The Roomie (Isn’t Gay)

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Kendra came out of the bathroom topless and waved at me, “hi, Ry-Ry!”

“Hey!” I forced my eyes not to roam too overtly. Also, I kept quiet instead of offering her a good, old-fashioned round of sloppy, animal sex.

Selene was waiting for us in the living room, wearing an almost see-through oversized T-shirt. There seemed to be no underwear. Fuck.

I dropped myself on the couch and Selene snuggled me. After a few seconds, Kendra arrived wearing men’s boxers and a spaghetti strap blouse, sitting on the other side abs snuggling me, too. The wine in front of us began to disappear as we watched some inane romantic comedy. Kendra leaned against my chest and sighed happily, “it’s so good to have a gay guy living with us.”

Since I’m straight, not having even slight bisexual tendencies, I have no idea from where they got the certainty- well, I do. I came over to ask about the spare room I had seen being offered on Craigslist. It had been all a huge coincidence I was wearing sky blue shorts and a pink shirt. That’s not enough, but I was listening to Jeffree Star at top volume on my earphones, loud enough that others could hear… and I was already kinda dancing to it when they opened the door, surprising me mid-step.

They read too much into it. Both shared a look, and at first I was oblivious at what were they smirking. I have to say I was surprised when they didn’t object to having a guy sharing a place to live with two girls.

When we came to the discussion of the things each had to pay for and responsibilities, we quickly reached an agreement. They told me they were happy to have a gay guy living with them. I thought about correcting them. Then I thought about it twice.

I needed a place to stay. I couldn’t afford paying cheap hotels and I had been looking for a while. On the downside, I needed to have no girls over if I got lucky. On the other side, maybe I could get nightly shows.

The second one happened almost right away. I found that girls aren’t the same when they don’t need to impress guys and it was so refreshing, to find them being who they can really be. I was also flabbergasted with a few of their traits.

Sure, Kendra could out-burp any frat guy and when angry, Selene could out-curse a sailor, but I had come to like those quirks. And those quirks sure as fuck didn’t prevent me from furiously masturbating to them every night.

I had grown used to hiding my erections in all the ways we guys know, but a fateful night, Selene came over with three bottles of wine, they were a gift from one of her friends that had a winery and we got to share them. That wine started acting against me, because I knew I should be cautious, but with the buzz of the second (third?) bottle, I completely forgot about it.

We were in the kadıköy escort middle of a terrible, awful movie when Selene tried to rest her head on my lap. It happened. My hardness pressed against her cheek.


The movie wasn’t going through any steamy scene. They were actually in the angsty part right before where the guy tries to win back the girl. So I couldn’t blame the guy on the movie being shirtless or something, because he wasn’t. I hadn’t been checking my phone, so I couldn’t say I was getting texts or something. I did have two very hot, scantily clad girls ribbing against me. Fuck. Busted.

“What?” Kendra asked.

I prepared myself to be kicked out and maybe have a police report filed on me. Instead, Selene smiled mischievously.

“I think Ryan likes girls when he’s drunk!” She said with excitement.


“Like… when a guy gets drunk and wakes up next to another man… but the other way around because he’s gay?” Kendra seemed completely excited about the news, “lemme see!”

She pushed Selene away, straddled my hips and gave me an atomic kiss. I moaned into her lips, making both girls giggle.

I gasped like my world was falling apart.

“And no pubes! He shaves!” Selene had sneaked her hand into my underwear, when she squeezed my cock, I groaned again, making them giggle harder.

I honestly didn’t know how to react. My supposed gay cover could fall if I whipped it out and demanded to fuck them both. Since that’s exactly what I wanted to do, I let them take the initiative and enjoy whatever happened.

“Have you ever had you cock sucked by a girl before?” Kendra asked me.

“I… I can’t remember,” I don’t think I could’ve recalled my fucking name. Selene kept on massaging my dick with care and it had been too long since I had any release not sponsored by my own hand.

“Do you want to?”


Selene whipped my cock out of my clothes and lowered both my underwear and my PJs a bit… I should’ve cared I was being undressed in front of both, but then, something so outrageous happened, I was so glad I was drunk, because I would’ve lost it at that exact point of the night.

She fed Kendra my cock. I’m still not sure how I resisted cumming at that point.

“Oh, fuck yeah…” I grunted.

Selene laughed, but Kendra moaned, my cock deep inside her mouth received expert treatment from her tongue.

Was she fingering herself?!

“You gotta try it, Selene. Gay cock is definitely different,” Kendra assured her friend.

That one sounded stupid but I wasn’t about to call BS on that drunken statement. I was sure nothing would’ve happened without alcohol, so I had to be careful of not ruining my only chance at doing anything kartal escort with any of them.

Selene dropped to her knees and kissed the tip of my dick, then, gave it kisses all over before licking it teasingly… and then sucking me earnestly. I don’t know how long we were there, but when I opened my eyes, Kendra was fingering herself openly, her hand down her boxers.

