Putting my arms around the back of his head, I brought his lips down to mine, kissing him hard this time, my tongue asking permission to enter his mouth. Smiling at my presumptuousness, I felt his tongue against mine and they began to dance as we moved together, this way and that. Moving my hands down his back, over his shoulders, and down his chest, I slowly made my way down to his jocks, hooking my fingers and pulling them down.

While I was doing this, Matt was rubbing his hands up and down my back, moving down so that his hands were cupping my ass, grabbing it. I wanted to see his dick spring out from his boxers as I pulled them down, and boy, was it satisfying. Moving my right hand from his snail trail, down to his length, I ran my fingertips up and down, using my nails softly. I wanted to know what reaction this would get. And by answer, Matt moaned, biting down onto my shoulder. Both wet, standing under the warm water, my hairs length had reached down to my ass. Running his hands through my hair, in a handful he grabbed it, pulling so that my face upturned and my neck and breasts were in full view. Slowly letting go, he gently ran his finger down my left breast, circling my nipple again and again, until the time he grabbed both of my breasts and bit down on the nipple that he had been playing with. Gasping with an “oh my god”, I relished in the sensation of his tongue playing around my areola. When he was finished with that breast, he moved onto the next.

He was between my legs, and I couldn’t help but grind against the length that was just teasing me.

“Mmm, alanya rus escort I like that,” he commented, his mouth still on my boob. “Fuck, we need to get those panties off you.” Not asking, he pulled them down, keeping one hand between my legs as he did so. ?”Wow, you are so wet,” he stated, kissing me. “I love it, I love that you’re wet for me.” His left hand was on the wall, his right between my legs. My hands were on his shoulders, my fingers digging into him.

“Oh my god, Matt,” I groaned.

His fingers were magic, his index inside me again, his thumb rubbing my clit. He was right, I was wet, wet enough that it was creating such a sensation that I thought I would come at any moment. My breathing had become fast, and I noticed, so had his. Moving my right hand down, I found him against my thigh. I wanted him to enjoy this too, so I grabbed and moved my hand up and down his dick, fast. I could feel that sensation building inside me, the same one before a powerful orgasm.

“I’m going to come, but I want you to come too,” I breathed against his mouth.

“Oh I am,” he moaned, releasing my lips from his and tilting his head back. “Come for me, come for me now.”

And fuck, did I. Usually I’m quiet when enjoying orgasms, but this time I held nothing back.

“Matt, Matt, ohhhhhhhhhh!” I moaned, arching my back against the tiles.

The tingles spread from my inside where his finger was still moving, up through my body, giving me a high that I’d never felt before. It was at this time he released, but I didn’t stop moving my hand. I wanted to see if I could prolong it. Hearing Matt moan, his body convulsing next to mine, it was such a turn on.

“Oh my god, Lauren, that,” he started, his forehead against mine, “you have to do that more,” he finished.

“Oh,” I laughed, “I definitely intend to. We’re not done yet.” I said, smiling.

“No?” he asked, kissing me, all lips.

“No,” I said, looking him in the eyes. ?I turned off the shower.

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