The Secret Key to Mother’s Panties

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Mother was always exotic looking and the most interesting woman I had ever met. She got acquainted with my American father, an exchange student, and married him in her hometown, Southampton, England. Dad was 26 and Mom was 22 on their wedding day.

She was elegant, well dressed, earned a PhD, and had a beguiling upper class British accent. Mom is 5′ 7″ tall, 38″ bust 28″waist 40″ hips. Her size 7 panties embrace a perfect butt accentuating her small waist, she has ivory skin, thick black hair, and a figure that still stops traffic at 43 years old. Her name is Victoria, Vicki for short, and is a tenured professor at Northwestern University in Chicago.

My name is George, 21 years old, an only child, and just moved back home after three years at Ohio State University, because my dad, Henry, was killed in a head on car wreck. I am taking my last year of college in Chicago since my mother is simply crushed by my father’s untimely death. She expressed she needs me at home for help and support to get through this life crisis.

Mother and I have had an outstanding relationship. We can talk about any subject with comfort and know our confidential discussions will not be shared. Mom is an intellectual, having graduated from an exclusive English university where she boarded for four years. After marriage, she completed her PhD at Northwestern. She is very well read and can hold an intelligent conversation on almost any topic.

Vicki is usually quite stoic about problems and keeps a ” stiff upper lip”, but Dad’s death knocked her into a black hole of tears, tantrums, bad behavior and despair. Dad and Mom were so happily married, and on the same page about important issues, that she has no idea how to get over her loss and find her way to a fulfilling and happy life again. Most days she sobs and I hold her, trying to comfort her like the beloved mother she happens to be. She knows I love her unconditionally and will do anything to help her recover.

After many months of this broken behavior, I suggested since summer has arrived, and we must ” pull you up by your bootstraps”, we should take a week off and go to a nice secluded cabin at Burr Oak State Park. It is one of the most southern parks in Ohio and is likely to be quite warm.

Mother smiled sweetly and exclaimed, “George, you take such good care of me, we are so close, you seem to read my mind. I have thought recently about a peaceful getaway, and your idea is perfect.” We had hours on the scenic back roads to talk.

“Mother, dad has been gone for almost a year, men desire your company, yet you have had only two dates, why?”

Mom responded,” George, I am very picky and hung up because I so loved your father. We had no secrets, he lovingly filled all of my needs, he was an accomplished lover devoted to pleasing me. The numerous men interested in me just don’t measure up, so I may be single for life. You remind me of your dad in both appearance and emotional make up which makes it comfortable having you around.”

“What a nice compliment!” I said.

“I was always aware of your unusually happy marriage. I don’t mean to be cheeky, but you spent a lot of time with your bedroom door locked, I could almost feel the steam escaping”

“Since we’re on that subject, George, how are you feeling about your break up with Jennifer?”

“Mom, as you know, Jenny and I were together for almost three years, but a long distance relationship made no sense to us, and I was determined to devote my time to aid in your recovery.”

“George, if we wish to have a ‘no secrets’ relationship, I need to bring up a touchy personal question. I accidentally discovered your collection of spanking sex videos and I wondered if you and Jenny were into that as part of your sexual relationship?”

“Mother, I do want a totally open and honest situation between us, so I admit Jenny enjoyed being spanked, and I loved pleasing her, so I spanked her hard and often. Jenny told me bringing all that blood to her butt and vagina, helped her to reach orgasm. In fact, Jenny told me many of her liberated girlfriends enjoyed being spanked.”

Mom said, illegal bahis “I appreciate your candid answer and I promise to enlighten you about me and your father, when I figure out the best and most honest way to express myself.”

We arrived at Rose’s vacation cabins in the rolling hills of southeastern, Ohio and to our delight it was the perfect spot. We had not realized this cabin was designed for honeymooning couples, totally secluded with a charming hot tub on the elevated deck. It had only an extra large California king size bed in the master bedroom. We had expected two bedrooms, but they must have thought we were a couple. Mother and I decided the bed was so big we could make it work, as no other cabins were available. There was a large walk-in closet offering a bit more privacy. We unpacked and decided to explore our surroundings. Mom put on white shorts and a navy blue nautical shirt looking so cute I had to comment.

“Mom, you could pass for 29 in that appealing outfit!”

“Oh, George, you’re just saying that to make me feel better.”

“No Mom, I mean it, in fact I’ll be cheeky and tell you I have never met a woman with a perfect bum, like you have, accentuated by a small waist and perfect bosom.”

“George, your knocking me over, I can’t concentrate on this beautiful trail. Let’s enjoy the flowers, trees, and fresh warm air.” We finished the mile long trail, arriving at the cabin for cocktail time.