“Shit, this is better than watching porn,” she whispered.

Selene slurped my cock, let it out of her mouth with a popping sound, then smacked her lips, “it’s my turn to watch!”

Kendra was really turned on and looked at me sheepishly, “Ry…”

She let my name hang for seconds and seconds on end. She was trying to say… woah. I think I did a double take before I found my voice.

“Kendra? Do you want to try…?”

“If you aren’t grossed out by doing it to a girl…”

“Kendra, I’d love to do it with you,” first non-evasive sex-related truth I had ever said in the apartment.

“Yay!” Selene clumsily clapped her hands before pointing, “on the couch!”

Selene pulled a chair and sat herself in the front row for the show. Kendra was already lying down on the piece of furniture.

I climbed on top of the prone girl, hugged her tightly, kissed her lips softly… and at the same time, my hips were moving, trying to find the angle to get inside her. I couldn’t, so with one hand, I held my member and placed it gently against her pussy lips. As I began to softly press forward, I remembered something.

“Kendra! Do you have condoms?”

“I wasn’t planning on getting laid tonight. Selene?”

“Nothing here.”

“Fuck this. I can’t wait any longer. Put it in,” Kendra urged me, “we’ll figure something out.”

Try saying no to that one.

I slowly slid my hard dick inside her, it was the first time I had ever gone bare inside a girl and the wet, warm texture of her pussy was driving me wild. I groaned and moaned. Kendra, underneath me, was being just as vocal.

“Holy shit, this really is hotter than porn!” Selene was aggressively fingering herself watching us.

As I pulled back, Kendra’s unprotected pussy almost held on to me, I felt the head of my cock go through every ridge inside her. I groaned yet again. And thrusted back in before settling down on a hard rhythm. I wasn’t fucking her harshly, nor were we making love.

Kendra and I were going at it in the middle point, sharing passionate sex, the kind you can go for when there are feelings between the two, and you’re really horny but also not wanting to be too aggressive. Her sweaty body trembled under mine, her hands roamed my body without resting.

After a few minutes of that, the three of us moaning, Kendra looked up to me and asked, kurtköy escort “how do you feel about doggy style?”

“Let’s do this,” I grinned.

“Woo! Even better seats!” Selene said.

I hadn’t seen she had been drinking, but the half empty bottle near her was proof enough.

Selene lifted her hand, “wait!”

She moved Kendra away, laid down on the couch face-up and looked at us, “whatcha waitin’for?”

When she didn’t see immediate response, she took Kendra and positioned her in almost a 69 position above herself, then she urged me to enter Kendra from behind, Selene’s face almost touching our joining bodies.

I began to drive myself in and out of Kendra, the new position allowing me to experience new sensations; how could my roommate’s unprotected pussy make me feel fit change dramatically. I began to moan and to give it to her in a steady, firm manner. Kendra began to accentuate every thrust with a short moan of pleasure.

Suddenly I felt a tongue on the lower part of my balls.

“Holy fuck!”

“What? Don’t cum just yet,” Kendra pleaded, “I’m so close…”

“It’s gonna be hard because,” I tried explaining, but instead of a tongue, suddenly I felt a mouth sucking parts of me that hadn’t received such treatment in a long time, “oh, fuck, it’s gonna be hard… because someone… is sucking my balls…”

The voice came out of me strained.

“Please hold on! I’m so near,” Kendra kept in pleading, “I’ll let you cum inside me, just hold on!”

That kind of promises can make a man try anything.

Still, I had to tell her, “I’ll try, but it’s so hard… she won’t stop sucking them…”

Then, my balls were freed, and I heard from below us, “oh, shit! Kendra licked me! She’s- ah!- she’s licking me!”

If the sensations had stopped, the knowledge of my roommate licking another one threatened to send me over the edge. Fortunately, I felt Kendra’s pussy start to tighten around me, fast.

“Are you gonna cum?” I asked her.

“Mmh-hmm!” Kendra affirmed as much as she could without stopping the licking she was giving Selene. Once more, my balls were engulfed in a warm mouth and I knew I was past the point of no return. In a few thrusts I’d cum.

“Kendra, I’m gonna c-“

“Don’t pull out! I’m there!” Kendra said before resuming her oral services.

I bellowed in pleasure as I began to feel the cum burst out of me, coating Kendra’s bare pussy, but I didn’t stop thrusting in and out, I felt her tightening and relaxing her around me erratically, she screamed so loud she probably woke the neighbors up.

I grimaced with the maddening pleasure as I felt my release…

The morning after, I woke up because I felt movement. Selene was trying to get her hand from underneath Kendra, but she was entwined with me, too.

“Hey,” I said, groggy, then opened my eyes with surprise and panic. My reputation! Had I just…?

“Hey, back to your gay self, I see,” Kendra misinterpreted my expression, “Selene?”


“That wine? Buy a fucking box of that one.”

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