I said, “Mother, we should take advantage of this lovely cabin, get our bathing suits on, pop a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon, and jump in the hot tub.”

“Sounds like a plan, George, last one in is a cheeky monkey!”

Of course, I was the last one in because I was in charge of the wine and glasses. Mom sat in the whirling water looking very smug, calling me a monkey. I poured the wine and sat in the corner with Mom for a toast.

” To the best relationship possible,” I said.

Mom replied, “I think our togetherness can blossom to maturity, in the near future, aided by this pleasant vacation together.”

We got fairly inebriated, grilled some steaks, and fell into bed, exhausted by our six hour drive and hike, not to mention the wine.

Mother got up before me and was making breakfast in only her panties and a tee shirt. She stunned me! Her panties were puffy in front because of her extensive hair and stretched tight in back by her incredible cheeks.

“Mom, you are gorgeous, I seldom see you so casually dressed.”

“This is a casual vacation, let’s relax and not be overly modest this week,” said Victoria.

“Fine with me Mom, I’ll wear shorts and a tee shirt.”

The whole day was great fun, we dressed for hiking in the woods, fishing Burr Oak lake, and lunch in the rustic lodge overlooking the lake. We returned to our cabin, took showers, and prepared for wine before dinner. We sat on the deck next to the hot tub, drinking wine and talking.

After four glasses, Mother said, “I think I’m in the proper headspace to tell you about my sex life with your father. You recall that I was sent to a proper college for girls in England from 18 till I graduated at 21. My college believed in and promoted corporal punishment, which was fairly common at the time.”

“Geez Mom, I did not know. Did they hurt you?”

” I doubt ‘hurt’ is exactly the correct word for my experience! Well, about five months after my admission, I was caught with a lovely boy in my room by Ms Corbyn, the head of student discipline who reported to President John Wright. She said she would be forced to expel me, or I could agree to a serious whipping with a razor strap. I loved this exclusive school and could not stand the disgrace of being thrown out. I signed an official legal document, which was standard, agreeing to the strapping. Ms. Corbyn told me to remove all my clothes, then said she must carefully examine me. As I saw it, the examination consisted of a sensual massage of all my private parts; she said it was standard procedure! She was an expert and definitely aroused me. She directed me to lie face down on a leather whipping horse and secured my hands and feet. My mouth illegal bahis siteleri was forced onto a leather rod, then my head was secured by a strap, preventing me from making any significant sound. My legs were spread wide open with my vaginal area resting on a raised section likely designed to arouse the rider through vigorous friction. She began with about twenty hard hand spanks to ” warm me up,” then introduced me to the razor strap. She was a real pro at whipping a woman, changing pace and intensity in a way that hurt terribly, but then she would apply lotion to my butt and lovingly rub me sensually. She then commenced a beating that made my butt numb followed by more lotion and arousing massaging of both my butt and my pussy. She said the rubbing helped to reduce the pain. She was right about that! Next, she gave me a number of severe blows producing a rush of adrenaline and endorphins with a resultant feeling of long lasting pleasure. Ms. Corbyn witnessed my euphoria and began lovingly caressing my breasts and nipples, and massaging my pussy till I humped that horse to an intense orgasm. Ms.Corbyn released me with a loving hug, kissing my cheeks, telling me how beautifully I took my medicine, and that it was a necessary treatment for me to be a good girl!”

“That is wild and crazy Mom, did you report Ms. Corbyn’s abuse?”

“No, somehow, I felt I deserved it for breaking serious rules. l must explain further details. The legal document I signed gave Ms. Corbin the right to call me in for punishment every two weeks for the rest of my college years as needed, in the sole judgement of Ms. Corbyn. She took a special liking to me and did have me in every two weeks, contrary to the other girls. She always caressed my butt with lotion, while fondling my breasts, which hung down on each side of the horse. Then she would spank me to climax and either lick my pussy or massage me to orgasm, again. I am embarrassed to admit, I became addicted to Ms. Corbyn’s treatments. You must understand we had little access to men and I am a highly sexual woman. In addition, I was proud to be her favorite student, since she was my English Literature professor.”

“Mother, I totally understand your needs, since I too am a highly sexual human being. Perhaps it is hereditary, like genetically.”

“Naturally, when your father and I got serious, I told him, just like I told you. I liked Ms. Corbyns treatments, though I was not into women, and made it clear a similar arrangement with your dad was the key to my panties. Actually, your dad was surprised, but keenly interested ln becoming my dream lover. We probably used serious spanking about one third of the time, the balance being imaginative sexual ideas with nothing prohibited, as both of us had an appetite for adventurous and frequent sex. Your father was always an avid butt man, use your imagination for details. I have known for many years my butt is among the best! Over the years, having received hundreds of hard strappings, my upper thigh and butt muscles have grown in size and strength so that I not only look great, but I can tolerate serious beatings, and I enjoy them. What do you think, George? “

“Mother, I think your history is both fantastic and arousing. I am so proud of your trust in me. I will treasure and guard your secret forever. As for me, Mom, I worship you in every way possible: as a mother, as an intellectual, a beautiful woman, great professor, as a whole woman that makes you who you are. Mom, a few days ago, you said you believed our relationship could possibly blossom to maturity on this vacation. What did you mean?”

“What you have said fills my heart with love and pride! As adults who crave fulfillment, we must admit we both need trusted and unique lovers. I am suggesting we go to bed and do our best to satisfy each others sexual hopes and dreams, with the great love we have together.”

“Mother, that is my dream! Please come with me to our big comfortable bed.”

“One condition, George, I will be totally in control of our bedroom activities for the remainder of our vacation. I am the most experienced and in touch with our desires.”

“Mother, canlı bahis siteleri I certainly agree, please teach me.”

“George, kiss me like you mean it, like you kiss Jennifer!”

He gently kissed Victoria’s eyes, forehead, cheeks, blew warm air into her ears, then vigorously kissed her lips and their tongues danced.

“Mom, you’re even better than my dreams.”

“George, show me your hunger for my breasts.”

He massaged and squeezed, pulling and sucking on her long, thick pink nipples. Her “c” sized breasts were perfect for sucking over half into his hungry mouth.

“George, I love the feeling of being suckled and milked, just like when you were a baby. The nerves go directly to my pussy, so as a baby, you sometimes made me cum, which made nursing you quite enjoyable.” George shuddered at this vision!

“You are a satisfying breast man! Now I am going to get on my knees and elbows, lay my head on the pillow, and spread my legs, offering you my whole self.”

He licked her thighs, kissed her voluptuous butt cheeks, sniffed her commanding, deliciously pungent aroma, and ran his tongue over her outer lips, biting playfully. Vicki pushed back causing George’s face to be engulfed in delicious black hair and wet, smooth skin. His face was in so deep he could feel her butt cheeks on his ears. He lapped and sucked juice from her, teeth and lips pulled her long pussy hair, opening her vulva wider and exposing her pink rosebud. She moaned her approval and pushed back again sucking George’s face and tongue in deeper. He tongued her wildly, running his lips from her clit to her anus, enjoying the mixing of aromas. Vicki’s ass was gyrating and wiggling, she moaned repeatedly, and with a scream she came, coating George’s face with her essence. She pulled him to her, covering his face with kisses, licking off most of her cream. They lay still for some time enjoying kissing and embracing.

Vicki said, “You overwhelm me with pleasure, now I am going to milk your young cock like you have never experienced before.”

On his back, she inhaled his rock hard erection till her nose was in his pubic hair, quite a feat considering George was fairly endowed. She bobbed her head up and down aggressively, enjoying every moment, then threw her leg over him impaling herself on his cock. She didn’t move, just squeezed her powerful Kegel muscles, milking his cock.

George gasped, “Mom, l’ve never known what a tight muscular pussy could do!”

Vicki giggled and said, “Just wait till I get rocking and rolling, sucking and releasing you.” After about twenty thrusts, George exploded!

Victoria said, ” I think it would be good training for you to suck your cum directly from my pussy like a gentleman. I am going to mount your face to make it easy, then I will clean your face with my hairy scrub brush.”

“Mom, I love your creative thinking, you’re like no other lover.” George feasted with great pleasure, then felt her scrub brush go to work, knowing his face would be not only clean, but also red from her ministrations.

“Loving Son, I brought your father’s razor strap and I’m delirious in anticipation of a tough whipping. It has been so long my butt and thighs have goosebumps! Are you up for this?”

“Mother, knowing how much you enjoy a whipping, and remembering how much I enjoyed spanking Jennifer, I think you will be quite pleased with my unbridled enthusiasm!”

“I will put two pillows between my legs, then you begin by hand slapping my butt cheeks about 20 or 25 times. When their nice and red, switch to the strap and lay it on me hard, varying your speed and intensity. When you see my thighs shaking, my butt gyrating and grinding the pillows, give me your strongest strokes till I finish my climax.”

Eager student George, followed directions and was rewarded with a volcanic screaming orgasm from his beloved Mother. He dutifully applied a healing lotion to the butt he dearly loved. They laid in a deep embrace congratulating each other on the best vacation ever!

Mother exclaimed, “George, I was concerned about your courage and understanding about how to whip me correctly and hard, but you were as good as your father!”

“I couldn’t have known then, but many years of bed fun with Mom were to come. What a lucky man I am to have such a wonderful mother! I found the THE SECRET KEY TO MOTHER’S PANTIES!”

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